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"When the world is in danger, there is always 3 sides. Heaven, Hell, and the Neutral"

- Shadow The Hedgehog

The logo for the game

Sonic Adventure 3 (ソニックアドベンチャー3 Sonikkuadobenchā san? ) is an upcoming, platforming game developed by Sonic Team, and is to be published by SEGA in 2021. (2022 for the 3DS handheld version) It is the threequel to Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic Adventure 3 is to be released late 2021 to celebrate Sonic The Hedgehog's 30th anniversary. The game will also come with a special collectors edition for consumers who pre-ordered the game, or buy it when the game comes out. The collectors edition is supposed to have a special figurine, a Sonic medal, the Sonic Adventure 3 soundtrack, and a memorial booklet. This game introduces 15 playable characters, and is one of the few games to feature Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic as playable characters. This game also dives into the character development of the characters in the game.


The teaser image posed on the Sonic twitter page

Sonic Adventure 3 is being developed by Sonic Team, and published by SEGA. After the release and success of 2017's Sonic Forces, social media coordinator Aaron Webber notified an increas e in requests for a sequel to Sonic Adventure 2. In the summer of 2018, Aaron posted a poll onto the Sonic The Hedgehog's twitter page, asking if the fans would want Sonic Adventure 3 as the game to celebrate Sonic's 30th anniversary. With a bunch of positive votes going on the side of bringing the game to light, the game began development sometime in late 2018, and the following year's E3 announced the game.

The game is meant to be more expansive than the last two games have been. Sonic Adventure 3 is to have 14 playable characters each with their own stories and different playstyles.

A Chao Garden is also confirmed for release.


Single Player

Sonic Adventure 3 takes hints of the gameplay styles from it's prequels, and Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. The player can choose one of the 14 selectable characters, and has the option of progressing through them at any time. (When unlocked) There are also 3 different alignments that is centered around the theme  of the character's story. The "Heaven" side consists of the storylines for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Blaze, the "Neutral" side has Shadow, Rouge, Silver, Espio, and Mighty. While the "Dark" side features Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, E-123 Omega, Fang, and Shade the Echidna. Sonic's story is unlocked when the game starts, and other characters are unlocked  when a character that the player is controlling encounters said character, meaning the order in where characters are unlocked depends on how the player encounters them. (For example, Sonic meets Knuckles later on in the story, which would make Knuckles the 4th unlockable character, however, Tails encounters Knuckles first, which would make Knuckles the 3rd unlocked character.

Each character has a different play style, with some being more similar to others. All characters have separate storylines, not connected via their alignment, and all stages are shared between the different characters. (With some being exclusive to a select few.) When all character's stories within a alignment is finished, then that alignment's story will appear, consisting of the characters of said alignment working together. This all is wrapped up in a final, concluding story, named the Annihilation Story.

The flow of the game is seperted in sections: The hub zones, and the action zones, similar to Sonic Adventure.

Hub Zones

Hub Zones are basically hub worlds. They areas where the player can do various things, such as shop, go to an Action Zone, talk to various NPCs, or take place in missions.

There are 7 different Action Zones (Excluding the Action Zone in the Annihilation Story)

  • Splash Resort - The main setting of the game and where the story revolves around. This place is like a hotel resort, much like the hotel area of Station Square.
  • Splash Central - The city area of Splash Resort. This is where the character can shop and buy items or upgrades. This is where the G.U.N. headquarters is located. This is also the largest Hub Zone.
  • Angel Island - A floating island in the sky. This is where the Master Emerald is located.
  • Misty Isle - A jungle where Big is resting in. This is where the Ancient Ruins is found.
  • Acient Ruins - A
  •  ruined city and the location of where Sonic's origins are found.
  • Splash Park - A festival that is running through the month if where the story takes place.
  • Eggman Land V2.0 - Eggman's newest carnival. Most character's stories conclude at this location.

Action Zones

These are stages that you play to progress through the story. These stages are shared between all of the characters, and are often altered to suit the character's playstyle, or they put the character in a different section of the level.

There are 30 Action stages, (Excluding the Action Zones in the Annihilation Story)  * Paradise Rush - The coast of Splash Resort. This is the starting stage for Sonic, Amy, and Metal Sonic.

