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This article is strictly about the game sonic apocolypse



Trogan the hedgehog

Nero the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sharna the Hedgehog

Sunny the Hedgehog

Twister the Fox

Destiney the Hedgehog


Horror the Dragon

Team Sapphire

Evil Twister

Twilight the Hedgehog

Scilla the Hedgehog

Cynder the coyote/dragon

Black Doom

Imperator ( p'yroth ) Lx

Malceus the dark- hes just there to be there XD

Story line

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehogs story starts out with him running through a lake side of lake accurace. Suddenly a random hand came out, grabbed,and pulled him behind a tree. He then let out a " What". The person then proceeded to say "shhhh" sonic then said "who are you? oh Sharna" sharna then said to be quiet. Sonic then said "why" and she said" look", he looked and saw a big search party headed by a weird commander named Sapphire. He then asked" who are those people" and sharna said" I don't know. After a few minutes of silence Sonic then proceeded to say" i'm gonna go fight them". When sonic went out from the tree they were already gone but there was a strange cove in the lake. Sonic then proceeded to go in it and sharna followed him. When they went in it was just completley empty. He then said" sharna grab my hand" and she said "ok" and they ran off to the G.u.n. headquarters. When the two arrived their first question was" who were those people at the lake". The commander then replied" Team Sapphire ". Sharna then asked "Who are they" the commander again had an answer" A secret organization ". He then said that Sonic had to go to white acropolis with Twister to infiltrate thjere base and get information. He then said yes. They proceeded to go to white acropolis. They had quite a fight when they got there but when they got to the end of the base there standing there was evil twister. Twister then said " I'll take care of him ". Sonic then said" yes and he ran off to follow commander sapphires battle ship.More to come

Mission: Get through white acropolis with twister to confront commander sapphire ( first level will be pretty hard ) training levels on menu.

Sunny the Hedgehog

While the others are heading to the Team Sapphire Headquarters, Sunny is frantically hacking computers, trying to find a file of some sort. "No! This cannot happen! I will not let it happen!", she said, frantically. After a while, she gives up. She bangs her hand on the computer "I GIVE UP! It's no use...". Suddenly, a file message pops up. "Huh? What is this?", she said, clicking on the message to open the file. She reads through it. "Excellenté!", she said. She turned around, and ran off while saying "I'll need some help, though. And I know just the person who can help me!".

MISSION: Run through Green Hill Zone and find this "Special Person". This Mission is a Demonstration Mission, meaning that through gameplay, it teaches basic, special, and critical abilities that Sunny can perform.

More to come...

Twister prower

Twister was busy walking through ice cap zone with a big rage "Man why am I ALWAYS like this when alone?" he asked himself when running around...he then got a small flashback of 3 people who messed with him the most Dr.Eggman, Black Doom, and imperator Ix "grrrr" he said to himself after the flashback, he then ran off from ice cap to pursue Doctor eggman, as he was one of the 3 in his flashback. Will it be unknown what will happen to him? Will he find out what was with the flashbacks? Will he find the power withen him? Or will he go down like most others?

  • Level 1: Ice Cap Zone
  • mission:zoom through the zone and find eggman
  • this is a demonstration level shows what abilities, super, and critical abilites he can perform and also abilities with his eggpawn laser

Destiney the hedgehog

Destiney was just going about her normal buisness when she was attacked by Black Arms. After hitting them with a chaos blast and defeating them, she realized it was Black doom. "Fighting him will be tough, but I know I can do it!" she said. Without another word or thought she skated off to go on her mission. Shall she accomplish her quest?

  • Level one: Jungle zone
  • Mission: Defeat the black aliens.
  • This is her demonstrasion level that teaches how to user her Chaos powers and different abilitys.

Character R.P.

