Sonic Adventure 3 is an action-adventure platformer and the third installment of the Sonic Adventure series. It's available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


9,700 years ago, the Order of Ixis raged war against the Templar Knights of Aurora in a time period that became known as the Forgotten War. Eventually, the order's leader, Ixis Empress, was imprisioned and the order was destroyed. In present day, Dr. Eggman seeks to harness the Ixis Empress' power and his meddling manages to release her once more, Now it's up to Sonic and his friends to defeat her.

Story mode features 8 stories plus an additional 9th story that is unlocked after completing the main 8.


Main Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

TSR Sonic

A blue hedgehog with a love for speed and adventure. Just like the wind, he never stays in one place for too long and is always on the move. Sonic's gameplay features going as fast as you possibly can and features mach speed sections, in which Quick Step and Drift can be used.

Homing Attack A + A
Somersault B
Spin Dash Hold B + release
Light Speed Dash Y when near a trail of rings (Light Speed Shoes required)
Light Speed Attack Y when near enemies (Ancient Light required)
Bound Jump A + B (Bounce Bracelet required)
Tornado A + X (Wind Bracelet required)
Triangle Jump A + A towards a wall (Wall Jump Shoes required)
Magic Hand Y when near an enemy (Magic Gloves required)
Quick Step R and L (Mach Speed sections only)
Drift Left analog stick (Mach Speed sections only)

Miles "Tails" Prower

TSR Tails

Sonic's best friend and sidekick. Born with two tails, he is able to fly by rapidly spinning in a helicopter-like fashion and is a mechanical genius, rivaling Dr. Eggman in high intellect.

Fly A + hold A
Tail Swipe B
Rapid Tail Swipe Hold B (Rhythm Badge required)
Dummy Ring Bomb X (Dummy Ring required)
Thunder Shoot Y (Thunder Bracelet required)

Amy Rose


An energetic pink hedgehog who is Sonic's self-appointed girlfriend. While sweet and friendly, a fiery temper shimmers just beneath the surface.

Homing Attack A + A
Hammer Attack B
Dashing Hammer Attack Hold B + release (Warrior Feather required)
Tornado Hammer Y (Tornado Hammer required)

Knuckles the Echidna

TSR Knuckles

The current guardian of the Master Emerald and a treasure hunter. Just like Sonic is like the wind, Knuckles is like the mountain, being unmoving in his duties. Much like the first Sonic Adventure games, Knuckles' gameplay involves exploring stages for Master Emerald pieces.

Glide A + hold A
Punch B
Dig Y when selected (Shovel Claw required)
Maximum Heat Knuckle Attack Hold B + release (Hammer Gloves required)
Drill Claw A + B
Spiral Upper X
Punch Combo B + B + B
Sunglasses Y when selected (Sunglasses required)

Rouge the Bat

A seductive bat with a love for jewels and a spy for the United Federation often working directly under the President.

Glide A + hold A
Kick B
Kick Combo B + B + B
Drill Drive A + B
Screw Kick X
Dig Y when selected (Pick Nails required)
Treasure Scope Y when selected (Treasure Scope required)
Heart Bomb Y when selected (Heart Bomb required)

Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette

Bunnie is one of the three new main playable characters. She is a cyborg rabbit who was partially roboticized to treat life-threatening injuries. Bunnie's gameplay are shooting levels, much similar to E-102 Gamma's levels from Sonic Adventure and Tails' and Eggman's levels from Sonic Adventure 2.

Lock-On Hold B + left analog stick
Hover A + A
Lock-On Laser Release B after Lock-On
Punch X
Vulkan Canon B

Julie the Echidna

Julie is one of the three new main playable characters. She is a pink echidna who's family defected from the Dark Legion.

Glide A + hold A
Punch B
Shoot X
Dig Y when selected (Power Gloves required)
Grenade Y when selected (Grenade required)

Annushka "Marsha" Vixi

Marsha is one of the three new main playable characters. Marsha is a black fox and a highly trained Freedom Fighter. Marsha's gameplay works differently than other character, as her gameplay involves beat-em-up platforming and puzzles, which is a throwback to Sonic the Werehog's gameplay during Sonic Unleashed.

Double Jump A + A
Grab B when target appears on an object
Light Attack X
Heavy Attack Y
Guard R button
Object Interaction (context-sensitive) B

Unlockable Characters


Cream the Rabbit

A young rabbit who never forgets her manners and is always accompanied by Cheese, her pet chao. She is unlocked after earning 20 emblems.

Fly A + hold A
Chao Attack X
Carrot Bomb Y

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is a black and red hedgehog that looks very much like Sonic who was created 5o years ago by Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik. He is unlocked after earning 140 emblems

Homing Attack A + A
Somersault B
Spin Dash Hold B + release
Light Speed Dash Y when near a trail of rings
Light Speed Attack Y when near enemies
Chaos Spear A + B
Tornado A + X
Triangle Jump A + A towards a wall
Chaos Control Y when selected on action window

Espio the Chameleon

320px-Shadowth espio

The silent and disciplined member of the Chaotix. He is unlocked after earning 100 emblems.

