This page contains the narrative for the Final Story campaign, from the game Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)in full detail. The story contains only Sonic and Super Sonic as playable characters. The campaign takes place chronologically directly after Heroes (Act 3) .


  1. Neon Highway (Sonic)
  2. Final Pursuit (Sonic) , Boss: Amadeus 9 (Super Sonic)

Story Synopsis

Stage 1: Neon Highway

After reaching the highest point in Neon Highway, Sonic confronts Amadeus. Amadeus explains to Sonic that he’s too late to stop him as he shows off one of his many new found abilities. Amadeus, using some sort of psychokinesis is able to move one of the structural legs connecting the Space Station to the earth and bring it into the general vicinity. The action causing Sonic to lose grip and almost fall to his death. Amadeus then tapping into his powers further is able to bypass his trip through the vessel simply teleporting to the Space Station before Sonic can lay a punch on the Kitsune. Taking a look at the journey from earth level to the Space Station Sonic simply quips that “I’m really going to need to be fast on this one”.

Stage 2: Final Pursuit

As Sonic reaches the Space Station he is too late, as Amadeus has already begun his transformation and is unable to be stopped from inside the Station. Myria quickly arrives to see the events unfolding. Amadeus is finally transforms into the being known as Amadeus 9 and begins a ritual to finish merging and destroying the realms. Out of options Myria tells Sonic that the only way to stop Amadeus is to find a way to absorb Amadeus’ power himself and try to keep him from completing the ritual. With a frustrated look on his face Sonic takes out a single chaos emerald, but is taken by surprise when, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine all show up each with another Chaos emerald for Sonic. With little time for hesitation Sonic uses the seven chaos emeralds to transform into Super Sonic, breaking out of the Station and runs straight into Amadeus stopping the ritual momentarily. The two then briefly have an exchange before beginning their fight.

Final Boss: Amadeus 9

The battle starts with a brief Dragon Ball Z game type battle. (The battle has Super Sonic and Amadeus able to fly around in an area and shoot each other with projectiles. This is in addition to having melee attacks. As usual however the player must still maintain their ring count.) As Amadeus 9 reaches 3/4ths health however, the fight shifts into it’s second phase. Amadeus frustrated with Super Sonic’s antics, summons an alternate version of The Final Hazard from SA2. In response Sonic is able to gain some of the Pearl’s powers from the earlier phase of the fight and summon an alternate version of Super Shadow to begin fighting The Final Hazard. Moving onto the surface of The Ark, Super Sonic and Amadeus 9 continue their fight until in frustration Amadeus again makes another summon. This time Amadeus summons an alternate Iblis from Sonic 06’. To cope Sonic then summons an alternate Perfect Chaos. The player then takes Control of Perfect Chaos fighting Iblis until Iblis is knocked out. After the knock out Alternate Super Shadow finishes off The Final Hazard causing it to blown up and send, Super Sonic and Amadeus flying.  Once again the two end up fighting each other alone for quite some time until Sonic is able to almost completely finish off Amadeus. Eventually Amadeus again makes another summon, this time a gigantic flying spider, which momentarily immobilizes Sonic. After taking out the creature Amadeus attempts to mock Sonic qiuping “What’s wrong, running low on ideas hedgehog. Perhaps it’s time to stop trying to play a game of wits”, only for Sonic to reply “...Check...mate”. Amadeus then shocked, feels a hook latched onto him. This comes with the reveal that Sonic summoned an alternate cosmic sized version of Big the Cat who the player controls as he reels Amadeus in like a fish, as the SA1, fishing (hit) theme plays. After getting a hold of Amadeus 9, Big then throws the Kitsune at the sun. Now playing as Amadeus, the player must guide Amadeus into the sun to his death. The Big is then sucked back into a portal by Sonic as the final battle ends.

The Sacrifice Cutscene

Concluding the battle, although the realms are stopped from merging, Myria explains that a great deal of negative energy has been generated from the pearls and the ritual and will have to possess something in order to cope with it’s inability to destroy the universe. Myria elaborates that whatever it comes in contact with it will likely tear apart or possess and corrupt. Finding that the negative energy has already begun to fly into the sun trying to possess and revive Amadeus, Myria tells the crew once again that he has a plan. Sonic questions this plan but Myria never looks at or addresses Sonic. Walking over to Rosemary, Myria requests that upon his death, she take his place as appointed leader of the Kitsune army. Rosemary questions Myria’s words, but Myria simply ends with an “I love you”. Myria then turns to Tails saying “I couldn’t have ever been more proud to have you as my son”. Tails catches on and pleads Myria not to sacrifice himself. Myria simply turns away and through the hole in the Space Station, jumps out into the mass of energy. The energy then stops its revival of Amadeus and focuses directly onto Myria. Once Myria is seemingly fully possessed, the energy causes a shockwave, sending Myria and the pearls hurtling back to earth. Together, the whole crew shares a tender moment in remembrance and honor of Myria and his sacrifice.

