This page contains the Story of the Sonic the Hedgehog campaign, from the game Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)in full detail. Sonic is the only playable characters in the story. The campaign takes place chronologically after the prologue and Dark (Act 1) while coinciding with the Heroes story.


This is a list of the story's levels, in order of which they are played, in the current story.

  1. Sparkling Cave
  2. Barren Mountain
  3. Emerald Coast
  4. The Hidden Casino, Boss: Mobster Hedgehog
  5. Tropical Greenland
  6. Cyber Snow
  7. Icey Infiltration, Boss: Sniper Hitman Kitsune
  8. Sparkling Cave II
  9. Neon Highway
  10. Emerald Coast II, Boss: Kitsune Hitmen
  11. Cyber Matrix, Boss: Master Of The Simulation
  12. Air-Fleet Armada

Story Synopsis

First Cutscene

Sonic wakes up from what he believes was a late night of partying at the Station Square hotel, unable to remember any of the night’s events. He soon realizes that his power ups are all gone and begins to look around for them. After finding a large deposit of rings at the hotel, he goes to Casinopolis to find clues. Once at Casniopolis the clerk reveals that Sonic had won a game of poker but that the power ups weren’t involved in the game as the casino only accepts buy-ins. Checking to see his account they find that they only have a record of one game but that they’d look further. In assistance they recommend going to see the man who he won the game with the night before. A mysterious wolf named Zen. When asked his location it’s suggested to go back to the hotel. At the hotel Sonic is informed that some of the money was invested in the Chao Garden and that he used it as a distraction while they look into “Zen”. This leads into the Chao Garden tutorial which after completing the Hotel explains that the man’s location is The Sparkling Cave, found through access of teleporters in the lobby.

Stage 1: Sparkling Cave

Rather than finding Zen, Sonic ends up finding a Chao with a communicator with it. Confused, Sonic tries using the communicator to find that last night Zen was on his way toward Barren Mountain when things got ruff after some shady "people" showed up he and his Chao fled with a communicator given to him by the hotel. Thanking him, Zen mentions that he’s currently in Barren Mountain. Sonic leaves but un-easy as he feels some strange presence.

Stage 2: Barren Mountain

Sonic finds Zen, a scruffy looking wolf in a suit standing atop a large rock looking into the distance while the wind blows. The two exchange a conversation as Zen mentions to Sonic that frankly Zen doesn’t like to gamble anyway as he tries to only embrace nature, warning Sonic that lately Station Square has become a dangerous place and that Zen feels contained by the city somehow compellingly unable to leave. Afterwards Sonic questions Zen’s words, Zen awkwardly tries to abandon the subject declaring it foolish and just blabbering. Sonic then gets a call from the Casino over the communicator stating that there was some kind of error and that all along they had by accident switched his account, with his power-ups being found at the Casino. Sonic then wishes Zen goodbye as he goes to search for the power-ups.

Back at the Casino Sonic finds himself surprised as it’s revealed that the objects found were a gun and a strange looking ring object.  After explaining the mishap the Casino becomes confused as the accounts were just switched by a very concerned looking person who seemed to be in a rush just a moment ago. Sonic tries to further deny the act as he had a conversation with Zen but the casino explains that he had a game with both and it’s possible that Sonic acquired the objects last night as he doesn’t remember the night’s events anyway.  Finally Sonic receives a number in the pile and uses it in the communicator.  Sonic begins the call by explaining that he currently has possession of the ring like object, the man on the other end ominously talks about how Sonic’s a part of “this” now too. The man also mentions to meet him at the Emerald Coast Resort.

Stage 3: Emerald Coast

When running into the man, Sonic shows him the ring to which he reacts in extreme concern, explaining that he goes by the alias Check and commands Sonic never show the ring again as they could be caught and killed. He then reveals to Sonic that he’s figured out the formula for activating the ring once Sonic is ready to use it and up on the basics. Sonic confusingly tries to convince Check that this is a misunderstanding and that the ring was given to him by accident however the man doesn’t comply. Sonic then gets a call from a hedgehog at the Casino claiming that he was looking for the object and is willing to pay Sonic commendably for returning the object. With seemingly no other option Sonic leaves Check to go return the object.