  • Highway Hi-jinx - A series of highways in a vast city. This is the starting stage for Tails.
  • Frostbite Hill - A section of Onyx Island covered in snow.
  • Aero Roadway - A city in the sky. This is the starting stage for Blaze.
  • Mushroom Valley - A section of Angel Island zone filled with Mushrooms, very similar to Mushroom Hill Zone. This is the starting stage for Knuckles.
  • Sandy Mirage - A desert in Splash Resort.
  • Black Marble - A series of mountains and volcanoes. This is the starting stage for Rouge.
  • Casino Arena - A huge casino area in the sky. This is the starting stage
  •  for Fang and Shadow.
  • Psuedo Jungle - A jungle with strange plants. This is the starting stage for Shade.
  • Haunted Mansion - A huge mansion haunted by a spirit. This is the starting stage for Espio.
  • Flying Cauldron - A remade version of the Egg Fleet.
  • Old Kingdom - A kingdom that was abandoned. This is the starting stage for Mighty.
  • Party Carnival - A carnival with a bunch of games.
  • Crystal Cave - A cave full of jewels and crystals. This is the starting stage for Eggman.
  • Botanical Garden - A garden full of plant life and animals.
  • Crying Beauty - A paradise used by Eggman to make his utopia.
  • Sky Bird - The Egg Carrier remastered.
  • Wooden Canopy - The Woods of Angel Island.
  • GUN Base - The secret base in the GUN Headquarters. Sonic, Amy, Blaze, Silver, and Mighty don't go here. Starting stage for Omega
  • Resort Lake - A stage exclusive to Knuckles.
  • Destroyed Future - A world destroyed. The starting stage for Silver and is only playable with him.
  • Green Coast - A stage exclusive to the Heaven Characters and Silver.
  • Neo Scrap Brain - Eggman's old base.
  • Nuclear Plant - A nuclear power plant.
  • Music Park - A park full of instruments.
  • Rusty Tomb - The origins of Sonic's past. Only playable by Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.
  • Dragon's Valley - A stage based off of china.
  • Candy Planet - A stage fill of sweets.
  • Robotnik World - Eggman's utopia.

The game plays like a usual Sonic game. The player controls one of the 15 characters and has to use their abilities to achieve the objective the stage calls for. The objective differs between the character and the stage, but it normally consists of getting from point A to point B, or collecting a set amount of objects. This game, is more based around ranking and score than it's proceeding g

ames. Each character has a set of skills they can use to achieve their goal.

This game's ranking system goes from F to S, with the ranks in between being E, D, C, B, and A, and there is plenty of ways to get a high rank. The game also has the return of the Chaos Drives, and the Chao garden, as well as upgrade for each character, and th

e mission system which is changed.

Mission System

Similar to Sonic Adventure 2, this game has a Mission system, however, it's more like a checklist than separate missions. The usual 6 missions go like this

  1. Get an S rank in the stage
  2. Get a set amount of rings and reach the goal.
  3. Find the lost chao.
  4. Complete the stage with a certain score
  5. Complete the hard version of the stage.
  6. The last mission depends on the stage the character is in.


As stated, there are 15 playable characters each with their own playstyles. Although, some playstyles are similar to others, they normally have many changes to differ from the other characters. Like Sonic Adventure 2, all characters have a rival or counterpart, however, this isn't related to their alignment, as characters can have a rival that is in the same alignment as them. (Example: Blaze and Amy)

Team Hero

Sonic The Hedgehog 


The fastest thing alive and the main character of the story. His story revolves around  Eggman the most, and is also centered around his family and origin. His gameplay is the most basic out of the cast, with him having his gameplay from Sonic Adventure 2, with most of his moves being intact. He can still homing attack, and spin dash, while learning moves like the Lightspeed Dash. (which is changed dramatically) He's the first unlocked character when the game starts. His rival is Shadow The Hedgehog.

