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"Wishes,are still eternal..."

-Game tag line

Sonic Adventure 3-is a 3rd installment of Sonic Adventure series,the game for Sega Dreamcast which was made in 2002,later on Dreamcast 2,PS3,PC.The game introuduces the new character,NightFox,which is a 1st Ultimate life form by Gerald Robotnik.For more information about NightFox-go to "NightFox" at wiki The story absolutely continue Sonic Adventure 2 Events after Shadow's fate.Also,it debuts Silver the Hedgehog for the first time!

  • Developing:

The game develope,begins when fans had a lot of wishes for it!They wrote stories,drawed pictures,everything for SA3!This way,Idzuka decided to did this for fans...with phrase:"If many people really,really want it,then perhaps."

  • Gameplay

As traditional,the game has 6 multiple characters with their own stories,but in the same smaller case like in SA2









It has got hub worlds back,with a lot of missions,multiplayer modes,all new chao garden which you can design by your self!

  • Plot

The plot of game is goes on after SA2,Shadow is falling to a jungles,and meets NightFox,he's really mysterious to him,then Tails has a strange dream,with Kitsune.Kitsune was a nightmare of his past,the 9 tailed fox with a mysterious,but strong power,Sonic meets NightFox,but Silver appears to warn him about something dangerous,when NightFox will make chaos in the world.Nightfox escapes Chaos,Iblis,Biolizard,Kitsune to revenge Maria...however,Shadow explains him theres no reason for it,however Nightfox think this is just a mamling....

for more information of story,go to

Sonic Adventure 3 (Dreamcast):Hero Story

Sonic Adventure 3 (Dreamcast):Dark Story

Sonic Adventure 3 (Dreamcast):Last Story

  • Levels (Hero+Dark)

1.Sunset Coast

2.Windy Kingdom

3.Crimson Kingdom

4.Mystic Forest

5.Forest Hills

6.Metal Road

7.Iron City

8.Ancient Tribe

9.Dust Desert,

10.Sand Cave,

11.Tsunami Lagoon

13.Ancient Ruins

14.Outer Space

15.Central Engine

16.Meteor Falls

17.Speed Rush

18.Shrouded Jungles

19.Mystic Hills

20.Crimson Forest

21.City Coast

22.Iron Harbor

23.Metal Gate

24.Lake Jungles

25.Sand Tsunami

26.Dusty Palace

27.Hot Hill

28.Control Station

29.Aero Chase

30.Meteors Rush

31.Inside Colony

  • Bosses (Hero+Dark)

Nightfox (1)

Chaos (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Giga)

Nightfox (2)

Nightfox (3)

  • Locations

City Coast,

Crimson Ruins,

Hidden Dust,

Space Colony ARK.


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