This page contains the Story of the Heroes (Act 2) campaign, from the game Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)in full detail. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow and Amy are all playable characters in the story, each with their own varying gameplay gimmicks. The campaign takes place chronologically after and during Dark (Act 2) as well as before and during E-102 Gamma's Story.


This is a list of the Heroes levels, in order of which they are played, in this story. Shadow has 2 levels and a boss battle, Tails has 3 levels, Knuckles has 2 levels, Amy has one level and finally Sonic comes in at 4 levels with 2 boss battles.

  1. Air-Fleet Armada (Knuckles, Tails, Shadow)
  2. Egg Carrier Ruins (Sonic)
  3. Oil Canyon (Sonic, Tails), Boss: Sally Acorn (Sonic)
  4. Egg Rocket (Sonic, Shadow)
  5. Space Station (Amy, Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, Sonic), Boss: Onryō (Shadow), Boss: Myria M. Prower (Sonic)

Story Synopsis

Stage 1:Air-Fleet Armada (Knuckles, Tails, Shadow)

About half way through the team's battle the group finds that Sonic has escaped imprisonment and is fighting on their side. He meets with the doctor as he explains to Sonic that there is a weapon that might give them the upper hand but that it’s in the Egg Carrier. To which Eggman further elaborates that it’s “that” Egg Carrier.

Stage 2:Egg Carrier Ruins (Sonic)

Further through the battle Eggman gets another call from Myria this time, Myria conlementing Eggman's attempt to beat him, but revealing that he's ready to put an end to this battle. Eggman shakes off Myria's words as nothing more than a cocky gesture. However a gigantic planetary sized weapon backs up Myria's claim. Drilling itself into the earth a large spider-like Space Station hovers above the city. Myria then reveals to Eggman that he's going to withdraw the kitsune troopers and give him exactly 9 hours before, the Kitsune fire a laser at the city and completely destroy it. As Myria ends the message, Eggman rounds up the team and explains the situation. After Knuckles questions Eggman as to his plans, the doctor reveals that he has a plan to get the group up to the Space Station to find Myria, meeting with an "old friend". Although reluctant the whole group agrees to go along with the plan.

After arriving at a canyon Eggman sends Sonic to a nearby oil factory that Dr. Eggman says can be used to power a rocket the team can then use to get them into space.

Stage 3: Oil Canyon (Sonic, Tails)

After successfully giving the rocket power, Rouge, Eggman’s “friend” gives him a handy paralyzation gun while Sally meets and fights Sonic the Hedgehog, still wanting possession of the ring that Sonic used to get out of the simulation in his Story.

Boss 1: Sally Acorn (Sonic)

After the fight, Sonic wishes Sally goodbye taking the ring with him. The rocket begins to take off, as Sonic chases after it.

Stage 4: Egg Rocket (Sonic, Tails)

After the rocket lands, everyone splits up to find Myria and take down the army.

Stage 5: Space Station (Amy)

After being separated from Sonic, Amy attempts to catch up, while dealing with Myria’s army, however rather than finding Sonic she instead finds Rouge who provokes her and challenges her to a fight. Although at first it seems that Amy is on top she is eventually thrown off a ledge losing consciousness. After she reawakens she in anger goes to pursue Rouge and Eggman thinking they’re once again working together.

Space Station (Shadow)

After Shadow makes his way through the space station he is confronted by a ghostly creature that has taken the form of the dead Maria Robotnik, to catch Shadow off guard. While at first Shadow begins to be in a state of emotional turmoil he braves through it and begins to fight the ghost with an incredible amount of rage.

Boss 2: Onryō (Shadow)

After the creature is killed Shadow begins to have flashbacks to Maria’s original death and his descent onto earth. Seeing this Dr. Robotnik steps in, Shadow finally asks Eggman the question he was wondering the whole time. "What did you do to me?". Eggman then reveals that he nothing more than a mere android of the original Shadow, built to hate and want to kill all demonic beings, such as the Kitsune. Shadow in anger begins to try and fight Eggman but before he is able, is shot by the Doctor's paralyzation gun Rouge gave him. The Doctor stands over Shadow as the cutscene ends.

