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Sonic Adventure 3:If This Be Doomsday
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SEGA, Licensed by Nintendo
Release Dates
USA: Febuary 1st, 2012

Japan:January 1st, 2012
Nintendo Wii
Story Mode,Single-player, Local Multiplayer (2 player simultaneous)

Sonic Adventure 3: If This Be Doomsday is the third installment of the Sonic Adventure series, and takes place after Sonic Generations. The story-mode is revolved around Dr. Eggman's scheme to take over the world, which backfires and threatens the world with the apocalypse.

Playable Characters

The game contains several playable characters, all but Dr. Eggman are unlocked from the beggining.

Story Mode Plot

Sonic's Story

Stage 1: Green Hill Zone

Sonic running in Green Hill Zone

Sonic is taking a stroll down Green Hill Zone, remebering his past self who had just went back to his time period. As he smells the air, he decides to race across the place. After reaching the end of the zone, Sonic takes another deep breath.

"This takes me way back." He says.

Suddenly, he notices something flying in the air. It's one of Eggman's Egg Fleet Ships. He starts to run down the lane after it, not noticing the ripples in the water off to the side.

Stage 2: Green Hill Zone (Super Sonic Rush)

A Super Sonic Rush area is when Sonic rushes across a huge stage, at sonic speed. This first one, Sonic must catch up to the Egg Fleet ship and avoid obstacles like rocks and trees. When the stage is over, Sonic watches the ship open it's hanger, and hundreds of SCR-HDs drop from it. They start building these odd looking buildings. One of them spots Sonic and alerts the others. Sonic gets ready to fight, when suddenly, a giant tidal wave washes over everything, even bringing down the Egg Fleet ship! Sonic turns to see, and it is revealed to be none other than Chaos!

Sonic asks what he's doing here, to which Chaos makes several gestures. Sonic doesn't understand. Before he can say anything else, Chaos dissolves and disappears, leaving Sonic to wonder what just happened.

Adventure Field: Station Square

When Sonic arrives in Station Square, he thinks to himself what Chaos was doing in Green Hill Zone. Maybe just doing a good deed, perhaps? He decides to dismiss the thought.

He walks into the hotel, only to find Dr. Eggman and a squadron of SCR-HDs were holding the hotel hostage. Eggman was shooting at the manager telling him he knew they were holding a Chaos Emerald here. He then noticed Sonic, and bolted towards the outdoor pool. Sonic must then defeat the squadron of robots, and follow Eggman.

Stage 3: Emerald Coast

Sonic runs through the familiar Emerald Coast stage chasing after Eggman. Along the way he must destroy SCR-HD robots, and a few EggPawns. When he reaches the end of the stage, where he rescued Tails in the first Adventure DX, Eggman tells him that this is last time Sonic will interfere with his plans. Sonic reminds him that he couldn't even win with the Time Eater. He then asks how Eggman escaped from limbo. Eggman tells him he made an interesting discovery inside the dimension. But when Sonic asks what, Eggman jumps into the water, and emerges piloting a huge robot.

Boss 1: Egg Viper

You defeat this boss like you did in the first one. Wait for Eggman to taunt you, then hit him with a homing attack. Avoid his attacks and repeat until he is defeated.

Eggman emerges from the wreckage, coughing and wheezing. Sonic then asks him again.

"What did you find in limbo?"

Eggman explains that he found an interesting type of Emerald that he and Classic Eggman called a Nega Emerald. It seemed powerless at first, but when Classic Eggman touched it, it absorbed him into it. Eggman was worried he might fade away at first. But when he didn't, he thought that he just might be able to induce Chaos Control. Using the Nega Emerald, he did, but not without consequence. He was bedridden for weeks. Seeing as Classic Eggman had only been absorbed and not killed, as long as the Nega Emerald remained intact, he would stay in place. As he finished telling this story, Sonic demanded he give him the Nega Emerald, so that it would be put in a safe place. Eggman refused and called an EggMobile, and escaped.

Adventure Field: Station Square

The new Station Square docks

Sonic arrives back at the train station, worried about Eggman. What could his plan be? His train of thought was derailed when he saw Tails running up to him.

"Sonic!" He yelled.

"What's up, Tails?" Sonic asked.

"It's the docks that were just built! They're under attack by something!" Tails yelled.

Sonic and Tails head over there to investigate.