Metal Sonic Cutscene

After a round of credits it’s revealed that Myria is still barely alive in the ruins of the old Egg Carrier. He is momentarily approached by Metal Sonic who is able to speak and function properly again after he comes in contact with one of the pearls. Metal Sonic begins by stating he believes that the two of the pearls are Myria’s but asks if he can use it for his own agenda. Myria questions Metal’s motives, only to get a reply that he plans to get revenge on Sonic and Eggman. Myria agrees to help him, if the robot promises to focus more on killing Dr. Eggman in the end. The robot "complies", and Myria wishes the robot good luck as the kitsune’s eyes close and the real credits sequence starts. This includes little 2d styled text boxes of each character explaining their fates to the player, with sprite versions of their 3d models.

Ending Sequences


Although being bummed about the loss of Myria he started a relationship with Sally only to have it be shut down. Sonic was alright in the end and decided that being in a relationship is too “unadventurous anyway”. He then mentions that he doesn’t think he saw the last of Shadow. Also mentioning that Eggman’s been a little too quiet lately but enjoys knowing the revelation that all of the animals used for the Doctors robots have been set free and likely won’t be re-captured anytime soon.


Although devastated at the loss of Myria, Tails decides to push away the Kitsune and continue is adventures with Sonic. Tails also learns of a man named Professor Pickle from Sally that he might find interesting. Tails shows enthusiasm as the professor resides in Spagonia, where he always wanted to visit.


After the whole war on humanity incident, Dyseland and the United Federation came at peace toward the common enemy of the Kitsune and since then have decided to make a peace treaty. In the end they found that the U.F. spies knew every nook and cranny of Dyseland better than they do and decide to move Team Freedom to an outpost in Dyseland. With the exception of the Commander himself who is promoted to Presidential Protection Service.


After the incident with all the Kitsune technology, Knuckles gets the idea to have Tails help build Angel Island and the Master emerald a security system so he can join Sonic and Tails on adventures more often and with more freedom.


Although after the events of the game, her and Sonic briefly start dating, Sally decides to call it off, as although she loves the thrill of dating Sonic, she wants to focus more on tech and is relocated to a Dyseland outpost with the rest of the team.


After the re-location of the team to Dyseland, the Commander is promoted, passing down the commanding leadership role of Team Freedom to Antoine.


After the incident, Rouge is mad about not being promoted and decides to quit working for G.U.N for some vacation time and possibly even thinks of opening her own organization. As her first new order of business she dedicates her time to finding Dr. Eggman’s secret treasure.


After the events, Myria rides on the deal with Metal Sonic to go through as he knows that since he is officially dead, coming out of the shadows would just be worse for everyone. Although he has started dating Rosemary in the shadows confessing his love for her, he also trusts her as a leader and Sonic as a parental figure for Tails.


Bunnie becomes super enthused that Antoine is the leader of team freedom and hopes that one day she can live up to the bravery of her husband.


As the new and first female leader of the Kitsune, Rosemary has a lot riding on her. She also is devastated at the loss of Myria as she finds undiscovered love letters to her from Myria while going through his stuff and dedicates herself to be the best leader the Kitsune could ever possibly have. More encouraged than ever, she also reveals her secret plans to write Myria back knowing that he’s actually still alive.


Although initially angry at Sally for her treatment of Sonic in the two’s eventual relationship, she tries to calm herself down with the company of Cream to make her feel better. Cream re-assures that Amy just needs to be more assertive if she wants to be with Sonic, and Amy decides that Cream is probably right, proclaiming that the next time she sees Sonic he won’t be able to ever forget her.


The true ending features a cinematic where Myria covered in a hood and cloak, is seen in an alleyway giving a small package to Charmy Bee, before walking away proclaiming to himself, “it’s done”. Setting up the events of Sonic Heroes.


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