Twister's Story

Twister: grrrrrrrrrrr *thinks about the 3 villains who mainly try to attack him* grrrrrrrrrrrrr *thinks about Dr. Eggman* That eggman will be destroyed........*gets eggpawn Laser* those eggman robots can upgrade my weapon along the way *zooms off*

Sonic: Hey Twister Trogan is looking for u at the end of ice cap zone so if u get the time he needs to talk

Twister: right *gives a thumbs up then zooms off*

( at the end of ice cap zone )

Trogan: Hey Twister over here

Twister: Yeah Trogan? I was gonna tell you along the way I got some revenge on Eggman, but anyways what's up?

Trogan: Tell me ... have u ever heard of team sapphire before

Twister: nope. but 1 question, if this involves Evil Twister, I'll rip him apart!

Trogan: we do not know but reports have shown him to be with team sapphire officials

Twister:Yep I'm ripping them apart, but still we gotta fight eggman, Black doom, and Imperetor Ix first before I tackle my clone.

Trogan: but first we have to go through wild jungle to talk at the gun base... reason we have to go through the jungle is because that is the quickest way

Twister: Right, lets go!

( in the jungle )

Trogan: Oh and one more thing tht makes this jungle unique is tht there are genetically cloned dinosaurs in here... so watch out

( cynder: hey i gotta go cntu later )


Twister: oh.

Trogan: * puts ear to the ground * hmm there is a strange rumbeling sound off in the distance... tryceratops maybe

( suddenly a stampede of tryceratops ram through 2 huge boulders chasing trogan and twister )

Twister: *grabs Trogan and flies above them* flying DOES work.

Trogan: I would have been fine after all if u didnt know this... im not an ultimate lifeform i m a chaos lifeform and the only one ever created which i may very well be one of the strongest ultimates but any ways time for a mind blowing power ... chaos torrent * a ball of red chaos energy flies to the ground creating an explosion of nuclear proporsions making a crater in front of the dinosaurs * see

Twister: lets just get to the base.....

( at gun )\

Commander: I see trogan found u twister * looks at trogan and glares * and i see u created another nuclear explosion

Trogan: watever

Twister: he has commander, and he really did......but anyways, I have no idea why I'm briefing here......but it is a called duty to be here.......

Commander: he told u about team sapphire right

Twister: indeed he has

Commander: well i called u here to tell u that u need to investigate a key base called lava forge with Trogan okay

Twister: give me an ice beam for this and I'm good to go *gets his eggpawn laser* and besides, If I run into eggman I'll give him his just desserts from you guys......

Trogan: lets go

Twister: Trogan, Ice beam......*grabs his eggpawn laser*

Trogan: there aren't any robots there u know it is just strange golems made of metal produced by magic ... magic... looks we r gonna meet team sapphires leader face to face or maybe * shudders * Cynder cuz they can produce magic

Twister: I know, but if we run into him that is...... *sees the ice beam n his hand* thank you *places in his weapon and it gains a knob showing it's fire setting of normal and ice* well that works

(Twist:Note, They will face eggman robots, black arms, AND nocturne troops part of my story)
(cynder: all except this level cuz i want it to be a team sapphire level then we go to ash sky where horror is making an alliance with black doom )

Commander: cum back here at the end of the mission

Twister: right. *salutes to the commander and runs off with Trogan*

( at the lava forge )

Trogan: Hey Twister lets get in

( hey twist i found boss themes i m gonna put eggman's up now )thumb|300px|right|eggman theme


Twister: great! *runs in with Trogan*

Trogan: uhhh this place is huge * looks around * where... to .... start

Twister: I got it *fires an ice beam through an air vent in hope of freezing someone in any room*

( nothing happens )

Trogan: i didnt think that the icebeam would work cuz if nobody noticed IT IS SMOLTERING IN HERE

Twister: ah well THAT was idiotic for me...lets just go on and find someone

Trogan: ahhh who r we gonna find if u haven't noticed this place is pure evil

Twister: oh I don;t know EVIL TWISTER!

( there is a very tall figure standing in the shadows )

???: he is not here

Twister: I'm dead...... thumb|300px|right|lavaforge zone

Trogan: why u dead?

Twister: It eans were gonna be defeated in 5 seconds or less.....

