Prologue A: Escape from home

???: Come on, Nova! It's too late for them now!

Nova: No! I won't let them die! No!

???: We've got to go or you'll get killed too!

The unknown person grabbed Nova and dragged him quickly to the Tribolt Hub, the castle in the center of the Tri-Citadel City.

???: That's far enough, Father.

Neon (???): Transformas!

Transformas: Come now, Father, you don't think you can escape me with my baby brother, do you?

Nova: Dad, I'll help you!

Neon: No, son...This is my final stand...

Nova: Wh-what!?

Transformas: Touching, Father. But you both die here.

Neon: We'll see about that!

Neon delivered a punishing kick to Transformas face, and Transformas countered with a stab through Neon's stomach with his sword.

Neon: Ggg...

Transformas: Now to finish it...Transformas......BLAST!

There was a colossal explosion, tearing the whole castle apart. At that moment, Neon hit a switch on the control panel in the control room where they were fighting, trapping Nova in a escape pod set for Earth.

Nova: Dad...Don't die...Please...

Neon: Good-bye...My son...

Neon pressed the escape pod activation switch, and Nova was sent to Earth...Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the last time Nova would have to cross paths with Transformas. But he won't be alone, even with all his friends from the Tribolt Galaxy gone...He will find new friends on Earth...Such as a certain blue hedgehog and a certain black hedgehog, as you will soon see...

Prologue B: Research

Nova: Computer. Data. Sonic the Hedgehog.


It was as he thought. They really were on Earth, at least, they must be if the computer had data.

Nova: Computer. Data. Shadow the Hedgehog.


Nova: ...I now know their abilities, but what about their personalities? Can I trust them?

Chapter 1: Turnabout Meeting

It was a sunny day in Station Square, but Shadow the Hedgehog wasn't paying too much attention to it.

Shadow: Hmph...Nothing to entertain me...

Just at that moment, a red blur blazed right in front of Shadow's path!

Shadow: What the heck!? Hey you-- Stop!

Shadow chased the unknown red being all over town and eventually the red blur stopped and Shadow spotted him.

Shadow: What's your name, kid?

???: My name's Nova The Hedgehog...

At that moment, Shadow pulled out a pistol and put his finger on the trigger and pointed it straight at Nova.

Shadow: See this? I could just blow your head off right now for almost trampling me.

Nova: ...I'd like to see you try...

Shadow: That's it, you're so in for it!

Shadow fired the gun 3 times, but Nova reflected the bullets right back at Shadow with his Lightning shield.

Shadow: Grr....

Shadow: Looks like you're better than I thought, kid. I think I can teach you some things... But just so you know, I can hurt you in many other ways then just firing a simple pistol.

Nova: I know all about you, Shadow.

Shadow: Wha-!? How do you know my name?

At that moment, Nova grinned.

Nova: Research.

Chapter 2: Training

Shadow: Okay kid, lets set the ground rules: 1. don't piss me off 2. don't talk to Sonic the Hedgehog without my presence 3. crack only funny jokes if nessesary 4. and most importantly DON'T KILL ANYONE WITHOUT A REASON.

Nova: Why would I kill anyone period?

Shadow: Never mind that, lets get started with the lesson. Lesson 1: how to fire a gun. Now, take this pistol.

(Shadow gives Nova a 9mm)

Shadow: Now, shoot at that stop sign over there, try to hit inside the "O" in "STOP".

(Nova shoots the pistol, it hits dead center in the "O")

Shadow: Holy Cr@p...I mean good job you know how to use a gun. Now for lesson 2: Chaos Control. Take this.

(Shadow gives Nova the Blue Chaos Emerald)

Nova: Oo! Blue! My favorite Color!

Shadow: Never mind the color of the thing, just hold the Emerald up in your hand and firmly say "Chaos Control!" then try to teleport to the top of that hill.

Nova: OK....Chaos Control! (Nova instantly teleports to the exact spot Shadow described)

Shadow: Jesus.....I mean good! Try teleporting back here.

Nova: Chaos Control! (teleports to the exact spot he was standing before)

Shadow: Good god....I mean Good you know Chaos Control. Now for-

(Just at that moment Nova takes out a star shaped object)

Shadow: Say....What's that?

Nova: (hides it behind his back) Nothing! It's nothing.

Shadow: (Snatches the object) What's this???

Nova: Gimme That Back!! (Snatches it back)

Shadow: What is it??

Nova: It's Nothing Man!

Shadow: Oh, that is defenetly Something. Now For the Last time, What-Is-It!?

Nova: okay, okay. It's called a Star Emerald.

Shadow: Huh?

(out in the Distance)

Chapter 3: The Discussion

???: Shadow, I dunno why you're so reluctant to let me meet him.

Shadow: You know dang well why, Sonic! I don't want you corrupting him into becoming dependant on you like you did with Tails.

Sonic: Honestly, Shadow, you've been saying that ever since you made Tails a little more independent.

Shadow: ...Fine. But I'm gonna be there the whole time, watching you? Got it?

Sonic: Suit yourself. Can I meet him tomorrow then?

Shadow: Deal.

Chapter 4: the meeting

Shadow: Alright Nova, I think it's about time that you meet the blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog, there Sonic, I did your stupid intro.

Sonic: Thanks Shadow. Hey there! What was your Name Again?

Nova: Nova the Hedgehog.

Sonic: That's a good name! Say Nova, Don't listen to Shadow the Emo over there, you can hang with me any time you want.


Shadow: Anyway Sonic, he can not "hang" with you any time he wants. Didn't I tell you that you will corrupt him like poor Tails?

Sonic: I didn't "corrupt" him, I Saved His Life thank you very much!

Nova: Look guys, can't I make decisions for myself?

Sonic: Yeah Shadow, can't he make decisions for himself?

Shadow: Fine, you can do what you want Nova.

To be continued...

Chapter 5: The Dark Meeting

???: Is it ready, "Doctor"?

Eggman: See for yourself! I call it...The Egg Apocalypse!

Out stepped a hedgehog, black as the blackest night, with eyes filled with cold, heartless evil.

Transformas The Hedgehog: Hmm...I suppose it could work. Here's the plan...

Transformas activated a Triboltian Holo-Map and pointed to it.

Transformas: We attack tomorrow. You will enter from the north side of the city. My foot soldiers shall enter from the east and the west. My Elite Guard and I will enter from the south side of Station Square.

Eggman: Remember your end of the deal, hedgehog. You leave Sonic and his friends to ME.

Transformas: Yeah, yeah, keep your hair on. Oh, wait...It's only on your face.

Eggman made a motion to hit his emergency alarm to activate his Egg Pawn Guard, but stopped. He knew full well that this snide black hedgehog could easily destroy him and his army -- and from the sounds of it, his brother wasn't someone to trifle with.

Transformas: 3 PM. Tomorrow.

Eggman: Right...

With that, Transformas swept out of the room. His little brother Nova may have escaped him last time, but he would make sure to finish the job this time. He grinned and laughed an evil laugh.

Transformas: Tomorrow...Tomorrow the end begins!