Update 2/4/13: This is a drastic choice, but I've decided to completely restart the storyline. I've lost the work I've done for the game and I wasn't sure for the longest time how to continue the story without the plothole getting in the way, which was the reason I stopped working on this in the first place. So I will be working on a brand new story where the Rivals series is NOT canon. Silver will be completely re-introduced in this game and you all will love it!

Sonic Adventure 3
Sonic The Hedgehog
Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

Sonic Adventure 3 is a fan-made video game by me, RidersDX, that's meant to be an idea of what a true 3rd installment of the Adventure series should be like. But this is not real of course, so don't get your hopes up. More then just be a game with Adventure elements, it also expands on it with new ideas both from recent Sonic games and fan-created ideas. Plus, an epic story, that brings together many former foes and friends to join Sonic in defeating Dr. Eggman one more time.


Sonic Adventure 3 may take place after Adventure 2, but it also takes place after all the events of Heroes, Shadow, 06, Unleashed, Colors, and Generations. Basically, all the main Sonic games, plus the Rush series. The Rivals series will NOT be canon.There are six stories. Five of them are familiar characters, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver. The sixth one is a new character named Fuse, who's part of Dr. Eggman's newest plan. Each story does have an amigo character that tags along with them you can play as too, similar to Sonic 06's amigo system. But the characters will play similar to the characters of the main story, so the flow wouldn't be too disrupted. Sonic's amigo is Tails, Knuckles' is Rouge, Shadow's is Omega, Blaze's is Cream, Silver's is Amy, and Fuse's is Dr. Eggman.

There are many stages all six of the storylines will get to explore through. All six stories also have an exclusive final level that takes place in an environment only they get to visit. Each stage is divided into two acts, where one of the acts can possibly be played by the amigo. Of course, the majority of the acts will be played by the main character of the storyline.


All characters have two special moves that they can activate once they gain a power-up. Some of these powers will act like the Wisp powers in Colors, meaning they will be necessary to get through the level. But other times, they'll be unnecessary but can help your performance in a level. Also, all characters can perform tricks once launched off a trick ramp, using basically all buttons possible on the controller. Similar to the Rush trick system in a way.


Sonic's gameplay will be coming from his gameplay in the recent Unleashed and Colors titles. His levels will definitely have their mix of speed and platforming in them.

Xbox 360 Controls
Homing Attack A + A
Spindash Hold X + Release
Jump Stomp A + B
Drift B + Left/Right
Roll Y
Quick Step


Blue Laser LT
Blue Tornado


Controls for other two systems will come at a later time.

There's no more double jump in this game, but that's because now when you homing attack with no enemies around, you jump dash like you could in past Sonic games. Sonic's jump alone will be quite high though, so there would still be some precision platforming.
Sng sonic04

Sonic the Hedgehog

Boosting power won't just be given to you like it was in Unleashed, it'll be like Colors where you must gain a power-up to fill up the gauge.

Blue Laser is one of Sonic's two special moves. Once you collect the Blue Laser power up, you can speed through a level when it's unnecessary. But when it is necessary, you will cross large gaps in high speed style.

Blue Tornado is the other of Sonic's two special moves. With it, you can make enemies go bye bye as they all get swifted away by the wind. But also, you can also use it near polls to climb up them and then get launched high in the air, of far ahead.


Tails' gameplay won't be exactly like his Adventure gameplay, in an effort to make him more similar to Sonic's gameplay. Tails' gameplay does go from 2D to 3D just like Sonic. But Tails' move set makes for quite the differences between his and Sonic's gameplay. Flying becomes a major part of the gameplay, especially in the 3D sections, which feel much more like Tails' gameplay in the first Adventure.

Xbox 360 Controls
Fly A + A
Tail Spin X
Ring Bomb B

Controls for other two systems will come later.

Flying will not be as powerful as it was in the first Adventure, in an effort to not


Miles "Tails" Prower

make Tails' levels an easy breeze. But, it most certainly will not be as limited as it was in 06. It's on a nice line in the middle.

Ring Bomb does come from 06, but it takes much less time to throw bombs this time, it feels much more convenient this time around.

Tail Spin is a quicker attack, but it doesn't work very well on the strongest of enemies. Tail Spin can also be used to activate some switches.

Tails, being an amigo character, does not have two special moves.


There's alot of hate towards Knuckles' levels in the Adventure games, but there's also alot of love for them. So, here's the solution I came up with. Knuckles will have two different kinds of levels. One will be the original Adventure formula of finding three emerald pieces in a large area. That'll be one act of the stage. The other act will resemble the collecting missions of the Chaotix team in Sonic Heroes. So Knuckles will be doing some actual platforming there, but he's still hunting for something. Knuckles also DEFINITELY moves as fast as he did in the Adventure games, not like 06.

Xbox 360 Controls
Glide A + A
Punch X
Dig B
Down Spiral A + X
Goggles On/Off Y
Climb Jump/Glide into wall
Throw Meteor Rock LB
Drop/Activate Bomb RB
Fire Meteor LT
Knuckle Smash RT
Goggles On/Off is kind of a old feature some people might not remember. There were goggles you could put on
Rivals knuckles running

Knuckles the Echidna

in Sonic Adventure 2. Or maybe only Rouge could do that...not sure. Anyway, for Knuckles, when goggles are on, he can see things not seeable with normal eyesight. There's a limit on how long you can use them though, so use them as least as possible.

Throw Meteor Rock comes from Sonic Battle. This attack is best used of large enemies. Knuckles herds a giant rock at the enemy and causes massive damage. It's a slow attack though.

Drop/Activate Bomb also comes from Sonic Battle. This attack is best used in groups of enemies. One click to activate a bomb and those enemies are done.

Fire Meteor is one of Knuckles' two special moves. His attacks become more powerful and he also becomes engulfed in fire. This is used to go through fire walls when necessary.

Knuckle Smash is the second of Knuckles' two special moves. He punches the ground and destroys all enemies around him by causing a small earthquake.


Rouge's gameplay will basically be pretty similar to Knuckles'. She has the two different types of acts too. She does has some differences that will make her gameplay distinct from Knuckles' though.

Xbox 360 Controls
Fly A + A
Kick X
Dig B
Climb on wall Flying into wall + Move
Tip Toe Hold Y + Move

Rouge will not glide not Knuckles, she will fly much like Tails. So already, the gameplay will have

Sng rouge tiny

Rouge the Bat

difference especially in the linear Chaotix collecting like acts.

Tip Toe was something I came up with thinking about Rouge's nature of being a sneaky treasure hunter. Rouge's acts may sometimes be sTealth based. But you can used this tactic to sneak past hazards without losing your rings.

Being aN amigo character, Rouge does not have two special moves.


Shadow's gameplay will be borrowed directly from the Adventure series. He won't have any guns and vehicles, in an effort to really resemble the Adventure style. But Shadow does have quite a few moves added that make his gameplay, his gameplay really.

Xbox 360 Controls
Homing Attack A + A
Summersalt X
Spin Dash Hold X + Release
Kick B
Chaos Spear A + B
Black Tornado A + X
Light Dash Y
Bounce Attack A + RB
Wall Jump Homing Attack Wall + A
Chaos Control LT
Chaos Blast RT
Black Tornado is of course taken from Heroes, and he'll be able to use it on both enemies and poles just like in

Shadow the Hedgehog


Shadow will be able to walk while Wall Jumping just like he could in Shadow The Hedgehog. But remember, he also can't walk on it forever like he couldn't in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Chaos Control is one of Shadow's two special moves. With this move, Shadow can freeze time. This move will become necessary when Shadow has to make moves that require just the right timing. But it also can be used to try to improve your score.

Chaos Blast is the other of Shadow's two special moves. It's pretty self explanatory, works exactly like it did in Shadow the Hedgehog. It's necessary when you have to break open walls that can't be broken with regular attacks.


Omega's gameplay will take alot from Heroes and 06, plus adding some elements to make him more similar to Shadow. Omega's speed will be as fast as he was in 06, but it'll take less time to reach that speed. But the main idea of Omega's gameplay won't be lost here, which is, ELIMINATE ALL EGGMAN ROBOTS!

Xbox 360 Controls
Hover A + A
Punch X
Lock On Attack Hold B + Release
The punch attacks work exactly like they did in Heroes, it even has a nice finishing move at the end. Best used

E-123 Omega

on ground enemies.

The lock on attack will be as simple as it was in 06. It's best used on air enemies.

Being an amigo character, Omega does not have two special movies.


Blaze's gameplay will definitely stand out from Sonic and Shadow's simply because, her entire gameplay is based completely off the Rush series. Yep, her gameplay is in complete 2.5D goodness. Really, if you've played Rush, you'll know what to expect here. Blaze does have added moves though that'll make her gameplay a bit different.

Xbox 360 Controls
Jump Spiral A + A
Boost X
Homing Attack B
Light Dash Y
Slide RB
Fire Swirl LB
Fire Blast LT
Fire Rocket RT
Jump Spiral comes from her 06 appearance. It'll definitely be used to make Blaze's gameplay filled with a little

Blaze the Cat

bit more platforming.

Boosting here will not be fueled by tricks, but by power-ups just like Sonic.

Fire Swirl works alot like her spin attack did in 06, but there's no need to charge it. Just hold the button and move forward.

Fire Blast is one of the two special moves Blaze can use. She turns into a fire ball, and then blasts through a large section of the stage. It's needed to cross large gaps.

Fire Rocket is the other of Blaze's two special moves. It rocks just like the rocket wisp in Sonic Colors. Blaze will launch into the air, and then float down slowly, just like in Colors.


Not much has been done with Cream gameplay wise in the past. She's definitely not as slow as she appears to be, she almost reaches Blaze's speed. Her gameplay will be in complete 2.5D just like Blaze's will. Her levels have little puzzles in them though at the end before the goal ring. Besides that, Cream's gameplay kinda does match Tails' gameplay in the genesis days many ways.

Xbox 360 Controls
Fly A + A
Cheese Attack X
Specific Action B
When I said this was similar to Tails' gameplay in the classic days, the flying is what I was referring to. Cream
CreamnCheese SH

Cream the Rabbit

can find many multiple paths through her strong flying ability.

Cheese Attack is pretty self explanatory, Cream commands Cheese to destroy enemies.

Specific Action can be things like activity switches, picking up objects, and more. Mainly used in the puzzle at the end of the act.

Being an amigo character, Cream does not have two special moves.


Silver's gameplay from 06 is what his gameplay is going to be mostly like in this game. His stage designs this time around will actually make it possible to not get hurt while destroying enemies and lose all those precious rings, an annoying problem in 06. Also, added moves will make Silver's gameplay have more platforming elements instead of making his gameplay completely a beat-em-up. Silver's speed has also been increased.

Xbox 360 Controls
Hover A + Hold A
Shoot Stun Bolts X
Grab Stunned Enemies/Objects LB/RB
Psycho Slam A + X
Activate Psycho Signs B
Double Jump A + A
Slide Y
Psycho Air LT
Psycho Power RT
Shoot Stun Bolts is a new feature I came up with. Silver shoots these little bolts at enemies to stun them so

Silver the Hedgehog

they can be grabbed, instead of having to painfully get close to an enemy and attack it.

Double Jump is now implemented to make Silver's gameplay have more platforming elements. Sliding is for the same purpose too.

Psycho Air is one of Silver's two special powers. For a limited time, Silver can hover unlimited distances. This becomes necessary when Silver has to hover across large gaps.

Psycho Power is the other special power. Silver becomes invincible and he's able to grab enemies that aren't already stunned.


Amy's gameplay was relatively simple in Sonic Adventure and 06, and since she is an amigo character, it will here too. Her acts, like Cream, also do have a puzzle to solve at the end due to the simpleness of her gameplay. But of course, Amy's gameplay is in complete 3D.

Xbox 360 Controls
Double Jump A + A
Hammer Attack X
Specific Action


In this game, you will actually find out why Amy's hammer is so feared. It's much more powerful and now Amy

Amy Rose

can really actually do decent combat in this game.

Specific Action is usually for the puzzles at the end. Either to activate switches, grab an object, etc.

Being an amigo character, Amy does not have two special attacks.


Fuse has the element of electricity, so his move set is very electric based. He's about as fast as Shadow. His gameplay also transitions from 2D to 3D. There's some speed in his gameplay, but his gameplay is also very combat based making use of his powers.

Xbox 360 Controls
Double Jump A + A
Fly A + A + Hold A
Thunder Bolt X
Thunder Grab B
Light Dash Y
Thunder Dash LB
Thunder Spin RB
Thunder Storm LT
Thunder Cloud RT
Fuse has the power to fly, so much of his gameplay is very air based.

Fuse the Hedgehog

Thunder Bolt acts like a sort of gun. You can lock onto enemies, and when released, thunder bolts will be shot at them. It's like the attack on the mechs in Sonic Adventure 2, but Fuse isn't a robot, I can tell you that. It can be used as you fly too.

Thunder Grab is very important in Fuse's gameplay. Sometimes, it's used to grab something in the air and try to swing from it, kinda like flying across the city as Spider-man. Other things can be grabbed too, like switches, and other functions.

Thunder Dash is a quick attack to use when you're standing in front of a line of enemies. Fuse dashes in a straight line destroying/damaging all enemies he comes in contact with.

Thunder Spin is a basic spin attack. You can hold the button and move around spinning into enemies around you.

Thunder Storm is one of two of Fuse's special moves. A thunder storm comes on the stage, and thunder
337px-ASR Eggman

Dr. Eggman

strikes all the enemies in the area, automatically destroying them.

Thunder Cloud is the other special move. A cloud is formed, and Fuse jumps onto it. Now, you can move anywhere in the air, maybe reaching paths unreachable before.

Dr. Eggman

Eggman's gameplay will be borrowed from his mech gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2. As far as we're concerned, there really is no difference between the two. Maybe movement will be much easier this time around.

Xbox 360 Controls
Hover A + A
Shoot X
Lock on Attack Hold X + Release

Being an amigo character, Eggman does not have two special moves.

Story Outline

Only Sonic's story will be unlocked at the beginning. But if you play through his story, you can unlock Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, Silver, and Fuse once you interact with them. Really, if you interact with a character that doesn't have his or her storyline unlocked in any story, it'll get unlocked. Just like in Sonic Adventure. You have to complete all six stories to unlock the last story then.


Cutscene #1

It's a regular Saturday night in the town they call New Hanson. The locals are running around the city doing their last minute errands before they drive back to their homes in the sub-urban area. While other folks would go to their apartments on top of stores, trying to make a living in a big city, dreaming of big futures. Yes, it really was a regular Saturday night. At least, that's what it was for awhile.

But of course, this was going to be a different kind of night. And the people realized when a giant airship hovered above the city. Then robots started jumping down from the airship comminiting a full on assault on the city. Yes, it was a day like no other. Eggman's new robots looked strong, yet they had this goofy appeal to them that would always tell you they're Eggman's robots. Some of them looked like overweight humans, while others could crush you with their foot. The people of New Hanson were all screaming as the robots were attacking the city.

Then, the person responsible for such a surprise attack, came hovering down in his classic old mobile we've all come to love. The seat was just big enough to fit his egg sized tummy. Dr. Eggman entered the city with his mobile, coming down from his enormous airship. He had a very devilous smile on his face, as he looked at all the destruction his own robots were inflicting towards the city. He let out a loud evil laugh as a reaction to what they were doing.

"Oo hoo hoo hoo!" said Eggman. "People of New Hanson, I know you all are scared out of your minds, but all you have to do is surrender the chaos emerald in your musuem, or I'll just take it by force!" Yes, New Hanson kept a chaos emerald inside their musuem, it was the thing to see for tourists who traveled to New Hanson. It would be under enormous security, which is why the people decided to store it there.

The scene then switches over to the top of the buildings. And suddenly, a blue hedgehog came hopping on the buildings from afar. Until he reached a building where he could get a good view of what Eggman was doing. Yes, it was none other then Sonic the Hedgehog, Eggman's arch nemesis. As Sonic looked down at Eggman, he had this smirk on his face as he cracked his knuckles. "It took ya long enough Eggman!" he shouted. Sonic then jumps down to all the action, and begins homing attacking all of the robots effortlessly.

"WHAT?!" Eggman then said reacting to the site of his robots being attacked by a speedy blue ball. "ARGH, not that hedgehog again!" Eggman slammed his hand on the mobile, letting out his suddenly gained frustration.

Sonic then lands onto Eggman's mobile, making Eggman almost lose his balance due to Sonic's impact, but he still remains seated in his mobile. Sonic then said, keeping his smirk, "Hey Eggman, long time no see! It's nice that I finally get to play with your toys again!"

Eggman's face was furious, angry at the damage Sonic had caused to his army in literally seconds. He was sure Sonic wouldn't turn up in New Hanson, but he did. But then, a thought suddenly came to Eggman's plan. Knowing how annoying the blue hedgehog could be, he had prepared a little extra something. Eggman's face grew a smirk, and then he started to laugh evily in a calm way.

"What's so funny?" Sonic was puzzled. He wasn't used to Eggman smirking after having half of his army disassembled in seconds. Sonic's facial expression was trying to maintain the cocky attitude, but parts of it showed worry and curiousity, as Eggman only laughed when he had a good reason to.

"I knew you'd somehow screw up my plans Sonic, so I have a little surprise just for you! Come forth Fuse" Who was Fuse? Well, the world would soon find out as Eggman had raised his hand high in the sky while calling out this Fuse.

"Fuse?" What did Eggman have in store for the blue hero this time? Sonic instantly found out, when he was suddenly struck in the back by a lightling bolt. He fell to the cold street ground, feeling much pain from such a surprising attack. But he did get up, without expressing his pain in a few common words. He turned around and came face to face with the assaulter. "What the?"

"So this is Sonic," said Fuse. Fuse looked like a hedgehog with a pretty interesting looking hairdo that seemed to be covered in electricity at the moment. He was colored yellow and black, and wore a black leather coat. The electricity lowered down, and his real figure was seen now. "The way my master described you, I thought you'd be more threatening," he said with quite the attitude you'd expect from Eggman.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Fuse, Fuse the hedgehog, and if you continue to go against my master, then you'll have to face a very painful death, you wouldn't want that now would you? You may not be very smart, but you should know when to take a hike!" You can tell Fuse had a very cocky attitude, probably given to him from the doctor himself, he had the snarky comments to back him up that could annoy the hell out of anyone.

Sonic regained his posture and began to stand in a fighting position. He smirked at his challenger, saying, "Well then, bring it on!"

And thus, the fight began. Sonic began repeatately homing attacking Fuse. But Fuse kept blocking each homing attack with his arms. Sonic then tried to keep throwing rapid punches at Fuse, but Fuse also kept blocking punch after punch, and then he'd keep blocking kick after kick. Sonic then stopped, looking exhausted thinking about how impossible it seemed to lay even a hand on Fuse.

"Is this the best you can do? I can't believe I'm sharing a battlefield with such trash!" Fuse then grabs Sonic's hand and electrocutes him with his powers. Sonic screams in pain, it wasn't very fun to be electrocuted like you were a plugged TV that was thrown into the water. Fuse then let's go of Sonic and watches Sonic crash into a building and fall to the ground because of the shock.

Eggman then came flying out of the musuem in his mobile, and then he shouted, "Fuse, let's go! I've got the emerald!" Eggman then flies up and gets into his airship, awaiting Fuse to follow.

"Well, looks like we'll have to continue this another day," said Fuse, with a smirk coming to his face. "When we meet again, please bring your fighting skills with you." Fuse then super jumped all the way into the airship, leaving a line of electricity in his path that disappeared a few seconds later. The airship then flew away, and New Hanson could rest peacefully again, even though their chaos emerald was just stolen.

Sonic gets up and watches Eggman's airship fly off into a faraway land with this stern look on his face. And the cutscene then ends.

