Cutscene 1: The super villains' lair

Dr. Eggman: "So, my fellow evil army, do any of you remember our plan?"

Orbot: "We're gonna turn everybody including those Freedom Fighters into stone statues,"

Cubot: "and we're gonna put them in the Station Square Musueum's display case."

Dr. Eggman: "Exactly right, Orbot and Cubot, right now, I got somebody to do the job."

Scourge walks right into the entire scenery.

Scourge: "You called for me to do the job, boss?"

Dr. Eggman: "Now, Scourge, I want you to go out there and turn everybody, especially those Freedom Fighters into stone statues."

Scourge: "Will do, boss."

Scourge goes right off on his evil mission quest and begins turning everybody into stone statues.

Sigma Alpha 2 Soldier Leader: "Stop! what do you guys think you're doing?!? get that evil green hedgehog right now!"

Sonic: "Leave it to me, I'm the 1 who can take my evil counterpart down."

Sonic gets right on his hover-board.


Stage 1: City Esape 2

(An instrumental version of Escape from the City is playing in the background.)

Male Announcer: "Attention, Station Square Citizens, a certain evil green hedgehog named Scourge is turning all of you into stone statues, be on the look out for his whereabouts."

Sonic begins moving around on his hoverboard while avoiding the cars, trucks, railroad trains and buses.

Sonic jumps right off his hoverboard and activates Omochao for advice.

Omochao: "There's a certain little animal inside this pipe, so try signal whistling for it."

Sonic uses the signal whistle and outta the pipe pops a pelican.

Sonic collects the pelican and continues moving around while defeating some robot and monster enemies.

Later on, he's running around super fast while avoiding being run over by the super big truck and eventually reaches the Goal Ring.

Sonic: "Alright, I made it!"

Stage Clear

Mission Completed

Rank A

Sonic: "Super thrilling, man."

Boss Battle Fight: Scourge

Sonic: "Alright, Scourge, time to bring it on!"

Scourge: "Try to catch me 1st!"

(It Doesn't Matter is playing in the background.)

Oh yeah

Sonic begins moving around and attacking Scourge.


Sonic avoids Scourge's evil attack moves.

Well I don't show off

Sonic: "Super breeze!"

Sonic's super breeze power strikes Scourge.

Scourge: "Ohhhhh."

don't criticize

Sonic: "Thunder guard!"

Sonic's thunder guard power strikes Scourge as well.

I'm just livin'

Scourge: "You got 1 piece of it."

by my own feelin's

Sonic: "Kick boost!"

and I won't give in

Sonic's kick boost power strikes Scourge as well too.

won't compromise

Scourge: "Ohhhhhh!"

Sonic: "Super storm!"

Sonic's super storm power strikes Scourge as well too.

'cause I only

Scourge: "No time for game play."

have a steadfast

Sonic: "Super wave!"

heart of gold

Scourge: "Ohhhhhhh."

Sonic: "Soul gauge!"

I don't know why

Sonic's soul gauge power strikes Scourge as well too.

I can't leave though

Scourge: "I got you now."

it might be tough

Sonic: "Super drift!"

Sonic's super drift power strikes Scourge as well too.

but I ain't outta control

Scourge: "That's gotta hurt."

just livin' by my word

Sonic: "Flame blast!"

Sonic's flame blast power strikes Scourge as well too.

don't ask me why

Scourge: "That burns my entire body."

I don't need a reason

Sonic: "Laser blast!"

I got my way

Sonic's laser blast power strikes Scourge as well too.

Scourge: "Got me again."

my own way

Sonic: "Power zap!"

it doesn't matter

Sonic's power zap strikes Scourge as well too.

now what happens

Scourge: "Quite electrifying."

I will never

Sonic: "Gun drive!"

give up the fight

Sonic's gun drive attack strikes Scourge as well.