Homing Attack A + A
Kunai Attack B
Triangle Jump A + A towards a wall
Tornado A + B
Invisibility Y
Climb A + A towards a vertical wall
Leaf Swirl Hold B + release

Mighty the Armadillo

An old friend to both Sonic and Knuckles and a former member of the Chaotix He is unlocked after earning 60 emblems.

Homing Attack A + A
Somersault B
Hammer Drop A + X
Triange Jump A + A towards a wall

Ray the Flying Squirrel

A old friend to Sonic and Mighty's best friend. He is unlocked after earning 40 emblems.

Glide A + hold A
Tail Swipe B
Spin Dash Hold B + release

Tikal the Echidna

An echidna girl who resides in the Master Emerald and is one of Knuckles' ancestors. She is unlocked after earning 80 emblems.

Glide A + hold A
Punch B
Punch Combo B + B + B
Drill Claw A + B
Knuckle Spin X
Dig Y

Sally Acorn

Sally is the crown princess of the Kingdom of Acorn and the leader of the Freedom Fighters. She is unlocked after earning 120 emblems.

Metal Sonic

The robotic copy of Sonic, created by Dr. Eggman. Metal Sonic is unlocked after earning 160 emblems

Homing Attack A + A
Somersault B
Rocket Dash Attack Hold B + release
Light Speed Dash Y when near a trail of rings
Triangle Jump A + A towards a wall


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Kimberly Koko
  • Nigel Acorn
  • The President
  • Amadeus Prower
  • Jules the Hedgehog
  • Geoffrey St. John
  • Vanilla the Rabbit
  • Rotor the Walrus
  • Antoine D'Coolette
  • NICOLE the Holo-Lynx
  • Orbot
  • Cubot


Much like the previous Sonic Adventure games, the core gameplay involves platforming and reaching the goal ring, but each of the playable characters have unique gameplay. For example, while Sonic's stages involve going as fast as you can through a stage, Knuckles/Rouge feature their unique treasure hunting stages from the first two Sonic Adventure games, Bunnie features shooting levels as a nod to E-102 Gamma's gameplay from Sonic Adventure and Tails/Eggman's gameplay from Sonic Adventure 2, and Marsha's gameplay is very similar to Sonic the Werehog's gameplay from Sonic Unleashed.

Like other Sonic games, the player needs to collect rings in order to be able to take a hit from hazards without losing a life. The only exception to this rule is Marsha, who has a health bar and can collect rings to refill it. Much like other Sonic games, there is also a rank system that grades a player's performance based on how fast they completed the level, how many rings they had when reaching the Goal Ring and how many enemies were defeated. The lowest rank is E while the best rank is S and much like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), rings can be rewarded based on the rank.

Adventure Stages also return which allows the player to explore and can talk to other NPCs and complete missions. Upgrades are also available in the Adventure Stages for rings collected from stages.


Imput Action
Left analog stick Movement
Right analog stick Move camera
A Jump
B Primary Action
X Secondary Action
Y Special Action
+ Pause
- Show map


Like the original two Sonic Adventure games, level items are used to strengthen characters or give them new abilities. (Note: Level-Up items are only available for the 8 main playable characters.)


Upgrade Ability Granted
Light Speed Shoes Light Speed Dash
Ancient Light Light Speed Attack
Bound Bracelet Bound Jump
Wind Bracelet Tornado
Wall Jump Shoes Triangle Jump
Magic Gloves Magic Hands
Flame Anklet Allows him to break steel containers
Mystic Melody Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrade Ability Granted
Jet Anklet Improves flying
Rhythm Badge Rapid Tail Attack
Dummy Ring Dummy Ring Bomb
Thunder Bracelet Thunder Shoot
Power Tail Ring Allows him to break steel containers
Mystic Melody Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrade Ability Granted
Warrior Feather Dashing Hammer Attack
Tornado Hammer Tornado Hammer
Steel Hammer Allows her to break steel containers
Long Hammer Increases Amy's attack range
Mystic Meldoy Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrades Ability Granted
Shovel Claw Dig
Fighting Gloves Maximum Heat Knuckle Attack
Hammer Gloves Allows him to break iron crates
Air Necklace Allows him to stay underwater without drowning
Sunglasses Revealing hidden objects
Mystic Melody Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrades Ability granted
Pick Nails Dig
Treasure Scope Revealing hidden objects
Heart Bomb Heart Bomb
Iron Boots Allowing her to break iron crates
Mystic Melody Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrades Ability Granted
Laser Blaster Damages enemies in a wide pattern
Jet Booster Hover after jumping
Canon Upgrade Allows her to break iron crates
Laser Upgrade Lock-On Laser does more damage
Armor Upgrade Decreases the amount of rings dropped when hit
Mystic Melody Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrades Ability Granted
Blaster Upgrade Deals more damage to enemies
Power Gloves Dig
Grenade Destroying explosive and iron crates
Mystic Melody Creating paths at Mystic Ruins


Upgrades Ability Granted
Sneaker Enhancements Triangle Jump and break iron crates
Warrior Ribbon Increases damage done to enemies
Mystic Melody Creates paths at Mystic Ruins


Adventure Fields

Adventure Fields make their return as environments for causal gameplay and exploration. Within these Adventure Fields, players can complete missions, get access to Action Stages, access the Chao Garden, and purchase upgrades for rings rewarded from missions and Action Stages.

