Tropical Beach is the first Zone in Sonic Adventure 3 located in the beach area of Town's Burgh. The stage is similar to Emerald Coast and Ocean Wave. The stage is also playable for Rouge the Bat and Espio the Chameleon.

Sonic Adventure 3


This is Sonic's first stage in the his story, he visits the beach in hope to find the Egg Carrier that just passed by recently. The stage has two sections it in, the first section is straight foward just revolving around Sonic running from point A to B. The second section is about Sonic riding on a surf board as he is trying to out-run a huge wave and make it to the goal ring.


Rouge's stage is a shorter version of Sonic's stage. It takes place in the first section of the level, along with some parts where you can travel underground, and Rouge has to hunt for three hidden foot-prints of Metal Sonic.


Espio's stage, instead of taking place outside, takes place in a sunken ship underwater, and is still full of booby traps. Espio has to use his invisibility to not get caught, at the end of the level an alarm will go off under the sunken ship and Espio will have to shoot his ninja stars at buttons to open a door before the ship sinks into the underwater abyss.


  • In Espio's version of the level the Lost World music from Sonic Adventure plays, this music also plays when Espio visits the Lost World level itself.
    • In Sonic and Rouge's version of this level, the Emerald Beach music from Sonic Battle plays.
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