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Sonic Adventure 4: Paradox is a videogame made by SB Media.


The story begins with Sonic running through the streets of Parkview, from Angel Island to Route 35, and back to the chili dog stand. He buys himself a chili dog and then leaves. His friend Tails comes with a frown on his face. "What's Wrong?" he asks. "Amy is GONE Sonic! She's GONE!" Tails replies. However, she did not die, she was kidnapped and in immediate danger. Then Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (who just came along), travel 4.5 hours to Eggman's Gulag to confront Dr. Eggman himself. However, Dr. Eggman says that he did not kidnap Amy (even though he would if he got the chance). Sonic sneers at him, but then Knuckles says, "Look! Up there!"

Sonic, Tails and Eggman then look up in awe and horror, and they see a giant wormhole over Mobius Corners! It is not a black hole, but it starts to overload, and then it unleashes its full power! However, it only wants Sonic. Sonic does not go, but he is then shown a live picture of Amy being held hostage! Sonic then leaves, knowing he may not return. Tails and Knuckles agree to go with him, Knuckles just for fun. Eggman then gives them special equipment, and after saying goodbye, they leave, but three other people join them: Sylvia Prower, Scooter the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Unfortunately, they are unaware that Eggman sent Metal Sonic to destroy Sonic should he succeed....join Sonic and friends in a time-traveling, spine-changing adventure!

go get and destroy Metal Sonic and help amy!

made in 2013  by wikia


This game is a 3D platformer, with nice graphics. Many new abilties are added, such as Chaos Blitz, which is essentially super-spped and Chaos Energy playing into ramming an enemy (deals 200 damage), and if the player is risky enough, can use Chaos Wipe with Shadow, as it wipes enemies from reality and/or K.O's bosses, at the cost of killing Shadow (unusually). It deals 800 damage to bosses and kills enemies. Also, Tails can use Chaos Frequency, which K.O's all robots ONLY, and it only deals 100 damage to non-robots. Sonic's spin dash is much stronger in this game and can instantly K.O some enemies. Also Scooter learns Chaos Spear from Shadow.

List Of Abilities

  • Sonic: Spin Dash, Spin Attack, Homing Attack, Blue Tornado, agility, Hyper Spin Dash, Super speed, high healing ability, Chaos Control (emerald)
  • Tails: Spin Dash, Flying, Use of machinery, agility, Chaos Frequency, Tail Attack, tinkering, Chaos Control (emerald)
  • Knuckles: Power Punches, Knuckle Sandwich, agility, Gliding, high healing ability, Chaos Control
  • Shadow: ALL Chaos abilities he already had, Spin Dash, Chaos Wipe, agility, Chaos Blitz (needs 2 other people), Spin Attack, Super speed
  • Scooter: Essentially the ''Father Nature'' in the game, Super speed, agility, Chaos Control (emerald), Chaos Spear
  • Sylvia: Martial Arts knowledge, agility, Chaos Control (emerald)
  • Silver (guest star): Telekinesis, agility, Chaos Control (emerald)
  • Sissy: Star Hammer use, agility
  • Shima (fanon): Essentially just like Shadow.

and play sonic adventure 2.



make chao

Game Modes

  • Heroes Story (The whole game except for the Future City and Echidna Age stages)
  • Silver's Story (Future City stage)
  • Knuckles' Story (Echidna Age stage)
  • ARK Story (Shima and Shadow only; Lost ARK Stage)
  • Party Mode (All unlocked characters, including Amy, Silver and an unknown character...)
  • Chao Mode (AFTER Unlocking Cheese's collector card)


Primary Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Metal Sonic

Recurring Characters

Guest Characters

  • Silver the Hedgehog (Future City stage)
  • Amy Rose (Final Stand Stage; Trip Home)

Fanon Characters


Note: If you fail a level, you must keep trying to unlock the next level!

Mobius Corners Stage

  • A large metropolis, help Sonic get to the wormhole in 5 minutes! An 'A' Rank gets you 1000 rings and a bonus round!
  • Boss: Egg Boss (upgraded Egg Pawn) - 900 HP

Wormhole Stage

  • Now inside the wormhole, get Sonic and his 2 friends to the first stop! An 'A' Rank gets you 1100 rings and 2 bonus rounds!
  • Boss: Metal Sonic (normal) - 960 HP

Saurus Stage

  • Sonic and co. have landed in the Age of the Mobosaurs! Can you complete the side missions and defeat the boss? An 'A' Rank gets you 1500 rings!
  • Boss: King Saurus - 1000 HP

Future City Stage

  • After the Mobosaurs, Sonic and co. land in a big, future city! But danger lurks everywhere, and can they survive? An 'A' Rank gets you 1 Chaos Emerald and 1550 rings!
  • Silver the Hedgehog guest stars in this stage, and you can play with him or Sonic and his gang. (A screen will open up before entering the wormhole after the Saurus Stage, asking you to continue with Sonic OR Silver in Silver's Story.)
  • Boss: Depends on if you're with Sonic (Metal Sonic) or Silver (Mephiles); they both have 1100 HP.

Echidna Age Stage

  • Following the Future City stage, We land on Angel Island 500 years in the past, and meet many obstacles. Can you get through?
  • An 'A' Rank gets you 1600 rings!
  • Knuckles has his own stage here (Same deal as it was with Silver).
  • Boss: If in Knuckles' story, Chaos is the boss (1300 HP), but if with Sonic, it's an upgraded Metal Sonic (1200 HP).

Lost ARK Stage

Note: Only playable by Shadow and Shima only.

  • (This is a flashback story) Maria hasn't been shot yet, but Maria, Shadow and Shima are being followed by G.U.N guards! Defeat them and get Maria to safety!
  • An 'A' Rank will get you: 1700 rings and a bonus round!
  • Boss: This is a no-boss level, as it is a flashback.

Fill in the other levels for yourself!


  • Sonic: mmmmmm...Chili dogs. (beep beep...) Oops, it's 5:45, gotta juice!
  • Tails: SONIC!!! SONIC!!! It's Amy, she's...she's...
  • Sonic: She's What?!
  • Tails: Amy is GONE Sonic! She's GONE!
  • Sonic: Holy Fishcrackers!
  • Sonic: Why are you coming, Knuckles?
  • Knuckles: uhhhhhhhh...nothing better to do?
  • Tails: And why would Sylvia and Scooter come along?
  • Knuckles: They wanted a "piece" of it, too.
  • Sylvia: Bigmouth!
  • Knuckles: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!?
  • Sylvia: Uh......Scooter said it!
  • Scooter: Hey!
  • Knuckles: GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRR!
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