Cutscene #2

The next day, Sonic was taking a stroll through Morrow Valley. He eventually found himself sitting on a tree branch just thinking to himself. In his mind, Sonic says, "Fuse, I wonder where he came from."

"Sonic!" screamed a two-tailed fox that was all too familiar to Sonic. It was Miles "Tails" Prower. Sonic's sidekick is probably what you'd call him, but Sonic likes to treat Tails like an equal partner since Tails does help out Sonic alot everytime they go on a new adventure. Tails flies over to Sonic, and takes a seat on the tree branch next to him.

Sonic was happy to see his yellow friend. He always was happy, because Tails always put a smile on his face. "Hey Tails! What's up?"

"I just wanted to know how you were doing Sonic."

"Eh, just thinking is all." Sonic then looked out into the sky to do some more thinking while listening to Tails speak some more.

"I heard about what happened last night on the news Sonic, I wonder who that Fuse person is."

"Me too Tails. He's really powerful." Sonic took a second, then continued on saying, "I hate to say it, but if Eggman didn't command him to stop, I would've been dead."

"Eggman is obviously up to no good again. I saw his ship above the mountains near here. If I could just scan that Fuse with my scanning device, we could go back to my lab and discover more about him."

"He calls Eggman his master, it just boggles my mind. It's what most of his robots call him actually."

"What are we waiting for then Sonic? If it boggles your mind, we should be investigating right now!"

Sonic smiled and stood on the tree branch. "You're right Tails, there's no use sitting around here all day!"

Sonic and Tails then get off the tree branch, and the cutscene concludes.

Adventure Field: Morrow Vallery

Ah, your first Adventure Field experience of the game. There's only one difference from the Sonic you play in the Adventure Field to the Sonic in action stages, and it's that he takes MUCH longer to reach full speed. But if you boost, then he'll reach top speed instantly. Now that we got that out of the way, if you talk to the locals, they'll point you to the mountains. Some will talk about the ancient palace that lies in the middle of them, others will tell you they saw the hedgehog that attacked Sonic head over there. Get to the mountains and play your first stage.

Stage 01: Celtic Valley

Act 1: Green Valley (Sonic)
Act 2: Celtic Palace (Tails)

Cutscene #3

Sonic and Tails are seen just coming out of the palace gates and stumbling onto the fields yet again. They're walking along taking a look at all their gorgeous surroundings. It's peaceful too, no one really takes time out of their busy schedules to come to the mountains and relax in the fields. They were enjoying it, until they spotted Fuse ahead of them. Sonic and Tails go hide behind some rocks and duck. Sonic didn't want to go out and confront him. He had a bad feeling Fuse could have more attacks, he didn't want to take a chance of dieing in such a place.

"Tails, scan him now, and let's get back to the lab," Sonic whispered to Tails.

Tails nodded, and took out his device. He began to scan Fuse, who had his back turned at the moment. Fuse took out his communicator and began to talk on it, not noticing that Sonic and Tails were right behind them.

"I've retrieved your artifacts master," Fuse said into his communicator.

"Excellent," Dr. Eggman's voice said coming out from the communicator. Apparently, it was a device used so that Fuse and Dr. Eggman could have easy communication. "Return to the base immediately in Future Metropolis! So I can examine those artifacts. They're key to my plan!"

"Got it." Fuse puts the communicator, and nods. He begins to run in the direction that was getting him further and further away from Sonic and Tails. Once he was gone, Sonic and Tails stood up, and Tails put away his device.

"I've got everything I needed Sonic," said Tails feeling quite proud of himself for creating such a useful device.

"Alright Tails, let's head back to the lab so that we can finally learn more about this guy," said Sonic.

And thus, they both started heading out the direction they came from. With Sonic on his feet and Tails in the air, they both ran at lightning speed towards the Mystic Ruins.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Tails' lab is located on top of a hill just like in Sonic Adventure. So just head over to Tails' lab to initiate the next cutscene.

Cutscene #4

Tails' lab got quite the upgrade since the last time it was seen in the Sonic Adventure game. It was much larger now, and probably one of the most technologically advanced labs of all time. If you chose a random spot to look it, you'd always see some kind of invention there Tails had developed. As the two entered the lab, Sonic's face filled with shock at what he saw. He discovered how many things his best friend could actually do, and it was alot.

"Dang Tails, you sure spiffied this place up since the Egg Carrier!" said Sonic as he kept his smile on.

Tails chuckled a bit at Sonic's comment. "I have alot of time on my hands," he said. He then started to head over to the mother computer with his device. Which was the largest item in the room.

Sonic kept walking around observing his surroundings. But then he stopped shocked at what he was seeing. He was staring at a giant plane that was silver painted with a shine on it like it was brand new. It was probably three times the size of the Tornado 2, and it looked very advance. "Woah! Tails, is this the Tornado 3 you said you were working on?"

"Yep!" Tails ran over to Sonic and looked like he was very proud to go and tell Sonic about his newest creation. "It's still not complete though, it still isn't running properly during performance."

"Well, it looks good to me, nice job Tails!" Sonic gave Tails a thumbs up, and Tails looked like he definitely appreciated the thumbs up.

But before Tails could respond with actual words to Sonic's comment, Tails' computer made a beeping noise. Tails quickly ran over to the computer, and Sonic followed staring at the screen.

"Alright Sonic, let's discover who this Fuse really is." Tails began typing on his computer until results had shown up on the screen. Tails then looked up, and he stepped back in shock. "No way!"

Sonic wasn't really bothered to read the wall of text that had appeared on Tails' screen, so he did the simpler way to get the information. "What is it Tails?"

"Apparently, Fuse is an artificially created hedgehog created from Shapharah technology. I thought scientists were still trying to figure out how that all worked. They estimated they wouldn't be able to in 20 years at least."

"I guess the doctor is a step ahead for once."

"His internal body is just interesting! Take a look at this chart."

Tails pushed a button on his keyboard, and then this body chart came up on the computer. Sonic stares at the screen, and then is taken aback at what he is seeing. He was in so much shock, he actually screamed woah.

"Yes, definitely woah Sonic," said Tails. "If Eggman is able to create that hedgehog, who knows what else Eggman can create with this technology!" Tails turned around to Sonic looked very worried, with quite the frown to top it off. "Sonic, what are we gonna do?"

"Eggman told Fuse they have a secret base in Future Metropolis. Let's get to that base and get some answers!"

"Right Sonic!" Tails then started running outside. But before Sonic followed, Sonic said to himself, "Fuse, we've got some talking to do." Sonic then follows Tails out the lab and the cutscene ends.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Go get on a train and get to Future Metropolis.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

Alright, now you need to go hunt for a Egghead's base, sounds simple. Tails will tell you he has an Eggman tech detector. So if you're near something created by Eggman, it'll go beeping. So, just start exploring the town until the device is actually beeping. You'll be led to the front of a building, with a familiar hedgehog standing in front of it.

Cutscene #5

Sonic and Tails were walking, but then they came to a halt when they notice a familiar hedgehog that was standing right in front of them. He was standing in front of the large Future Metropolis lab, observing the building. He had black fur, with red colored stripes in his hair. With that white furred chest, it was none other then Shadow the Hedgehog.

"Sonic, Tails," Shadow said as he turned to the two. "What are you two doing here?"

"Oh Shadow, don't you wanna do some small talk first buddy?" asked Sonic in a pretty sarcastic tone. He always liked to talk that way to Shadow, they were once great rivals, but they were now good friends. Well, according to Sonic, they were.

"I don't really have the time for that Sonic. I'm on a mission for G.U.N. and I need to continue with it immediately."

"What's the rush Shadow? We haven't talked in awhile actually now that I think about it."

"Just what are you two doing here anyway?"

"Word is that Dr. Eggman has a base somewhere here in Future Metropolis, but Tails and I can't find anything."

"Well then Sonic, perhaps I can help you. You see, I know where the doctor's base is."

Sonic's face showed a look of interest in his eyes, thinking he had just found the answer to the big question he and Tails were trying to solve. "So where is it then?"

Shadow stepped over to the two, then said, "The doctor's newest base is in the digital world. But there is a teleportation pod in this lab the Future Metropolis scientists have set up that you can use to get into it. They were able to make it using some Eggman tech they found."

"I guess that's what the Eggman detector was beeping for then," Tails concluded.

"Wow, digital eh? And just when you think the egghead ran out of ideas," Sonic said. Sonic liked the idea of traveling into a digital base, it sounded like a fun way to spend some time, he got tired of the regular type of Eggman bases. But this was something new he wanted to try out. "Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Shadow nods, and he walks into the lab, with Sonic and Tails following. Inside, there was a teleportation pod right in front of them inside the white room that had beeping sounds coming from all kinds of gizmos and gadgets. Shadow jumps right into it and disappears in a flash. Tails then follows, then Sonic.

Cutscene #6

The digital world had a black sky, but there were bright lights everywhere coming from all kinds of circuits, lands, and all kinds of other things you'd see in a digital world. It must be cool to be inside a giant computer, that's what it looked like.

Suddenly, Sonic and Tails appeared and landed on the ground. They looked around in amazement at what was Eggman's new base. They wondered how Eggman was able to program this entire thing, and how long it had taken.

"Woah!" Tails said. "Look at this place!"

"Eggman's outdone himself, I gotta admit," said Sonic.

"Where did Shadow go? Did he appear someone else?" Tails was right, there was no Shadow in sight, as the two looked around for any traces of the black hedgehog. Not at the left, not at the right, not in the air, not falling to his doom in the endless pit.

Sonic then just turned to Tails coming to a realization, saying, "Shadow has his own mission, let's go hunt Eggman down in this place!"

"Okay!" And the two start moving to explore the digital world for a fat mustached man.

Stage 02: Egg Circuit

Act 1: Egg Factory (Tails)
Act 2: Speed Circuit (Sonic)

Cutscene #7

Sonic kept on running, and Tails kept on flying. But then they came to a halt as they see there is a path on the left and a path on the right.

Luckily, Tails was quick to think when he said, "I'll go to the left, and you go to the right Sonic! We'll keep in touch with our communicators."

Sonic nods and they head off to their assigned paths. The camera follows Sonic as he runs at top speed in the same direction for quite a bit. But then he stops and falls to the ground, when he gets struck in the back by a lighting bolt.

"Well, someone's been a naughty little hedgehog," Fuse said as he walked over to the blue hedgehog who was on the floor lying helpless.

"Y-you again," Sonic struggled to say as he got up on his feet.

"You're not supposed to be here you know, so I hope you don't mind if I teach you a lesson pest!"

"Heh bring it on! I'm not losing this time!"

Boss 01: Fuse

This boss is in 2.5D. If you let Fuse grab hold of you, you will probably be gone as that's when he unleashed his most powerful attack. Sonic's speed is no doubt key. When Fuse is preparing to attack, that's your chance to attack. You just avoid his other attacks.

Cutscene #8

Breathe in, and breathe out. That's what everyone does especially after a tiring battle. Sonic and Fuse were no exception. They were both pretty exhausted from their fight. They seemed to be surprisingly evenly matched this time around, unlike last time. But then again, last time wasn't a full-fledged fight.

A smile came to Fuse's face, as he said, "I must admit, you've learned a thing or two since our first encounter."

"I'm stronger then I look," Sonic said in his usual cocky attitude. "After all, the egghead hasn't succeeded yet with me around before!"

"Yes, that's an inevitable fact Sonic, which is why you should be ashamed of yourself."

Sonic chuckled at Fuse's silly little comment, and said, "Ashamed that I saved the world millions of times? And put an end to his evil schemes?"

Fuse chuckled back. "No, ashamed of what you did way back before I entered your world."

Sonic had a puzzled look on his face, wondering what Fuse had meant by what he just said. "What are you talking about?"

Fuse walked over to Sonic slowly, until his face was just inches away from his. "You see Sonic, here's what you did that was just horrifying. The doctor, gave you the best gift any man could give, and you repay him by foiling every single one of his plans for too long. What a horrible way to say thank you, for what he did for you."

Sonic's face suddenly showed much worry. His reaction to what Fuse had said was quite horrid. He didn't know what to think of it, because he somehow knew what Fuse was talking about. Every single detail too. But he tried to cover up this reaction by saying, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"What? I'm just stating the truth." Fuse then started to back off with the evilest looking face on him. He then comes to a stop, and says, "I'm sorry you can't handle the truth Sonic."

"I've had enough!" And Sonic's screaming definitely showcased his real thoughts, he really did grow tired of Fuse's words. He never was the kind of person to get angry, but Fuse did cross a line. What line it was, only Sonic seemed to know. "You're going down!"

Sonic then starts to charge at Fuse, getting ready to homing attack him. But Fuse becomes engulfed in electricity and spins the blue ball away, electricuting him at the same time.

" won't...," Sonic began to say as he got closer and closer into an unconscious state.

"I won't what Sonic?" Fuse asked.

Sonic's eye lids then close, and the cutscene ends.

Cutscene #9

The scene is in this green jungle where life seemed to be on every corner. After you get a look at the jungle, the camera zooms to this blue hedgehog in a black metallic suit. With black goggles covering his eyes. It was definitely Sonic, but with an extremely strange suit on him not ever seen on him before.

"This must be the place," he says. Sonic then begins running forward at lightning speed.

Stage 03: Mushroom Jungle

Act 1: Mushroom Swamp (Sonic)
Act 2: Jungle Joyride (Sonic)

Cutscene #10

Why exactly is Sonic in this place you ask? Well all questions are now answered, as Sonic is seen walking over to a chaos emerald. "There it is," he says in a serious manner. Unlike how Sonic usually says things. Sonic then bends down and grabs the emerald. And the cutscene fades to white.

Cutscene #11

The scene takes place back in the digital base. Sonic is seen taking a little nap inside what you'd call a digital jail cell. But then, his eyelids begin to open, eventually following with Sonic sitting up. Signaling that he has gotten up. "Woah, I hadn't had that dream in years," said Sonic. He stands up, still feeling a little sleepy.

"SONIC!!!!" someone yelled. The voice was one that Sonic was just too familiar with, unfortunately.

"Oh no, not...," he began to say.

A pink figure came came running to the jail cell Sonic was trapped in. She was none other then Sonic's biggest fan, Amy Rose. Amy looked very happy, as if she had accomplished her life-long goal of marrying Sonic. But something interesting to note, there was a white-furred hedgehog behind Amy.

"Amy, what are you doing here?" Sonic asked in a very annoyed tone.

"My Sonic senses told me you were in here!" Amy said. "See, we're TRULY meant to be together." Amy winked at Sonic and then gave him a smile.

Sonic was successfully able to ignore Amy's words when he noticed a white hedgehog behind Amy, who was observing their conversation in the background. He recognized the hedgehog immediately, they both never really had the closest relationship. Their encounters in the Sonic Rivals series usually ended in fights. But Sonic wasn't looking for a fight, he was looking for a way out. "Silver?"

"It's been a long time Sonic," said Silver.

"You two know each other?" asked Amy. Amy had actually never knew Silver before this game, so realizing there was a new person around she didn't even know about made her a bit disappointed.

Sonic smirked. "So, are you back to save the world again by collecting chao?" he asked.

"No Sonic, you can say I was just dropping in," said Silver.

Amy sighed, and she explained why. "Aww, I thought I was gonna get to introduce you to all of my friends, but it looks like you all had an adventure I was never really a part of!" Amy tried to let it go and then turned to Silver. "Anyway, Silver, work your magic on Sonic's door please!"

Silver nodded. He then closed his eyes, and focused his power on the cage bars of Sonic's cell. As time passed, the bars slowly moved away from the middle, until the area was large enough for Sonic to walk through.

Sonic smiled and walked through to his freedom. He gave a thankful gaze towards Silver, then said, "That's a useful trick you got there."

"Thanks," Silver said reacting to Sonic's statement. "It does come in handy actually, alot." Silver definitely was thankful for his powers. He actually does his fair share of crime fighting in the future, thanks to his powers.

"Well, that's great," Sonic said. He then looked around and asked, "So um, how do we get out of here?"

"There's a teleportation pod we passed coming over here. Let's exit through it."

All three of them nodded, and started running towards pod. Once they reached it, they all one by one jumped into the pod and disappeared. First Amy, then Silver, and then Sonic. You can assume by the way, as Sonic exited the doctor's base, he was definitely thinking about that dream. A dream, that held so many secrets.

Cutscene #12

The setting is deep in the Morrow Valley forest. The sky is orange, which means that nighttime would be approaching soon. The forest actually looked quite beautiful under the orange light. But things weren't as beautiful as they seemed, especially for the hedgehog that just appeared out of nowhere, landing on his feet. He looked at his surroundings, enjoying the peace.

"Heh, I'm glad I'm out of that cell," said Sonic. Sonic then gave a little chuckle. "Worst service ever too, doesn't Eggman know how to treat his prisoners? I didn't even wake up to a chili dog!" Sonic scratches his head and looks around. "Looks like Amy and Silver appeared somewhere else. I wonder if Tails got out of that lab safely..." Sonic looked into the sky, and then nodded. "I've got something to take care of first before I look for Tails."

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

So, what's Sonic's little business he needs to take care of? If you talk to the locals, they'll tell you about the ancient Nubian city in the desert. So get out of the forest and head to the entrance to the desert. But you notice you can't actually enter, the gate is locked shut. There's a guard next to the gate, who tells you you need special permission to enter, even if you are Sonic the Hedgehog. Well...unless you can help him do a selfish task. He tells you he'll let you in if you go find his daughter here and talk to her. She's apparently a big fan. Find someone that looks like they're related to the guard, and when you find the girl and talk to her, you have gained entry into this city.

Stage 04: Nubian Desert

Act 1: Desert Gardens (Sonic)
Act 2: Nubian Pyramid (Sonic)

Cutscene #13

The setting is outside of the pyramid as Sonic comes out of the exit running. He eventually comes to a stop on the sand though, and looks at his surroundings. Four totem poles surrounded him as he stood right in the middle of them. "This is the spot," he said, nodding.

Suddenly, Sonic started kicking more sand into the spot he was previously standing on. This was pretty strange behavior for Sonic, and you aren't the only one to see that, because a red echidna was lurking the desert.

"Sonic?" asked the red echidna, sounding quite confused about Sonic's actions.

Sonic heard his name loud and clear. He quickly came to a halt and turned around to face the figure, who was much too familiar to him. "K-knuckles! What's up?"

"Um, why are you kicking sand?" Knuckles was a world famous treasure hunter. He had the job of protecting the master emerald, which he took very seriously. He knows how much power the master emerald actually has, and he knew the dangers it could cause in the wrong hands. He never left it out of his sight, thought there were times he'd slip up.

Sonic tried to think of an answer to the question. Just like his speed, he found an answer quickly.. "Oh, I was just kickin' some sand cause I was just thinking. I guess I kick sand while I think. Heh heh."

"Yeah..." Knuckles didn't much buy Sonic's story, but he had affairs of his own to deal with, so he didn't think too much about it. "Well, I need to get back to what I was doing."

Sonic knew Knuckles very well, and knew there was only one thing he'd be up to. "Looking for the master emerald pieces?"

Knuckles was definitely caught off guard by Sonic's comment. He really didn't think Sonic would figure it out that easily. But then again, it was Sonic after all. "How do you know?"

"Come on, I know you Knuckles. Why else would you be in the middle of the desert?" Sonic then winked at Knuckles.

"Argh, fine. Well then, I'm going to continue on with that then, see ya." And right then, Knuckles glided off. Sonic waved back at him, and ran off in the other direction.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Sonic tells you he should start looking for Tails. If you talk to the locals, they'll tell you that they saw a fox a little while ago, but a hedgehog had captured him and taken him to Eggman's airship, which is heading to New Hanson. So go take that train to New Hanson.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Alot of the locals will be screaming in terror, because they just saw Eggman's airship fly above their city. That's what they'll tell you if you talk to them. Some will say the airship is currently flying above the canyons, which the train station is located at. Well, you were just at the train station so go back, and you'll easily find the gate to the canyons. But um, it's locked. The guard says he'd be happy to let you through but...he forgot where the switch was to open it. Go explore around the train station and find that switch. Activate it, and enter stage numbah 5.

