This is the page focusing on the Adventure Fields, Action Stages, and Bosses.

Adventure Fields

There are a number of 8 Adventure Fields in the game, making this game to have the most adventure fields in the Adventure series.

Central City

The large metropolitan city that is home of the United Nations. It is now damaged thanks to the Black Arms. The vast areas of include large sections full of streets, city hall, the highways, a park, a dockyard, a subway station, a stadium, a train station, and a sewer.

Emerald Town

A small suburban town far away from Central City. The areas include a suburban area of houses, the small town of buildings, a train station, a beach, and a road leading to the power plant.

Mystic Ruins

A large jungle area that is divided in two sections - a jungle area and Angel Island. The jungle includes areas such as the train station, a number of caves, Tails' workshop, Big's Hut (which has been damaged by some Black Arms, and the ancient echidna city. In Angel Island, it contains the tropical jungles and the ruins area, and the Master Emerald altar.

Blue Ridge Zone

A dense mountainous area surrounding in hills and mountains. For the forest section, it contains a forest, an area full of hills, a train station, a boat, and the snowy mountaintops. For the canyon areas, it contains a wasteland of abandoned ruins and Ghost Mountain from SA2.

G.U.N. Headquarters

This is the base of operations of G.U.N. The main area this field contains a large room containing many hallways and rooms. The various rooms are the main computer room, a training facility, a factory of GUN robots, an area of aircrafts, and the path to the underground base.

Egg Metropolis

Dr. Eggman's large dystopian-like headquarters located at a far away island. It features sections such as the forest, Old Megaopolis, an airfield, the main headquarters, and an underground cavern leading to the lava base.

Space Colony ARK

This adventure field appears for the first time since Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow. It is a large spherical space station where Shadow was created 50 years ago. The inner section contains large areas such as the research room, a large laboratory (one containing Shadow's pod where he was created), and the central control room of the Eclipse Cannon. There's a large area full of spaceships, meteors, and towers which can be found outside of the ARK.

Black Comet

This adventure field consists of a large comet where Black Doom and his minions came from. There are two sections. One of them is located outside where all asteroids are surrounding. The other section is located in the comet's interior where it is full of weapons created by the Black Arms and various rooms.

Action Stages

There are a total of 30 action stages. Some of the stages will contain acts (usually 2 or 3). Some of the levels from Shadow the Hedgehog will be retained though their names will change. Only a few levels are omitted and new and original levels are added.

You can play up to 4 characters and you are able to choose any 4 of the characters of your choice whether in Stage Select or in Adventure Fields.


Like the original, it is the first stage of the game. Westopolis is one of the districts in Central City that is under attack by the Black Arms.

Lethal Interstate

This stage is found in the interstate highway areas of Central City. It is just like the originally named Lethal Highway stage only that it adds a few elements from Radical Highway with the red bridges.

Boulevard Turmoil

Formerly Central City from the original. This stage is found in the street areas of Central City. It is similar to Westopolis except it takes place during the daylight. It is divided into 2 acts.

  • Act 1: Shadow is the playable character. Under the brainwashing of Black Doom, he must eliminate 50 GUN soldiers who are trying to stop the Black Arms from setting up the bombs around Central City.
  • Act 2 The group of Knuckles, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Mighty, and Julie-Su must shut off 4 bombs in under 10 minutes.

Crazy Terminal

This stage is found in the subways of Central City. This is pretty much reminiscent of Subway Rush in Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn. In this stage, the group of Sonic, Tails, Amy, Cream, Big, and Rouge must deactivate 4 bombs placed by the Black Arms in under 5 minutes.

Emerald Beach

This stage is found in the beach area of Emerald Town, mirroring Emerald Coast from the first Adventure title and Palmtree Shores from Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn.

Street Massacre

This stage is found in the neighborhood areas of Emerald Town which is under attack by the Black Arms.

Nuclear Chaos

This stage consists of a huge nuclear plant located far away from Emerald Town.

Jungle Retreat

This is found in the jungle areas of the Mystic Ruins.

Lost Ruins

Formerly called Death Ruins from the original. However, unlike the original, this consists of the ancient echidna civilization in the Mystic Ruins. Similar to the stages from the first and third Adventure titles.