Central City

The large capital city of the United Federation. One sections features a coastal area surrounded by hotels, a train station, and a sewer. Another section features freeways and a casino area, dockyard, and a subway.


The capital city of the Kingdom of Acorn and is slightly smaller than Central City. Most of the city features grassy ground with dirt paths. One section features the residential area (which the houses resemble small huts with straw roofs, the Marketplace, Uncle Chuck's Diner and Speedy's Pizza Palace. Another area features a park, Castle Acorn, and an airport.

Mystic Ruins

An archaeological dig site that returns from Sonic Adventure. This sections includes jungles and ruins, a train station, and Tails' Workshop. Angel Island can also be accessed through Mystic Ruins which features old ruins, the Master Emerald shrine, tropic jungles, and a canyon-like area.

Sky Patrol

The Freedom Fighters' mobile base-of-operations and the main Adventure Field for Sonic, Tails, Amy, Bunnie, Julie, and Marsha's stories. It contains a hangar, a command center, a engine room, a medical bay, and living space.

Action Stages


Story Mode

This mode features the 8 main stories and the Last Story. A percentage meter underneath each of the characters will be shown to display the progress in each story.

Stage Select

Allows players to play through any of the stages they have played through with the character of their choosing and completing the 7 missions.

  • Get to the Goal Ring
  • Collect a number of Rings
  • Defeat a number of Enemies
  • Find the lost Chao
  • Get to the Goal Ring before time runs out
  • Get to the Goal Ring before your rival
  • Beat Hard Mode

Boss Rush

This mode features selecting and beating all the bosses you've already fought


  • Kart Racing: Select any character to compete in kart racing.
  • Whack-a-Hedgehog: As Amy, you must whack as many mole-like Sonic, Shadow, and Super Sonic heads as possible while avoiding Eggman heads.
  • Sky Chase: As Sonic and Tails, you control the Tornado and shoot down all enemies in sight before they can damage you.
  • Marsha's Quiz: Marsha quizzes the player on Sonic trivia.
  • Big's Fishing: As Big, you need to collect as many fish as you can before time runs out.
  • Enemy Gauntlet: Selecting up to 4 characters, you must fight off waves of enemies.

Chao Garden

This is where you raise Chao with the selected character. Depending on the character, the Chao's personality and apperance can change. Minigames like Chao Karate and Chao Racing make a return.


This mode is playable for 4 players locally or online.

  • Racing: Whoever reaches the Goal Ring first wins.
  • Battle: All characters has a health bar and whoever reduces the other's health bar win. If there are 3 to 4 players, it's elimination based.
  • Kart Racing: Whoever ends up in 1st place after 3 laps around the track wins.
  • Treasure Hunting: Whoever finds 3 Chaos Emeralds first wins. If there's 3 players, it's 4 emeralds. If there's 4 players, it's 5 emeralds. The characters available are Knuckles, Rouge, Julie, and Tikal.
  • Boss Battle: Whoever defeats the boss first wins
  • Chao Karate: The Chao who beats their opponent in 3 rounds wins
  • Chao Racing: The Chao is reaches the finish line first wins


This mode features character bios, concept art, 3D models, music and voice clips from the game, cutscenes, and game statistics.


This allows you to adjust settings like volume, subtitles, language, controls, etc.

Voice Actors

Voice Actor(s) Character
Josh Keaton Sonic the Hedgehog
Colleen Villard Miles "Tails" Prower
Troy Baker Knuckles the Echidna
Karen Strassman Rouge the Bat;NICOLE the Holo-Lynx
Cindy Robinson Amy Rose
Lenore Zann Bunnie "Rabbot" D'Coolette
Ashley Hursch Julie the Echidna
Jennifer Paz Annushka "Marsha" Vixi
Michelle Ruff Cream the Rabbit, Vanilla the Rabbit
Vic Mignonga Shadow the Hedgehog
Liam O Brian Espio the Chameleon
James Arnold Taylor Ray the Flying Squirrel
Mike Erwin Mighty the Armadillo
Mae Whitman Tikal the Echidna
Ashley Johnson Sally Acorn
Crisp Freeman Rotor the Walrus
J Michael Tantum Antoine D'Coolette
Kyle Hebert Big the Cat
Liam Neeson Nigel Acorn
Fred Tatascicore Geoffrey St. John
Mike Pollock Dr. Eggman
Kirk Thornton Orbot
Wally Wingert Cubot
Grey DeLise Kimberly Koko
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