Scourge: "No more Mr. Nice Dude, here I come right now."

long as the voice inside

Sonic continues using his attack moves.

drives me to run and fight

Sonic avoids Scourge's evil attack moves.

it doesn't matter

Sonic and Scourge are still fighting against 1 another.

who is wrong

Sonic: "Super slam!"

and who is right

Sonic's super slam attacks Scourge as well too

(Music in background)

Sonic is still attacking Scourge.

well I don't look back

I don't need to

time won't wait

and I got so much to do

where do I start now

it's all a blur

and so unclear

well I don't know

but I can't be wrong

it doesn't matter

now what happens

I will never

give up the fight

long as the voice inside

drives me to run and fight

place all your bets

on the 1 you think is right

(Musical interlude)

oh it doesn't matter

now what happens

I will never

give up the fight

long as the voice inside

drives me to run and fight

it doesn't matter

who is wrong

and who is right

no, no, no, no

it doesn't matter.

Sonic finally knocks Scourge out.

Sonic: "Game over for you, Scourge."

Cutscene 2: Sonic sees his good friends and team mates: the other Freedom Fighters and his 2 siblings

Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Amy, Cream, Big, Rouge, Charmy, Espio, Vector, Silver, Blaze, Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine, Cosmo, Harambe, Ray, Mighty, Sparkles, Flashy, Speedy, River, Levanna, Colgate, Marty, Violet, Manic, Sonia, Lightning, Ally, Clover, Shelly, Ace, Julie-Su, Honey and Shade are amazed by Sonic knocking Scourge out.

Honey: "Wow, Sonic, way to go,"

Tails: "how you knocked Scourge out was super thrilling."

Sonic: "Well right before he wakes up, we better get right down to our karaoke singing competition."

The Freedom Fighters walk around on their way to the karaoke singing competition.

Mini Game: Karaoke singing competition

Omochao: "Welcome to our karaoke singing competition, here are your judges: Espio, Vector, Charmy, Silver, Blaze, Lightning and Clover, to crown the next winner, 1st up this evening, Sonic and Knuckles.

Sonic arrives with the karaoke microphone in his right hand.

Sonic: I got this feeling

inside my bones

it goes electric wavey

when I turn it on

Knuckles: all through my city

all through my home

we're flying up

no ceiling

when we're in our zone

Sonic: I got that sunshine

in my pocket

got that good soul

in my feet

feel that hot blood

in my body

when it drops

Sonic (continued): I can't take my eyes up off it

movin' so phenominally

room on lock

the way we rock it

so don't stop

Knuckles: under the light

where everything goes

nowhere to hide

when I'm gettin' you close

when we move

well you already know

so just imagine

Sonic: just imagine

Vector: "Wow, it's super amazing,"

Charmy: "and super incredible,"

Espio: "and quite satisfying."

Amy and Cream: you can dance

you can jive

having the time of your life


see that girl

watch that scene

diggin' the dancing queen

Silver: "Perfect, super thrilling."

Marine: Goddess on the mountain top

burning like a silver flame

the sumit of beauty and love

and Venus was her name

Marine (continued): she's got it

yeah baby she's got it

Marine: I'm your venus

I'm your fire

at your desire


I'm your venus

I'm your fire

at your desire

Clover: "And now, please welcome Shadow to the stage."

(An instrumental version of My Way plays on the karaoke machine.)

Shadow: And now

the end is near

so I face

the final curtain

my friend

I'll say it clear

I'll state my case

of which I'm certain

Shadow (continued): I lived

a life that's full

I traveled

each and every highway

and more

much more to this

I did it my way

Shadow: regrets

I had a few

but then again

too few to menton

I did what I had to

and saw it through

without exception

I planned

each charted course

each careful step

along the highway

and more

much more to this

I did it my way

Shadow (continued): yes there were times

I'm sure you knew

when I bit off

more than I could chew

but through it all

when there was a doubt

I ate it up and spit it out

I faced it all

and I stood tall

and did it my way

Shadow: I loved, laughed and cried

I had my fails

my share of losing

and now as tears subside

I find it all so amusing

to think I did all that

and may I say

not in a shy way

oh no

oh no

not me

I did it my way

Shadow: for what is a hero

what has he got

if not himself

then he has not

to say the things

he truly feels

and not the words

he would reveal

the record shows

I took the blows

and did it my way.......

(The emergency sirens are wailing loudly.)

Knuckles: "Uh oh, I sense trouble someplace in the canyon."

Tails: (looking right at his computer screen) "And it seems to all of us that King Boom Boo has just returned."

Knuckles: "I'm always prepared to take him down!"

Knuckles goes right off on his mission quest.

Stage 2: Wild Canyon 2

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