At the Casino Sonic is brought to an upper level where he comes to a room filled with what appears to be another hedgehog smoking a cigar in a suit waiting for Sonic’s arrival. With his “business associates” in the room, the hedgehog asks for the ring in return for the suitcase full of currency. The Hedgehog takes it but warily checks to authenticate it before giving Sonic the suitcase. After checking the suitcase Sonic finds that the currency is simply a bunch of dummy rings meant to set him up. As the Hedgehog declares that his boss will be pleased Sonic calls off the deal as so far everything has seemed like a set-up.  While Sonic tries to leave, the Hedgehog threatens Sonic to leave the ring and go, pulling a gun. His business associates then proceed toward Sonic but not before he takes out the one with the gun and begins to take out the rest of the gang even taking the fight back to ground level. Although Sonic seems to be on top in the fight, knocking out many of the thugs, the Hedgehog with the gun regains consciousness and while Sonic is distracted tackles him into the elevator which leads to the interior of the pinball machine. This is where the two battle as pinballs in the machine.

Boss 1: Mob Hedgehog

After the battle is over the round of pinball continues as after Sonic hits a certain area, an interior door will open in the pinball machine leading into the next level.

Stage 4: The Hidden Casino

After the experience Sonic, resolves that the ring is dangerous and that he better keep a close eye on it. Just then Check reaches out to tell Sonic to get a status update on the “operation” from “the girl” who last time he saw her went to the forest area. Sonic agrees thinking that this girl might be able to give her some answers.

Stage 5: Tropical Greenland

While in the forest coming to where Check said that the girl might be, Sonic is instead faced with an ambush as a large group of foxes in tuxedos and sunglasses show up all armed with guns. Although Sonic is affected by the attack but comes out alive and angrily calls back Check. Check replies that things aren’t looking good and that the girl must have been captured. After Sonic asks what it’s all about, Check replies staying alive and commands Sonic that he must find her and save her before it’s too late and the foxes kill her. Sonic agrees although reluctantly, having a feeling that Check might be right and that the ring has some sort of important use.

At Station Square Check then suggests Sonic go to the Ice Mountain Base in Cyber Snow as it’s likely the location where the “guards are holding her”. Sonic begins to get nervous chills as something extremely uncomfortable and unsettling resonates with him when the area is mentioned. [At this point onward in Sonic’s story every time Sonic enters a new area the foxes may randomly show up mafia style surrounding Sonic and cause him to have to quickly take them all out.]

Stage 6: Cyber Snow

Inside the base area of the mountain a group of the foxes are seen with the girl revealed to be Sally. The foxes go on to aggressively press her on where the ring is. Despite Sally’s uncooperativeness another fox calms the other down and states that if Sally simply doesn’t talk they’ll just hold her hostage to demand her associates give up the ring. Trying to bargain with them Sally begins to explain that she’d heard legends about the kitsune but never thought they’d be so blind to coming up with good ideas. One gets offended but the calmer one stops him to ask of her plan she’d have in their situation. She then explains to them that she’d let her join their regulation group as she’s proven herself to be skilled and that if she’d be this good at hiding the ring she’d be just as good at keeping the ring away from any of the people in Station Square. Although laughing at her suggestion Sally then reasserts her statement mentioning how she dislikes working for the government and would much rather prefer to work with a group she actually respected. The aggressive kitsune nudges the calmer one who then goes onto mention that if she revealed the location of the ring they would let her join but that if she refuses to comply she will be faced with pain. Sally then wittingly asking if the pain would be similar as she forcefully kicks the kitsune and takes his gun, leading the others to act as Sally flips the table over to use as a barricade. As a strategic move she jumps from the barricade to an exit holding the gun she took from the Kitsune. The Assaulted Kitsune commands her be recaptured as he reports to a sniper located outside of the base to be on lookout for the girl, before the sniper also notices Sonic passing the bordering area.

Stage 7: Icey Infiltration

Once reaching the building to the left of the base Sonic at first finds himself amazed at the labyrinth like qualities and size of the building, but is soon contacted by Check curious of the mission’s status. Sonic reassures Check that he’s gotten to the building just before he hears gunshots. Sonic ends the call before remarking that “Things are about to get interesting.

As Sally is cornered and out of bullets Sonic arrives just in time nonchalantly walking towards her before throwing her a gun and quipping “Special delivery” After grabbing the gun and beginning to dispose of the Kitsune, Sonic jumps in and finishes the job, but almost is shot by Sally on accident. Sonic quips that “no one appreciates fast delivery anymore” but reassures her that he’s on her side as he has acquired the ring. Sally sarcastically replies before attempting to take back the ring. Despite her failure, their time is cut short when backup is called for more guards. As the two escape the building they come face to face with the sniper who reveals himself to be the honorary hitman of the group.