Miles "Tails" Prower

A young fox cub with 2 tails, who is Sonic's best friend. His story revolves around him trying to make a name for

Tails by mintenndo-d7ap20h.png

himself and overcoming his own fears. His gameplay is different from his others before, and is more of a "get to the goal" based playstyle, except his levels are centered around his flight ability and the gadgets he uses. Tails' stages are more open than Sonic's. He is unlocked by encountering him with another character in their respective storyline. (Tails would be the first character you unlock due to Sonic meeting him first.) His rival is Dr. Eggman.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles is the guardian of the master emerald, and used to be the last of his clan before Shade appeared. His 

Legacy knuckles the echidna render by nibroc rock-db16m8p.png

story revolves around him recieveing the now broken Master Emerald, and learning more about his past. Knuckles keeps his usual treasure hunting gameplay, with him having to find 5 objects per level, rather than 3. However, his radar acts like a mixture of SA1's and SA2's system. Knuckles' radar will target the leftmost emerald piece, and the hints will revolve around that said piece, however, if another emerald piece is nearby, the radar will activate. He also has a more in depth fighting system, similar to the Werehog stages in Sonic Unleashed. His levels are also more spread out. His rival is Shade The Echidna.

Amy Rose

Amy is a teenage hedgehog who has a big crush on Sonic. Her story revolves around this crush on the blue hero, 

Amy team rose 1 4 by nibroc rock-d9sqqmj.png

but gets sidetracked as she starts to learn how to fend for herself. Her gameplay is very different from her Adventure 1 gameplay. She plays in a style similar to Sonic's, but her gameplay is more suited for beginners. As such, her levels are more streamlined, and focus more on platforming. She can use her piko piko hammer for many things, and can turn invisible to avoid certain enemies. She also has Cream following behind her, similar to how Tails does with Sonic. Her rival is Blaze The Cat.

Blaze The Cat

A princess from the Sol Dimension, In this game, she is shown to have a slight crush on Sonic, however, this 

2016 legacy blaze render by nibroc rock-daooomb.png

doesn't evolve much. Her story is a search mission for the Sol Emeralds, which got lost and thrown into the fetch and chase game that the Chaos Emeralds got into. Her gameplay is similar to Sonic's, but has a Sonic Rush influence with it. Blaze's stages revolve around adreniline, and acrobatics rather than pure speed. She also has the highest main jump in the game. Her rival is Amy Rose.

Team Neutral

Mighty The Armadillo

After being missing for a long time, Mighty returns with a brand new gameplay style! His story revolves finding the 

Mighty the armadillo legacy render by nibroc rock-darj3jm.png

Chaotix, who've been missing for a while and stopping Eggman's latest scheme. His gameplay differs from most characters, as Mighty has to find keys in stages, which progress him through the stages. In turn, his stages are a mixture of being open and linear, due to there being a wide range of keys for him to collect and use. His rival is Fang The Sniper.

Shadow The Hedgehog

An artifical life form created by Eggman's grandfather. Along with Rouge, he is investigating the influtration of the 


GUN base caused by Eggman, while confronting the Shadow Androids. His gameplay is similar to how he played in Shadow The Hedgehog, where he can use the weapons, objects, and his own abilities to blast through the stages. He also has his attacks from Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, allowing him to attack repeatdly after a Homing Attack, and use the Chaos Boost. Vehicles are also available for him to use. His rival is Sonic The Hedgehog.

Rouge The Bat

Part time GUN spy, full time treasure hunter, Rouge is a girl who likes to get what she wants. Along with Shadow 

Rouge the bat legacy render by nibroc rock-daz1j3a.png

and Omega, she gets caught up in Eggman's attack on GUN, while learning how to be more civil. Her gameplay is an evolution of her Sonic Adventure 2 gameplay, however, it is changed. Instead of being a clone of Knuckles' gameplay, her levels revolves around a mixture of stealth and treasure hunting. Rouge must collect 3 objects in a stage, however, there are challegnges that revolve around not being caught. She also gets a more in depth fighting style, and the ability to hover and glide. Her rival is Silver The Hedgehog.

Silver The Hedgehog

A hedgehog from the future who is trying to live in the present. Due to the situation with Dr. Eggman, he's role of the 

Silver psychic blast by nibroc rock-d9arqrh.png

story is to stop him himself. Silver's playstyle is similar to his Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 gameplay. Silver is faster in this game (but not as fast) and his ESP abilites are ehcanced. Silver can grab objects and use them as weapons, and he now has an aiming ability, allowing him to hit targets more accurately. He can still hover, and he can now spin attack. His rival is E-123 Omega.

