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Sonic Adventure Series is a fan game series created by TheLoneWolf92. The series consists of four Adventure-titled games. The first two games are remakes and revisions of the original Adventure games which features enhanced graphics, revised stories, new voice actors, new dialogue, added characters, and added content. The third game is an original-made game replacing the events of Sonic Heroes. The fourth and final game is a revision of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Sonic Adventure Series
Sonic Team
Action, Adventure, Platforming
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch
First Release
Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed (2015)


Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed

The reimagined version of Sonic Adventure released in December 22, 2015. The additional features are the ability to play as any character in the 11 stages. Big's gameplay is changed where instead of fishing for Froggy, he will complete the stage by simply finding Froggy. Also, Cream the Rabbit is an added unlockable character after completing the Super Sonic story.

Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow

The reimagined version of Sonic Adventure 2 released in April 19, 2016. Added to the game are the adventure fields, 2 additional stages for Shadow, who had 4 stages in the original game, and the option to play as Tails without a mech. The treasure hunting gameplay will be like the first Adventure game where the Emerald Radar will detect all Emerald shards instead of detecting one Emerald at a time. The player will also play as other characters such as Amy, Metal Sonic, Chao Walker, Dark Chao Walker, Tikal, and Chaos in Stage Select. Not to mention that any Hero and Dark characters can be allowed to enter in each other's stages (i.e., Sonic can enter Shadow's Radical Highway or Tails can enter Wild Canyon, etc).

Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn

The third game of the series released in May 2, 2017. The game features three stories focusing on three threats - Eggman Empire (Sonic's Story), The Dark Legion (Knuckles' Story), and Team Hooligan (The Chaotix story). This game introduces a number of characters from the Archie Comics such as Dr. Finitevus, Dimitri, Julie-Su the Echidna, Locke, the Dark Legion members, and Enerjak while bringing back old characters such as Fang the Sniper, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite. The events of Sonic Heroes never occurred until a few games later.

Sonic Adventure 4: Black Arms Rising

The fourth and final installment which will be released some time in 2018. This game is a revision of the Shadow the Hedgehog game. It contains only one long story containing 10 chapters and an additional final chapter. This game will mark the return of Shadow and Mighty and introduces Eclipse the Darkling from the Archie Comics.