Sonic Battle: Round 2 is the sequel to the 2004 Gameboy Advance game Sonic Battle. It is for the Nintendo 3DS.


Like the previous edition, the gameplay is a free for all in 3D arenas with up to four players. With each character has a set of attacks and abilities. Air Attack, Upper Attack, Heavy Attack, Aim Attack, 3 special moves Ground, Air and Defend are chosen to begin with. They can be used at any time throughout the battle by pressing Y. And X is for a Hyper Mode attack from Sonic the Fighters, which is renamed to Hyper Move. This attack can only be used in the last minute of a battle, or when the players are on less than 2 stock each.


Analouge Stick - Move

A Jump B - Punch B+B - Punch kick B Up + Jump - Air Attack B Up - Upper Attack B Down Y - Special Move X - Hyper Move R - Block L - Heal


Eggman creates a new robot (The Detonator) to capture Sonic once and for all. He decides to go after Amy too, but The Detonator only takes Amy and Sonic follows The Detonator, until it starts to fly over cities and to a deserted cave island. Tails and Knuckles notice the departing Sonic, they get into Tails' plane and follow Sonic.

And the five arrive back at Eggman's Underground Lair and notices that his plan has been sabotauged and others know. He locks them in his lair and demands a duel to "end it all". And Eggman reveals that he has trapped Shadow and Rouge and forces them to work for him... it's time for the "duels to end all duels".


Table coming soon...

  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Eggman

Unlockable Characters

  • Cream
  • Rouge
  • Shadow
  • Silver
  • Blaze
  • Vector
  • Charmy
  • Espio
  • Big the Cat
  • Jet the Hawk
  • E-123 Omega
  • Metal Sonic
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