???: illl give u a chance but first let's introduce ourselves I M pretty sure trogan knows who i mthumb|300px|right|cynder boss battle

Trogan:yes ... yes i do

Twister: I see......

???: I M Cynder

Twister: I'm Twister....

cynder: now u can attack first but i warn u the scales on me r impervious to any attack...

Twister: Like I said...."we're dead"

Cynder: I said take the first attack

Twister: Okay *lights a match then sets his foot on fire* RAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts doing a spinkick at Cynder with his foot on fire*

(Twist:dragon kick baby)

Cynder: Hmmm is that the best u can do * raises his hand * i hope ur friends with the 10,000,000 volts of electricity i m gonna put through u

( Extremely zaps twister with extreme accuracy not missing by an inch )

Twister: okay plan B....... use this *his eggpawn laser has absorbed the lightnig tat hit him so now he can use it against cynder, so he then fires it at him* I can do same to you my friend......

Cynder: very funny * rushes over with lightning speed and turns the lasers barrel upwards then breathes fire on it molding it in place * now if u dont mind i will increase the voltage to oh say 1,000,000,000 vlts * grabs tails hits his laser to the floor and electrocutes * ur a lucky fox cuz i decreasd the voltage so i could battle u again later

Twister: *eyewhites are now purple and pupils are yellow* grrrrrrrrr..........RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *grabs a golden hammer and spins like he is crazy*

Cynder: hmph pathetic * grabs twisters hammer stopping him from spinning* negative chaos TORRENT * fires it directly at twisters face*

(Twist:he is only bleeded, but he is still up, he's rot of the heart state Twister)

Twister: grrrrrrrrrrr SHUN TWISTER SATSU! *does raging demon on Cynder 100 damage per spark* I don't think so...STUPID *laughs his head off*

(Twist:I hope this worked)

Cynder: Tht the best u got * puts up a shield of pure energy around him * it is invincible u'r just wasting ur time and u dont wanna know wat happens when i take off my gloves

( the reason Trogan and Cynder r so powerful is because they r the living relatives of chaos. trogan was created to be one but cynder origanally wasn't one. in contact with extreme negative chaos energy he became one )

Twister: *turns normal* I give up he's all yours Trogan

Cynder: hmph i dont have time for this ill finish u off nice and quickly * turns into a giant dragon * dieeeee * breathes fire at twister

Trogan: Super chaos control * slows down time ( super chaos control is a more advanced control of chaos more powerful than the regular) * cmon twister

Twister: *runs after Trogan* Can we get to Dr. Eggman, or atleat Black Doom or Ix.

(at gun )

Commander: how was the investigation

Trogan: well u tell me it was smoltering hot and twister almost got killed

Twister: *showing a huge scrape on his head* yeah

Trogan: Hey twist show him wat cynder did to ur laser

Twister: *takes his eggpawn laser which is sealed and very black-sot like dust*

Commander: Trogan take him to the infirmary to get tht scrape looked at and ill see wat i can do about the laser

Trogan: yes sir * takes twister to the infirmary

( tails u can be the doctor since i is the commander )

(Twist:I'm gonna make the docter a female okay?)

Doctor: yes Trogan? who are you infriming today?

Trogan: Twister... Cynder really k.o.ed him today on a mission he has a severe scrape on his head but other than tht i think he'll live to marry shade* snickers *

Doctor:I'll take him *takes him from Trogan and takes him to a room*

(Twist:I never tol him but the doctor is actually Rouge)
( * snicker * how is this gonna play out tails)
(Twist:she'll just tell him shes rouge and leave him alone)

Trogan: well seeu in a while twister

Twister: thanks.....

( an hour later twister is better )

Trogan: hey twist here is ur laser * throws it at twister * looks good as new

Twister: thanks.....

Rouge: Hey Trogan....

Twister: Rouge,your my doctor?

Rouge: yep, good to see you.

Trogan:hey rouge

Rouge: hey Trogan, you took him to the infirmary?