Espio The Chamelon

The ninja of the Chaotix Detective Agency. After the disappearence of his 

Legacy espio render by nibroc rock-db1qmox.png

teammates, and the sudden news of Eggman, he has to deal with the jobs the agency gets, and find out the motive to Eggman's scheme. Due to his background, Espio has a mission based system, where each of his stages revolve around him going through the stages trying to achive different objectives. Espio can attack with ninja tools, run on walls, and turn invisible. His rival is Metal Sonic.

Team Dark

Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Eggman)

The main villian and a scientist with a IQ of 300. He is on a quest to build Robotnik World and rule the planet. His 

Dr. Eggman (Sonic Lost World).png

gameplay is an evolution of Gamma's and the mech stages from Sonic Adventure 2. He has much more destructive power, and is the only character who has a health bar and doesn't depend on rings to stay alive. His rival is Tails.

E-123 Omega (Known as E-123 Ω in game)

A member of GUN and one of the E series robots made by Eggman. 

The strong and destructive omega by nibrocrock-d84mijk.png

Omega has had a role against Eggman in the 

past, but after getting kidnapped, Eggman rewired him to be a killing machine. His gameplay is similar to how he played in Sonic 2006, except, his stages are based on getting as many points as he can via destroying objects. He has an assortment of weapons and can hover for a period of time. He is the slowest character, but loses 20 rings at a time rather than losing all rings upon hit. His rival is Silver The Hedgehog.

Metal Sonic

A robotic copy of Sonic made to match his speed, mannerisms, and techniques. Being Eggman's sidekick, he 

Dreamcast era metal sonic render by nibroc rock-da548xt.png

attempts to help the doctor achive his plans, while having a doubts about Sonic and Eggman himself. He is basically the "hard mode" of the game. He plays through the stages Sonic does, but these stages are harder. Metal Sonic has the fastest accelration, and is greatly affected by momentum, along with his own attacks, such as the Black Shield. His rival is Espio The Chameleon.

Fang The Sniper

A bounty hunter, and a member of the black market who just escaped from prison. He is after the Chaos and Sol 

Fang the sniper in sonic world by nibrocrock-d7sm8kr.png

Emeralds. His gameplay revolves around getting as much rings and goodies as he can as he reaches the goal while using his popgun, and sometimes drives his vehicle through the levels. He can also use his tail to jump higher. His rival is Mighty The Armadillo.

Shade The Echidna

Another meber of the extinct Knuckles clan. After being tricked by Fang into thinking that Knuckles broke the 

Shade the echidna render by nibroc rock-d9xllil.png

Master Emerald to use it for evil, she goes with him to stop Knuckles. She's a faster version of Knuckles, and rather than having a treasure hunting playstyle, she has a point A to point B objective. She can glide (Much faster than Knuckles), use more combos to battle baddies, and she can dash in midair. Her rival is Knuckles The Echidna.


Due to the playable characters having different stories, only the main plotline will be described here when the game is released.


Every character has a different theme song created by different bands and song artists.

Sonic's Theme - His World (Crush 40)


Sonic's Theme

Tails' Theme - Believe In Myself: Flying High Mix (Emily Jones)


Tails' Theme

Knuckles' Theme - Unknown From M.E.: Double Mix (Hunnid-P)


Knuckles' Theme

Amy's Theme - My Sweet Passion: Dance Mix (Nikki Gregoroff)


Amy's Theme

Blaze's Theme - Fire Woman (Crush 40)


Blaze's Theme


  • Mighty is the only character who's theme doesn't have lyrics.
    • This is similar to how Gamma's theme didn't have lyrics.
      • This is very interesting, due to them having similar color schemes.
  • This is the first game in the modern series to feature the Super Emeralds.
  • This game has the highest emblem count to date.
  • This game also has the highest level count to date.
  • This is the first game where a character refers to Eggman as Ivo.
  • Splash Resort shares a lot of similarities to Station Square.