This page contains the Story of the Dark (Act 2) campaign, from the game Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)in full detail. Sally Acorn, Rouge the Bat, Antoine D'Coolette, and Bunnie "Rabbot" D' Coolette are all playable characters in the story, each with their own varying gameplay gimmicks. The campaign takes place mostly in tandem with Heroes (Act 2) and largely before E-102 Gamma's story.


This is a list of the Dark levels, in order of which they are played, in the Act 2 story. Sally has 3 levels and a boss battle, Bunnie has 2 levels, Rouge has 3 levels, and finally Antoine comes in with only one level and a boss battle, making this campaign the shortest campaign with the exception of the prologue.

  1. Air-Fleet Armada (Sally, Rouge)
  2. Oil Canyon (Bunnie, Sally), Boss: Sonic (Sally)
  3. Egg Rocket (Rouge)
  4. Space Station (Antoine, Rouge), Boss: Myria M. Prower (Antoine)
  5. Breached Laboratory (Sally, Bunnie)

Story Synopsis

Stage 1: Air-Fleet Armada (Sally, Rouge)

After the events of Sonic’s story it’s revealed that the rest of Team Freedom was alive, but stuck in the simulation. They quickly go back to the base to help Antoine when Rouge gets a call from Dr. Eggman asking her for a favor and to report to a desert. She then tells the rest of the team and they go to the desert.

Stage 2: Oil Canyon (Bunnie, Sally)

Rouge gives Eggman a paralyzation gun he secretly requested from her for some money. Meanwhile Sally meets and fights Sonic the Hedgehog, wanting possession of the ring that Sonic used to get out of the simulation.

Boss 1: Sonic The Hedgehog (Sally)

As Dr. Eggman’s Rocket takes off Antione and Rouge accidentally get isolated on it while Bunnie and Sally are still on earth. The Commander says this is good for the team and that they could all keep eyes on The Kitsune, Dr. Eggman and Dyseland to further connect any missing dots.

Stage 3: Egg Rocket (Rouge)

Once in the Space Station the group tries to stick together, Antoine begins to observe Myria from a lower hall of the Station, Seeing this as an opportunity Antoine begins planning an ambush and commanding Rouge to act. However once she refuses Antoine begins to become impatient criticizing her behavior, only to find that Rouge has pulled a gun on him, once questioned for her motives she explains that she doesn’t do “team” the way he does, further going on to explain that she pity’s him because the rest of the team she reveals is clearly just using him. Explaining how the Commander clearly doesn’t value him, leaving him in Dyseland to die, while Sally gets special authority and respect. Comparing him to a slave as Antoine wants respect and to work up the chain but is doomed to forever be stuck in the same position. She then goes into his past claiming Bunnie likely only married to Antoine out of pity. She leaves with spraining him leg before fleeing. More desperate than ever Antoine gets up and dedicates  this mission to his life saying it’ll be his saving grace saving the world or else nothing matters, with only his weapons and determination Antoine keeps an eye on Myria while Rouge escaped with the communicator.

Stage 4: Space Station (Rouge)

While gathering info and trying to pilfer the base she is found by Amy whom fearing that she saw her from before starts a fight by asking if she was in a relationship with Sonic and then declaring that she would have to take the chance to be in one if she wasn’t further pressing the matter and angering Amy, the two fight until things escalate and Amy is defeated by being thrown out of the chamber and into another. Rouge then receives a call from Sally of some events going on the ground as Sally reports activity near the Egg Carrier Ruins and the picking up of E-102 Gamma. From their side of things they approach Gamma once they wait before the lab is attacked by Bakeneko troops, which the two try to fight off.

Stage 5: Breached Laboratory (Sally, Bunnie)

At the end the two are unable to fight off the overwhelming number of soldiers and are taken hostage by a Bakeneko general.

Space Station (Antoine)

Back at the Space Station Antoine begins his pursuit of Myria. Finally coming face to face with Myria, Antoine begins to attack a weakened Myria, who just finished dealing with Sonic. Antoine begins challenging Myria until the fight begins, with Myria stating that the living are foolish and don't know what they’re getting into when they do things.

Boss 3: Myria M. Prower (Antoine)

Although it seems as if Antoine is going to win, Myria at the last moments comes back and almost kills Antoine but spares him. Also stating that dying isn’t an option for him and that the Doctor is keeping him alive until he meets death, before walking away to confront his son. Antoine weak, desperate and misunderstanding his words, sees the situation as Eggman needs to be killed in order for Myria to be. Then proceeding to go after the Doctor.

Final Act 2 Story Cutscene

With everybody going into the same room, many are on edge seeing each other and start to have a brief battle. Dr. Eggman then enters the room nonchalantly, before attempting to turn around and exit the room, however is stopped by Antione “Going somewhere Doctor?” to which everyone puts all their weapons directly to him. Myria states to him “It’s time for the finale Eggman.” However as they’re all about to act a Kitsune soldier runs into the room trying to alert Myria of something. Not wanting to hear the news Myria tries to put it off stating “I’m a little busy right now”, to where the soldier replies that it’s very important. A screen then transmits a message to the entire space station coming from Commander Amadeus. The commander then reveals himself to be a disguised kitsune who is tired of Myria’s foolish and emotionally driven antics, and after previously going rogue and hiding from the kitsune after years is now going to end all kitsune by merging their realm with the human realm to reset the universe where he rules over as a god. The plan moving forward by his using the 8 kitsune pearls to give him enough power combined with his 8 tails to then grow a ninth tail and become a god. While he regards that he had the idea for a while it was because of the pearls having already been obtained by Sonic’s team and G.U.N that things went so easily him revealing to have Bunnie and one pearl already stating that if the other 7 weren’t handed over that she dies. To finish things off, he then reveals to Myria that he’s taken control of his army by using technology produced by his “friend”. Myria then remembers the current scenario and tries to finish off Eggman only to realize that he’s escaped their grasps and once everyone falls, Eggman uses the paralyzation gun from earlier to freeze everyone. Eggman then reveals that all along he was working with Amadeus in exchange for kitsune technology. Myria, enraged breaks out of paralyzation only to be shocked by Eggman again who tells him that he’s more vulnerable then he thinks. Myria then falls to the ground as Eggman leaves and the scene ends.


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