Sonic Allstars SD
Tye K
PS Vita

Nintendo 3DS


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T (T for Teen)

Sonic Allstars Pockie Adventure, also known as Sonic Allstars Pockie Heroes , is a Action adventure Platformer which is Created by Tye Kennedy. It is the 9th game installment and the 1st installment of the SD Adventures.Events in the series are on here as well. It will be released on handheld consoles like 3DS and Ps Vita. The PS vita game is name Sonic Allstars SD. Later this will be a mobile app.


This game contains events and stories from the regular series with some spin-off stories as well. This game features 2 playable characters Tye and Sonic which you'll have to do missions  and advance into the story in the main series. Each character will have their own attacks and special moves including their transformations. The styles and designs of the characters are in chibi form unlike other games in the series. This game has a support drive like other games, that means certain characters can be a help to you during missions.Like most adventure games this game does some side-scrolling. Boss battle make a return to the series like in Allstars Dimensional Shift. These Boss will be selected based on who story you are playing as.



Controls What It Does
A / O Button Select
B / X button Cancel/ Exit
Start Settings
R / R button Go to Current mission


Controls What It does
Circle Pad / Analog Stick Move
A (with Circle Pad or  D pad) / O Button Dash
B / X Button Jump
X / Triangle Attack
Y / Square Block
R+X / R+ Triangle Unleashing Special Attack
R+Y / R+ Sqaure Unleashing Ultimate Attack
L (with Circle Pad or D-Pad) / L Button with Analog stick Call Supporting Character


Tye The Souledge

The Story for Tye starts from the begining of allstars and it is like his Arcade Mode a little. So Tye is trying to find out more about his past as he continues his journey. He has come across some formidable foes along the way but he pulls through. This go into the climax of the series.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Thus continuing journey through this land of unknown he learns a few tricks and noticed some similarities between each character he meets. He knows he needs to get back tto his world before eggman takes over. So He teams up with Tye Sometimes in his story.


Main Playable Characters

  • Tye The Souledge
  • Sonic The Hedgehog

Support Characters (Total Of 32)

Note: Most are playable in multiplayer.

Another Note: You can use these support characters for both Tye and Sonic no matter if they're Fanon or Canon


  1. Jack The Hedgehog
  2. Cris The Hedgehog
  3. Ion The Hedgehog
  4. Noel The Hedgehog
  5. Marie The SkullHog
  6. Hector The Echidna
  7. Arrow The Hawkeye
  8. Kunai The Hedgehog
  9. Cole Thunder
  10. Monera The Hedgehog
  11. Glide The Hedgehog
  12. Buroka The Hedgehog
  13. Rin The Hedgehog
  14. Leon The Hedgehog
  15. Lance The Neon Hedgehog
  16. Trails The Fox


  1. Tails The Fox
  2. Knuckles the Echidna
  3. Shadow The Hedgehog
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Rouge The Bat
  6. Silver The Hedgehog
  7. Vector The Crocodile
  8. Sticks The Badger
  9. Blaze The Cat
  10. Mighty The Armidillo
  11. Espio The Chameleon
  12. Shade The Echidna
  13. Cream The Rabbit and Cheese The Chao
  14. E123 Omega
  15. Perci The Hedgehog (or Echidna)
  16. Metal Sonic

Game Modes/Settings

Story Mode

Here you will be able to select your character and play through his story but you will be able to switch between each character through out the missions page.


This mode is a four-way battle between you and your friends. This features online play as well. You can select up to 1 character and 2 supports.

  • This is the only mode where you get to use characters other than Tye and Sonic

The Gallery,Cutscenes(Movies),Music is ingame. It's after the first level you can go to HQ and do it from there.



First DLC Pack - Legends

Play as The Legend Tye and Legacy Sonic as they got their own story and Missions.

Second DLC Pack - Allstars X

Play as Tye(Allstars X) and For the first time Ion (Allstars X) with their short story and Missions.


  • It was Originally a scrapped idea until I brought it back on 6/29/15
  • The PS Vita name is just like the Japanese name for the game.
  • At first the original playables were Tye, Cris, and Jack the Original allstars until I made it a crossover with EX
  • The DLC Pack for Allstars X is based off the series Allstars X
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