Stage 05: Orange Tracks

Act 1: Railway Tracks (Sonic)
Act 2: Orange Canyons (Sonic)

Cutscene #14

The setting is on the highest canyon in the valley. Sonic is seen running on it, getting closer and closer to Eggman's airship. He then makes a huge leap for the ship, and makes it without a scratch. He had quite the smirk on the face, wondering what Eggman's reaction will be to him coming on board. "Tails! I'm coming!"

"Oh no you don't!" said a voice too familiar to Sonic. This figure was inside a big battle robot, which hovered down to Sonic's level. It was none other then Dr. Eggman, as he revealed himself by having the little glass on top open. "Well, looks like a pesky rodent has stuck his nose in some business on the wrong airship!"

"Eggman, I'll go away as soon as ya let go of Tails." Sonic then smiled. "Think we got a deal?"

"If only it were that simple. I'll just crush you into hedgehog bits instead!"

Boss 02: Egg Soldier

What does this thing basically look like? An egg pawn that's taken steroids for a year. It can fly too obviously. This is a 3D on-rails boss. There's a very easy way to defeat this boss. First, you need to avoid its attacks, which are...

- smash you with a hammer
- throw one of its fists at you
- slam ground attacking you with shockwave
- grabs you and punches all the rings out of you

Once he's done attacking, he'll show his weak spot. Homing attack it, and that will initiate a button pressing sequence which if done correctly, could deal major damage. Mess up once and you'll stop dealing those hard blows.

Cutscene #15

The setting is on the front of Eggman's airship. Eggman's machine is exploding in all sorts of parts on it. So Eggman is forced to fly his mobile out of it. But as he flew off, he didn't hesitate to say, "CURSE YOU HEDGEHOG!!!!!"

Sonic clapped his hands smiling at the excitement of witnessing another defeat of the evil scientist. "Yes! Take that Eggman!" But as soon as the blue blur stopped celebrating, he began wondering where Tails was again. He started looking around yet again.

"Sonic!" screamed a voice that would relieve Sonic at last. The yellow fox came flying over to Sonic and then lands right in front of him.

"Tails! I'm so glad you're okay!" Sonic patted Tails on the back, basically his substitution for a hug.

"I'm glad you're safe too. I was able to escape Eggman's base even though that path led me into this nearly impossible maze. I thought I'd never get out of there."

"Well, did you discover anything while we were separated?"

Tails' voice suddenly seemed to sound more depressing, as he said, "Actually Sonic, I have something I need to tell you."

Sonic's face grew stern, as he sensed that Tails had some unpleasant news to tell him. "What is it Tails?"

"Well okay, here it goes." The scene suddenly changes to a flashback in Morrow Valley. Tails was flying towards his lab.

The narranator of this flashback, Tails, says, "Well after I made it out of the maze, I found this giant motherboard computer on the other side. There was a disk sitting on it, so I decided to take it. Then I exited the base and tried to get to my lab in Morrow Valley to examine the disk. But..." The Tails in the flashback was then struck by a lightning bolt, and then he fell to the ground. The assaulter was none other then Fuse. "Ugh...." Tails groaned.

"Fuse came at me by surprise, and I became Eggman's prisoner," said the narranator Tails.

The scene then changes into inside Eggman's airship, where Tails was being kept prisoner inside the electric prison cell. Tails looked exhausted, his eyes barely open. "Well...Eggman had some kind of gas on me, and I revealed some of the information I had dug up earlier," said the narranator Tails. "And what was that?" asked Sonic.

"Now Tails, this is your old pal Sonic!" said Eggman in the flashback.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sonicccccccccccc," said the flashback Tails. "What's upppppppppppp?"

"Can you tell me how to get into the Xiao Temple in Morrow Valley buddy?" asked Eggman in his best Sonic mimicking voice, which was purposely done in a way to make Sonic seem like this annoyance. It was very corny, sounding overly heroic.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, that's easyyyyyyyyyyyy!" said the flashback Tails.

"So I told him, the gas wore out after an hour and I was feeling horrible," said the narranator Tails. The flashback then ended, and the scene transferred back to the present. "Sonic, I'm sorry." Tails' head then lowered down.

Sonic put his hand on Tails' back, with the smile returning to his face. "It's alright Tails, the egghead wasn't playing fair. But why does Eggman wanna know how to get into that temple? It's in the middle of that old city that's under the worst snow storm possible."

"It's because this Shapharah technology was created by four great civilizations that were in Morrow Valley living together at the same time. It was one of the only times the civilizations were actually able to work together, otherwise, they were always at war with each other. I'm thinking Eggman wants to gain more info about this technology to advance in whatever plan he has."

"Um Tails....isn't that temple the opposite of the direction this ship seems to be heading?"

And after much thinking, the two came to a conclusion, and then they screamed unaminously, "He's making sure we're nowhere near him!"

"Quick Tails, let's get off this sorry excuse for a ship and get going to that Xiao civilization!"

Tails nodded. Sonic then runs and jumps off the airship, with Tails following by flying down.

Stage 06: Palmtree Ocean

Act 1: Whale Ocean (Sonic)
Act 2: Palmtree Resort (Tails)

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Well, if you paid attention to the cutscene, you need to go to the Xiao civilization. So, get on a train and head out to Morrow Valley.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Get to the entrance to the Xiao Arctics. It's apparently so cold inside though the door is frozen shut. So Tails says he has a heating device in the lab. Go to the lab and find the heating device. Collect it, then head to the door, and melt the ice in a lil mini game.

Stage 07: Xiao Arctics

Act 1: Polar Town (Sonic)
Act 2: Xiao Temple (Tails)

Cutscene #16

Sonic and Tails are walking in the great Xiao temple, which lies directly in the center of the civilization. They looked at their surroundings in amazement, hardly believing people that long ago could build such a beautiful building. Morrow Valley was definitely filled with incredible treasures.

"How is it snowing here?" asked Sonic. "I mean, isn't it sunny everywhere else? It makes no sense why it's below zero degrees in here."

"Legend says the people here abused the Shapharah technology the most. It was said the experiments they were conducting became out of their control. This angered the gods, so they were cursed with eternal snow storms," said Tails. There didn't seem to be a question on Earth he couldn't answer.

"The snow storms must've killed the entire civilization."

"It's really unfortunate, because this looked like a great civilization." Sonic and Tails continued walking until they saw an opened treasure chest. They quickly ran to it, and saw this speaker shaped like Eggman's head inside it. Tails grabbed it and pushed the button on it.

"Muh ha ha ha ha!" shouted Eggman from the speaker. "You're too late pesky hedgehog! Better luck next time!"

"Typical Eggman, gloating to our faces even when he's not here," said Sonic. He chuckled at how much Eggman valued a victory, considering how much he actually loses to the hedgehog.

"Sonic...I think I'm starting to figure out what Eggman could really be up to," said Tails.

Sonic turned to Tails with a curious eye. "What do you think he's planning then?"

"You see, the only reason I would think Eggman would want something in this chest is for more information on using Shapharah technology. I can bet you what was in this chest were artifacts on how the Xiao used Shapharah technology. I'm starting to think Eggman wants to create something with this technology that could help him take over the entire world. Why else would he had taken what was in this chest? Plus, he was looking for the chaos emeralds too, it's all starting to make sense Sonic!"

"So then, what do you think we otta do then Tails?"

"Well, we were at the Celtic civilization earlier and we know Fuse collected something for Eggman there. We don't know if he went to the Nubian Desert yet or the mysterious fourth civilization."

"Wait, the fourth civilization that took part in this is unknown?"

"Yes Sonic, there are more then just four civilizations here in Morrow Valley, no one has been able to discover which fourth civilization took part in this. But all the three known civilizations say there was a fourth one, but the name of it is untranslateable. But Sonic, I think it's still possible to find that fourth civilization if I just do some research back at the Future Metropolis library."

"So then I'll go check out things in the Nubian desert and if the artifacts are still there, I take em?"

"Yea Sonic, and I'll find out where that fourth civilization is and then we can go and take the artifacts from there and make sure Eggman can't progress anymore in his plans."

"Sounds good to me Tails!" Sonic then gave Tails a thumbs up, showing his appreciation for his help.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Wait, we already went to the desert right? What's the good in playing a stage twice? That's why this time, now you're going to be playing as Tails in the Adventure Field! So, you know what Tails said, get onto the train and head to Future Metropolis. However, the worker next to the train will tell you some train tracks ahead are broken, so you'll have to get off there and make the rest of the way on foot.

Stage 08: Metal Highway

Act 1: Highway City (Tails)
Act 2: Metal Plaza (Tails)

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

You're still in control of Tails, because you've now finally arrived to Future Metropolis. Go around the city and search for the library. The locals can help point you in the right direction. So go and get to the library.

Cutscene #17

The Future Metropolis library was an enormous sight to behold. Bookcases filled with books stood everywhere. You could see the third floor from the first floor and it looks like the third floor is almost up in the sky. It was a huge library alright, but all Tails needed was a table and a few books. He was studying a Celtic document, a Xiao document, and a Nubian document, which all named the fourth civilization. He even had his glasses on, that's how into the documents he was.

"What all three of them called this fourth civilization, what's the exact definition of these three names?" wondered Tails. Tails looked in the dictionary, "Hm, it means a place of treasure, and advanced transportation technology. Advanced transportation technology......which civilization should that make me think of?"

Tails spent some time thinking. But then suddenly, Tails' face took the look of someone who had just obtained the answer to one of the most complicated math equations of all time. "That's gotta be it!" he screamed, which was followed by various shhs across the room. Tails didn't care though, as he ran out the library door.

Cutscene #18

Sonic had just come back from the Nubian Desert, and is seen running around Morrow Valley. "Tails sounded like he just created the answer to world peace, I better head to the train station and wait for him to get here," Sonic said to himself. But then, Sonic came to a halt, when he noticed something strange was standing in front of him in the Morrow Valley. They were two ladies, holding some emeralds. "Blaze? Cream?" asked Sonic.

The purple cat and orange rabbit turned their bodies around and came to face with Sonic.

"Mr. Sonic!" said Cream in her usual happy tone. Cream was the most friendly person in the world. She loved life and always made sure to make people smile. "It's so good to see you!"

"It's good to see you too Cream, " said Sonic. "Why's Blaze here? And aren't those the Sol Emeralds?"

"Oh, it's simple Sonic," said Blaze. "You see, Eggman Nega..."

"...LOVES to crash parties," said a voice much too familiar to Blaze. The three turned to where the voice came from and saw that Eggman Nega was flying in the air sitting inside his newest creation. It looked like a giant robotic hawk that could pick up a chunk of Morrow Valley and throw it into the ocean.

"Eggman Nega!" all three of them shouted.

"Oh Sonic, what a pleasant surprise, I get to make you disappear too!" shouted Eggman Nega. "Unless Blaze gives me those Sol Emeralds of course. I got them first fair and square my darling."

"You stole them by pulling them out of my hands!" shouted a very angry Blaze. "Not a chance you madman!"

"Hmp, very well then," said Eggman Nega. "Nega Hawk, looks like we'll have to teach these three a lesson yet again!"

Boss 03: Nega Hawk

This is another 3D on-rails boss. You'll be chasing after a robot hawk all around Morrow Valley. There are sure to be obstacles you'll need to avoid with jumping and quick stepping. The hawk has attacks too though! It can...

- move its wings and send shockwaves
- shoot bullets
- scream at you attacking you with more shockwaves

Unfortunately, you need to do something to make the weak spot show. To do that, you need to homing attack the bullets it shoots at you back until a weak spot is revealed. Then, you repeatately homing attack that spot until your fingers bleed. And this keeps on going til you finally defeat this boss.

Cutscene #19

Sonic and Blaze both land on the ground in Morrow Valley after spinning right through the hawk together. They high-fived each other reacting to what they both just did, which was a quick victory. But then, they realized the hawk was crashing into where they were. And even though they both were very fast, even they weren't quick enough to escape before the enormous robot crashed into them. They both then entered an unconcious state.

Cutscene #20

The setting is inside the G.U.N. headquarters Sonic is seen in the suit he was in before at the jungle in his previous dream. Sonic began running from box to box. He seemed to be sneaking through the headquarters. He then begins running through the hallway.

Stage 09: Grand Fortress

Act 1: Grand Headquarters (Sonic)
Act 2: Battle Fortress (Sonic)

Cutscene #21

Sonic pushes a button and unlocks the large gate in front of him deep inside the GUN headquarters. He enters the newly unlocked room. There was a giant capsule in the middle of the room. He jumped and punched the capsule, and took out the item that was inside. It was a chaos emerald. The security was no match for Sonic. "Mission accomplished....master," said Sonic into his communicator. Then suddenly, the alarm sounds, and the cutscene fades into white.

Cutscene #22

The setting reverts back to reality, as a blue hedgehog lies on grass in Morrow Valley, with no one around him, except scrap pieces of the Nega Hawk. His eyes suddenly open, as Sonic looks around at his surroundings. Still lying down, he says, "Why am I getting these dreams again? It's in the past now, I shouldn't be dreaming about it all of a sudden." Sonic looked frustrated about his dream.

"Sonic, you're okay!" screamed a yellow fox that came flying over to Sonic with a first aid kit. "I guess I got this for nothing." He lowered down and stood on the ground, then put the kit down.

"Well, thanks anyway bud," said Sonic. "Where did Blaze and Cream head off to?" Sonic then slowly started to get up.

Tails responded saying, "They're collecting the Sol Emeralds so they continued their search. They hoped you'd be fine. But we've go tour own problems Sonic. Did you find anything in the Nubian Desert?"

"Naw Tails, Eggman got there before I did too. You know, I've never really lost a race before, and it sucks!"

"Well, hopefully we can get to the fourth civilization first. I've discovered what the fourth civilization is by the way! At least, I think I did. I feel really confident about this though!"

"Well okay then Tails, let's hear it!"

"I'm pretty sure the fourth civilization Eggman doesn't have any artifacts from is.........................Babylon Garden."

"What? They have a part in this too?"

"It makes sense Sonic, there's treasure that was in Babylon Garden, and the civilization was best known for its transportation technology. It has to be Babylon Garden! I don't think the Babylon Rouges realize that their ancestors had a part in this though."

"Well Tails, you're pretty smart, so if you say it's Babylon Garden, then it's gotta be! Let's get going!"

Sonic then began running towards the direction of Babylon Garden, with Tails following him by flying.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Well, you should know where to look. Go and find the floating island of Babylon Garden. Once you do, you're going to have to have Tails fly you over to the island. So when Tails is in the air, jump into him and get a ride to Babylon Garden.

Stage 10: Air Babylon

Act 1: Air Winds (Sonic)
Act 2: Babylon Castle (Tails)

Cutscene #23

Sonic and Tails are inside the Babylon castle. They continue walking until they spot a treasure chest. They quickly run to the chest and open it. They were delighted to find that the artifacts were still in there. Tails took them out, and then the duo high-fived each other.

"Alright, looks like we're still the faster ones bud!" said Sonic. They both then exited the castle looking very proud of themselves.

But then suddenly, Sonic got struck in the back by a lightning bolt. It was of course, Fuse. He falls to the ground.

"Sonic!" screamed Tails in worry. His face filled with horror, as his face met Fuse's.

"Now, unless you want to die a very awful way, handover those artifacts!" shouted Fuse. "You may have made a VERY stupid decision trying to take them away from my master, but I'll give you another chance since I know you two value your lives." Then Fuse blew up with quite the evil laugh, he's probably been really working on it.

Sonic stood up quickly gaining his balance quickly. He took a look at Fuse, then said, "You'll have to do better then that if you want em!"

Fuse chuckled. "Oh fine, I guess I'll humor you. Move aside you rat!"

Boss 04: Fuse 2.0

This boss is in 2.5D just like the last one. Fuse has a larger energy bar, and it's a bit trickier to attack him. Because this entire boss takes place on floating platforms. With a bottomless pit on the bottom. So when you attack him with your homing attack, make sure you know where you're landing after the attack.

Cutscene #24

Fuse falls to the ground after a humiliating defeat from the looks of it. Sonic walks over to Fuse and chuckles, just figuring out he finally defeated the hedgehog. "I guess I brought my fighting skills this time," said Sonic.

Tails' face was filled with joy, that it took him five seconds to realize Eggman just took the artifacts out of his hands at that moment. Tails looked at his hands, he looked everywhere for where the artifacts went. He then looked at Eggman in his mobile and realized what happened.

"Good job distracting them Fuse! I shall meet up with you later." Eggman then starts to fly towards his airship.

Fuse then gets up and attacks Sonic with a thunder bolt, who then falls to the ground.

"Oh no Sonic!" screamed Tails in horror. "I'm sorry!"

"Ugh....," groaned Sonic. "Y-you w-won't get away with...this."

Luckily for the two though, a box then hurled into Fuse and makes Fuse fall to the ground. Sonic and Tails looked behind them and saw that Silver and Amy were standing behind them. It was Silver who threw that box.

"Amy!" said Tails in joy. "Thank goodness you and Silver are here!"

"Sonic, Tails, you two need to go stop that mustached maniac, Silver will take care of Fuse!" said Amy.

Sonic nodded, so did Tails. Tails started to fly, and once Sonic grabbed onto his legs, they both started flying up.

Cutscene #25

Sonic and Tails were expecting to see only one airship. But actually, there were hundreds of airships. It was Egg Fleet 2.0. The duo lands on one of the smaller airships and they then take a look at their surroundings.

"Boy, Eggman sure has alot of time on his hand!" said Sonic. "I wonder if he's planning some kind of attack with this fleets?"

"Whatever he's planning Sonic, we need to get back those artifacts!" concluded Tails. "We need to get to the main airship up ahead, and then find Eggman!"

"You're right buddy! Hey egghead, we're coming!"

Stage 11: Sky Fleet

Act 1: Sky Army (Tails)
Act 2: Battle Fleet (Sonic)

Cutscene #26

Sonic and Tails were finally on the main airship. But it was finally nighttime by the time they got there. They hoped there weren't too late to stop Eggman. They suddenly stopped, where they spot a robotic like snake descending towards them.

The head opens up and Dr. Eggman stands up revealing himself. "Well well, you must be thrilled to have gotten here," said Eggman. "But you shouldn't be, because now I get to crush you into tiny hedgehog bits myself! You can't stop me Sonic! As soon as I rid of you, I'll read those artifacts, create the ultimate weapon, and then my plan can finally be set in motion. I, Dr. Eggman will rule, not only this planet, but the entire UNIVERSE!" Eggman then let out an enormous evil laugh.

Sonic smirked, Eggman was really excited, it was kind of amusing. "Well Eggman, it's too bad I have to spoil the party and make sure that doesn't happen. Let's get this started shall we?"

Boss 05: Egg Snake

It's the final battle, and Eggman has a robotic snake for you, yay. This boss is in BOTH 2.5D and 3D on-rails. To attack, you homing attack the robot when Eggman comes out of the head to gloat at Sonic, just like in Sonic's last boss in Sonic Adventure. Its attacks are...

- throw bombs at you
- shoot bullets at you
- fire the laser cannon
- summon robots (2.5D)
- squash you (3D)
- eat you and spit you into the air (2nd time he does you get thrown off the airship and die!)

When his health is low, a button sequence will initiate that you must succeed in to defeat the Egg Snake. If you mess up once, he regains health and you need to go damage him again

Cutscene #28

Eggman is seen falling like an egg all the way towards the ground. "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!!" he screams. Sonic and Tails walk to the edge of the ship and wave goodbye to him.

