This page contains the narrative for the Heroes (Act 3) campaign, from the game Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)in full detail. The story contains the largest number of playable characters by far, merging both the Dark and Heroes teams, to fight for a single cause. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Antoine, Rouge and Sally are all playable characters. The campaign takes place chronologically after Act 2, Gamma's story but before the final story.


  1. Tropical Greenland (Rouge, Antoine, Tails)
  2. Barren Mountain (Knuckles, Tails, Sally)
  3. Dimension Y (Knuckles, Rouge, Antoine), Boss: Rouge The Bat (Antoine)
  4. Chain Of Memories (Amy, Tails, Sally, Sonic)
  5. Point Blank (Sonic, Amy, Sally)
  6. Dawn Of Judgement (Tails), Boss: Nue (Tails)
  7. The Lost Realm (Sally, Knuckles, Tails, Sonic)
  8. Core Of The Kitsune (Sonic), Boss: Amadeus 8 (Sonic)
  9. Neon Highway (Sonic)

Story Synopsis

First Cutscene

After everyone comes to, Myria finds himself in a state of depression, however after being encouraged by Sonic to keep going and ask GUN for help Myria begins to start conceiving of a plan. Before long Myria decides to alert the human forces to call off the war for the situation that's taking place. Despite this agreement the GUN explains that they’ve suffered a great number of casualties and are skeptical to assist this new and sudden cause. Myria respectfully accepts the terms and rallies up the immediate group of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Antoine and Rouge. Explaining that if the group can get Myria back into his headquarters in the Demon Realm and get the rest of the Kitsune Pearls, they could potentially have a chance against Amadeus. Although some are initially unwilling to work together the group ultimately decides to team up and reach the Demon Realm by getting through the forest and mountains at Station Square.

Stage 1: Tropical Greenland (Rouge, Antoine, Tails)

In the forest Myria begins to mentor his son on combat techniques and various other powers which he possesses, while Tails in return surprises him with his brilliance and style. Meanwhile Antoine then confronts Rouge about their before mentioned conflict. Although Antoine intends to get an apology out of things, Rouge seems almost uninterested as Sally then shows up looking unkempt, having escaped from the Kitsune Realm through use of an amateur Realm Shifter saying she just woke up and is aware that’s going on with Bunnie and Amadeus. Due to her appearance Rouge and Antoine decide to again drop the subject and continue their teamwork.

Stage 2: Barren Mountain (Knuckles, Tails, Sally)

When they get to a mysterious looking cave, Myria uses one of the Kitsune Pearls to open a portal to the Demon Realm. Sonic and Sally are shocked by the sight, but simply given the explanation by Myria that a Pearl greatly surpasses the power of a Realm Shifter.

Adventure Field: The Demon Realm

Once in the realm they begin to find the collapse of the realms already beginning. Worrying about time, they receive another call from Amadeus that he’s already successfully retrieved a second pearl. With time running out, Myria decides that the most effective method of getting back Bunnie and protecting the guardians of the pearls left is to split up. With one group going to the Chain of Memories (Sonic/Sally/Amy/Tails/Myria) while the other proceeds into Dimension Y. (Knuckles/Rouge/Antione).

Stage 3: Dimension Y (Knuckles, Rouge, Antoine)

After the exploration of the area Antoine finally confronts Rouge on the subject of things, while Rouge is calm she gives him one more chance to walk away and stop but Antoine persists as he knows that she is untrustworthy. Knuckles tries to stop Antoine saying that there is a bigger conflict at stake but Antoine retorts with Rouge could easily be working with Amadeus, In the end Knuckles let’s Antoine handle things just as to see if Rouge is traitorous. Rouge finally accepts Antoine's challenge of a fight.

Boss 1: Rouge The Bat (Antoine)

At the end of the conflict it seems that Antoine is on top of things. Knuckles concludes that she seems trustworthy to him at that point, but Antoine tells Knuckles that he's unconvinced. Ready to kill Rouge, Antoine attempts to impale her with his sword, only for Rouge to barely stop him. Knuckles furiously questions Antoine's tactics but Antoine asserts that they can't risk letting her live. As Rouge pleads Knuckles for help, pleading that Antoine is crazy, Knuckles is left with the choice of killing Antoine or seeing Rouge die. In a split second decision Knuckles decides to throw Antoine off her, into the abyss of a seemingly bottomless pit. Rouge quips that this isn’t the first time she’s been saved only to be the reply that he "doesn’t intend to make a habit of it.”