Waterfall Garden

This stage consists of a large garden located at the Angel Island section from the Mystic Ruins. It's basically a tropical jungle filled with a lot of waterfalls and underwater areas. It's practically a combination of Marble Garden and Dry Lagoon.

Paradise Relics

Another Angel Island-centered stage in the Mystic Ruins. It consists of an abandoned palace with a lot of pillars, towers, statues, and overgrown grass.

Glyphic Canyon

Like the original, this stage consists of a desert area surrounded in ancient ruins. It is found in the desert area of Blue Ridge Zone.

Cryptic Castle

This stage consists of a haunted castle located far away from Blue Ridge Zone. While the same as the original, a few differences is that there will be pumpkin headed mountains and railroads abound and the blue ghosts from the original game will be replaced by the boos from Sonic Adventure 2 who serve as mere annoyances as they hold a character in place.

Cold Tundras

This stage is found in the snowy mountaintops of Blue Ridge Zone.

Sky Troops

This stage is actually Glyphic Canyon which is now floating in the air due to the Black Arms activating its orbs. It is found in Blue Ridge Zone.

Digital Circuit

This stage consists of G.U.N.'s database found in G.U.N. Headquarters.

Prison Island

Found in the G.U.N. Headquarters is Prison Island, formerly one of GUN's bases of operations which is under major repairs after Eggman's attack in Sonic Adventure 2. Like the original, it is located in a jungle area, but it also takes place around the harbor areas, making it reminiscent of Metal Harbor and Weapons Bed. This level contains two acts.

  • Act 1: The first act takes place in the abandoned base of Prison Island. The characters played are Vector, Espio, and Charmy who are in search of a top secret laboratory where the ARK's files are hidden.
  • Act 2: The second act takes place at the harbor areas and the jungle areas of Prison Island. The characters in the stage are Shadow and Rouge who team up to find the Chaos Emerald. In an interesting take on the mission, if you play as Shadow, not only the Black Arms are the enemies, but also GUN robots will go after you under the command of Com. Tower. If you play as Rouge, you will only fight against just the Black Arms and GUN is your ally faction.

G.U.N. Fleet

Formerly Air Fleet from the original. This stage consists of G.U.N.'s flying armada which is found in the airfield of G.U.N. Headquarters. This stage has 2 acts.

  • Act 1:: This act takes place sky high in the fleet which is similar to Sky Troops. You play as Shadow who must destroy 5 GUN ships.
  • Act 2: This act takes place inside the main GUN fortress where the heroes must eliminate 50 Black Arms.

Underground Refuge

Formerly GUN Fortress from the original. This stage consists of the underground base found in G.U.N.'s Headquarters. This stage contains 3 Acts.

  • Act 1: The heroes must eliminate 65 Black Arms who have invaded the underground base.
  • Act 2: Shadow is intruding the base and is in pursuit of finding a Chaos Emerald at the vault.
  • Act 3: You play as Sonic who is on a mission to find Shadow who is ordered by Black Doom to find and destroy the shelter with the Central City citizens are in it.

Mad Matrix

This stage is found in Egg Metropolis and is the database of Dr. Eggman.

Old Megaopolis

This stage makes its return from the previous title Sonic Adventure 3: Enerjak Reborn. Instead of taking place at an abandoned metropolis, this level takes place at an old war zone.

Iron Wilderness

Formerly Iron Jungle. This stage consists of a mechanical facility found in the forest area of Egg Metropolis.

Egg Squadron

This stage consists of Eggman's army of airships found in the airfield of Egg Metropolis.

Magma Shelter

Formerly Lava Shelter. This stage consists of a valley far away from Egg Metropolis, surrounded by lava. It is Dr. Eggman's main hideout. It is split in two acts.

  • Act 1: In this act, Sonic and the others enter the underground lair of Egg Metropolis where Eggman is hiding.
  • Act 2: In this act, Shadow is on a mission to confront the doctor and seize the Chaos Emeralds.

Space Gadget

This stage found in the outer section of Space Colony ARK. This stage contains three acts.