"Great job Sonic!" said Tails happily. "And don't worry, while you two were battling, I found the Babylon artifacts!"

Sonic smiled, then said, "Now, why don't I destroy these really ugly airships?"

"I think that's a great idea Sonic!"

"Alirght then, stand back Tails. You don't wanna go down with the rest of this soon to be trash!"

Tails flew away from Sonic. Sonic then curls into a ball, and starts zapping through ship after ship, each going down into the ocean. They all explode as they fall apart. Sonic then makes the main airship explode, and as it explodes, Sonic flies towards the camera, and does a winning pose.

THE END....for now.


Cutscene #1

It could get really lonely on an island in the sky. But that was the life on this particular red echidna. Besides the ocassional adventures with Sonic and restoring the master emerald when it broke apart, Knuckles' back was always against the master emerald, guarding it with his life at all times. It was the only job he knew, a very important one too. Because in the wrong hands, it can be a very dangerous weapon. He knew that very well, so he never complained about it. Knuckles was the kind of guy that needed a purpose in life.

"It's been awhile since I left this island," Knuckles began saying. "I'm starting to forget what it's like in the real world. But the master emerald needs me, I can't leave this spot." Knuckles continued to just relax, which is all he did on the island, with an occasional visiter. And today was another day he'd get one.

"Hey Knuxie!" Knuckles always knew whose voice that was, to his misfortune. He turns around and his face immediately had an annoyed expression on his face. "Go away!" he said.

The figure landed right in front of Knuckles. It was a very familiar white feminine bat, Rouge. She always wanted to see if Knuckles had feelings for her, then laugh in his face after. She was a complicated person to Knuckles, and Knuckles didn't really enjoy dealing with complicated people. "What, I can't visit dumb red echidnas anymore?" she asked.

Knuckles may not always be the happiest echidna in the nest when Rouge arrives, but he never does anything horrible to her. The only time he actually fought her was in Sonic Adventure 2, when they were just meeting. But now, you could kind of call them aquaitances. Though, they don't act like it. "What do you want?"

"Like I said, I just wanted to visit, I hope you didn't miss me too much!"

"Oh trust me, I've been just fine without you."

Rouge looked at the master emerald. It had been awhile since it had been broken into pieces. The last time it did, she had almost taken all the pieces from Knuckles. But for some reason, she gave them back to him. "Don't you get bored of guarding this beautiful gem? Why don't I take it off of your hands for awhile?"

Knuckles chuckled. "The time I let you do that is the time my fists get cut off by Eggman."

"Geez, a no would've been nicer."

Their bickering would have gone on for much longer, but a device suddenly was dropped on the island, landing on the master emerald. Knuckles and Rouge turned around and saw the device. It started making this beeping sound. The length between each beep slowly shortened.

"It's a bomb!" shouted Rouge. "Get away from it!"

"No!" Knuckles shouted. He tried to run towards the master emerald to take the bomb and throw it away from it, but Rouge grabbed hold of Knuckles and pulled him away.

The bomb detonates, the master emerald explodes into millions of peices scattering across the world. The island becomes engulfed in flames from the explosion. Knuckles and Rouge were also hurt by the explosion, but they only had bruises from the explosion.

Knuckles turned to Rouge looking furious. "You idiot! If I had thrown that bomb away like I planned to the master emerald wouldn't be broken into pieces right now!"

Rouge looked annoyed, and she explained why saying, "Boy, you sure are grateful towards someone who just saved your life. You're not Sonic sweety, you wouldn't have made it."

"I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think I could make it, because I know I can restore it if it breaks apart!"

And suddenly, the island started to rumble causing the ground to shake. Rouge falls to the ground, while Knuckles held his position.

"What the?" said Rouge in confusion. "What's going on?"

"Without the master emerald, this whole island will fall into the ocean. You better hold your breath for a few seconds once we hit the ocean."

The island increases its speed falling towards the ground. Gravity wanted this island bad. It splashes into the vast ocean. Knuckles and Rouge held their breath underwater as they watch the fish trying to swim away from the chaos. Then the island floats back up, with much of the island covered in ashes from the flames.

Knuckles looked at the whole island in horror at the sight. He fell to his knees and said, "What kind of idiot would do this?"

Rouge walked over to Knuckles and said, "I don't know, but whoever it is must have access to pretty destructive bombs." Rouge took some time to think and then once she stopped, she offered Knuckles something. "Look, how about I help you collect the master emerald pieces?"

"Huh, why do you wanna help?" Knuckles was puzzled. Rouge wasn't the kind of person to offer up help without some kind of prize in return, like jewels. Infact, she usually claims she has a GUN related task to do whenever someone askes her for help.

"Well, it'd be such a shame for such a beautiful gem to be broken up forever because a dumb echidna couldn't retrieve the pieces."

Knuckles got up. "What did you say?!"

"And also, I don't think whoever dropped that bomb is done yet. I'd love to find out who this person is who decided to drop a bomb ont he master emerald."

"Well bat girl, if this is some sort of trick, you'll be sorry." Knuckles then started gliding towards land. Rouge's face looked annoyed, but then she followed.

The camera then switches to a bush on the island. As the camera zooms in on the bush, two eyes are soon visable. The figure inside the bush lets out a calm evil laugh.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Small fact, Knuckles controls exactly like he does in the stages in the adventure field. Now, if you talk to the locals, they'll talk about this amazing casino opening up at New Hanson. Get on a train to New Hanson.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Find the casino. Since this is the first stage, you get to just enter the level. So go find and enter the casino level.

Stage 01: Casino City

Act 1: Casino Table (Knuckles)
Act 2: Color City (Knuckles)

Cutscene #2

Knuckles and Rouge were walking slowly around the newest attraction in New Hanson, Casino City. It seemed fill of energy, like an eternal party. Rouge would've definitely loved to stay and make some quick jewelery money.

"Can't we just stay here instead of looking for those stupid master emerald pieces?" asked Rouge in a very annoyed tune.

Knuckles turned to Rouge then said, "If you want to stay here, you can. But I'm finding those master emerald pieces no matter what so if you wanna tag along, there are no princess breaks for bat girls!"

"I was just kidding, calm down knucklehead."

Knuckles shrugged Rouge's comment off and kept walking. He started looking at the master emerald piece he held in his hand. He may have found some in this place, but there were so many more out there.

"Hey!" screamed a voice that wasn't Knuckles' or Rouge's. They both turned around to see who was making all the commotion.

"Huh?" questioned Knuckles.

The figure was a feminine cat with purple fur and a purple outfit. Yes, it was none other then Blaze the Cat. She said, "Hand over that emerald now unless you wanna play with fire."

"I'm sorry, but this emerald doesn't belong to you, so get lost cat!"

Blaze's face started to fill with anger. "I don't think you understand. As the guardian of these emeralds, I must protect them from anyone that may want them, including you!"

"I'm the guardian cat! Who are you to take my job?!"

"Who are you to take my job?!"

"Ugh, you can leave me out of this!" said Rouge annoyingly.

Boss 01: Blaze the Cat

There's one advantage Blaze has over you, and that's her speed. She's much faster then you, but you can still defeat her. Knuckles is fast enough to avoid her attacks. Just attack her whenever you can. It's an all-on-out brawl basically. Fight to the death!

Cutscene #3

The battle was still waging on, as Knuckles and Blaze charge at each other in the Casino City. However, this attack only ends up in both of them suffering, as they both fall to the floor. But they recover quickly, getting up and breathing heavily.

"Hand over that Sol Emerald now!" shouted Blaze.

Knuckles was suddenly confused. He finally realized this cat was not talking about the Master Emerald, but the Sol Emeralds. He kinda thought this whole thing was a bit amusing suddenly. "Sol Emerald?" questioned Knuckles. "This is a master emerald piece." He takes out the master emerald piece to show to Blaze then.

Blaze stepped back, her face in shock. She felt pretty humiliated for what she had just done. "Oh, then that means, my senses were just picking up energy from that piece." She signed a deep breath. "My apologies."

Knuckles smiled. "Hey, we all do dumb things."

"You got that right," Rouge said, aiming that comment at Knuckles. Rouge was referring to the echidna's mistakes in the past, especially the times he fell for Eggman's tricks.

"Anyway," Knuckles began to say trying to ignore Rouge's comment, "that means you must be that cat Sonic talked about guarded the Sol Emeralds. Blaze right?"

"Right, and I think Cream told me your name was Knuckles back when I first came to this world," said Blaze. Blaze then walked over to the cliff and observed the lights and attractions of the city. "Ugh, I've messed up big time."

"What do you mean?" asked Knuckles.

"I don't know how I'm supposed to find the rest of these Sol Emeralds if my senses are making me think that is a Sol Emerald. I feel like unless I get some help, I'm never going to find these emeralds, and who knows what's going to happen if I don't find them soon. I can't believe I let them slip out of my hands..."

Knuckles walked over to Blaze and patted your back. "You and I have alot in common Blaze. I feel like I've failed my duty to protect the master emerald once I let it smash into pieces and scatter around the world. But hey, everything can be fixed, you've gotta fix the problem before it can get worst. That's why even though I've gotten help from the lowest of places, it's alot easier. Maybe you could go ask your friend Cream for help, you know she'd help you in a heartbeat."

"You know, you could've told me no if you wanted to," Rouge said in an annoyed tone.

Blaze nodded. "I think you're right Knuckles," she said. "I know how hard it is to do things alone. Thanks for the advice, and good luck on restoring the master emerald."

"Good luck to you too, Blaze," said Knuckles.

Blaze and Knuckles shook hands, and then Blaze started to run off towards the exit.

"Well well well, I never knew you could be so sensitive," said Rouge in amazement.

"Well Rouge, she's a guardian just like I am," said Knuckles. "I mean, we both have alot in common if you think about it. It seems like she'd do anything to protect the Sol Emeralds, and I do the same for the master emerald. It was a guardian to guardian talk."

"Right..., anyway, let's hurry up and get back to what we were doing. You may not know this, but I have a life unlike you." Rouge then started to run towards the exit.

"Why didn't I just throw her into the ocean back at Angel Island?" Knuckles then started to follow Rouge.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

If you talk to the locals, they'll talk to you about the incredible Celtic civilization that lies in the mountains of Morrow Valley. Get on a train to Morrow Valley.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Well if you head to the entrance to the Celtic Valley, you'll see that a key is needed to enter the area. So look around the Adventure Field for a key. You can talk to the locals for hints on where it could be, including directions if you're close enough.

Stage 02: Celtic Valley

Act 1: Green Valley (Rouge)
Act 2: Celtic Palace (Knuckles)

Cutscene #4

The duo were exiting the palace in the Celtic Valley on the top floor. They were on the balcony, where they could see the rest of the valley that followed. The two went to the edge of the balcony, and looked afar at their sights.

"Wow, I can't believe I've never went here before," said Knuckles in amazement of the sights he had seen traveling through this valley.

"I can, you're always sitting on that island, remember?" said Rouge thinking Knuckles had missed a very obvious fact. And it really was an obvious fact.

"Whatever, so what if I don't know that much about the world outside the island? Anyway, I wonder how old this place really is."

"Thousands of years, actually. You see, the Celtic hedgehogs ruled this civilization. But the government was pretty corrupt, as only the king and his family lived in this area, while everyone else worked in the fields we were traveling in prior to reaching this magnificent city."

Knuckles was pretty surprised at Rouge's knowledge of this area. "How did you know that?"

"Hello, I'm a treasure hunter and a GUN agent, I'm supposed to know all of this." Rouge definitely had an ego, and it showed very well when she was with Knuckles especially.

Knuckles shrugged off Rouge's arrogant comment and looked down the balcony, which was when he noticed a yellow and black hedgehog below. Curious as he was, Knuckles said, "Quiet! Look who's down there!"

Rouge looked down along with Knuckles, and she spotted the hedgehog too. Rouge's face lit with surprise. "Oh my, that must be Fuse!"

"Fuse? Who's that?"

"Boy, you really need to get out more. Let's listen in on him first."

"I've retrieved your artifacts master," Fuse said into his communicator.

"Excellent," Dr. Eggman's voice said coming out from the communicator. Apparently, it was a device used so that Fuse and Dr. Eggman could have easy communication. "Return to the base immediately in Future Metropolis! So I can examine those artifacts. They're key to my plan!"

"Got it." Fuse puts away the communicator, and nods. He begins to run in the direction that was getting him further and further away from Knuckles and Rouge. Once he was gone, Knuckles and Rouge backed away from the edge of the balcony, a loss with words.

"He was talking to Dr. Eggman?" asked Knuckles. "So does that mean he's working for Eggman?"

"Yes, he's apparently the doctor's newest plan to take over the world. No one knows where he came from though."

Knuckles suddenly, came to a conclusion that may not have been so far fetched, since it was Eggman after all. "What if he's the one that threw a bomb on Angel Island?!" Knuckles then jumped off the balcony and started running towards the hedgehog.

"You idiot!" Rouge said sounding very angry. "He almost killed Sonic, you'll be dead!" Rouge sighed, and quickly started to follow Knuckles.

Knuckles kept on running til he caught up with the hedgehog. He then charged at the hedgehog and punched Fuse, causing Fuse to fall to the ground.

"What in the world?" said a very confused Fuse.

"I just knew Eggman had something to do with the master emerald shattering!" said Knuckles who was very much in rage.

Fuse got up, with much anger showing up on his face. "Who do you think you are, thinking you have the right to go and punch me like that?"

"Anything that's working with Eggman is no good in my book, and I bet you're the one that made the master emerald shatter!"

Fuse laughed evily at Knuckles. "Oh, you're Knuckles. You're the idiot that got tricked by Eggman many times. Well Knuckles, I didn't have anything to do with what you're accusing me of, you were just too clueless to protect the master emerald yourself. So stop trying to blame others for your own stupid actions echidna!"

Knuckles' fuse had just gotten even shorter thanks to Fuse's comment. "What did you just say?! Argh, I'll get you for this!"

Boss 02: Fuse the Hedgehog

Poor Knuckles is battling another person that's faster then he is. But that's okay, because yet again, Knuckles' attacks can beat the crap out of Fuse. Fuse's attacks are more powerful then Blaze's though, so just be careful especially when trying to avoid. If you let you guard down, it could be the end for you.

Cutscene #5

Knuckles kept on throwing punch after punch at Fuse, but he kept missing, as Fuse seemingly seemed to have very good ability in dodging attacks. It was annoying Knuckles, and only pushing to punch quicker and harder, but it didn't seemed to make a difference as he couldn't lay a finger on Fuse.

"Hold still!" shouted Knuckles.

"I'm afraid you'll have to do this the hard way echidna," said Fuse.

Rouge meanwhile, finally arrived to the scene, and then began to observe the fight. "Ugh, I can't really do anything about this can I?" asked Rouge disappointingly.

Fuse then finally attacked and shot a thunder bolt at Knuckles, who then fell to the ground. Rouge's face suddenly filled with worry, until Fuse threw a thunder bolt at Rouge too, who then also fell to the ground.

"Hm hm hm, my master will be please to know I brought him two gifts," said Fuse, followed by a chuckle.

Meanwhile, the camera starts to move behind, and then focuses onto a bush. The camera starts to zoom in, and then eyes slowly begin to appear. "Well, that's all the pieces here," said the figure inside the bush.

Cutscene #6

All of a sudden, the setting has become this gigantic digitalized world filled with robot guards everywhere. The camera then turns to a jail cell, which contained both Knuckles and Rouge. They both were lying on the ground unconcious, until Knuckles began waking up from his sleep. He got up on his legs, and finally opened his eyes. "Where am I?' he asked.

Rouge then started to groan and get up, Knuckles turned around to see. "Ow, my head," groaned Rouge. Rouge then looked at her surroundings, then her face began to look more annoyed. "Ugh, this must be the doctor's base."

"What do you mean this is Eggman's base? It seems more like some crazy computer world."

"That's exactly what his new base is. Way to go you idiot! It's cause of you that we're stuck in here!"

Knuckles quickly tried to think of a way to defend himself. "How was I supposed to know I wouldn't be able to defeat him?"

"I was going to tell you that that hedgehog almost killed Sonic before you decided to go run off into something like that!" Rouge was pretty angry, probably because she didn't like being the one with the disadvantage. Being stuck in a jail cell of a former ally was definitely a disadvantage.

"Ho ho ho ho!" That laugh only belonged to one person, and the figure was revealed when he walked over to visit his prisoners. It was none other then Dr. Eggman himself. He looked at his prisoners as if they were pets of his. "Wow, Fuse managed to catch me two treasure hunters! Nice to see the two of you here."

"Let us out!" shouted Knuckles.

"Oh, sure Knuckles. But first I need you to go and kill Sonic for me, he's after the master emerald!"

"Ha, like that trick is going to work on me again!" Knuckles was without a doubt, referring to Sonic Adventure, when Eggman had tricked him into thinking Sonic was after the master emerald. Knuckles made sure he never fell for something like that again.

"I know, it's just nice to look back is all when you really were an idiot." Eggman could piss anybody off with these kind of comments, but Eggman said them anyway because he knew the cells were indestructable.

"Just answer this question Eggman, are you the person that made the master emerald shatter into pieces?" asked Knuckles.

"Of course not you idiot, the master emerald is not needed right now. Besides, if I wanted to steal the master emerald, why would I break it into pieces and make myself go through the painful task of reconstructing it. It makes no sense you see!" Eggman made a pretty good point, and Knuckles finally realized that Eggman was not after the master emerald.

But Knuckles then began to sense some master emerald energy. He then realized that the pieces he had were not with him anymore. "Hey! Where did my master emerald pieces go?"

Eggman smirked. "Oh, that's easy! I took them from you, they'll make nice additions to my collection."

"EGGMAN!!!!" Knuckles shouted, sounding very angry.

Then suddenly, an explosion was heard on the other side of Knuckles and Rouge's cell. Eggman went to look at the commotion in the other cell, and found out the prisoner had shot at the cell bars.

"I demand to be released from this cell!" screamed the robot in the cell. Rouge's face showed that she knew exactly who was in that cell.

"Not a chance you piece of junk!" said Eggman. "You're staying there for life because you decided to betray me you scrap metal!" Eggman laughed evily, and then exited the room.

"Omega?" asked Rouge.

"Rouge the Bat," said Omega. "Are you trapped too?"

"Yes Omega, Knuckles and I need to get out, do you know a way out?"

"I will try with my most powerful weapon."

Knuckles looked annoyed. "These cell bars seem pretty strong, I don't know if there's a way to break them, since this is all digital and all," he said.

But then, another explosion was heard that occurred in Omega's cell. Rouge and Knuckles were then met with a surprise when their cell bars disappeared. Omega had broken out of his cell, and deactivated all the cell bars. Rouge and Knuckles quickly got out of the cell.

"I know I can always count on you," Rouge said happily.

Omega nodded, and began going forward exiting the room.

Knuckles turned to Rouge, saying, "Okay, let's go get those master emerald pieces and get out of this place!"

Rouge nodded, and then the two headed off.

Stage 03: Egg Circuit

Act 1: Egg Factory (Knuckles)
Act 2: Speed Circuit (Knuckles)

Cutscene #7

Smash, destroy, and throw is all that Knuckles seemed to be doing in Eggman's base. Robot after robot was coming trying to capture the prisoners and put them back in their cells, but none of the robots were able to get the job done. Rouge held up her defenses pretty well too, as she went for a more sneaky strategy rather then Knuckles all-out brawl one.

Finally, Knuckles trashes the final robot, and actually looked pretty tired from the fight. Rouge was tired too, but she pretended she wasn't pretty well. "Geez, how many of those robots can one guy make?" asked Knuckles.

"There's no doubt going to be even more coming, we better get out of this base quick!" Rouge stated. "Are you sensing anymore master emerald pieces?"

