Swamp Forrest is the second level in Sonic Adventure 3 in Sonic's story, the stage is also playable for Omega and Neo Metal Sonic.

Sonic Adventure 3


As Sonic walks through Swamp Forrest, he reunites with Tails who tells him he had a feeling that he would find Sonic here because he as well saw the Egg Carrier pass by thinking Eggman is in it. The Egg Carrier, once more passes by Swamp Forrest and Sonic goes to chase after it.

The stage has three sections, the first section is once again a point A to B type of stage where you have to make it to the end fighting Badniks to keep up with the Egg Carrier, the second section of the stage is about dodging anything the Egg Carrier will shoot at you while chasing it and the third section of the stage is about avoiding an angry Bald Eagle, which leads to a goal ring.


Omega's Swamp Forrest stage takes place in the second section in Sonic's stage. The Metal Carrier will shoot many of Metal Sonic's Badniks at you and you have to defeat 50 of them.


  • Neo Metal Sonic's version of this level is the same as Omega's only more hard.
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