Trogan:yeah and why do u ask

Rouge: No reason...just felt like it.....but anyways any apparent idea where eggman or black doom is

Twister: Or Ix

Trogan: nope but we r searching but twister might have a new enemy and take a guess who it is rouge

Rouge: Cynder?

Trogan: commander tell u in the medical report did i mention tht he is lucky to be alive after the electricity cynder was gonna put through him

Rouge: ah

Twister: I hate my head.

Trogan: It'll be fine twister

( an alarm starts wailing )

Voice through itercom: THere is an intruder in sector "G"

Rouge: Trogan, you go I'll stay with him......

Cynder: * makes a wall explode * show this to ur commander * shoots electricity at the wall writing a message... it says *

Message: GUN will be destroyed in 5 days or less be prepared for the worst

Team Sapphire

Twister: well......I got 5 days to kill all 3 of my worst enemys as well as stop team sapphire from killing us.......

Rouge: well what're you waiting for GET OUT OF BED AND BE READY! *unwraps his head wound and it's gone*

Twister: laser *has hand out*

Rouge: *gives him the laser gun*

Twister: lets go!

Commander: Trogan, Twister we have a new location Ash sky zone we think that team sapphire and the black arms are making an thumb|300px|right|ash sky zonealliance there now go

Trogan: sure watever

Twister: on it *salutes to the commander*

(Twist:this fulfills 1 of his 3 enemies to be killed)
( ash sky is a giant bone yard where it is always snowing ash not snow and there r different types of ancient creature bones there. on top of a cliff is a giant palace tht is the team sapphire base )

Trogan: well lets get to ash sky zone but before we go * gives twister a pistol and picks up his sniper rifle * i m going to exterminate some black arms

Twister: but I'm gonna find black doom........I'll show him the demon within me......and I might show some firepower on the army *puts pistol and laser gun in his hoodie pocket*

(Twist:he is invulnerable when he sets his foot on fire during his riot of the heart state and all)
( cool )

Trogan: Watever just this time think of a plan to battle cynder if he's there

Twister: right, but for now I see some Black Arms *points to some black amrs* I got it *eye whites go purple and pupils yellow, then sets foot on fire* HIYA! *starts a dragon kick on one of the black arms in hope of defeating it*

Black arms: * dies *

Trogan: wel thats one out of maybe 1400

Twister: no problem *takes hi laser then sees he has a fire setting then sets his foot on fire again* RAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *spins in a fiery tornado about to kill the blackarms*

Black arms: * dies *

Cynder: nice display of fire skills but let me show u something * creates a 5 story tall wall of fire in front of them * lets see ya get past that* leaves to the team sapphire base *

Twister: heheh poor man doesn't realize I'm invulnerable *does his spin kick through the wall making him a tornado again* DEATH TO THE BLACK ARMS

Cynder: i knew u'd get through tht so i take the liberty of putting up an invincible magic wall up * puts the wall of magic up it only 5 stories high *

Twister: heheh no problem *jumps high enough to pass the wall then zooms off to find Black Doom*

Trogan: hmmm i sense ... electricity Twister stop unless u wanna die

Twister: Sad for you I'm invulnerable to elements, EVERY element.

(Twist:as in riot of heart state he is)

Trogan: Twister u r not invulnerable to this wall. u r invulnerable to regular elements but this wall of electricity is different it is mixed with exetreme negative chaos energy so it is not a regular element like u r used to. if u didnt know Cynder is the being of negative energy he is easily one of the most powerful people on earth for he hasn't shown u his true power. tht 10,000 volts he put through u earlier today... was nothing comapared to wat he can do... so take my advice and fly over this wall

Twister: NORMAL electricty, but thanks for advice *flies over the wall*

Trogan: see i just dont wanna have to file a report back at gun saying u died cuz then shade and lien-da would forever hunt me dowwn and never mind it would just cause a future paradox

Twister: I know, just get through and split up in 2 directions, I'm taking the left, that leads to black doom.....