Stage 4: Station Square Docks

Sonic must run through the busy docks, avoiding cranes and falling containers, elevating by support beams, and crane arms, eventually jumping onto a cargo ship. There are no enemies on this stage, but there are plenty of obstacles.

As they get on the cargo ship, Sonic and Tails see what is going on. Chaos is attacking the crewmen! Sonic is suprised by this. He runs over to Chaos.

"Chaos! What are you doing?" He yells out.

Chaos attcks Sonic and Tails, making load roars. Sonic asks him again.

"What are you doing, Chaos?!" He asked.

Chaos made some wierd noises, and filled Sonic and Tails' heads with images of Eggman and a device implanted in his brain. After Sonic and Tails recovered from the strange message, they decided to get that device off him.

"Hang on, Chaos! This gonna hurt." Sonic called, rushing towards him.

Boss 2: Chaos Zero

Sonic must defeat Chaos by homing attacking him while he is recharging from his arm attacks. Hit him 5 times to win.

Once Chaos is dissolved, Sonic quickly grabs the device, and throws it into the water. As Chaos reforms, Sonic asks him if he's ok. Chaos' voice rings through the dynamic duos heads.

"I am looking for the Nega Emerald." He said in their minds.

"Why? What does that have to do with anything?" Sonic asks.

"I have no time, I must be off." Chaos says, jumping in the ocean.

"Hey, wait!" Sonic calls, but it is too late.

Adventure Field: Station Square

Sonic and Tails went back to the train station, pondering Chaos' words.

"I wonder what Eggman has to do with chaos." Sonic says. "Why did he have him hooked up to that wierd brain thingy?"

"I don't know, Sonic." Tails said. "I'm gonna go see what's going on in the Mystic Ruins. See ya, Sonic!"

As Tails leaves, Sonic continues thinking. But once again his train of thought is side-tracked as he hears an explosion downtown! He zooms over to investigate. When he gets there, he sees Eggman threatening Big the Cat to give him a Chaos Emerald in his hand. Big refuses, as he thinks it will make good bait. Then Eggman has his robots grab Froggy, and threatens to blast him into dust if Big doesn't give him the Emerald. Big panics and hands over the Emerald. Sonic quickly catches it in mid-air, and grabs Froggy too. He tells Big to run away with Froggy, but holds on to the Chaos emerald. Eggman has had enough of Sonic, and decides to finish him.

Boss 3: Robot Invasion

This fight pits Sonic against several, increasingly difficult waves of Eggman Robots. The first wave is a few Badniks. The next is SCR-HDs. Next, Egg Pawns. Next, A few E-10000Gs on Extreme Gears. The Last wave consists of one of each of these, plus a Hammerbot (the ones from Sonic Heroes with the hammers).

When Sonic defeats them all, Eggman starts to complain. He then smirks as a Hammerbot grabs Sonic, and flings him across the sky, making him drop the Chaos Emerald. Eggman retrieves it and cackles evily.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Sonic slowly awakens in the forest of Mystic Ruins. Knuckles is standing next to him, tapping his foot.

"Knuckles?...What the-?" Sonic grunts.

"Long time no see, Sonic." Knuckles says. "What happened to you?"

"I think Eggman has another Chaos Emerald." Sonic said, getting up slowly.

"Well, that's no good. He took another from me, as well." Knuckles told him.

"I wonder how many he has now?" Sonic said.

"You better go. I have to get back to the Master Emerald." Knuckles told him.

"Errr...right. see ya, Knuckles!" Sonic said as he sped off.

When he makes his way to Tails' lab, he finds Tails unconcious and Eggman with his Egg Emperor. Eggman has found another Chaos Emerald, making him have four now.

"EGGMAN!" Sonic yells out.

"Sonic. I'm glad your here pincushion. I'm finally going to stomp you into oblivion!" Eggman laughed.

He placed the Chaos emerald into the control console and shut the cockpit.

"Here I come Sonic!!!" He yells.

Boss 5: Egg Emperor

This fight is a little different from the Sonic Heroes version. As you only control Sonic, different types of attack are not needed. There is also less space to run, as it's only the runway in front of Tails' Lab. When Eggman is at the end of the runway, firing missiles, you must dodge them, and run to him. When you get close enough, a chain of commands will appear on screen to damage him. You must do this 4 times to win. Each time you are thrown back, the number of missiles increases.

