This page contains the Story of the Dark (Act 1) campaign, from the game Sonic Adventure 3 (SA3)in full detail. Sally Acorn, Rouge the Bat, Antoine D'Coolette, and Bunnie "Rabbot" D' Coolette are all playable characters in the story, each with their own varying gameplay gimmicks. The campaign takes place mostly chronologically before the prologue and Heroes (Act 1) which coincides with Sonic's story.


This is a list of the Dark levels, in order of which they are played in this Story. In some stages, more than one character is playable. Sally has 5 levels, Bunnie has 4, Knuckles has 5 levels and 2 bosses and finally Amy has 2 levels with only one boss.

  1. Icey Infiltration (Rouge)
  2. Dyseland Infiltration (Rouge, Antoine, Bunnie), Boss: E-107 Eta (Bunnie, Antoine)
  3. Egg Carrier Ruins (Antoine, Sally, Rouge)
  4. Dyseland Infiltration II (Bunnie, Sally, Rouge)
  5. Casinopolis & The Hidden Casino (Sally, Bunnie, Rouge)
  6. The Tape I (Antoine)
  7. Dyseland Base III (Sally, Rouge, Bunnie), Boss: Guardbot Titan Mk. II (Bunnie)
  8. Cyber Snow (Sally)
  9. Cyber Matrix (Antoine)
  10. The Tape II (Antoine)

Story Synopsis

At the Kitsune military base Rouge is undercover as an "undercover high ranking Kitsune", trying to get information and technology for G.U.N. After being talked to by Myria about looking after someone named Rosemary and the mentoin of a "demon gate" in Station Square, Rouge decides to pilfer some jewels at the base.

Stage 1: Icey Infiltration (Rouge)

Impressed with Rouge’s work G.U.N decides to promote her, and against her wishes, makes her apart of G.U.N’s team freedom (Sally Acorn - A nerdy hacker who has a love for food, Antoine D’ Coolette - A military trained swordsman with a knack for having bad luck and lastly Bunnie Rabbot - A cyborg bunny and wife of Antoine.) who are currently specializing in infiltrating a military base located in the foreign Dyseland Federation.

Stage 2: Dyseland Infiltration (Rouge, Antoine, Bunnie)

Upon initial infiltration the plan goes well, with Rouge completing her task of opening specific doors leading into another area in the base. However as Antoine picks up the targeted intel, Sally and The Commander's communication with the group is interrupted and blocked by some sort of unforeseen interference. As he makes his way out the base, Antoine finds E-107 Eta of which greatly surprises him. Antoine then attempts to take out the robot before the machine catches on and blows Antoine's cover. With the base now on high security Bunnie attempts to make her way through the headquarters only to be eventually attacked and servery injured by the Guard-bot Titan. More motivated to make it out then ever Antoine is forced to once again take on Eta, this time with a proper fight before he can save Bunnie. 

Boss 1: E-107 Eta (Antoine)

 Although Antoine gets Bunnie out alive, the base ends up being blown up and some the intel is lost. Although the Commander finds himself angry at Antoine for the failure, Antione later shares his suspicions that Dr. Eggman might be heavily involved in Dyseland operations and might have something dangerous planned. To combat this, The Commander decides to take Antoine's side as the group, this time without Bunnie (due to her injuries) is sent to the ruins of The Egg Carrier to see if they can find any clues. 

Stage 3: Egg Carrier Ruins (Antoine, Sally, Rouge)

The team ends up disappointed to not find any clues, however they soon find that a dilapidated ZERO keeps chasing them. The Commander, angry with Antoine temporarily demotes him replacing him with Sally who puts it as “I could lose some weight anyway”.  The newly formed team then enters another Dyseland base but this time with more success.  

Stage 4: Dyseland Infiltration II (Bunnie, Sally, Rouge)

Despite the more successful mission, Bunnie ends up triggering an alarm thanks to ZERO who is still chasing after them. Following some careful dodging of all the soldiers after them, thanks to Rouge they capture ZERO and take him back to G.U.N to be analyzed. During the analyzation, it’s found that ZERO was created with a Kitsune tracking device so that no matter what happened to it, the presence of Kitsune energy would power it.  Although initially confused by this, the team finds that there really must be something linking Dr. Eggman, Dyseland & the Kitsune together.  

That night Sally and Bunnie are approached by Rouge to go to Casinopolis to “stop a rigged pinball machine which is scamming people of their money". Seeing this as a way to bond between teammates they agree, however Rouge strategically fails to mention that “un-rigging” the pinball machine, “coincidentally” opening the Casinopolis safe.

Stage 5: Casinopolis & The Hidden Casino (Sally, Bunnie, Rouge)

The next day The Commander reveals that the last night Antione left to go pursue the 3 enemies alone and is currently dead. The Commander then proceeds to mention a tape was given to him by Dyseland operatives showing the whole incident taking place. The three then watch the footage to see if they find any clues.

Stage 6: The Tape I (Antoine)

 After watching the tape The Commander makes the decision to stop any further investigation on the matter of Dyseland being connected to Dr. Eggman and The Kitsune. Bunnie questions him however he retorts back with “Do you want to end up like Antione?”. Later that day he decides to send the three back to Dyseland one final time, in saying that the other intel on the Kitsune or Dr. Eggman can wait. 

Stage 7: Dyseland Base III (Sally, Rouge, Bunnie)

This time in Dyseland they come in contact with the Dyseland Commander Himself, Commander Amadeus, who seems to have a mysterious interest in Rouge noting that she "sure knows her Kitsune". As they begin to escape they are threatened by the reveal of Antoine being an alive hostage.  Never the less, despite the threat, they still escape and Amadeus tells his men to keep Antoine alive as he could prove important later.

Back at G.U.N HQ The Commander reveals that Rouge's tip about Myria's mentioned "Demon Gate" has yielded results but also that he's been informed of Eggman putting out a strange sort of transmission for help at the Kitsune HQ. Thinking they could finally track him down and arrest him, The Commander sends Sally to investigate.

Stage 8: Cyber Snow (Sally)

After the events of the prologue where Sally is knocked out by Myria, The Kitsune Commander, the scene cuts to Antoine back in Dyseland as he makes his escape from his cell, with a circular ring like object. Just as Antoine proceeds along his escape route he finds himself face to face with an entire room full of Dyseland soldiers. Although it looks as if Antoine may not make it, he is seen using the ring to open a portal and escape just before he can be re-captured. The portal leads Antoine into the Cyber Matrix. 

Stage 9: Cyber Matrix (Antoine)

 After getting back to GUN HQ Antoine finds that everyone is ominously missing. Eventually he finds The Commander who asks to talk to him in an enclosed room.  During their talk Antoine is stabbed in the torso with a sword as it's revealed that The Commander is actually a Kitsune in disguise who claims he killed the rest of his team and that soon The Kitsune will decimate all of Central City. Things seem hopeless as the Kitsune leaves Antoine to die, however in the end Antoine rises through the pain and alerts the whole United Federation of the incoming attack. He then falls unconscious and dreams about the night that he was captured.

Stage 10: The Tape II (Antoine)


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