Stage 4: Chain Of Memories (Amy, Tails, Sally, Sonic)

Once in the Chain Of Memories Myria explains concepts and ideas behind Kitsune powers and technology to Sonic and Sally. Sally seems extremely intrigued by the ideas while Sonic seems uninterested. Myria going into how the realm shifters serve functions that Kitsune pearls also can accomplish, but then reveals to Sonic that he can use the kitsune pearls to summon much more than portals to other realms. Sonic begins to become more interested and asks for elaboration. Myria continues to explain that with enough pearls Sonic can potentially summon beings from different dimensions. Sonic questions the possibility, but Myria explains how with enough of the pearls Sonic would instantly know how to use the summoning powers. Suddenly, Myria lights up as he comes across a communicator, explaining that he came to the area to find it.  When talking into the communicator Myria frantically asks for Rosemary. Instead a random Kitsune General answers, telling Myria that he won’t last much longer and neither will she. Angry, Myria hangs up and immediately tells the group that they need to split up again to find Rosemary. Amy and Tails question who Rosemary is, with Myria only replying that she's the only one he can trust. The group then quickly departs back to the hub world.

At the hub, Sonic, Sally and Amy proceed to Point Blank, while Tails and Myria focus in on Dawn Of Judgement.

Stage 5: Point Blank (Sonic, Amy, Sally)

At Point Blank Sonic, Amy and Sally find armies of Kitsune around the surrounding location. Making their way through the demonic city, the group finds a white female Kitsune being held hostage by other soldiers. As the White Kitsune asks what they’re going to do one of the soldiers reveal that they plan to put her to death. Sonic and Sally quickly begin panicking as they don’t know if they should act, as this might not be Rosemary or even someone on their side, before the two notice Amy’s absence. Amy then on the other side of the room quickly dispatches the soldiers.  In amazement the two hesitate before helping the White Kitsune. The White Kitsune then, extremely surprised asks who they are only for Amy to reveal that Myria sent them. The White Kitsune then seems even more shocked as she was under the impression, Myria hated her, after revealing herself to be Rosemary. Sally then finds herself in deep thought as she believes she knew the name from somewhere else. Just as Sally shares her suspicions, Rouge and Knuckles arrive. Rouge reveals to the group that Rosemary is Myria’s “little schoolboy crush”, but that Rosemary doesn’t know because she just sees Myria as her co-worker and superior. Amy quips that “it sounds like a real perfect love story” before looking back at Sonic who tries to avoid her glance. Rosemary then asks the whereabouts of Myria, to which Sally reveals. The group then all decides to take Rosemary with them towards Myria.

Stage 6: Dawn Of Judgement (Tails)

At Dawn Of Judgement, Myria and Tails come up almost completely empty handed before running into Nue. Nue being the demon, having one of the two remaining Kitsune Pearls. Myria asks Nue for Rosemary’s location only to be told that Rosemary won’t be able to help him and that those like Rosemary are what led to Amadeus’ takeover of the Demon Realm, being that he let’s his emotions control him. Myria tries to deny, but Nue then goes onto explaining that it was simple, all Myria had to do was have Rosemary remain as his advisor and the one to conceive his child, without love getting involved. Tails is shocked to hear this revelation, which Myria confirms. Nue then lambastes Myria explaining that if he’s trying to get Bunnie back, it’s just another emotionally driven antic that will only make him weaker. Calm but aggressively, Myria tells Nue that his services are no longer needed and commands him to hand over the Kitsune pearl. Nue refuses and Myria entrusts Tails to take it from him.

Boss 2: Nue (Tails)

Although Tails struggles with the fight Myria believes in Tails and lets him finish the fight alone, ultimately ending in Nue’s defeat. Tails then asks Myria again about Rosemary being his mother, to which Myria replies with “it’s more complicated than it has the right to be”. The crew are then visited by Sonic, Amy, Sally, Knuckles, Rouge and Rosemary after their escape from Point Blank. Rosemary and Myria briefly reunite, before Myria gets a call from Amadeus. Amadeus warns Myria that he better hurry if he wants the last Kitsune Pearl. Myria more alert than ever, commands the team to hurry through The Lost Realm and find Mujina, The Badger Demon and holder of the final Kitsune Pearl.

Stage 7: The Lost Realm (Sally, Knuckles, Tails, Sonic)

Mujina, the badger demon is seen meditating in a japanese dojo styled room, sensing the presence of someone. As the badger turns around he finds Amadeus who claims he is there to collect the last Kitsune Pearl. Mujina replies that he is sure Myria will win out and that Amadeus is no more emotionally driven than he is. Angered by the comment, Amadeus prepares for the battle.