Once Sonic wins, the Egg Emperor starts beeping alarms! As the robot flies out of control, it runs into Sonic, knocking him into the ocean. He loses conciousness, but not before seeing a black hedgehog swim in for him.

When he awakes, he sees Shadow standing there.

"Shadow?" Sonic asks.

"Obviously." Shadow says.

"What happened? Where's Eggman?"

"Gone. He left after you got hit." Shadow grunted.

"I can't believe I let that happen....AH TAILS!!!" Sonic said.

"He's fine. I used Chaos Control to save him before the robot crashed into the lab." Shadow said. "He's in the Station Square Hotel."

"So what happens now?" Sonic asked.

"You should rest. I have something to attend to." Shadow said, and skated off.

Sonic watches as Shadow leaves.

Tails Story

Tails wakes up.

Boss 1: Crazy Robot

The game starts with Tails waking up in his lab in Mystic Ruins.

"AHH. I wonder how my invention is?" Tails says to himself.

He walks outside onto the second floor of his lab, and switches on a wierd looking, Silver Sonic robot.

"Hi, Silver Sonic." Tails said to the robot. "How are you?"

Silver Sonic's activation was noisier than usual.

"What's going on?" Tails said.

Silver Sonic turned around and smacked Tails down. Then he tried to run him down. Tails dodged.

The boss is fairly easy. Just tail whip him 3 times and he's down.

Stage 1: Mystic Ocean (Tails Fly Zone)

Tails has something called Tails Fly Zone, which is where he flies his Tornado across a stage. He must avoid clouds and thunderbolts.

Tails decides to go to Station Square to see if he can't get more robot parts for his Silver Sonic. When he gets there, he sees something going down at the new docks. It's Chaos terrorizing the ships!

"What is he doing?!" Tails says.

He flies over to the city to find the one person who can deal with this..Sonic!

Adventure Field: Station Square

Tails must find Sonic, who is standing near the train station. When he finds hims he tells him Chaos is attacking the docks.

Stage 2: Station Square Docks

Tails must race Sonic to the ship Chaos is on, and beat him there. When they make it, they ask Chaos what he's doing. He fills their heads with images of Eggman and a brain device. Tails then tells Sonic they mustremove the device that's controlling him.

Boss 2: Chaos Zero

Tails' method of fighting Chaos is different then Sonic's. Instead of Homing Attack or Tail Whip, Tails must drop boxes on top of Chaos from the air 3 times. The boxes respawn every 2 minutes.

After beating him, Tails and Sonic ask him what Eggman wanted with him. Chaos merely said there was no time, and left via the water. Tails and Sonic went back to the Train Station where Tails left on the train back to the Mystic Ruins.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

As Tails gets off the train, he sees Knuckles heading over to the forest section of Mystic Ruins. He ignores this, however, and goes back to his lab. Unfortunately, It seems his lab is set on fire! He looks to see Eggman and his Egg Emperor, holding a Chaos Emerald.

"Hoo hoo hoo!" Eggman laughed.

"Dr. Eggman?!" Tails exclaims.

"Huh? Tails?! I'll crush you!!" Eggman hollars as he charges.

Boss 3: Egg Emperor

Tails must use the same method as Sonic in this fight. The only difference being, if Tails flies over to him, he must avoid missiles AND energy orbs. Hit him 5 times to win.

After Tails stop him, He walks to grab the Emerald. But as he does, the Emperor smacks him with it's lance, knocking him out.

Adventure Field: Station Square

Tails awakens in Station Square Hotel. He rubs his head, then walks out to see what's going on. As he looks on, he sees E-123 Omega walking towards the train station. He runs over to say hi.

"Omega!" He calls out.

Omega turns, his robotic gears churning and whirring. "Tails the Fox." He says.

"Long time no see!" Tails said. "What's up?"

"I am going to meet Shadow in the Mystic Ruins." He said. "I must not waste time with idle chat. Farewell."

As Omega clunks away, Tails looks around as it gets dark out. He decides to look out towards the sea. Suddenly he sees Chaos again.

"Chaos? What are you doing?" He asks.

As Chaos forms, he telepathically links with Tails. "I am looking for Eggman."

"Hmm...I saw him, but he knocked me out." Tails said.

"Perhaps we can look together." Chaos suggests. "Meet me here in half-an-hour."

"Ok. I'll go check the sewers." Tails said.