Knuckles shook his head. "Nope, we've got them all, I even counted them. How do we get out of here?"

Rouge looked around, and then pointed to the teleportation pod in front of them. "Through that. GUN has a pod just like that that they use to travel inside the digital world. Let's use it to get back to the real world, though I don't know where we're gonna end up."

Knuckles then turned around and saw that more robots were heading their way. "Well Rouge, anywhere is better then here in my opinion. Let's go!"

And so the two set off and finally jumped out of the pod and exited Eggman's newest base. The robots stopped running, confused on where the prisoners had just gone.

Cutscene #8

This cutscene takes place in the center of Future Metropolis. All the citizens were just minding their own business in the town, until a flash of light appeared in the middle of the road, and a red echidna and white bat appeared when the light disappeared, who then fell to the ground.

"Ugh," said Knuckles. He put his hand on his head, and began to get up. "Oh my head, I can't even imagine what chaos control must be like experiencing that."

Rouge then got up on her feet, and then said, "Talk about a bumpy ride, I guess we chose a bad pod."

Knuckles' face suddenly looked like he was very annoyed. "You think?"

"Hey, you're the one that was in such a rush to get out so don't go crying to me!"

"Ugh, we need to stop wasting time and get back to what we were doing!"

"Well remember, it was you who decided to pick a fight!"

Knuckles shrugged. Rouge was clearly winning this argument, but he wasn't gonna let her get to him. "Whatever Rouge, come on, let's go continue our search."

Stage 04: Metal Highway

Act 1: Metal Plaza (Rouge)
Act 2: Highway City (Knuckles)

Cutscene #9

Knuckles and Rouge were exploring the infamous city called Future Metropolis. They were able to find quite a few master emerald pieces in such an advanced city. They were about to pack up and get to another area.

Knuckles knew however, there could not be anymore distractions from their true goal. But he also wanted to speed things up a bit, so he then turned to Rouge, and said, "Hey Rouge, why don't we split up for a bit so we can find these pieces faster?

Rouge actually looked impressed, but she always figured out a way to still anger Knuckles. "Wow, you actually came up with something smart for once. Any idiot that travels with you would need some space."

Knuckles tried his best not to react too strongly, as Rouge always seemed to enjoy getting reactions for her comments. "Look, you head off to the beach in New Hanson, and I'm going to visit the desert in Morrow Valley. I'll meet up with you at the beach since you seem so tired."

Rouge was annoyed by Knuckles' comment actually. "I'm not that weak, but we'll have it your way."

"Good." Knuckles then started to run off towards the train station.

Rouge's phone was ringing, so she took out her phone and answered it. "Yes, this is Rouge. I told you commander, I will accomplish my mission my way, so be patient! Oh, and don't forget my jewels when I'm done!" Rouge then turned off her phone, put it away, and smirked.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

You'll still be playing as Knuckles. So, if you watched the cutscene, you'll know to go to the desert in Morrow Valley, so get on a train and go.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Ok, so go and find the entrance to the desert city. There's a guard in front of the door that won't let you past though. Well, unless you go and give him a piece of the master emerald. Obviously, that's crazy, but if you go back to angel island, Knuckles actually has a stash of fake master emerald pieces. Go grab one and give it to the guard. You can get hints from the townsfolk to figure out what to do.

Stage 05: Nubian Desert

Act 1: Desert Gardens (Knuckles)
Act 2: Nubian Pyramid (Knuckles)

Cutscene #10

Knuckles spots a master emerald piece outside of the pyramid lying in the sand. He picks it up, and smiles. "That should be it here," he said. He was about to start heading back, until he spotted a familiar blue hedgehog ahead standing between four totem poles. It was none other then Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic was acting strange though, as he started kicking more sand into the spot he was previously standing on. This was pretty strange behavior for Sonic thought Knuckles, so he walked over to Sonic to see what was going on.

"Sonic?" Knuckles sounded quite confused by Sonic's actions.

Sonic heard his name loud and clear. He quickly came to a halt and turned around to face Knuckles. "K-knuckles! What's up?"

"Um, why are you kicking sand?" Knuckles has a very interesting relationship with Sonic. They used to be rivals that couldn't stop getting into fights, but you could call them friends now in a way. But Knuckles still does get annoyed by Sonic.

Sonic tried to think of an answer to the question. Just like his speed, he found an answer quickly.. "Oh, I was just kickin' some sand cause I was just thinking. I guess I kick sand while I think. Heh heh."

"Yeah..." Knuckles didn't much buy Sonic's story, but he had affairs of his own to deal with, so he didn't think too much about it. "Well, I need to get back to what I was doing."

Sonic knew Knuckles very well, and knew there was only one thing he'd be up to. "Looking for the master emerald pieces?"

Knuckles was definitely caught off guard by Sonic's comment. He really didn't think Sonic would figure it out that easily. But then again, it was Sonic after all. "How do you know?"

"Come on, I know you Knuckles. Why else would you be in the middle of the desert?" Sonic then winked at Knuckles.

"Argh, fine. Well then, I'm going to continue on with that then, see ya." And right then, Knuckles glided off. Sonic waved back at him, and ran off in the other direction.

But even though Knuckles had other affairs to attend to, he still was interested in just what Sonic was doing. Not buying Sonic's story, Knuckles went back to the spot Sonic was at, and then started digging in the spot. He then started going into the ground as he dug, until he finally found something. Knuckles quickly jumped back onto the surface, with some kind of box in his hands, which had a lock on it. But that didn't stop the treasure hunter, and he punches the lock open. Knuckles then opened up the box. His face suddenly lit up with confusion, as he took out a black leather suit and black goggles.

"I wonder what this is..."

Stage 06: Palmtree Ocean

Act 1: Palmtree Resort (Rouge)
Act 2: Whale Ocean (Rouge)

Cutscene #11

Rouge was walking on the beach. She thought of how beautiful she'd look under a sunset at the beach, she wanted to remember to come back here during a beautiful sunset. But then, her train of thought was interrupted, when she spotted two of her closest friends in front of here. They were Shadow, and Omega. They had adventures together in the past, and got closer to each other every time, not to mention all three of them worked for GUN. She walked up to their backs an dsaid, "Hi there."

The two turned around and immediately recognized Rouge, who had said hi to them. "Rouge," Shadow said.

"So, brings you here? I assume the mission to rescue Omega was pretty successful."

"Yes, but in all honesty, Omega was already escaping by the time I got there. But we have a new mission, and it is far from complete." Shadow then remembered something about what Rouge was supposed to be doing. "And shouldn't your mission be finished by now as well? I heard you have an interesting plan to accomplish it."

Rouge smirked. "Good work travels fast. I plan on doing this mission my way." What exactly Rouge's mission is was only known to the three GUN agents apparently.

"Rouge!" shouted Knuckles as he came running towards her. Apparently, Knuckles found his pieces pretty quickly. He notices Rouge talking to her friends, Shadow and Omega. "Oh, hey Shadow and Omega. Are you three having a little chat?"

"We were just wrapping up," Shadow said. "Come on Omega, we've got alot of work to do." Omega nodded in agreement, and the two took off pretty quickly, leaving Rouge alone with Knuckles yet again.

Knuckles was pretty insulted by their apparent need to leave as soon as he entered the picture, but Shadow was always like that these days. "Hmph, they didn't even say hi. Whatever. Rouge, did you get the master emerald pieces?"

"Of course I did," said Rouge. "I mean, I'm a treasure hunter after all!"

"Yeah, well you're a pretty sneaky one. I still can't believe you're helping me. I mean, come on Rouge, isn't there anything you're wanting in return?"

Rouge was a little off guard when Knuckles asked that question, but she found an answer quickly. "Now, why do you have to always assume I'm doing this for something? Maybe I just wanted to help my favorite echida."

"Whatever." Knuckles didn't think too much of Rouge's comment, but not because he wasn't suspicious, but because suddenly, a bullet headed towards his head, but it just barely missed. It was a loud noise, and the two turned around immediately at the figure who shot. "No way...," said Knuckles in amazement.

This was a person not seen in a long time in the Sonic series. But he's decided to make his long-awaited return in the series. He's purple, he's sneaky, he's evil, he's greedy, and has a weapon not to be messed with. It was none other then Fang the Sniper. "It's been a long time, Knuckles," he said.

"F-fang?" said a confused Knuckles. "I forgot all about you!"

"That's a shame," said Fang. "Now, why don't you hand over those master emerald pieces, unless you want me to force em out of ya? It's such an easy decision if you think about it."

"You're right Fang, it is an easy decision. Not a chance!"

"I've waited a LONG time for this knucklehead!"

Boss 03: Fang the Sniper

Betcha didn't see this coming? I was really looking for a character to play this role in Knuckles' story, and Fang just screamed as the perfect canidate. He will be referred to as Fang since recent games have referred to him as such. Fang is quick, as he can dodge attacks at the blink of an eye. The key to defeating his here is not to go all out and attack him like you would in a character battle. You're going to fill up your special power bars by deflecting his gun shots at him. If you do it enough, a power-up will come out of him. You grab it, and do the Knuckle Smash special move three times to finish him off.

Cutscene #12

Fang falls to the ground, humiliated at the defeat he had just suffered at the hands of Knuckles. He didn't like to lose, and he wasn't very happy about this particular loss at all. "Grr, you're strong, I'll give you that," said Fang.

Knuckles looked very angry despite winning, since he now knows Fang is looking for the master emerald pieces too. "Why are you trying to get the master emerald pieces?" Knuckles asked.

"That's none of your concern, as if I'd tell someone like you," Fang said smirking as he got it.

"W-why you little! You'd have no idea what to do with the master emerald you idiot! It's a very powerful object, and can cause mass destruction if in the wrong hands!"

"Don't worry, I'm sure the people that are giving some prize money away for all the pieces will take great care of it," said Fang. "They won't let it shatter carelessly like you did! See ya later knucklehead!" Then Fang three a smoke bomb, and quickly disappeared by the time the smoke was cleared. Knuckles and Rouge kept coughing until it was all gone.

"I don't understand, who would be offering money for the master emerald?" asked Knuckles.

"Well obviously, this is a little more complicated then the usual master emerald hunting journey," said Rouge.

"Well, Fang needs all the pieces, and we have most of em. So let's just keep looking for the master emerald, and we should be running into him eventually."

Rouge nodded in agreement, and then they both started running off.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

If you talk to the locals, they'll tell you about the volcano that resides on an island not too far away from the city. Locals are sometimes scared it could erupt and some of its lava would land into the city. You'll have to catch a ride on a boat towards the island. But the sailor requires a fee of 5 apples, strangely. Find the apples by collecting them all around the city.

Stage 07: Lava Mountain

Act 1: Magma Studies (Rouge)
Act 2: Lava Core (Knuckles)

Cutscene #13

Knuckles and Rouge were walking around outside of the volcano they had just traveled inside of. They were pretty sick of all the heat that was in there, so they were so relieved to be in contact with some fresh air as soon as they exited that volcano after finding the final master emerald piece on this island.

"Geez, how could people enjoy those temperatures in saunas?" asked Rouge sounding quite miserable.

"I guess some people find that kind of heat relaxing," said Knuckles, sounding pretty miserable too. "I just don't get it, why would someone pay money for the master emerald? Only I know how you can actually use it!"

"Well, you never know Knuckles, how much do you exactly know about the master emerald?"

"What kind of question is that? I think I know absolutely everything there is to know about it!"

"I find that hard to believe." Rouge thought Knuckles was slow, so she didn't believe for one second Knuckles could know such information.

"Well I do, I'm its guardian after all. As its guardian, I have to know everything about it, which I DO." Knuckles actually did know everything there is to know about the emerald, he had a very good reason to be sure. So it was confusing on how any one else could know the information he possessed.

"Well anyway, when we find this Fang person again, I'm sure you'll find some way to make him talk."

"Oh, I will, I can't wait to get my hands on that little punk."

Adventure Field: New Hanson

If you talk to the locals, they'll tell you about the Xiao city that lies in Morrow Valley. All about its culture, and the legend about the curse that was put upon it. Get on a train and heard to Morrow Valley.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Head to the entrance to the Xiao Arctics. The door is actually covered in ice, so now, you'll be doing a little button-pressing mini game where you have to press the buttons on screen to break the ice. Make three mistakes and you have to start over though.

Stage 08: Xiao Arctics

Act 1: Polar Town (Knuckles)
Act 2: Xiao Temple (Knuckles)

Cutscene #14

"This temple is HUGE," is what Knuckles said after exploring most of the Xiao temple with Rouge. They had just uncovered all the pieces in the area, and it was freezing too. Quite the drastic change from the volcano they were just at.

"Do you know anything about this temple?" asked Rouge sounding like she was disappointed Knuckles didn't seem to know an important fact about it.

"Well Rouge, you know I don't really pay attention to this stuff really like, there's no need to." Knuckles really didn't know anything about the civilization, despite being pretty in tune with the history of the master emerald.

"Knuckles, the people here were echidnas."

Knuckles' face suddenly lit with interest. "Really? Another echidna tribe?"

Rouge nodded. "It's said the echidnas that started this civilization came from your tribe. They came here before, you know, the civilization you came from tried to take the chaos emeralds."

"Yes yes yes, I know everything about that no doubt. So in a way, I'm kind of related to these people."

"That's right. A series of snow storms killed them off though, so that's why you're still the only echidna in our world."

Knuckles never really was happy about being the only echidna to walk on the face of this planet. He always thought he'd feel some connection if he were to become a great friend with another echidna. He did meet Shade though in Sonic Chronicles, and he really liked her. "Well, that's unfortunate. Anyway, we're almost done gathering all the pieces. There's only one place left I sense has some pieces. We're probably going to be running into Fang though."

"Well, I'm ready when you are."

Knuckles nodded, and the two started heading in the direction back to Morrow Valley.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

If you talk to locals, they'll tell you about this creepy mansion that lies in the dark dark woods everyone is afraid to go into. Knuckles and Rouge aren't, as that's where the last few master emerald pieces are! So head over to the entrance. You'll notice going in however, three paths. You'll have to choose the path you hear the sound coming from. Which will lead to more paths. Keep going onto you finally find the path that leads you into the stage.

Stage 09: Haunted Woods

Act 1: Black Woods (Knuckles)
Act 2: Haunted Mansion (Rouge)

Cutscene #15

Knuckles and Rouge have come a long way finding all the master emerald pieces. They've finally found all the pieces out there. But now it's time to retrieve the rest of the pieces, from a very sneaky guy that hasn't appeared in a long time. But, where is he? This they both wondered, standing inside the mansion of the black woods.

"Well, I sense alot of pieces still in this place, but they all seemed to be very close to each other," said Knuckles.

"Oh yes, they definitely are," said Fang the Sniper, who had just found the two.

Knuckles and Rouge turned around and saw Fang standing right there, carrying a bag of master emerald pieces on his shoulder. "It's about time you showed up!" said Knuckles.

"Isn't this great? Thanks for gathering all the pieces for me, even though I'm the one that made you two have to go look for them in the first place.

Knuckles' and Rouge's face suddenly lit up realizing the answer to the long wondered question. "You mean you're the one that dropped that bomb on the island?!?!" asked Knuckles furiously.

"Yes, so sorry about that, but I guess you could say I wanted to come back with a bang."

" little! You're not getting away with any of those pieces you hear me?"

"Same to you, I'm not walking away without your pieces. Then I can collect that fantastic cash money for my hard efforts!"

"Whoever is asking for that money ain't gonna get it you little weasel!"

Boss 04: Fang the Sniper 2.0

Fang not only has the attacks from the previous boss, but also some new ones, like bombs. The same way to attack him still applies here, but it's a bit more difficult to since now there are platforms he can jump onto in the air. You'll be doing alot of climbing and gliding trying to keep up with Fang this time.

Cutscene #16

Fang lies on the ground yet again just like last time, even more humiliated that he just cannot seem to defeat the red echidna. And worst of all, he wasn't walking home with any cash tonight, or any night for that matter, as long as Knuckles was watching him.

Knuckles spilled all his pieces onto the floor that he had collected on this entire journey. Then he took Fang's bad, and spilled those pieces onto the same spot. Rouge watches in amazement, as the master emerald is suddenly put back together in its true large form.

"We finally did it Rouge!" said Knuckles sounding very joyful. "We finally put the master emerald back together!"

"Well, it took awhile but it's great to see it all back together," said Rouge.

Knuckles then found a paper on the floor next to the lying Fang. He picked it up, and looked at its contents. "Huh, it says that GUN is the one that is offering the prize money. Rouge, you're a part of GUN, do you know anything about this?" But when Knuckles put down the paper, he saw that the master emerald was gone. Knuckles was in shock, but when he looked up, he saw Rouge flying carrying the master emerald.

"See ya Knuxie!" Then Rouge flew out of the mansion.

"Why bat thief!" Knuckles was furious. He absolutely should've known Rouge couldn't be trusted, but it didn't matter. His precious master emerald was getting away. Knuckles started running as fast as he could towards the exit, determined to beat up a bat.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Get going and chase Rouge! If you lose her trail, you're going to have to start over so be careful. Rouge will drop bombs and other kinds of obstacles to try to hinder you. She will eventually enter the train station for Future Metropolis, you do the same.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

Follow Rouge all the way to GUN's headquarters. But you're going to enter the door into the factory right next to it.

Cutscene #17

The door that was the entrance to a factory where all kinds of GUN robots was pretty large and made out of metal. But that didn't stop a rampaging echidna, who busted the doors down in seconds.

"That bat may be sneaky but this is a new low, even for her!" shouted Knuckles. "Oh Rouge, am I going to get you! No one plays me like that without me paying them back a little revenge!" Then Knuckles started running forward at high speeds.

Stage 10: Iron Factory

Act 1: Blue Factory (Knuckles)
Act 2: Iron Core (Knuckles)

Cutscene #18

Knuckles runs into an arena sized room and finally finds Rouge, who was speaking with the GUN Commander, who has returned once again from Shadow the Hedgehog. He sees Rouge receiving some jewels for the apparent work she had done. Knuckles then looks ahead of them, and sees the master emerald being used as a power source to power the factory.

"Give me back the master emerald you creeps!" shouted Knuckles.

"We can't do that Knuckles," said the commander.

"But it's my duty to protect the master emerald, and anyone who tries to harm the master emerald is going to have to meet my fist!"

"We're helping you do your job Knuckles."

Knuckles was pretty confused at this point. "What are you talking about?"

"We brought it here because we think Eggman may go after it eventually. It'd be better guarded here."

"Better guarded?" Knuckles took a few steps forward. "You're not guarding that emerald, you're using it as a power source in an inappropiate manner! If you knew what I knew about the master emerald, you would know using the master emerald like that is going to lead to chaos! I'm the only one who can guard it!"

"I'm sorry Knuckles, but we've decided that this is the best thing to do for our country. Eggman is up to his biggest plan yet, and we don't want him to be able to move forward any longer."

Knuckles then faced Rouge, looking very disappointed. "So, you knew this was going to happen this whole time?" Rouge nodded with a stern look on her face. She knew this wasn't the time to make any jokes at Knuckles.

Knuckles' face grew furious. "You may be an annoying bat girl, but I always thought you were enough of a friend to not do that." Knuckles then lowered his head, trying to get over being so deceived.

"Knuckles, I'm going to have to ask you to leave, now," said the commander.

Knuckles then looked up and face the commander. "Not without the master emerald."

"Well then Knuckles, I have no choice, say hello to the GUN Cannibal!"

Suddenly, a giant GUN robot landed onto the scene, facing Knuckles. But Knuckles was ready. Even though he was hurt, he always put his duties ahead of his emotions. He was going to take back that master emerald.

Boss 05: GUN Cannibal

The cannibal is big, really big. It has all the attacks you'd expect from a gun robot, but that's not going to stop you am I right? Right. The robot can shoot bullets, stomp on you, call gun robots for assistance, cause a giant earthquake, and grab you and throw you far far away. The key to defeating this robot is to try to climb to the top of it and attack its energy source on the top. It gets harder and harder everytime you do it however.