As Sonic and Tails reach Mujina’s demon temple the pair is faced only with a cloth from Mujina’s clothing. Myria takes a look and confirms that Amadeus has to have possession of the final pearl, leaving the group with only four pearls to get Bunnie back. Sonic asks if he could use the powers with only 4. Myria confirms that it would largely be useless as Amadeus could still likely overpower Sonic with his four. Tails asks Myria if he has a plan. Myria only replies that they outsmart Amadeus and that they’ll have to improvise everything else. Sonic quips with “now you’re thinking how I’m thinking”. Myria although shaking his head at first begins to take amusement to Sonic’s comment, as the three leave the area.

In the hub, Myria announces that himself and Rosemary will be staying as lookout while the other 6 proceed to The Core Of Kitsune to reach the Kitsune meeting room and bargain with Amadeus. As Myria finishes up the orders, Sonic tells Myria that he has some plans of his own that could throw Amadeus off guard. Myria intrigued allows Sonic to go along with “his plan”.

Stage 8: Core Of The Kitsune

As the group of 6 proceeds into the meeting room they are immediately surrounded by armed Kitsune. Amadeus appears with Bunnie asking them to meet the terms they previously agreed to. Sonic then steps forward with the pearls and gives them to Amadeus, counting each. The Pearl of Ōgumo...The Pearl of Hebi... of Nue...However Sonic comes up short without the final pearl. Sonic is shocked and asks the group where the pearl is. The group then all checks. Sally angrily asserts that they gave Sonic all of their pearls. Amadeus still, corrects them that he only has The Pearls of Kamaitachi, Ikuchi, Mujina and Onryō . Leaving the pearl of Inugami still absent. Sonic quips to his friends that “there isn’t only seven?”. With a reply from Knuckles that “there isn’t seven of everything Sonic!”. Tails then asks Sonic again, “Are you sure you don’t have the last pearl? Did you check everywhere?”. Sonic then feels around himself, only to reply to Amadeus that he’s found it. Amadeus quips with  “finally, you living might not screw everything up”. Sonic proceeds to extend his hand out to Amadeus only for the reveal that the pearl is indeed, not the pearl but a chaos emerald. With a smirk, Sonic activates Chaos Control to slow down time and take out the kitsune army. Sonic ending the gesture by roundhouse kicking Amadeus. As time goes back to normal, Amadeus goes flying across the room. Noticing Rouge running to save Bunnie, Amadeus shoots an energy projectile in her direction, only for Antoine to show up out of nowhere and take the hit for her. Antoine simply looks at her and blurts out “team” before passing out. The remaining members of the team go on to to help Antoine and Bunnie out of the area. Since Amadeus was taken off guard, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles proceed to all attack Amadeus themselves. Although things start out good. The three end up being overpowered by Amadeus. Sonic tries using Chaos Control again, only for Amadeus to be unaffected the second time kicking Sonic across the room and leaving the final Kitsune pearl out in the open. Not seeing the pearl the two rush to Sonic’s aid, Tails and Knuckles being unable to stop Amadeus from collecting the eighth pearl and transforming into a more powerful form, Amadeus 8. Announcing his departure, Amadeus quickly boards a terminal train out of the area. Coming to, Sonic orders Tails and Knuckles to go with the others as he fights Amadeus alone on the train. The two reluctantly comply as Sonic gives chase.

Boss 3: Amadeus 8 (Sonic)

During the battle Sonic is informed by Myria that him and Rosemary had been taking out waves of troops on the group’s tail and that Eggman had made an apology transmission claiming to not be working with Amadeus anymore. Sonic is skeptical, but after finding out that the train is leading to Eggman’s location he agrees to visit the doctor anyway if Amadeus escapes and they need him. Sure enough although Sonic is able to greatly tire the Kitsune out, his work ultimately is not enough as Amadeus escapes through a portal to the living realm.

Finding himself at the terminal Eggman was located, Sonic is joined by Myria and Rosemary. Eggman tries to escape the terminal but finds himself concerned effortlessly by the three. Eggman pleads that he is sorry, explaining that he only wanted the Kitsune technology which in the end didn’t mesh well with his robots, creating a machine too powerful to control. The three find the explanation un-amusing, requesting details of Amadeus’ plan. Eggman consequently reveals that Amadeus is on his way to Neon Highway and if the crew hurries they can catch him and stop him from officially merging the realms.

The player then makes their way from The Demon Realm back to Station Square. At Station Square, Eggman reveals that Amadeus needs the power of the technology within the Space Station to fully complete his transformation into Amadeus 9 and merge the realms. This meaning that he is traveling to the highest point in Station Square to make his transportation to the Space Station quicker.  

Stage 9: Neon Highway (Sonic)


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