A sequel to the now classic sonic adventure dx. With new features like battle mode and better mission mode.


Eggman has been quiet for weeks now but now all of a sudden something big has happened. Knuckles wasn't on master emerald duty then when he came back to check on it it angel island fell in the water again! Then new and stronger eggman robots appeared and started to stir up trouble for sonic and friends. Also now a new Hedgehog appeared and his name is krinkinko the hedgehog. Sonic now must find the power to stop eggman whatever he's planning. So sonic and tails are on a duet mission to track down eggman. But what about the others stories find out in.....................................



Sonic's story,

Shadow's story,

Tails story,

Amy's story,

Big's story,

Krinkinko the hedgehog's story,

Knuckles story,

Jake the Fox Story,brothers with Shade.

Shade the Unicorn Story,Brothers with Jake.

Maria the Hedgehog story,girlfriend with Shadow,Friends with Jake and Shade.


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Stories and minor roles by aditioners

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