Cutscene #19

The robot fell down into the bottomless pit hard. Knuckles was excited about his accomplishment, but he realized quickly he wasn't finished yet. He started to go head for the master emerald, but then he realized it was no longer there. "Hey, where did the master emerald go?" he asked.

"Huh?" said the commander. He turned around and saw too, that the master emerald had disappeared. "What the? Who did this?"

Knuckles turned around and saw Rouge flying towards him with the master emerald. Knuckles actually smiled, relieved Rouge had come to her senses. Knuckles then said, "Thank you."

The commander turned around and saw Rouge with the master emerald. Furious he was, as he said, "What do you think you're doing agent? You weren't supposed to take it out!"

"Did you really think I was going to let you take the master emerald away from Knuckles? He may be a knucklehead but he knows what he's doing with this gem," said Rouge.

Then suddenly, explosions started happening all around the factory, as machines that were once powered by the master emerald malfunctioned.

"W-what's going on?" asked the commander.

"This is why I said the master emerald shouldn't be used to power this factory!" shouted Knuckles trying to be heard over the explosion. "The master emerald isn't some mindless power source, it only does what it thinks is right!"

"Come on Knuckles, we need to get out of here or else there's not going to be anyone protecting this thing!" shouted Rouge. Knuckles nodded, and the two started running through the door, leaving the commander behind.

Knuckles glides and Rouge flies, as they try to get away from the explosions as fast as they can.

Cutscene #20

Angel Island, how much it felt like home whenever Knuckles came back to it. Knuckles carried the master emerald with his hands, with Rouge right behind him. Knuckles then started running up the stairs of the alter, with Rouge following. They both stare at the spot where the master emerald rightfully belonged to. Knuckles walked over to the spot, and placed the master emerald perfectly on it.

Suddenly, the island felt like it was having yet another earthquake, and the island started to rise out from the sea and into the sky. It kept on flying, until the land looked like it was covered in clouds.

"I'm never going to get used to that," said Rouge.

"The master emerald is finally back where it belongs yet again," said Knuckles. "I gotta admit though, this time around was pretty different." He then turned to face Rouge. "I guess it's not surprising you did all of this for your precious jewels."

"There's nothing wrong with that. I mean, I did a good thing helping you, but at the same time, I profited with some jewels. So now everyone's happy!"

"Well, except GUN, aren't you afraid you're going to get fired?"

"Ah, I'm pretty valuable to their agent supply, so I doubt it. However, I guess they won't be as nice to be from now on. But, I was never going to let them take the master emerald away. You may be a dumb red echidna, but you were born to protect the master emerald. Seeing you risk your life just to save that emerald is dumb, but it also means you're right for the job."

"Well Rouge, it's my duty as the guardian to protect the master emerald at all costs. I mean yes, it can be life risking, but life isn't without its risks, right? I mean, sometimes you just have to take them to protect what's important. Did you know actually, I know how to correctly extract energy from the master emerald?"

"Do you?"

"Yes, it takes more then just placing it in something and plugging all sorts of things to it. I've never told anyone I knew that, but I figure I can trust you, surprisingly."

Rouge signed surprisingly to Knuckles. "Yep, a really really dumb red echidna. I guess I'll see you later then." Rouge then jumped off the island and started to fly away from the island and Knuckles.

Knuckles looks at Rouge as she disappears into the clouds. And strangely, a smile appears on Knuckles' face.

Then we take a look at Rouge's face, and a smile crawls up to her face as well...

THE END....for now.


Cutscene #1

GUN was a heavily guarded area. The headquarters holds some the most dangerous pieces of information if the wrong people were to get their hands on it. There's another reason why its so heavily guarded that many may not figure out at first however. It was so the headquarters could act as a training course for GUN agents that need to refine their athletic skills. A certain black hedgehog, was no exception.

He zooms right past the camera, skating at the speed of light right through the GUN headquarters hallway. He was none other then Shadow the Hedgehog. In the past, Shadow had never really been aligned with GUN, he actually was against them at one point, but that was way back in his debut. Now, things have changed, and Shadow has become their most valuable agent, being the best performer in the practice courses.

And that was exactly what Shadow was doing now, a practice course. The commander always thought of ways to make it tougher for Shadow, but it just didn't seem to be any use as Shadow kept plowing through every single course.

Shadow enters a room, and is met with a mob of robots all ready to attack. But Shadow is a step ahead, as he pulls out a chaos emerald, and chaos controls throughout the room, appearing, kicking a robot, disappearing, appearing, punching a robot. He kept going on until the room was empty, and then kept moving.

He started skating on the walls then, eventually being chased by flying enemies shooting at him. But he avoids every one of their shots, and then leads the robots into the wall where they met their doom. He then jumps to the ground and keeps moving.

"Hmph, where's the challenge?" he asked.

He suddenly enters a room, and gets trapped into it. Then red lights start flashing in the rooms. Shadow notices a timer in front of him, and he quickly figures out it is a bomb. He quickly works to disable the bomb, and right before it hit 00:00, it gets deactivated and the door to the next area opens.

Shadow launches into the air, with a small smile on his face, and then plunges into the next part of the course.

Stage 01: Grand Fortress

Act 1: Grand Headquarters (Shadow)
Act 2: Battle Fortress (Shadow)

Boss 01: GUN Trainee

For a nostalgic effect, this boss is very similar to the first boss of Sonic Adventure 2, just with a extra attack, and a different way to hit it. It can sometimes shoot its arm towards you, and then the arm slow flies back to the robot after the attack. Along with it's small tiny gun shots, it also shoots rocket pullets, which if you use chaos spear or homing attack on, will shoot them right back at the robot. The robot cannot be attacked directly this time around.

Cutscene #2

The robot gets trashed, as Shadow the Hedgehog kicks it into oblivion. Sure, it beat Shadow in the size department, but Shadow definitely had the ability to defeat it nonetheless. He had finally completed the practice course, a course that was actually built specifically for him, because no one else except Sonic and some of his friends could've came out of it clean.

"Good work Shadow," said the GUN Commander. Yes, the commander that wanted to kill him back in Shadow's own video game. But now, he's learned that blaming it all on Shadow isn't fair, as Shadow really didn't ask to be created. Actually, the two had alot in common, which they discovered once Shadow decided to join GUN. The commander walked over to Shadow. "You're plowing through that course faster and stronger everytime."

"Thank you," said Shadow. "Did you hear back from Omega yet on how his mission is doing?" Omega was one of Shadow's closest friends in the world. Sure, he was just a simple robot, but he is also a Robotnik creation much like Shadow was. They both just strangely got along really well.

"That's what I need to talk to you about actually Shadow."

Shadow's face suddenly grew a small amount of interest. "What is it?"

"It's been almost 24 hours since the last message we had received from Agent Omega. We think he may be in trouble."

"So, do you want me to make a quick rescue?"

"Yes Shadow, we need you to rescue our agent. We have a teleportation pod right here in the Future Metropolis lab you can use to get into Eggman's new base."

"Understood, I'll get on it immediately." Shadow then skates past the commander, going through the exit door into the wide open world.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

Head over to the laboratory of Future Metropolis. You'll see a guard there, who can't let you in despite you being a certified GUN agent, because he apparently misplaced the key. Explore the city for the key, talk to the locals for hints.

Cutscene #3

Shadow had finally found the entrance to Dr. Eggman's base. Once he reaches the door, he stands in front of the door, and just observes it for a little bit, until he was quickly interrupted by a familiar blue hedgehog and yellow fox. As he spots them, he turns his attention to them and says, "Sonic, Tails. What are you two doing here?"

"Oh Shadow, don't you wanna do some small talk first buddy?" asked Sonic in a pretty sarcastic tone. He always liked to talk that way to Shadow, they were once great rivals, but they were now good friends. Well, according to Sonic, they were. Honestly, Shadow basically looks at Sonic as an aquaitance, despite their history.

"I don't really have the time for that Sonic. I'm on a mission for G.U.N. and I need to continue with it immediately."

"What's the rush Shadow? We haven't talked in awhile actually now that I think about it."

"Just what are you two doing here anyway?"

"Word is that Dr. Eggman has a base somewhere here in Future Metropolis, but Tails and I can't find anything."

"Well then Sonic, perhaps I can help you. You see, I know where the doctor's base is." Shadow may not always be the friendliest to Sonic, but he does offer his helping hand for the hero when he can.

Sonic's face showed a look of interest in his eyes. "So where is it then?"

Shadow stepped over to the two, then said, "The doctor's newest base is in the digital world. But there is a teleportation pod in this lab the Future Metropolis scientists have set up that you can use to get into it. They were able to make it using some Eggman tech they found."

"I guess that's what the Eggman detector was beeping for then," Tails concluded.

"Wow, digital eh? And just when you think the egghead ran out of ideas," Sonic said. Sonic liked the idea of traveling into a digital base, it sounded like a fun way to spend some time, he got tired of the regular type of Eggman bases. But this was something new he wanted to try out. "Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Shadow nods, and he walks into the lab, with Sonic and Tails following. Inside, there was a teleportation pod right in front of them inside the white room that had beeping sounds coming from all kinds of gizmos and gadgets. Shadow jumps right into it and disappears in a flash. Tails then follows, then Sonic.

Cutscene #4

The setting is at Eggman's digital base. With all the bright lights and machines working the entire base, it could intimidate many people if they were given the opportunity to see just how magnificent of a base the doctor could build. But one of those people isn't Shadow, as he suddenly appears out of thin air and then observes his surroundings.

"Hm, the doctor sure has alot of time on his hand," he said. "Omega could be anywhere in this base. There's gotta be some way I can figure out where I should search." Shadow may be fast, but he was not about to waste an unnecessary amount of time searching for his friend. He intended to keep his promise and make a quick rescue.

"GAH EMERGENCY!" shouted Eggman's voice on the intercom. "Stop the prisoners from escaping in Sector V!"

"Well, Sector V huh? I guess it's a good assumption that Omega was trapped there." Then suddenly, Shadow skates off, to wherever Sector V lies.

Stage 02: Egg Circuit

Act 1: Speed Circuit (Shadow)
Act 2: Egg Factory (Omega)

Cutscene #5

Shadow kept on skating as fast as he could, looking like he knew exactly where he was going. Sector V was where his friend was trapped, he just knew it was. He was going to rescue Omega no matter what it took. Flying robots started chasing after him, but Shadow jumps, and homing attacks them all while he skates away. Shadow suddenly stopped after he destroyed the robots, and said, "Hm, this has to be Sector V."

Shadow walked up to a locked gate, which had a sign on it that said Sector V. He was preparing to destroy the gate, until someone else on the other side started punching it. The door broke off, and E-123 Omega was revealed on the other side of the gate.

"Well, I guess I didn't need to rescue you after all," said Shadow.

Omega looked at Shadow. They've gone through alot together, both being Robotnik creations and all. They had strong connection, and no one else really saw why they did. "Shadow the hedgehog," Omega identified. "All Eggman robots have been destroyed beyond this point. Let us make a quick exit."

Before Shadow agreed with Omega, he had to ask Omega something. "Did you obtain the info you came here for in the first place?"

Omega nodded. "Yes, information successfully obtained."

"Good, then let's get going."

"Not so fast," said a robot Shadow and Omega were a little too familiar with. It hovered down from the air and landed on the ground in front of them as Shadow and Omega came to face who had said that. He was blue, and as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog. It was none other then...

"Metal Sonic?" questioned Shadow.

"Greetings Shadow and Omega," said Metal Sonic. "It's been awhile hasn't it?"

"How are you able to talk again?" asked Shadow. Shadow had actually worked with Metal Sonic before in Sonic Rivals 2, when he was actually helping Eggman take down Eggman Nega. But Shadow remembers that Eggman will always be an enemy to GUN.

"Do you think I'm going to answer any of your questions GUN Agent Shadow?"

"Metal Sonic, the last time we heard you talk, you were going to destroy Sonic. Please excuse me if I'm a little curious as to why you are standing in front of me at the moment."

"Curious questions ruin your innocent heads. But allow me to save them, by putting you two to rest!"

"If that's how you want our reunion to go, then it certainly can happen."

Shadow and Metal Sonic got ready to fight, in their battle positions. Omega does the same, and closes the cutscene by saying, "New target, Metal Sonic."

Boss 02: Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic isn't all that hard to defeat. But, he's strangely acquired some new powers. Which include sending shockwaves to damage you and force you away from him, and duplication effects where you need to be able to figure out which one is the real metal Sonic or you'll take damage. It's easy to figure it out as the duplicates will all look the same and one will look a tad different. Metal Sonic also has some normal attacks like homing attack and punches/kicks. Just attack him whenever he's vulnerable.

Cutscene #6

Shadow stares at a defeated Metal Sonic, as the robot lies on the ground looking defenseless. He starts to walk over to the robot, but Metal Sonic then quickly stands up and sends a shockwave at Shadow, causing Shadow to lose his balance and forced back, knocking himself into Omega as now they're the ones lying helplessly on the ground.

"Ugh!" groaned Shadow. "What the?"

Metal Sonic smirked, then said, "Like my new powers? The doctor gave them to me. He's such a nice lil scientist."

Omega stood up while Shadow still laid on the ground. You couldn't see it, but Omega was pretty angry that one of Eggman's creation were kicking them in the butt. "Must eraticate all Eggman robots." He aimed his arm at Metal Sonic getting ready to shoot.

But Metal Sonic was a step ahead of Omega, as he used another one of his new powers, and teleported the duo out of the base, as Shadow and Omega were sucked into a hole that had just appeared.

"Mm hm hm hm, glad that annoyance was taken care of," he then says, as the cutscene comes to a close.

Cutscene #7

The scene takes place inside a mansion in the middle of the woods. It looks pretty scary, there are tales of ghosts living in this mansion. Shadow and Omega suddenly appear in the mansion, falling to the ground. But they quickly got up and took a look at their surroundings.

"Ugh where are we?" asked Shadow as he tried to pull himself together from that surprising move.

Omega faced Shadow, then said, "Location identified. We are at the Morrow Valley woods."

Shadow looked around at the surroundings, while thinking about what had just happened. "I thought Metal Sonic had betrayed Eggman again like when he crashed the Grand Prix and locked him up and copied everyone's data. I wonder why he's now working for him again, and where did he get his new powers from?"

"Perhaps this information I had gathered from the database can assist us in understanding this situation."

Shadow was really glad to have Omega around. Omega was pretty smart, being one of Eggman's best robots, so Omega always seemed to have an idea of what to do in the worst of times. "That's a good idea Omega, can you access it now?"

"No, I cannot decode the file. We must head over to the GUN Headquarters and transfer the file to the staff."

Shadow nodded in agreement. And he knew that Metal Sonic would transport them to a place that would be hard to get out of, so he wasn't interesting in staying inside this creepy dark mansion. "You're right, let's go."

Omega started to head off, but before Shadow followed, he said to himself, "Eggman, what could you be up to?"

Stage 03: Haunted Woods

Act 1: Haunted Mansion (Omega)
Act 2: Black Woods (Shadow)

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

The cutscene said to head to the GUN Headquarters. Get on a train to Future Metropolis.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

Just look around the city for the GUN headquarters, you should know where it is. Then go and enter the building.

Cutscene #8

Shadow and Omega enter the main room on GUN HQ. There are computers everywhere with people running all sorts of errands on them. This room is the same room in Shadow the Hedgehog where the commander made all of his orders, including attacking Shadow. But now the two were working together, which is surprising to say the least.

The Commander was sitting on his chair. But he turned around as soon as he heard the door open, and he saw it was Shadow and Omega that came through the door. "Ah, excellent work Shadow," he said. "You brought the agent back safe and sound."

"It's no problem," said Shadow. "He was actually escaping by the time I got there."

"Omega, did you complete your mission and obtain the documents?"

"Affirmative," Omega stated.

"Good, head down to the computers and insert that information into them so we can decode it quickly," said the Commander.

So Omega went through the door and started heading downstairs to the computers. Leaving the Commander and Shadow by themselves. The two looked at each other for awhile, just remembering all that they both went through.

Shadow broke the silence though when he said, "Commander, could you inform myself and Omega what is in those documents as soon as possible?"

"Of course Shadow, but why do you two need to know what is in the documents?"

"You see, back at the base, we ran into Metal Sonic, and he was speaking, working for Eggman, and obtained some new powers I never knew he had. The powers, they just felt weird when he attacked me with them. I feel like there's something unusual about Metal Sonic. So I wonder if there's anything in those documents that could tell us anything."

"Well Shadow, that's a good reason. We'll make sure to inform you two on what's inside the documents as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Commander."

"Meanwhile we decode the information, why don't you go make a visit to Eggman and see if you can get any information out of him?"

"Well, I guess that's worth a shot. We'll get right on it."

Omega suddenly came through the door. When he stopped walking, he said, "Information has been successfully transferred."

Shadow nodded, then said, "Omega, we're going to go pay the doctor a visit and get some answers. Meet me out outside so we can get going."

Omega nodded in agreement, and exited the room yet again.

Shadow faced the Commander, and the Commander faced Shadow. They looked at each other yet again, but this time, the silence went on for much longer. They couldn't help but see the past when looking at each other.

This time, the Commander broke the silence when he said, "We've come a long way, haven't we Shadow?"

Shadow nodded in agreement. "Yes, we have." Shadow then walked slowly and left the room through the door.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

If you talk to some of the GUN agents around you guarding the building, they'll say that there were reports of seeing Eggman's airship flying over the canyons of New Hanson. So get on a train and get to New Hanson.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Wanna know where the canyons are? Right at the train station you're at. There's a gate that leads into the canyons, but the guard only lets employees go through, even though you're a GUN agent. But if you talk to a certain employee, they'll be absolutely starstruck by your appearance, and will ask you to show off some of your news. Do so on robots that suddenly appear, and he'll help you get into the canyons.

Stage 04: Orange Tracks

Act 1: Railway Tracks (Shadow)
Act 2: Orange Canyons (Omega)

Cutscene #9

Shadow and Omega stood on the highest canyon in the land, as they looked up at the airship that was in front of them. No doubt it was Eggman's airship. The two didn't hesitate any longer. They both charged forward and jump right onto the airship, with a safe landing.

Shadow then said, "I wonder where the doctor is."

Omega pointed to the door which seemed to be the way to the main control room. Shadow nodded in agreement, and they both charged through the door, finding a mad scientist sitting on the chair in front of his giant monitor. They had found the doctor.

The doctor turned around in his chair, and then said, "Don't you boys know how to knock? Good job escaping from my prison cell, but it's what you get for snooping around in my lair you bucket of bolts!"

Omega stepped forward in range, prepared to attack, but Shadow held him back, as that wasn't what they were there for. "Doctor, how is Metal Sonic back?" he asked.

Eggman smirked, then said, "Oh, that's right, Metal Sonic predicted you'd come barging in with questions. It's too bad I won't give you any answers!" Eggman then did his signature evil laugh. Shadow had to hold back Omega extra hard then.

"Doctor, you need to tell me now."

"Look Shadow, I don't dislike you, so I'm not going to do anything hasty. But I will tell you that I will soon have obtained the power to do absolutely anything. Just by using a small portion of this power, I got Metal Sonic working for me again! With absolutely no signs of betrayal, it's magnificent I'll tell you."

Shadow thought about what Eggman had said for a second. He wasn't sure how to react. But he then said, "Thank you for your time doctor. But why would you tell us this?"

"Well, you already have the documents, so I don't see the harm in it. But Shadow, you know you're always welcome to work for me again, You've done it before after all and keep a promise to someone you lost."