  • Act 1: This act takes place outside of the ARK. It is a very straight-forward level filled with a lot of rail grinding involved and multiple platforms. Involved in the game are cannons whose purpose is to keep out intruders of the ARK. The playable character in the stage is Shadow who is ordered by Black Doom to infiltrate the ARK to activate the Eclipse Cannon.
  • Act 2: Like the previous act, this takes place outside of the ARK. Only this time, the features not only rail grinding, but also gravity switches, and areas full of low gravity where characters can jump higher. This is practically a combination of Final Rush, Final Chase, Crazy Gadget, and Cosmic Wall combined. The heroes, with a newly-aligned Shadow, set to eliminate 50 Black Arms to safely enter inside the ARK.
  • Act 3: This act takes place inside the ARK. It is mostly a room reminiscent of stages such as Eternal Engine. The group of heroes (Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Big, Mighty, and Julie-Su) must eliminate 50 Black Arms.

ARK Complex

This is the third database level of the game. Only this time, it is found inside the Space Colony ARK. It is the database of the ARK.

Lost Impact

This stage is found in the interior of the Space Colony ARK. Just like the original version, it consists of a stage taking place in the past 50 years. The stage contains two acts.

  • Act 1: This act takes place 50 years ago during the raid in the ARK. Shadow, who was sent by Black Doom, is to take Maria to safety.
  • Act 2: This act is very much like act 1. Only this time it takes place months before the raid at the ARK. It's worth noting that this is the only level to not contain any enemies or allies.

Cosmic Intrusion

This stage consists of an area of asteroids where the Black Comet is far ahead. What is different about this stage is that you are controlling the spaceship-turned Tornado piloted by Tails as the heroes set to find and infiltrate the Black Comet.

Toxic Oasis

Originally named Black Comet from the original. It is mostly filled with a lot of Black Arms soldiers, especially the black leeches. Toxic gas and dark pools are a constant obstacle in the level where the characters must avoid. There are two acts.

  • Act 1: This act takes place in the exterior of the comet. It's where the heroes must find a way to enter inside the comet.
  • Act 2: This act takes place in the interior of the comet. There will be more toxic gas and pools than the first act.

Final Haunt

The final level of the main story. It is found inside the Black Comet. It's much like Toxic Oasis Act 2 without the deadly gas and the black oceans. This time, it takes place in an area full of ships, cannons, and other weaponry.

  • Act 1: In this act, the heroes along with Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Team Hooligan, must deactivate the 4 security systems in order to proceed to the center of the comet.
  • Act 2: In this act, the heroes and villains proceed to confront Black Doom.


The bosses are divided into three categories - Eggman Empire, Black Arms, and G.U.N.

Eggman Empire

Egg Breaker

Egg Virus

Egg Dragon

Egg Flamer & Metal Sonic


Mantis Platoon HD1 Heavy Dog

LZ-12R Blue Falcon

U78-X/D Diablon

Black Arms

Black Bull

Black Cobra

Black Tarantula

Black Phoenix

Black Golem

Black Dragonfly

Eclipse the Darkling

Black Doom

Last Story Stages

There are only three last story stages in Chapter 11.

Blackest Hour

Formerly known as The Last Way from the original game. It's practically a combination of Toxic Oasis and Final Haunt in which it's infested with toxic gasses, black oceans, and a dozen of Black Arm weaponry. Shadow is the only playable character in the stage as his mission is to confront Black Doom.

Colony Core

This stage is found in the interior section of the Space Colony ARK. This is practically reminiscent to Cannon's Core from Sonic Adventure 2. In the story, the characters split into 7 groups to find and reactivate the Eclipse Cannon's systems that was deactivated by the Black Arms. The 7 groups are in chronological order - Amy/Cream, Mighty/Big, Rouge/Julie-Su, Vector/Espio/Charmy, Bean/Bark, Metal Sonic/Fang, and Tails/Knuckles.

Earth's Doom

This stage is found in the destroyed Central City. The skies are dark red and the areas are polluted with Black Doom's paralysis gas and poisonous branches from the Black Comet that arise from ground. The playable characters are Sonic and Shadow who team up to find all 7 Chaos Emeralds. The stage will display an icon showing the number of Emeralds you have gathered.

Last Story Boss

Devil Doom

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