Stage 3: Sewer Lane

Tails takes off into the sewers to look for traces of Eggman. At the end of the stage he finds a Chaos Emerald. When he grabs it, he hears an explosion above ground.

Boss 4: Death Egg Robot

Tails walks back to the meeting place Chaos told him about. Suddenly, he sees Chaos weakend and fighting Eggman in his Death Egg Robot!

The Death Egg Robot preparing to kill Chaos.

Tails, knowing he will only get in the way in his current state, calls the Tornado to him, and transforms it into his battle mech.

To defeat the Death Egg Robot, Tails must shoot out all it's back systems, then it's legs, and finally it's head. This boss has a life meter, unlike most other bosses. Once he is defeated, Tails jumps out of his mech, but once again is knocked out by debris.

As he and Chaos wake, they find both their Chaos Emeralds have been taken! That gives Eggman all 7! They rush to the train station in much haste.

Knuckles Story

Knuckles Character Select Pose

Knuckles story starts off, as usual, on Angel Island garding the Master Emerald (and one Chaos Emerald). As he is standing there, arms crossed, he starts to dose off. He soon falls asleep. When he awakes, he sees that the Master Emerald is gone....again! As he hurriedly start to leave, Angel Island once again falls to the surface near Mystic Ruins.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Not knowing who took the Emerald, Knuckles decides to start with the most logical place..Mystic Ruins. He heads off into the jungle to find Big the Cat, and ask him about the Emerald. Big however has no idea. He goes over to Tails' workshop, but he's not home. He sees a wierd robot that looks like Sonic. He touches it, and it's half beaten body attacks him!

Boss 1:Silver Sonic

Knuckles' fight is as easy as Tails'. All Knux has to do is punch Silver Sonic three times to win.

After beating him, Knuckles remarks that since a robotic copy of Sonic was here, Eggman must have somehow escaped Limbo and taken the Emerald. He decides to take a train to Station Square.

Adventure Field: Station Square

Knuckles walks around the city, looking for clues as to where Eggman might be. He asks several people, who all don't know. He walks into the hotel, and sees Sonic run outside.

"Sonic, wait!" Knuckles yells.

But Sonic has already made way for Emerald Coast. So Knuckles tries to track him down.

Stage 1: Emerald Coast

Knuckles makes his way across the Coast to find Sonic, smashing up SCR-HDs in the process. He gets to the light house and is stopped by something that distracts him.

As he looks up he sees Rouge the Bat. She flies overhead, and Knuckles concludes she must have it, since she had stolen it before! So he goes after her.

Stage 2: Snowy Mountains

Knuckles in the Snowy Mountain stage.

Knuckles continues chasing Rouge through the mountains, fighting through bears and old Badniks.

When he confronts her at the peak, she asks what he's doing.

"Give me the Master Emerald now!" He says.

"I've no idea what you're talking about! What's wrong with you?"

"You can't fool me, bat-girl!" He exclaims and attacks.

Boss 2: Rouge the Bat

Knuckles must punch Rouge when she doesn't have any rings to win. If she has rings, and you punch her, she will just drop them and exclaim "Ouch!".

After beating Rouge, Knuckles commands she give him the Emerald. She yells that she doesn't have it and that she was up here following a lead on Eggman. Knuckles then feels the ground shake, and looks over to see a giant robot dog!

Boss 3: Robot Cerberus

Knuckles must work in tandem with Rouge to beat the Cerberus Robo. When Rouge is making the dog chase her around the peak, Knuckles must glide onto several major components and punch them out. The components are all the legs joints, the tail, the neck, and finally the head. They do not have to go in any order. Every time one component is busted, Rouge will drop a rock on the Cerberus Robo, causing it to get dazed so you can attack it for a while. As you damage it, it gets slower.

After trashing the robot, Rouge and Knuckles part ways, but not before he asks her why she's after Eggman. She says, "It was something about an Emerald, and the end of life on Earth.". Knuckles assumes she means the Master Emerald and continues his quest to find Eggman.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Knuckles gets back to Mystic Ruins, but as he arrives, he sees Sonic flying through the air...unconcious! Knuckles watches him land in the forest area, and then goes to see if he's alright.

When Sonic wakes up, Knuckles says hi, but then quickly, after asking if he's alright, tells him he has to get back to the Master Emerald. Sonic leaves, and Knuckles ponders what Eggman could be doing.

As he's doing this, Big runs up to him, holding Froggy.