Trogan: * jumps over the wall *

(Twist:I'm gonna fight black doom okay)

Twister: *taking the way to black doom, still in riot of heart state spin kicking with his foot on fire* flaming spinkicks are the best....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Trogan: dude. you've gone crazy

(Twister is already in the boss room for black doom)

Twister: *normal* alright back doom come and get me if your that sure to kill me

Black Doom: well ok * shoots a beam at Twister * was that good enough

Twister: *still standing coughing* are you finished? good, now my turn *turns riot of the heart state then sets his foot on fire* HIYA1 *starts spinkicking at blackdoom's direction in a fiery tornado* THIS IS FOR MY FRIENDS AT G.U.N!

Trogan: * sitting on the sidelines with a black arms * now that had to hurt

Black arms: uh huh

Twister: grrrrrrrrrrrr RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *starts a rapid combo of punches at Black Doom without ceasing* THIS IS FOR MY BROTHER MILES!

Black Doom: GAHHHHH * blocking almost all the attacks *

Twister: *flips back and starts throwing rapid chaos spears* THIS IS FOR SHADE1

Trogan: that musta hurt too

black arms: uh huh

Trogan: Is all u can say " uh huh "

black arms: uh huh

trogan: oh ok well ... ur gay

black arms: uh huh

Twister: and now THIS.....IS....FOR....MY......FIVE BUCKS YOU OWE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sets his ands on fir and starts punching him rapidly again*

trogan: hey black arms ya want some popcorn

black arms: uh huh

Trogan: well to bad * shoots them all

Twister: *still punching him* THIS.....IS FOR.....MY...............FUTURE CHILDREN AND WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *starts punching his head oike crazy and his hands are still on fire*

(Twist:he means Speedy and Amber)
( cynder: u know doomy should strangely feel like mj cuz his head is probably on fire )
(Twist:after I light my feet on fire THEN kick his eyes)

Twister: *lights his feet by his hands AND THIS IS FOR MOBIUS ITSELF! *kicks all 3 of is eyes and sets them on fire*

Black doom: Enough * teleports back to his own galaxy *

Twister: *estingueshes his hands and feet* I hope to defeat him later...but for now, Ix is next....

Trogan: well let's go back to the gun base

( they arrive to find the gun base in ruins... there is a wounded soldier by there feet not mrtally though )


commander: * comes out of a raid shelter * oh hey guys how's is it going did u defeat black doom

Twister: Almost did, he escaped as I was kicking him in the face with my feet set on fire...and look I was in some state of super form don;t ask how I live with feet or hands set on fire, but I almost got him..........have you seen Dr. Eggman around these parts?

commander: nope but ur just gonna stand there and not wonder wat happened here

Twister:' I'm gonna see if I can find AT LEAST Imperator Ix, he owes me for trying to Kill my girlfriend Shade...

Commander: actually u r gonna go with trogan to sky santuary also known as floating babylon ruins

Twister: so I'm going after Ix or am I going after Blakc Doom?

Commander: neither u r going after team sapphire who pulverized our base to a pulp thumb|300px|right|floating babylon

Twister: Right

Trogan: hey twist i'll meet u therethumb|300px|right|team sapphire's appearance/ horrors rampage

Twister: okay *zooms off*

( at the base )

???: is this base operational yet

Soldier 1: wat is the status

Soldier2: tell leader horror that we r putting the final touches on the weapons

Soldier 1: almost sir

Horror: good

Security soldier one: sir we have an intruder in sector 12g-b locking down that area now it appears to be a yellow fox with a hard hat

Horror: Cynder told us of this fox... twister isnt it and i was highly anticipating this i want power suppresant gas in tht hall so he cant go riot of heart... i think thts wat its called and i want soldiers doen there now

Soldiers: yes sir

Twister: *zipping through the base in riot of the heart state* grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

( a mysterious purple gas pours into the hallway as the doors begin closing THE GAS TURNS TWISTER BACK TO NORMAL AND WONT LET HIM TURN BACK INTO ROHS )

Twister: GAH!!!! *coughs*

(Twist:I'm gonna give him a weapon with a meter of his rage once it's full he can do critical damge with the weapon, plus the hits can refill the meter)