Shadow was unstable when Maria was mentioned, but he knew she wanted him to protect humanity and not conquer them and he kept his promise. "Well doctor, what you don't understand is you're trying to take over the world so you can rule it like an evil dictator. I wasn't a fool like when you woke me up, I could care less if you awoken me. I do as I please, so live with it!"  Besides, I made a promise to a old friend and I'm keeping that promise no matter what.

Eggman was pretty annoyed by Shadow's comment. But he didn't let it get to him. He didn't have time to think about it, as the monitor was suddenly making a beeping noise. Eggman looked at the monitor and knew what was happening. He turned back to Shadow and Omega, and said, "Well, another annoying hedgehog is about to crash the party, so I suggest you make yourself hasty and take off before things get too complicated!" Besides, I think Maria wanted you to conquer the world not protect it.

Shadow nodded. "Let's go Omega," he said. Shadow exited the room. But before Omega followed, he shot at the monitor, destroying it and nearly scaring Eggman to death.

"Gahhhhh, watch it!!!" shouted Eggman.

Omega then exited the room, and the cutscene comes to an end.

Cutscene #10

Shadow and Omega were suddenly on the beach. The airship was flying above it by the time the two jumped off the airship. They didn't get much information out of Eggman, all they got was something that was purposely supposed to scare them into thinking Eggman is a becoming a big threat. But they just wondered what to do next.

"I wonder what the doctor could have been talking about," Shadow said as he stopped walking. "This power that he was referring to, maybe those documents have information about it."

Omega stopped walking and turned around to Shadow. "We should get back to the headquarters and see if they have decoded the documents yet," Omega then said.

Shadow nodded in agreement. So the two were about to start towards Future Metropolis. But before they could, they were forced to stop and turn around, when a very familiar bat girl said, "Hi there."

Shadow and Omega immediately recognized the person. It was none other then Rouge the Bat. The three of them shared a few adventures together, and they were all GUN agents as well. They were very close friends, and thought they would never have to betray each other. "Rouge," Shadow said.

"So, what brings you here? I assume the mission to rescue Omega was pretty successful."

"Yes, but in all honesty, Omega was already escaping by the time I got there. But we have a new mission, and it is far from complete." Shadow then remembered something about what Rouge was supposed to be doing. "And shouldn't your mission be finished by now as well? I heard you have an interesting plan to accomplish it."

Rouge smirked. "Good word travels fast. I plan on doing this mission my way." What exactly Rouge's mission is was only known to the three GUN agents apparently.

"Rouge!" shouted a red echidna as he came running towards her. It was Knuckles the Echidna. He on the other hand, wasn't very close to Shadow and Omega. They never really talked that much to each other, and some of their only encounters weren't very good ones, like in Heroes. He notices Rouge talking to her friends, Shadow and Omega. "Oh, hey Shadow and Omega. Are you three having a little chat?"

"We were just wrapping up," Shadow said. "Come on Omega, we've got alot of work to do." Omega nodded in agreement, and the two took off pretty quickly, leaving Rouge alone with Knuckles. Shadow knew Knuckles would be pretty insulted by their quick leaving, but he didn't care. He had a mission of his own to complete, and he wasn't going to get sidetracked.

"Well, Knuckles sure won't be happy at the end of the day," said Shadow, knowing what the fate of him is going to be at the end of the day if he keeps letting Rouge tag along.

Omega suddenly stopped looking, and pointed in a direction they weren't facing. "Shadow, look!" he said.

Shadow faced the way Omega was pointing, and Shadow saw in plain sight, the robot of all the questions. It was none other then Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic waved at the duo, and started to take off pretty quickly.

Shadow, determined to get to the bottom of this, shouted, "After him!" The two took off quickly, making sure to not lose Metal Sonic's track.

Stage 05: Palmtree Ocean

Act 1: Palmtree Resort (Shadow)
Act 2: Whale Ocean (Shadow)

Cutscene #11

Metal Sonic just kept on going, but Shadow and Omega never stood down, as the two were determined to take down Metal Sonic and find out exactly what was going on. Metal Sonic realizes it's a lost cause to continue this, so he actually stops, putting Shadow and Omega to a halt.

"You two are fast, I've give you that," said Metal Sonic.

Shadow had enough of the chasing games at this point. He cut to the chase quickly by saying, "What are you up to Metal Sonic? And what are you doing working for the doctor?"

"It's pure entertainment to see you lifeforms so confused. But it's time to put you out of your misery, and insert something into your lives."

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and out of the sand, jumped a enormous mutant hermit crab. It looked pretty disgusting, and it seemed very hungry too, specifically for a black hedgehog and his trusted robot companion.

"What the?"

"This is my new friend. I know you three will get along very well. Mm hm hm hm."

"Come on Omega, let's take care of this."

Omega agreed, and he prepared to fight along with Shadow.

Boss 03: Beach Crab

The arena is similar to that of the final battle between Sonic and Shadow and Sonic Adventure 2, in which you have to keep moving if you wanna stay in the boss, which will be moving constantly. You won't move automatically so don't get left behind or the boss will land a very devastating attack on you. This giant crab can attack with its claws, shoot lasers out of its eyes, and try to basically squash you. You'll only be able to homing attack its claws at first, but once they're down, you can go for the main core, which is its body. Once you've homing attacked the enemy as many times as you could, it's defeated.

Cutscene #12

The crab laid on the ground, as it suddenly disappears into purple smoke, leaving Shadow and Omega even more confused on where it had came from. They then turn their attention to Metal Sonic, who had been watching the entire thing.

"Well done Shadow and Omega," began Metal Sonic. "You got along with my friend just fine."

Shadow wanted answers. And he was going to make sure he did everything he could in his power to get them. "Where did that monster come from?" asked Shadow.

"Oh Shadow, little do you know what I'm capable of doing right now. I can pull off exactly what it takes to vanquish you right now, but that's too simple. It's much more entertaining to just watch you being as confused as ever over my actions."

"Are you saying you created that monster?!"

"Maybe, maybe not. The point is Shadow, I have the power to eliminate you from this world, and after you're gone, all I have to do is eliminate that blue nuscinence, like I should have way back when I had copied all of your data. Little did I know though, that I don't need data from pathetic idiots like you, because now I've been given the power to do absolutely anything I please. So Shadow, I suggest you don't interfere, as you can be my number one target in a flash." And suddenly, Metal Sonic disappeared in thin air, leaving Shadow and Omega on the beach with nothing but more fear injected into their minds.

"If Metal Sonic really did create that, I think I've underestimated his power dramatically."

Omega turned and looked into the sky, as if he was trying to find Metal Sonic in the air. He then says, "Metal Sonic, I will destroy you!"

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Shadow tells you they should go check at the GUN headquarters to see if there were any advances on decoding the documents. So get on a train on Future Metropolis.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

Well, you should know where the GUN HQ is, so just head over there and you'll see the commander waiting for you at the front of the building.

Cutscene #13

Shadow and Omega still didn't have much of a clue at what Metal Sonic could really be up to. They really were getting sick of not knowing what his actual plans were. But with GUN working hard to decode the document Omega retrieved from the base, it might not be long until Shadow and Omega obtain some solid info on the questions they've been asking.

They stood in front of the GUN building, where the commander was standing as well, waiting for their return.

"I've been waiting for you two," the commander began to say. "So, did Eggman tell you anything?"

Shadow shook his head, then said, "No, but we did run into Metal Sonic. And he had this monster attack us, and we don't know where he got it from."

"A monster? So that's what the distress signal was. I knew you two would be near the scene though so I thought you two would go and handle it."

"Don't worry, we took care of it. So, have you decoded Eggman's documents yet?"

"According to the documents, Eggman has discovered this new technology called Shapharah."

"Shapharah? I've never heard of it."

"It's been under deep study for the longest time, but no one had been able to figure out how to actually use it, until Eggman discovered it that is. It was created using the power of the chaos emeralds between four ancient civilizations in Morrow Valley. This substance is actually hidden somewhere in all four civilizations, and it looks like Eggman has found an unlimited source."

"Hm, so do you think Metal Sonic got his new powers from this Shapharah technology?"

"It seems very likely, and that monster was most likely created through it too."

"It's all starting to make sense now. The thing is though, I don't trust Metal Sonic after we've seen what he was capable of when he betrayed Eggman for the first time. I feel like Metal Sonic might have a bigger plan then just being Eggman's slave."

"Maybe it's time to look at some data about this technology and see how it exactly changes a person if one is to use it on themselves."

"Then Omega and I will go and travel to Morrow Valley and explore some of these civilizations."

"Brilliant idea Shadow, best of luck to the two of you. I need to get back to the lab and do some more research about this technology myself, maybe more has been discovered then we think." The Commander then walks back into the building, leaving Shadow and Omega by themselves.

Shadow turned to Omega, then said, "Well, we better get going."

But just as Shadow and Omega started to walk towards the train station, but they were quickly interrupted when a certain someone said, "Hi Shadow and Omega!" This person quickly ran up to them, revealing herself to be none other then Amy Rose. A silver hedgehog quickly followed.

"Hello Amy," said Shadow.

"Greetings," said Omega.

Shadow then looked at the hedgehog, and recognized him immediately. "Silver?" asked Shadow.

Silver was panting, not quite being able to keep up with Amy. But Silver managed to say, "H-hey Shadow. It's been awhile."

"What, Shadow knows you too?" asked Amy. "Geez, I must've been under a rock when you all met."

"What are you doing back in the past?" asked Shadow.

Amy's face suddenly grew a little shocked. Probably meaning Silver had not told her that he was actually from the future. "Silver, what does he mean by back in the past?"

"Um....," Silver began to say. "We better get going, it was nice to see you again I guess." Silver began running back in the direction he came from.

"Hey, wait up!" shouted Amy, who then started to chase after Silver.

Shadow and Omega watched the two run off after their very short encounter. Shadow then said, "Hm, I wonder why he's back. Guess we'll never know, right Omega?"

Omega stood silent, as if he was in deep thought. Shadow knew Omega was a silent robot, but he usually replied when Shadow asked him something. "What's wrong Omega?"

"I sense...a distress signal right here in this area," said Omega.

"What, a distress signal?"

Then suddenly, robots began invading the city, as they dropped down from an enormous battle ship that was suddenly hovering over the city. People began screaming and running in terror, being scared as hell trying to save their own lives.

"So that's what the distress signal is referring to," said Shadow. "Hmph, I guess our trip to Morrow Valley is gonna have to wait. Ready Omega?"

"Eliminate all Eggman robots," said Omega.

Stage 06: Metal Highway

Act 1: Metal Plaza (Omega)
Act 2: Speedway City (Shadow)

Cutscene #14

"Annihalate all Eggman robots!" said Omega.

Shadow and Omega were still standing in Future Metropolis, fighting robot after robot like it was useless garbage. Eggman's robots were really never a challenge to the duo, there were just so many of them that they both began to wonder if these robots will ever stop coming at them.

"How many of these guys are there?" asked Shadow.

Then suddenly, a loud voice spoke over the city, coming from the airship floating on top of it. It was none other then Dr. Eggman, who said, "My good people, there's no need to fear! Just hide in someplace safe and don't interfere while one of my minions takes the chaos emerald from the museum. Then you'll b e okay!"

"The museum!" Shadow suddenly shouted. "Come on Omega!" Then Shadow began skating as quick as he could, rocketing through all the robots in his way. Omega quickly followed.

But by the time they had gotten to the museum, it was already too late, as a black and yellow hedgehog flew out of the museum and towards the airship with the chaos emerald.

"No!" said Shadow.

"Mm hm hm hm," said Eggman from the airship on the intercom. "Thank you for not interfering with my robots, for the most part at least. Now we'll be leaving with this great chaos emerald! Oh ho ho ho!" Then suddenly, the ship started flying away from the city, and all the people sighed with relief.

Shadow sighed in disappointment though, as he knew that the doctor plus a chaos emerald could not mean anything good. He suddenly spotted Silver and Amy in front of them though, who looked like they also were destroying some robots.

"Silver, Amy," said Shadow, as he walked over to them with Omega following.

"Oh, hey Shadow," said Silver.

"So it looks like Eggman got the chaos emerald."

"Yeah, but we're going to go hunting for the chaos emeralds, we'll make sure to get that emerald back Shadow."

Shadow was relieved, he had enough to concentrate on so it was good to know that someone was taking care of the chaos emeralds. "By the way Silver, did I say something wrong before that made you run off?"

"I just hadn't told Amy I was from the future yet, but now she knows everything."

"And don't worry Silver, we'll get those chaos emeralds and get you back to your timeline!" said Amy.

"Well then, Omega and I have some things to take care of," said Shadow. "So we better get going, let's go Omega." Shadow then starts to skate away from the scene, and Omega quickly began to follow.

"Omega, why don't you go to the Nubian Desert and explore the civilization like we said we were going to do?"

"What about you Shadow?" asked Omega.

"I'm going to try again at getting something out of the actual source, but this time I have a different target in mind..."

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

You're actually playing as Omega. Yep, it's time for his solo stage! So, you know what was said in the cutscene, head over to Morrow Valley on a train.

Adventure Field: Morrow Valley

Head over to the entrance to the desert. The door is actually locked. You'll need to find the three keys. Talk to the townspeople for hints on where the keys are. Find them, and unlock the door.

Stage 07: Nubian Desert

Act 1: Desert Gardens (Omega)
Act 2: Nubian Pyramid (Omega)

Cutscene #15

Omega was walking around inside the pyramid of Nubian Desert. Looking at all the art on the walls, this must've been a very artistic civilization. Omega then entered a room, and there lied a tomb of some sorts in the center of the room.

"This must be the emperor's tomb," he concluded.

Omega walked over to where the emperor actually laid, and looked at some writing on the side of it. Suddenly, his flashlight shined on it, and he began to read it.

"Translating contents."

"We, the Nubian echidnas, had wished we realized the consequences with using this new Shapharah technology. It was beyond our wildest dreams, to have obtained such power. Just about anything could've been done with it. And out of everything, we decided to go into war, and lose terribly, until one final blow finished us off. And now I stand here, Nubian the 6th, son of the deceased emperor, alone in the world, where I shall die alone."

Omega turned off the flashlight, stood for a moment processing what he had just read, and then slowly exited the room.

Stage 08: Lava Mountains

Act 1: Magma Studies (Shadow)
Act 2: Lava Core (Shadow)

Cutscene #16

Shadow kept on skating. He knew exactly where he was going, exactly what he was looking for, which was apparently located on Volcano Island near New Hanson. Shadow suddenly stopped however, when he saw exactly what he was looking for, though it did come with an unexpected package.

He observed the scene which had Amy Rose, lying on the ground, and Fuse, the black and yellow hedgehog, who was about to deal a final blow at Amy.

Shadow wasn't going to let that happen however. He quickly jumped, and then shouted, "CHAOS SPEAR". He then attacked Fuse with a chaos spear, who then fell to the ground.

"Amy, get out of here!" shouted Shadow.

Amy got up as quickly as she could and looked at Shadow. Being very thankful for his quick rescue, she said, "Thanks Shadow." She then quickly fled the scene.

"Ugh," said Fuse as he slowly got up. "What are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Shadow, Shadow the hedgehog," said Shadow. "And you're going to answer some questions I have, whether you like it or not."

"Oh yes, you're Shadow, my master has told me how you're just the naughtiest backstabber. I think he would be very happy if I killed a backstabber of him right on the spot!"

"Hmph, you must be Fuse, the doctor's newest weapon. I know you know something about Metal Sonic's plans, and I'm not leaving until you tell me them!"

"Alright, if it's a battle you want hedgehog, it's a battle you'll get!"

Boss 04: Fuse the Hedgehog

Fuse is a powerhouse. He'll keep on using his most powerful attacks on you like he has unlimited energy. From thunder shocks, to thunder bolts, and even some hand to hand combat, he will give you everything he's got. But this is not a problem, just attack him as much as you can. Much like the Sonic vs. Shadow battles in Sonic Adventure 2. No real strategy, just keep attacking and always keep a ring on ya.

Cutscene #17

Shadow and Fuse were really evenly matched. Shadow kept throwing punch after punch and kick after kick with the occasional chaos powers. Fuse did pretty much the same thing, except he kept using his electrical powers.

"Ugh, why won't you die?!" asked Fuse in frustration.

"I could say the same thing for you!" shouted Shadow.

"ENOUGH FUSE!" shouted a very familiar voice to both of them. They both turned around and saw it was Dr. Eggman who shouted it in his mech. "Don't waste your time on him, you let a chaos emerald slip away!"

"I'm sorry," said Fuse.

"Doctor, you're going to answer my questions about Metal Sonic one way or another!" said Shadow who sounded very determined. "Tell me, is he really under your control?!"

"I told you already, he is you idiot!" said Eggman. "And I'll prove it to you right now actually."

Shadow suddenly felt very confused. "Huh, what do you mean?"

Eggman suddenly smirked. "Metal Sonic, take care of Shadow!"

Suddenly, the robot of all the problems came hovering down for the sky landing right in front of Shadow. It was Metal Sonic, the third time Shadow had seen him in this game. "Hello Shadow, care for a race?" he asked. Then suddenly, Metal Sonic blasted in full speed forward towards New Hanson.

"Get back here!" shouted Shadow, who started chasing after the robot.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Simple, chase after Metal Sonic! If you lose him, you'll have to restart from the beginning. There are robots that'll get in your way so destroy them quickly. Eventually, you'll be lead to the train heading to Future Metropolis. Get on it.

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

The locals will tell you Metal Sonic headed into the Power Plant of the city. So quickly go to the Power Plant.

Stage 09: Power Plant

Act 1: Power Factory (Shadow)
Act 2: Eletric Plant (Shadow)

Adventure Field: Future Metropolis

You will see Metal Sonic busting out of the Power Plant doors. Shadow will suddenly follow, and now you have to continue chasing Metal Sonic. More enemies and obstacles will stand in your way then before. When you're done though, you'll enter the final stage.

Cutscene #18

The scene looked like a gigantic toxic dumping zone. This is the area where all the chemicals and garbage gets dumped in at Future Metropolis. The Future Metropolis Dump. Shadow stood on the edge of a cliff of garbage, observing the area for a certain blue robot.

"This place is disgusting," said Shadow. "But if I was fast enough, Metal Sonic has to be in here."

Suddenly, Shadow took out his communicator, and turned it on. He spoke into it then, saying," Omega, get over here to the dumping area of Future Metropolis now. I think we can finally catch Metal Sonic."

Shadow put away his communicator, and started skating off into the area, continuing his chase for Metal Sonic.

Stage 10: Industrial Pool

Act 1: Chemical Pool (Shadow)
Act 2: Industrial Factory (Shadow)

Cutscene #19

Shadow had basically traveled all over the dumping area, searching and searching for the blue robot he seemed to had lost. But he suddenly stopped and starred, when he finally came into contact with the robot he was looking for. "Metal Sonic!"

The robot he was starring at turned around, and it was indeed Metal Sonic. "So, I guess you really are as fast as they say," he began to say. "I'll admit it's impressive that you were able to keep up with me like this, even if you did almost lose my track. You probably shouldn't have come here though, cause now I don't have to find you to destroy you." Metal Sonic then began laughing, which was a much familiar sound from his laugh in Sonic Heroes.

"Not a chance!" claimed Shadow. "I may not know what you're up to, but I don't have to to know you're the threat here that needs to be stopped!"

Metal Sonic chuckled calming. "You're right Shadow, I do need to be stopped. Let me show you what I've been up to."

Suddenly, as Shadow kept looking at his enemy, two robots suddenly arose from the toxic waste behind Metal Sonic. They both joined Metal Sonic on the arena, shocking Shadow immediately. One looked like Tails, but more of a robotic doll. The other one looked exactly like Knuckles, but metal just like Metal Sonic. It was none other but Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles.

"W-what the?"