"Knuckles! Knuckles!" He cries. "Eggman tried to take Froggy!"

Knuckles at the metion of Eggman, asks, "Where?"

"In the Station Square plaza! He took my shiny charm!" Big said.

"I'll go clobber 'em for ya, Big!" Knuckles said, and glides off.

Boss 4: Dr. Eggman

When Knuckles gets to the plaza, he sees the Death Egg Robot destroyed, and Tails caring for a knocked out Chaos. Knuckles thinks Tails has handled it, but sees Eggman throw a piece of the Robot at him which knocks him out. He then gets in his EggMobile (the one he always used in Sonic Adventure 2) and attacks Knuckles.

"I know you took the Master Emerald! Where is it!"

"You'll never see it again, Knucklehead!!" Eggman yells. "Prepare to die!"

To defeat Eggman, you must reduce his life bar to zero. As he is faster, hitting him is harder then would be expected.

After beating him, Knuckles picks him up, and asks again.

But Eggman chuckles, and Knuckles is lifted off the ground by a Hammerbot. Eggman gets up and laughs.

"You're the last piece of the puzzle, Echidna."

But Knuckles then sees Rouge again, this time accompanied by Shadow and Omega. Team Dark tackles the Hammerbot, and then attempt to attack Eggman, who jumps away.

"Dr. Eggman, you are under arrest." Rouge says.

"Resistance is futile!" Omega drones.

"Give up, Doctor." Shadow grunted.

Eggman laughs again, and clicks a button on his suit. The Hammerbot gets up and merges with the Death Egg Robot parts!

As Team Dark and Knuckles turn around to face the huge robo, Eggman quickly runs.

Boss 5: Death Bot (Death Egg Robot and Hammerbot combined)

Knuckles must work in tandem with Team Dark. The first stage, Knuckles works with Rouge, who flies around the robot, and when it targets her and misses it's attack, it must stop for 3 seconds. Using this time, Knuckles must climb up the hammer it attacked with and punch out the wrist, making the hammer useless. This must be done three times.

The second stage involves Omega. Omega will fire missiles at the robot until it starts to shoot missiles of it's own at him. Do not worry about Omega if he gets hit, he is invincible. After the missiles stop for a few seconds you must climb the Death Bot's back and punch out the missile bay, and missile launcher. Must do this three times.

The third stage involves Shadow. You have the Thunder Shoot ability for this part. You and Shadow (in first person shooter mode) must fire Thunder Shoot and Chaos Spears at the Death Bot's head. The Chaos Spears don't do any damage unless your Thunder Shoot hits as well. You must deplete the life bar before yours is depleted.

The final stage involves all of Team Dark. Knuckles must climb up the back of the Death Bot and make it to the head. Careful though, it will spin every so often and pause for 5 seconds every time it does. This is your chance to climb it. When you get to the head, you must input the onscreen commands, and Knuckles will pick up Rouge and toss her in the air, and she will come down on top of the Bot, then she will grab Shadow as she climbs into the air again, and he will shoot another Chaos Spear at the Bot's chest, which make it stop moving, finally Omega punches it's legs out, and picks up it's helpless body, and tosses it into the sea. If you fail an input, you must start over climbing it.

After beating the robot, Knuckles thanks Team Dark, who leaves to track down Eggman again. He then looks at Tails and Chaos, who are both unconcious, and decides they are safe here for now. He leaves to go back to the Mystic Ruins to formulate another strategy to find Eggman.

Big's Story

Big's story starts in Mystic Ruins, where his hut is. He and Froggy are fishing in the small stream, not realizing no fish swim there. Then as he is sitting with Froggy, Knuckles comes up to him. He asked about the Master Emerald, but Big didn't know anything. As Knuckles left, Big realized he wasn't using bait...foolish for a fisherman. So hedecided to head to Station Square to get some.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Big goes up the ladder to the train center, and sees a Chaos Emerald laying in the mine cart. He picks it up, thinking it might be handy. As he boards the train, he fails to notice the fight between Tails and Silver Sonic.

Adventure Field: Station Square

As Big and Froggy walked out of the train station, they saw Sonic and Tails talking. They ignored them however, and walked toward the shopping district. When they got there, they saw Dr. Eggman and an army of SCR-HD's! Big tried to run away, but one of the robots picked up on the Chaos Emerald's signiture! They grab Froggy and threaten to kill him if Big doesn't hand over the Chaos Emerald! Big panics, but before he gives up the Chaos Emerald, Sonic jumps in and takes the Emerald, and gives Froggy back to Big.