Space Station (Sonic)

After taking out a large chunk of Myria’s army he finally comes face to face with the kitsune leader himself. Myria unhappy about his appearance and influence on Tails decides to fight Sonic.

Boss 3: Myria M. Prower (Sonic)

In the end Sonic comes out on top with Myria getting sucked out the arena they’re fighting in, into space.

Space Station (Knuckles)

Trying to disable various security systems Knuckles has found that many things are messy and discarded suspecting Rouge may have been behind something. He follows what he thinks is her until he comes face to face with Amy and Rouge’s fight which he witnesses including Rouge throwing Amy off the balcony. Going to see if she’s okay Knuckles comes to the realization that she could be dead. Angry Knuckles decides to pursue Rouge and Eggman believing that they’re once again working together.

Eggman Cutscene

Myria finally corners Dr. Robotnik and almost kills him, to get revenge on his kidnapping of Tails all those years ago. The doctor backed up against a wall states that he’s “Dr. Eggman” and that Myria “killed Dr. Robotnik a long time ago”. He then quickly launches himself out into space so that Myria doesn’t kill him. Myria is frustrated but decides to focus more on Tails.

Space Station (Tails)

After finally trapping Tails in a room, Myria slowly breaks the truth to Tails, revealing that Tails is indeed Myria's son. Myria being named "Myria Metre Prower" and Tails being "Miles Prower". Myria then goes on to explain how Miles was taken by Dr. Robotnik many years ago, specifically in the events of Sonic 2 to serve as the basis for a robot. The two then begin to get somewhat emotional of a reunion with Tails starting to remember everything. After a brief and touching talk, Tails agrees to help his father get back at Robotnik after what he did to them.

Final Act 2 Story Cutscene

With everybody going into the same room, many are on edge seeing each other and start to have a brief battle. Dr. Eggman then enters the room nonchalantly, before attempting to turn around and exit the room, however is stopped by Antione “Going somewhere Doctor?” to which everyone puts all their weapons directly to him. Myria states to him “It’s time for the finale Eggman.” However as they’re all about to act a Kitsune soldier runs into the room trying to alert Myria of something. Not wanting to hear the news Myria tries to put it off stating “I’m a little busy right now”, to where the soldier replies that it’s very important. A screen then transmits a message to the entire space station coming from Commander Amadeus. The commander then reveals himself to be a disguised kitsune who is tired of Myria’s foolish and emotionally driven antics, and after previously going rogue and hiding from the kitsune after years is now going to end all kitsune by merging their realm with the human realm to reset the universe where he rules over as a god. The plan moving forward by his using the 8 kitsune pearls to give him enough power combined with his 8 tails to then grow a ninth tail and become a god. While he regards that he had the idea for a while it was because of the pearls having already been obtained by Sonic’s team and G.U.N that things went so easily him revealing to have Bunnie and one pearl already stating that if the other 7 weren’t handed over that she dies. To finish things off, he then reveals to Myria that he’s taken control of his army by using technology produced by his “friend”. Myria then remembers the current scenario and tries to finish off Eggman only to realize that he’s escaped their grasps and once everyone falls, Eggman uses the paralyzation gun from earlier to freeze everyone. Eggman then reveals that all along he was working with Amadeus in exchange for kitsune technology. Myria, enraged breaks out of paralyzation only to be shocked by Eggman again who tells him that he’s more vulnerable then he thinks. Myria then falls to the ground as Eggman leaves and the scene ends.



  • Myria reveals his name to be Myria Metre Prower which is a play on the words "Myriameter Per Hour". Myriameter being a outdated measurement similar in concept to a Mile. This is of course in reference to Tails' true name being Miles Prower, a play on the words "Miles Per Hour".
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