Boss 2: Sniper Hitman Kitsune

After taking him out, Sonic begins asking Sally for details of what’s going on. Sally mentions that she can’t mention too many details but that they’re basically in another realm which happens to be a kind of virtual insane asylum meant to lobotomize it’s metaphorical patients. Sonic is confused but Sally begins to avoid the question as she tells Sonic that they need to find out how to operate the ring’s powers that Check told her was found in the Sparkling Cave, and that they need to get there as soon as possible.

Stage 8: Sparkling Cave II

In the Cave, the two begin to get closer to their ideal location but before they reach it they are found by a Kitsune. Although they try to escape they end up becoming surrounded by the Kitsune. Sonic throws Sally under the bus as starting the operation but winks at Sally as if there’s a plan. The Kitsune then ask them to drop all weapons before giving the ring over. Sally and Sonic begin to comply but the Kitsune stop them and command that they put the guns on safety. Sally complies but when Sonic goes to put on the safety he ends up shooting a large piece of Quartz above them. Finding that many of the Kitsune have almost shot, Sonic greatly apologizes for the mishap before turning the safety on and dropping the weapon.  After hesitating Sonic also takes out the ring but before he can finish the Quartz from above them crashes in and ends up stunning or injuring most of the Kitsune as well as Sally who was unaware of Sonic’s plan. Seeing one of the Kitsune escaping the area with another ring like object, Sonic curiously chases.

Back at Station Square, Sonic is stopped by Zen who asks Sonic if he found a ring like object. Sonic replies honestly and Zen begins to break down saying that he needs to use it before it’s too late and that “everyone will die! It’s the only way!”, violently commanding him to find a way to use it before it’s too late. Sonic confusingly asks him how he knows before Zen frustratingly flees screaming “they’re watching!” Sonic more determined follows the Kitsune who moved to the Neon Highway.

Stage 9: Neon Highway

In the Neon Highway Sonic finally gets a glimpse at the Kitsune’s ring. The Kitsune mentions to Sonic that it’s all over before the ring is put in place on an invisible wall which then creates a portal that the Kitsune backs up into. Just as Sonic chases to try and get in the portal it disappears. After coming to his senses, Sonic begins to realize that in order to escape the asylum he has to create the portal using the ring on some sort of invisible wall. Check then calls Sonic furiously asking what’s going on and if he’s ready for the formula as they are desperately running out of time. Sonic tells Check that he’s ready to get the formula before the call gets cut off. Angry, Sonic runs back to Station Square quickly.

When at Station Square, Sonic gets a mysterious call from the supposed master who tells Sonic that his friend, Zen is dead. Sonic at first refuses to believe him until he finds the words, “It’s Over” written in blood in the hotel. As the call ends Sonic hurries to the Emerald Coast.

Stage 10: Emerald Coast II

Sonic finds Check but as Check gives Sonic the formula and tells him that he needs to go back to Station Square and activate the ring. Three Kitsune Hitmen one of which being the Sniper from before show up to stop the two.

Boss 3: Kitsune Hitmen

Although Check is greatly injured he gives Sonic the instructions to use the ring and says everything will make sense and he needs to be trusted.

Once back at Station Square Sonic finally brings the ring to an invisible wall to open the portal. When crossing the portal, Sonic surprisingly finds himself in the same area but without any color tone and what appears to look like cyberspace. Finally all making sense to Sonic he realizes that Station Square was a simulation and moves through Cyberspace to try and escape.

Stage 11: Cyber Matrix

After moving through a wormhole, Sonic finds that the whole thing is controlled by the Master of The Simulation a Kitsune who has control and overlooks everything happening in the Simulation. Hoping that Zen is still alive the Master replies that it was very much a truth in that all who go insane in the simulation carry over to all realms and that being in there for enough time can make one go insane. Furious, Sonic engages The Master in one last attempt to escape.

Boss 4: The Master Of The Simulation

After killing the Master everything goes completely black but before long, Sonic wakes up in a liquid tube which he quickly breaks out of. Seeing that he’s in some sort of captivity in a base, Sonic begins to make his escape onto an airship.

Stage 12: Air-Fleet Armada

The level ends with Sonic landing on the Egg Carrier before contacting Eggman quipping “So…What did I miss?”.


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