Soldiers: * the soldiers shackle him, put a muzzle on his mouth and take all possible weapons * cmon * kicks twister *

Horror: hehehe

Twister: *through the muzzle* CHAOS......CONTROL! *telleports out of the shackles and reappears with asome type of sword heheh, lets cut some skulls >:)

Soldiers: -_-

Horror: ive seen enough * presses a button pouring a chemical gas that suppresses any form of powers elemental or chaos

Twister: RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *does a spindash with the sword and dashes towards horror*

Horror: * the sword hits his scales and breaks * -_- really thts all u can do

Twister: hmph, I'll show you power *does a north star 100 crack fist on horror*

Horror: did i forget to mention that cynder and my scales as dragons r impenatrable

Twister: Look just shut up and get to the point TROJAN!

(Twist:sorry but I can;t stop but when I do you just go on anyways XD, when I say stop best not to continue LOL but it's okay)
(cynder: errr okay )

Trogan: which button combination is it hmm red, blue, green, then yellow should shut off the gasses * pushes the buttons and the gasses shut off * okay * over microphone * okay twister go

Twister: ALRIGHT! *spindashes off, then comes back ROHS*oh your mine now.............

(Twist:wht do the glasses even do?)
( cynder: "gasses" and they supress power like how it wont let twister go "rohs")
(Twist:ah YAYZ)

Horror: I want this place on lockdown and the power supressing gasses flowing through here * all the exits and doors lock and all abilities are rendered useless except for horror cuz well the scientists made so it wouldnt work on dragons *

Twister: well one thing left to do *holds a PDA crouches and looks upwards while walking silly (LOL the rare endangered fox crab they should laugh hard, especially they let the gasses out throught he doors they accidentally unlocked XD)

Horror: all the doors are shut tight and cant be opwen we'll catchem for sure

Twister: *makes clicking noises with PDA while walking like a crab still crouched and still olding PDA high*

Cynder: * sneaks down from the ceiling unseen and greabs twister and throws him in a box made of five different types of steels* um why were you crawling around the base

Twister: was already trabbed, also I wasn;t crawling I was being an endangered fox crab mind you *does what he usually does to be the said crab* see?

(Twist:I thought it would work XD it can distract the camera peoples and laugh so hard they get rid of the gasses AND unlocks all the doors XD)
( Cynder: XD team sapphire is not like eggmans comic robots )
(Twist:maybe cynder should XD)

Cynder: errr okay

Twister: *stops being the crab* look just set me free before I bomb you....

(Twist:through Trojan XD)
( cynder: XD )

Cynder: whatever * walks away *

Twister: *to the PDA* Trojan the bombing is a go I repeat the bombing is a go. over

Trogan: wat?! I didn't bring any bombs


(Twist:XD that was funnier than the rare endangered foxcrab joke)

Destiney's Story

Destiney: *she is skating along a path knocking black arms out of her way* How many are there?

Black Doom: that won't be necessary my daughter *as doom's eye*

Destiney: *stops* You! for one thing i'm not your daughter! For second why are you here?!

Black Doom: how silly of you to not remember, and also I am here to rule the world once again.....

Destiney: I won't allow you

Black Doom: heheheh, you'd have to get to my secret base first *teleports to ash sky zone where he has teamed up with team sapphire*

Destiney: heh, i'll find a way. *she starts skating to a route*

Black Arm: *throws a net on Destiney to catch her and tie her to a tree

Destiney: WHA!? CHAOS CONTROL! *she gets out then blasts the black arms*

Knuckles: finally someone not a black alien *runs to Destiney* can;t you believe THIS it's a convention out here

Destiney: Yea, I need a way to find Ash sky Zone

Knuckles: I'll help you

Destiney: Thanks, lets go

Knuckles: right. *runs off with destiney*

After a level, they come to a teleportation device*

Destiney: Is this it?

Knuckles: might be

Destiney: Lets find out. *she goes into it and she is teleported*

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