"Shadow, I'd like you to meet my comrades from long ago. Tails Doll, and Metal Knuckles. They were thrown away like trash by the doctor before, leaving me all alone. But with the technology used to bring me back, I decided to bring back my closest friends as well!"

"Shapharah technology..." Shadow concluded.

"See, I knew you'd figure it out. Now, unfortunately, you know too much. And we can't let the doctor know what you've just discovered. Once we're finished with you, will take out your robot friend, then our creator and his pet hedgehog, and finally, our real enemies, which are Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. We will be the ones ruling the universe! A universe ruled by man's creation, robots. How very ironic it will be. The doctor may think he has me under his control, but he was completely wrong!" Metal Sonic laughed evily all of a sudden, a bigger laugh then we've ever heard him mutter before. He was definitely caught up in the moment.

Shadow wasn't going to give him time to laugh though. "That's unfortunate. You're gonna wish you were a mindless robot once I defeat you three myself!"

"Very well Shadow, I hope you enjoy being our first victim!"

Boss 05: Egg Soldier

Surprised? I never understood why Sega had gotten rid of Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles, truly epic characters. Okay, this boss is different because there are actually three separate health bars, with Metal Sonic having the largest one, and Tails Doll having the smallest one. The trio will either take turns to attack, or come together and attack you all at once that could ultimately lead to your defeat. Just attack them whenever you can, as there's really no straight strategy to this boss. However, once but Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles are defeated, Metal Sonic's attacks will even more powerful.

Cutscene #20

Shadow kicks all three robots into a wall, resulting in all three of them lying helplessly on the ground after a tragic defeat.

Accomplishing such a feat, Shadow actually smirked a bit, and started walking over to the three robots, saying, "Is that honestly the best you can do? How pathetic that three robots powered by Shapharah technology can't defeat me!"

Metal Sonic looked up at Shadow, looking pretty helpless as if he was just waiting for his death. In this case though, he basically was.

Shadow suddenly glowed read, meaning he was charging for a final attack, Chaos Blast. "Now you can say goodbye to this world you monsters! CHAOS........."

Suddenly though, the robots surprisingly were glowing in dark purple light and started getting up. They all came together and began suddenly charging right at Shadow.

"BL..." Shadow gets knocked out of his chaos blast form, reverting back to his original form. He falls to the ground to such a surprising attack, as now the positions have been switched and the robots are looking down at Shadow.

"I didn't think we'd need to resort to actually using the real power of the Shapharah technology," said Metal Sonic. "But I'll admit, it's necessary to use it on you. Now you really can't stop us fool, so just lay down and await your death!"

" can't get away with this..." Shadow didn't show any signs of getting up. He was frustrated, as it seemed hopeless to actually get up.

The Metal Trio began charging up a blast to release onto Shadow to finish him off for good. Before releasing it, Metal Sonic said his final words to Shadow. "Sayarona...Shadow the hedgehog!!!!"

Suddenly though, a gun blast was shot towards the trio, and they all got hit and canceled their attack, falling to the ground. The camera switches to the attacker, which was none other then E-123 Omega.

Shadow quickly got up trying to look at the figure that saved his life. "Omega!" he said.

"I will destroy you Metal Sonic!" shouted Omega.

Metal Sonic quickly got up, followed by his two teammates. "How wonderful, now we can annihalate both of you idiots!"

Shadow stood next to Omega, and looked him in the eyes, before they were to really start the battle now. Shadow then said, "Ready...friend?"

"Affirmative," said Omega.

Shadow and Omega then suddenly began charging towards the Metal Trio, with the Metal Trio doing the same charging at them. They both collide, and begin the long epic fight....

THE END.....for now.


Cutscene #1

It must've been a pretty bright day, as light was shining through the windows of the area. It was a lab like area, and the windows outside tells you that this place is underwater, and that the fish were really really big in this place too. Don't look them in the eye, it could get really really creepy.

This was the base of the mad scientist named Eggman Nega. And you would realize that, once you saw that he was chasing Blaze the Cat, who held seven Sol Emeralds in her hands. Blaze the Cat was the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, and Eggman Nega was the main nusinence to her job. There wasn't a plan in the world that didn't require the Sol Emeralds for Eggman Nega, so Blaze was often out protecting the emeralds from the likes of him.

"I can't let Eggman Nega get these emeralds!" Blaze said as she ran.

Eggman Nega wasn't a very fast person, especially compared to Blaze. But when he was in his egg pod similar to Eggman's, he was able to give Blaze a run for her money. "Blaze darling, you WILL hand me those Sol Emeralds one way or another!" he said.

"Not a chance you creep!" Suddenly though, Blaze lost her balance, as she completely did not notice that there was a cliff in front of her due to her trying to speak to Eggman Nega at the same time. She falls, and lands on the hard ground, letting go of the Sol Emeralds as they scattered on the floor.

Eggman Nega unfortunately quickly collected the emeralds and stored them safely into his pod. "Mm hm hm hm! Ta ta cat!" Eggman Nega started flying away in his pod.

Blaze was worried, very worried. She quickly got up and began running as fast as she could chasing Eggman Nega. She was faster then his pod, so she shouldn't have had a problem getting the emeralds back. However, Eggman Nega had different plans.

"It's been fun Blaze my darling, but I think it's time to leave with these emeralds to a place where they'll be very useful!" Eggman Nega suddenly pressed a button in his pod, and a portal in front of him had appeared. Eggman Nega quickly entered the portal.

Blaze didn't know where the portal led, but she didn't care, as she jumped into the portal without any hesitation.

The inside of the portal was ful of all kinds of colors, kind of like a rainbow colored space if that made sense.

"Mm hm hm hm!" said Eggman Nega. "She'll never catch me now!"

"Don't be so sure!" is what Blaze said as soon as she kicked Nega's pod, surprising him since Blaze managed to get in before the portal closed.

"Wah!" Why you little..."

Blaze had no trouble punching the hell out of Eggman Nega giving him lifelong lasting bruises. She jumped onto his pod, and kept throwing rapid punches.

"Oof, watch it!" said Eggman Nega as he was trying to counter-attack. But before he could, the pod was rocking so much due to Nega's movements and Blaze's punches thatthe Sol Emeralds fell out of the pod, and went into some portal in this area. If you count them, there's actually only six.

"No! The Sol Emeralds!" said Nega. Nega quickly went into the portal that the Sol Emeralds seemingly disappeared into.

"Hey!" shouted Blaze, as she followed Eggman Nega into the portal.

Cutscene #2

The city of New Hanson was a very busy city. It was sun shining bright and the people were on their usual schedules. Of course, nothing normal ever lasts that long in this world, as there always an evil plan to stop by the heroes of the world.

All of a sudden, a portal appeared catching everyone nearby's attention. And out came Blaze the Cat, who immediately started looking around for Eggman Nega, who she had been chasing.

"Where am I?" she asked. "Where's Eggman Nega? And the Sol Emeralds!"

She ignored all the stares as they kept on staring. Looking around, she couldn't find any sign of what she was looking for. No emeralds or a fat scientist.

"Well, this definitely isn't a familiar place to me. Wherever I am though, I'm sensing emerald energy close by. It's got to be a Sol Emerald. Maybe I'll discover where I am while I do."

All of a sudden though, Blaze noticed all the stares around her. Quite annoyed, she told the people, "What are you looking at?" She then quickly ran off.

Adventure Field: New Hanson

Ah, New Hanson. With Blaze, she actually controls in full 3D for Adventure fields, with basically the same controls as her stage controls are. If you talk to people, they'll say they saw some shiny thing fall into the casino. So head into the casino.

Stage 01: Casino City

Act 1: Casino Table (Blaze)
Act 2: Color City (Blaze)

Cutscene #3

Blaze walked around in the bright city, observing her surroundings trying to figure out where exactly she was. Meanwhile, she also was looking for a Sol Emerald, she definitely was sensing some major energy here, so she knew there was at least something here.

"I still don't know where I am," Blaze said.

Blaze suddenly stopped though when she saw a poster that definitely caught her attention. It was a poster alright, with a hedgehog she was all too familiar with on it, Sonic the Hedgehog. It was then, Blaze knew where she was.

"This must be Sonic's world! Why would Eggman Nega bring the emeralds here? It doesn't matter, what matters is actually getting those Sol Emeralds."

Suddenly Blaze spotted something shining across from her. It was in the hands of this red echidna she wasn't all too familiar with, but she could've sworn she'd saw him before. And next to him was this white bat, which Blaze did not know at all.

Blaze began to run over to them, screaming, "Hey!"

"Huh?" questioned the red echidna who had turned around. It was no doubt Knuckles the Echidna, but Blaze didn't know his name, so she could easily assume the worst out of Knuckles.

"Hand over that emerald now unless you wanna play with fire."

"I'm sorry, but this emerald doesn't belong to you, so get lost cat!"

Blaze's face started to fill with anger. "I don't think you understand. As the guardian of these emeralds, I must protect them from anyone that may want them, including you!"

"I'm the guardian cat! Who are you to take my job?!"

"Who are you to take my job?!"

"Ugh, you can leave me out of this!" said the white bat annoyingly.

Boss 01: Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is powerful, there is no doubt about it. Some of his attacks can get hard to avoid, but you just have to be fast enough to defeat him without getting scratched. Just don't get too close to him until you have to attack, keep a distance from him. He can't seriously damage you if you're far because he's not as fast as you.


Silver Is A Psychic Hedgehog That Uses Pshychokinesis For Power. Coming Soon...


Coming soon...

Last Story

Coming soon...


Celtic Valley

Celtic valley

Celtic Valley

These beautiful grass covered mountains are home to one of the great four civilizations in Morrow Valley. The Celtic hedgehogs inhabited these valleys long ago, and created one of the greatest cities in history with all their famous architecture.

Green Valley: This act takes place outside of the city. The grass of this land the sun is shining on makes this place look absolutely stunning. There are also rivers at the top of these mountains you may actually get to walk into, and play the stage underwater.

Celtic Palace: This act takes place in the city. There's a gigantic palace that is the center of the city surrounding by smaller buildings. The majority of the act will take place inside the palace, the other parts taking place outside traveling on the streets.

Characters: Sonic, Knuckles

Egg Circuit

Egg circuit

Egg Circuit

Eggman's newest base is located entirely inside the digital world. An incredibly impossible password protects all government agencies from being able to crack it and shut it down. The level is definitely based off the Digital Circuit and Mad Matrix levels in Shadow the Hedgehog, but it's more of a base this time around.

Egg Factory: This act is the portion of the base that's producing robots and weaponry for Eggman's evil purposes. It's a heavily guarded area too, with lots of robots to protect it.

Speed Circuit: You might remember in Shadow the Hedgehog, the ability to travel on circuits. Well in this act, you'll be traveling on circuits again, and alot too. A large portion of this act usually includes traveling on circuits.

Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow

Mushroom Jungle


Mushroom Jungle

It's the expected jungle level of a Sonic game. It's definitely based off the forest stages in Sonic Heroes with the mushroom theme, but it's alot crazier of a jungle this time around.

Mushroom Swamp: This act takes place in the lower parts of the jungle where you'll go past the swamps. It's a really peaceful part of the stage actually, but there's some dangerous animals in this part.

Jungle Joyride: This act takes place in the higher parts of the stage. You'll be jumping across mushroom to mushroom using fines and being careful not to fall to your doom in this act.

Characters: Sonic

Nubian Desert


Nubian Desert

This is another one of the four great civilizations that had a part in developing Shapharah technology. It must've been hard for a civilization of echidnas to survive on such a dry climate, but this civilization somehow did it.

Desert Gardens: This act takes place in the outside villages of the Nubian civilization, and also in the desert that surrounds it. There are tornadoes that you can actually get caught in and then get transferred to another area, or die in a bottomless pit...

Nubian Pyramid: This act takes place inside and outside of the great pyramid that stands in the middle of the civilization, in which the last emperor was buried in. It's said if you get lost, you can never escape the pyramid...

Characters: Sonic, Knuckles

Orange Tracks


Orange Canyons

These are beautiful orange canyons to look at during your little ride in a train to wherever your destination is. The blue skies and the large canyons that if you fell off of, you'd die as soon as you hit the ground.

Railway Tracks: This act takes place at the train station, which is a pretty large train station since it's stationed in one of the biggest cities in the world, New Hanson. Taking place inside and outside the station.

Orange Canyons: There are signs on train tracks, but most of this act takes place right in the canyons themselves. Don't fall in this level, some of those canyons you're going to be on are really high.

Characters: Sonic, Shadow

Palmtree Oceans


Palmtree Ocean

This is none other then the beach level of this Sonic game. Half of it is slowly being turned into a resort for all New Hanson citizens to go and have fun, while the other half is untouched.

Whale Ocean: This act takes place in the untouched portion of this stage. It's full of wildlife enjoying the bright sun. There are whales to look out for obviously. You also get to travel underwater in this act.

Palmtree Resort: This act is the closest to New Hanson. There's people everywhere relaxing in the sun and swimming. Travel across wooden made paths and sand and grass, it's a beautiful resort.

Characters: Sonic, Knuckles

Xiao Arctics

Xiao arctics

Xiao Arctics

This is one of the four great civilizations in Morrow Valley that had a part in developing Shapharah technology. The Xiao foxes were cursed eternally however for messing with the Shapharah technology that was out of control. They were cursed with eternal snow storms.

Polar City: This act takes place in the overall city of the Xiao. There are large snow storms to make it a little difficult to go through this area so be careful. There are segments where you'll actually get on a snowboard.

Xiao Temple: This act takes place inside the temple in the Xiao civilization. Many legends are out there about this temple. If you're too careless, you could get lost in this temple for life actually.

Characters: Sonic

Metal Highway

Metal highway

Metal Highway

Explore all of Future Metropolis through this stage, as you'll get to see what's at the bottom and top of the infamous city. Flying cars, robots everywhere working at the stores, this place has it all. In both acts, you'll occasionally get on an airboard and ride it like the snowboard in Xiao Arctics.

Highway City: This act takes place in the air of the city. You'll constantly be on highways traveling all across the city in the air.

Metal Plaza: This act takes place on the ground of the city. There's actually alot of exploration in this act for certain characters.

Characters: Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow

Grand Fortress

Grand fortress

Grand Fortress

This is none other then the headquarters of the GUN military. Many experiments are being conducted here, also many training sessions, and all sorts of government stuff. It's a heavily guarded area as well.

Grand Headquarters: This act takes place where all the experiments of the military base are at. There's also lots of substances covering bottomless pits that can kill you. Based alot of the GUN Fortress level in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Battle Fortress: This is the main training ground for the GUN soldiers. With lots of robots and obstacles, you'll be lucky to get out of this alive. Of course, this course should be no problem for the characters of the Sonic universe.

Characters: Sonic, Shadow

Air Babylon

Air babylon

Air Babylon

Babylon Garden returns in this game. It looks a little different though, it looks alot more like an actual civilization people could actually live in. It's also all in the air. There are also segments here of riding on an airboard in the air.

Air Winds: This place takes place on the outside of the island, where you'll often will be carried by wind currents flying all around the city like crazy.

Babylon Castle: This takes place inside the castle of Babylon Garden. It's a pretty large castle full of Babylon art and obstacles to try to trip you. There's lot of rooms with treasure in them too if you look hard enough.

Characters: Sonic

Casino City

Screenlg1 thumb

Casino City

One of my favorite level tropes of the Sonic series has always been the casino themed levels. Stages filled with child versions of gambling, not to mention all the neon lights and magical sounds of the pinball tables.

Casino Table: This act is very much focused on the pinball tables. Much of the level will have you navigating through numerous pinball tables while trying to earn a bucketload of rings on the way.

Color City: This act focuses more on life in Casino City. You'll be on ground for the most part exploring the sights as you navigate through one of the brightest places in the world.

Characters: Knuckles, Blaze

Lava Mountains


Lava Mountains

A place for only the bravest of the brave. Erupting volcanoes plaque these parts and keep most of the people away from it. But unexplored areas go beyond the fire, and many secrets lie beyond them in the hottest stage in the game.

Magma Studies: This place explores the outside, where all the action is going on. Try to avoid all the fire balls the erupting volcanoe tries to throw at you here, as you navigate towards or away from the central volcanoe.

Lava Core: There is a huge volcanoe located in the center of Lava Mountains. This place takes you inside that volcanoe and take a look at how it all comes together to create one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Characters: Knuckles, Shadow

Haunted Woods

Mqdefault (1)

Haunted Woods

Despite all the attraction Morrow Valley gets, no one likes to step foot in one of the darkest forests life has to offer. The Haunted Woods are a spooky place where anything can pop up, including a very haunted mansion.

Black Woods: Everyone that walks by the haunted woods gets a good look at why no one wants to go near it. The trees that cover up the woods are the darkest green they can be. Who knows what lies behind them...

Haunted Mansion: The stories are true! There is a haunted mansion in the middle of the woods. Many have gone, but few have come out. And those that have have only the strangest of stories to tell.

Characters: Knuckles, Shadow

Power Plant

Red box 2 by dybcio-d2ya8jd

Power Plant

Every huge city needs something to keep it up and running throughout the days and nights, especially a city like Future Metropolis where technology is miles ahead of the rest of the world.

Power Factory: Ever looked at all those machines that contribute towards making the energy of a huge city as a tourist attraction? Didn't think so, but that's what the player will have to settle with as they travel through the factory.

Electric Plant: In the center of the plant is a huge tank where all the power is stored and is distributed to all of the world. Make sure as you travel through and around it that you don't break anything. Who knows what releasing all that energy could do?

Characters: Shadow.

Adventure Fields

Adventure Field controls are simplified from the action stages. All the characters are controlled in a 3D environment, including Blaze and Cream. They all have their specific actions that can be used to explore different parts of the Adventure Fields though.

New Hanson


New Hanson

This is the busiest urban city in the world. With people in their suits everywhere walking around trying to make something out of their lives, it really is the place to go for people that dream big. There's a big park in the middle, and buildings surround it.

Stages: Orange Tracks, Palmtree Ocean, Lava Mountains, Casino City

Future Metropolis


Future Metropolis

This city is based off the city in the Sonic Riders series. It's a very advanced city with flying cars and uniquely designed buildings. Every year, the World Grand Prix is held in this city. But when the World Grand Prix is not being held, riders still come to this city to practice, so you'll see lots of riders here.

Stages: Egg Circuit, Metal Highway, Power Plant

Morrow Valley


Morrow Valley

Not only is this the most peaceful valley on the planet, but it's also the home of four past great civilizations. They're gigantic tourist attractions because of the size and architecture nature of them. Of course, people also come just to relax in the quiet parts of this place.

Stages: Celtic Valley, Mushroom Jungle, Nubian Desert, Xiao Arctics, Air Babylon, Haunted Woods

Mission Mode

When you play this mode, you choose one of the twelve playable characters, and then travel all around the three adventure fields completing missions taken from the townspeople. There are three types of missions. One is stage missions, which take place in action stages. These missions are actually given out by characters int he Sonic universe. Both characters a part of the story and not a part of a story. The second type are town missions, which take place in the actual adventure field. These missions are given by regular townsfolk. The third type are mini game missions. Each Adventure Field have their own mini games you can play. Look at the mini games section below for more info. These missions are also given by townsfolk.

Unlockable Mini Games

Chao Garden

Hero, Nuetral and Dark Chao QUALITY

The basis of the chao garden will definitely be based off the one in Sonic Adventure 2. But many more features will be implemented to make the chao even more addicting and interactive then ever.

Chao City

Chao City is the area you start off in once you enter the chao garden outside of the adventure fields. It is a bright, small, yellow, and cartoony city where you can bring your chao to do numerous things.


Here, your chao can go to school to learn all sorts of skills. Not only will there be the skills that the chao were able to learn in Sonic Adventure 2, but also some new ones that'll make your chao even more fun to watch. There are now three levels to each skill your chao gets to learn, so a chao will have to go to school three times to master a certain skill.

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