Sonic Adventure 3 (Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)) is divided into Adventure Fields, Bosses and Action stages, similarly to the way done in Sonic Adventure. Action Stages are the basic playable stages for every character. However not every character has access to every level in the game. Each Action Stage is structured differently for each character, in order to serve their gameplay mechanics. All confirmed stages are listed below.

Adventure Fields

Adventure fields come in two fashions in SA3, menu areas where the players can change their playable character, converse with other characters on their team, and access stage menus showing things like top stage rank, time etc., and slightly larger explorable ones, leading to levels, shops and Chao Gardens similar to that of SA1.

Hub Worlds

Station Square - An Adventure field out of SA1, the area is slightly different to its SA1 counterpart, giving access to the new stages in new areas of the hub.

The Demon Realm - An area full of crystallized and transparent floors and walls, the hub appears similar to something in space with things resembling stars in the dark purple skies.

Story Areas

The Egg Carrier - A small room inside the massive vessel where the “Heroes” share their HQ

G.U.N. Headquarters - A small room inside the grand facility where the “Dark characters” share their HQ.

Action Stages

Emerald Coast

Emerald Coast is a remake and differently layed out version of the classic stage from Sonic Adventure 1, found in the Station Square Adventure Field. It is the first playable level of the prologue, third and eleventh in Sonic’s Story and ninth in Gamma’s Story. The level re-uses the first level dolphin chase trope, from SA1 however is notable for having the dolphin be a mecha-dolphin that is the stage’s boss. The soundtrack is a remix of SA1’s Emerald Coast theme.

Barren Mountain


Sonic Adventure 3 Music - Barren Mountain Act 1 (Greening)

Barren Mountain is a deserted Mountain themed level found in the Station Square Adventure Field, and is notable for being only a small distance away from the forested mountain seen in Emerald Coast. It is the second playable stage of the prologue, second in Sonic’s Story, fourth in Gamma’s story, second in the Heroes (Act 3) Story. The stage takes place at night is very distantly comparable to Act 1 of Red Mountain from SA1. It has an upper act, featuring more plant life and a lower act featuring more platforming and rocky terrain.

Tropical Greenland


Sonic Adventure 3 Music - Tropical Greenland (Sky of Sadness)

Tropical Greenland is a stage similar to Tropical Jungle of Sonic 06’ accessable from Station Square. The stage is third in the Heroes (Act 1) Story, first in Heroes (Act 3) Story, fifth in Sonic’s story and Second in Gamma’s story.

Cyber Snow


Sonic Adventure 3 Music - Cyber Snow (Point Zero)

Cyber Snow is a snow/industrial/technology themed stage accessible from both hubs. The stage is a collection of Ice Caves leading to a large Kitsune headquarters building in a mountain of ice. The stage is mostly snow and industrial related but does feature the use of many kitsune tech related gimmicks. It appears as the third prologue stage, eighth in Dark (Act 1) story, and eleventh in Gamma’s Story.

Sparkling Cave


Sonic Adventure 3 Music - Sparkling Cave (Infinit Cave)

Sparkling Cave  is a quartz filled cave themed stage very reminiscent of Quartz Quadrant from Sonic CD appearance wise. The stage is notable for having Ogumo (The Spider Demon) as it’s boss, fought by Tails. It is accessible through the Station Square hub. It is the second Heroes (Act 1) stage, first and eighth in Sonic’s Story and third in Gamma’s story.

Neon Highway


Sonic Adventure 3 Music - Neon Highway Act 1 (Neonlights)

Neon Highway is a highway level similar to SA1’s Speed Highway and SA2’s Radical Highway, taking place at night with massive skyscrapers. The level is accessed through Station Square. The stage has two acts one amongst the highway of tall buildings and one consisting mostly of just the tallest skyscrapers in the location. The stage is notable for having Inugami (The Giant Wolf Demon) as it’s boss, fought by Shadow. It is first in Heroes Story (Act 1), ninth in Sonic’s Story and last in Heroes Story (Act 3).

Icey Infiltration

Icey Infiltration is a nocturnal/ice/industrial themed stage accessible from both hubs. The stage is reminiscent to Ice Factory from Sonic Riders, Frozen Factory from Sonic Lost World or White Acropolis from Sonic 06’. The level is an alternate area of the Kitsune base seen in Cyber Snow. The level is comprised mostly of ice covered courtyards and sharp corridors, heavily secured by Kitsune and lower level Bakuneko soldiers. It appears as first in the Dark (Act 1) story, and seventh in Sonic’s story.

The Hidden Casino

Hidden Casino is the Casino/Pinball themed stage accessible from Station Square. Similar aesthetically to Casino Park from Sonic Heroes, Hidden casino is a level found on the interior of the pinball machine in Casinopolis. In Sonic’s story the level is accessible after beating the Thug Leader inside of the Casinopolis Pinball Machine. A small opening in the pinball machine becomes present after the battle, which leads Sonic directly into his fourth stage (this one). It is also encountered fifth in the Dark (Act 1) Story where the team supposedly “un-rigs” the pinball machine, “coincidentally” opening the Casinopolis safe.

