Sonic Alliance Platforms-Wii/PS3/X-Box 360


The story starts with a new character Angel the hedgehog walking down a ruined city.

She tells the story of how Eggman tested a weapon on her city and destroyed it. As she recalls her events she mentions how Eggman finally is in control of the world. Luckily there is a rebel alliance against Eggman who saved the villagers. She recalls how the black hedgehog, the two tailed fox, the red echidna, the pink hedgehog, the bat girl and the orange rabbit rescued evryone and destroyed the weapon. Finally she tells the gamers how the heroic hedgehog Sonic personally saved her. She vows revenge against Eggman and also vows to see Sonic the Hedgehog again.

Meanwhile Silver and Blaze have come from their universe and are searching for the Sol Emeralds that Eggman Nega stole before coming to the past.

Finally Rouge enters an underground base with a stolen chaos emerald. The Rebel Alliance talk about how they need all 7 to destroy Eggman and end his reign of terror.

The player plays through as Angel, Silver and Blaze and the alliance until they all meet up and try to destroy Eggman.


Sonic Alliance Members:

Sonic The Hedgehog(Founder)

Shadow The Hedgehog(Commander)

Angel The Hedgehog(Recruit)

Tails The Fox(Brains)

Knuckles The Echidna(Brawler)

Amy Rose(Close Quarters)

Rouge The Bat(Spy)


The founder of the alliance. He is the person Angel searches for throughout the opening of the game. His ability is speed.


A white hedghog with a purple dress and purple parts in her hair. She is the other main character of the game. Her ability is mind-reading. She is also Shadow's love interest.


The brains of the alliance. His ability is flight.


The brawn of the alliance. His ability is power.


Joined to be around Sonic. Her ability is invisibility.


Joined GUN by chasing Eggman. He is also the leader of the alliance found by Sonic. His main ability is speed but can also do chaos control.


Joined for the same reason as Shadow, as well as to steal. Her ability is gliding.


The voice of reason in the alliance. Her main ability is flight but can use the chao to attack.


Came to the universe to help Blaze and stop Nega. His main ability is telepathy but can fly.


Came to retrieve the Sol Emeralds. Her ability is flame power.


The main villain of the game. He has control of the universe and is terrorizing everything.

Other Characters

Eggman Nega- Blaze and Silvers enemy. Reveals he is Eggman in the future to the shock of everyone.

Big the Cat- Is secretly hiding with Froggy. Helps Amy and Cream on their missions.

Omega- Helps Shadow and Rouge on their missions. Eggman is trying to destroy him.

Marine- Comes to future with Silver and Blaze but is captured. When she is saved she helps Silver and Blaze on their missions.

Chaotix- They are the only agency around not controlled by Eggman. The team help Angel and Knucles.

Metal Sonic- Eggman is hunting him down to destroy him. Helps Sonic and Tails.


Improved from 06 with better camera angles and simpler controls.


Missions take place in various locations.

Maximum 5 characters in one mission. Occurs once. Most missions are one,two or three characters.

All characters have a non-playable helper who gives them hints and information on missions. Helpers are stated above.

Most missions last about 4-10 mins. Final mission should last towards the latter whilst early missions should last towards the former.

Voice Cast

All known voices are done by 4Kids actors who currently voice them except Omega who has a new voice actor from 4Kids.

Angel is voiced by Bella Hudson or someone with a similar voice.

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