Dyseland Infiltration

Dyseland Infiltration is an nocturnal/industrial/military/espionage themed level, accessible through the Demon Realm. The level is the largest in the game with three large separate acts. The level takes place at various Dyseland Headquarters, The Dyseland Federation being foreign enemies to the The United Federation. The levels are more stealth and enemy based with many tricky fast platforming areas. The level is encountered in the Dark (Act 1) story as the second, fourth and seventh levels, and the seventh level in Gamma’s Story.

Egg Carrier Ruins

Egg Carrier Ruins is an industrial/ruins themed stage accessible from Station Square. The stage is notable for being a destroyed and dilapidated version of The Egg Carrier base from SA1. Being located in a strange breathable bubble underwater near the mystic ruins, the stage has multiple acts meant to replicate areas from the SA1 hub and it’s sub-levels. The level also is notable for being the area where, a rusty ZERO and E-102 Gamma are located, as well as where the boss Ikuchi, the sea/oil serpent is encountered and fought. The level is first in Gamma’s Story, third in the Dark (Act 1) story, and second in the Heroes (Act 2) story.

The Tape

The Tape is a flashback/industrial/military/espionage themed level, accessible through the Demon Realm. The level is similar in some respects to GUN Fortress from Shadow the Hedgehog where the camera is from the perspective of the security cameras, as well as aesthetically similar to the earlier Dyseland Infiltration level. The stage takes place in the form of a tape given to Commander Tower by Dyseland operatives showing Antoine, infiltrate a Dyseland Base alone and receiving classified intelligence, before being taken captive. The stage comes in the form of two acts only playable through Antoine. The level is one of the slowest and most stealth based in the game. The level is encountered in the Dark (Act 1) story as the sixth, and tenth level.

Cyber Matrix

Cyber Matrix is a Cyberspace themed level accessible from The Demon Realm and Station Square. The stage is notable for being the coded area of “The Simulation” of Station Square created by the Kitsune, to drive their enemies into insanity. The stage also features small bits of other levels loaded into the coding of the Simulation in a last ditch effort to trap the player’s character from escaping the simulation. Similar in concept to Techno Base from Sonic Advance 2, the level features The Master of The Simulation as its boss.

Oil Canyon

Oil Canyon is a desert/canyon/oil factory themed level notable for having an area which is used to power Egg Rocket in it’s own stage. The stage has two acts, one in the deserted canyon area and another in the main oil factory area. The only boss in the area is E-111 Mu fought by E-102 Gamma. Oil Canyon is second in the Dark Story (Act 2), third in Heroes Story (Act 2) and tenth in Gamma’s Story. Act 1's Theme is Crack, While Act 2's Theme is DnB Desert

City Under Destruction

City Under Destruction is a urban/destruction themed stage, reminiscent of a daytime version of Central City or Westopolis from Shadow the Hedgehog. The stage features, Eggman, G.U.N. and The Kitsune having a massively scaled war battle complete with battle mechs, airships as the playable characters get through the area. The stage is only playable in the Heroes (Act 1) story but is played by all of it’s characters. The level is accessible from Station Square.

Air Fleet Armada

Air-Fleet Armada is an airship/destruction themed stage, distantly reminiscent of Sky Deck from SA1. The stage features the player traveling from the Cyber Snow Base onto The Kitsune battleships (Mostly Act 1) and traveling between battling GUN and Kitsune battleships as they fire at each other and begin taking damage (Mostly Act 2) as the player tries to escape the battle and (in Sonic's case) reach The Egg Carrier. The stage is last in Sonic's Story. First in Heroes (Act 2), First in Dark (Act 2) and last in Gamma's Story.

Space Station

Space Station is a space/technology/industrial themed level accessible from The Demon Realm. Similar to the likes of the Ark levels from SA2, Space Station takes place in a labyrinth like Space Station complete with tubes and long winding corridors. The stage also features sections outside the immediate interior of the station. Many Bakeneko and other robotic enemies can be encountered in the stage. The level is encountered 5th in the Heroes (Act 2) Story and 4th in the Dark (Act 2) story.

Breached Laboratory

Breached Laboratory is an industrial themed level accessed from Station Square. The stage is a short mostly linear level with many Bakeneko soldier enemies. In the story the stage acts as E-102 Gamma's training grounds before it's breaching and a short lived base for Sally and Bunnie during the events of Dark (Act 2). The level is encountered 5th in the Dark (Act 2) story and 2nd in Gamma's Story.

Egg Rocket

Egg Rocket is a sky/technology themed level accessible from Station Square. A recreated level from Sonic Advance, Egg Rocket features the playable character having to chase after and climb up a rocket of Eggman’s. In order to stay in the rocket the player must pass timed checkpoints which keep the player from being ejecting along with parts of the rocket. The stage is encountered in Heroes (Act 2) and the Dark (Act 2) stories.

Dimension Y

Dimension Y is a technology/cyberspace themed themed level accessible from The Demon Realm. Similar to Game Land from Sonic Colors, Dimension Y is a series of bizarre floating platforms surrounded by other floating blocks and shapes, existing as a bizarre void of almost nothingness. The area is encountered in both Heroes (Act 1), Heroes (Act 3) and E-102 Gamma’s story.



  • Inugami - An Ice themed Wolf demon fought by Shadow at his cave located in Neon Highway (Heroes Story Act 1).
  • Ogumo - A Spider Demon fought by Tails in Sparkling Cave (Heroes Story Act 1).
  • Hebi - A Snake Demon fought by Knuckles in Tropical Greenland (Heroes Story Act 1).
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