"You should run, Big. I'll handle Baldy Nosehair!" Sonic said.

"Thanks, Sonic." Big said, as he ran away.

Stage 1: Station Square Sewers (Big Rhino Rush)

A Big Rhino Rush stage is where Big must crash through the sewers breaking everything in his path to escape. He must avoid, however, the fire badniks, as they can still hurt him.

As he leaves the sewer, and emerges in Mystic Ruins ocean, he decides to seek out Knuckles.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Big finds Knuckles and tells him about Eggman. Knuckles leaves for Eggman, and Big heads back to his hut. When he gets there he sees Amy and Cream and Cheese waiting.

"Hi, Mr. Big." Cream said politly.

"Hi friends!!" Big exclaimed happily.

Amy asks Big if he can help them with a problem. They have to go into Grand Metropolis to get Amy's gift for Sonic, which she lost escaping the city. Big agrees to help, and they head for the Metropolis.

Stage 2: Grand Metropolis

Big helping Cream, Cheese, and Amy.

As they go through Grand Metropolis, they smash up Eggman's robots, and avoid many death traps.

Once inside the citidel, Team Rose is trapped in a energy cage! As they watch, several Egg Pawns and an EggRobo walk up to them. The EggRobo is acting as governer since the real Eggman is away.

Big uses his body and immunity to pain to break the cage, and then they have to run.

Stage 3: Power Plant

Big leads his team through the power plant once again, this time using his fishing pole to attack and swing across chasms and etc.

When they reach the top of the plant, EggRobo is there waiting for them.

Boss 1: EggRobo

Big must use his fishing pole to drag EggRobo towards him, and then whack him with it three times. Each time EggRobo will go higher in the air, making it more difficult to snag him.

After winning the fight, Big rips EggRobo aprt, revealing sonic's gift. Amy picks it up and says no one can look until Sonic does. They all head off into the sunset.

Shadow's Story

Omega's Story

Rouge's Story

Dr. Eggman's Story

Chaos's Story

Last Story

Music Themes

Sonic's Theme


Sonic's Theme-Reach for the Stars

Sonic's Theme-Reach for the Stars

Take off, at the speed of sound,- Sonic can exceed the speed of sound. Bright lights, colors all around. - Everything looks like a blur of colors when sonic is running. I'm running wild, living fast and free, - Sonic is carefree. Got no regrets inside of me. - Sonic does everything without regret. Not looking back, - Sonic leaves the past behind him. Not giving up, - Sonic's will is strong. Not letting go, - Sonic is strongly bonded to his friends. I'll keep on running. - Sonic will do whatever is needed without stopping. I'm gonna reach for the stars, - Sonic will aspire to great things. Although they look pretty far. - Even though his goals are super far away, he always runs towards them. I'm gonna find my own way, - Sonic does things his own way and style. And take a chance on today. - Sonic will let life lead him. A sky with stars so bright, the colors feel so right, - To Sonic, what he does is right. I've never felt like this, I keep on running. - Sonic is happy to be alive. Just take my hand, we're gonna reach for the stars tonight... - Everyone of Sonic's friends trusts him. Wake up, living day by day... - Sonic always looks forward to the new day. Do what I want, and I'll do it my way. - Sonic is freewilled. The world is fighting right below my feet.. - The world Sonic lives in is always at war. We'll do it right again... - Sonic wants to fix the world's problems.

Knuckles' Theme


Knuckles Theme-Stupify

Knuckles Theme-Stupify


"I've been waiting my whole life for just one ****!" - Knuckles has been waiting for the day the Master Emerald is no longer needed.

"All I needed was just one ****!" - Knuckles needs a vacation from his eternal job.

"How can ya say that ya don't give a ****!" - Knuckles is mad no one cares about the Master Emerald always being stolen.

"I find myself stupified coming back again." - Knuckles is always suprised when people take the Emerald.

"And when I feel like I'm **** outta LUCK!" - Knuckles thinks he will never be able to rest.

"Why? Do you like playing around with my, narrow scope of reality?" - Knuckles doesn't like that Eggman and others constantly trick him.

"I can feel it all start slipping, I think I'm breaking down." - Knuckles feels like he's going insane.

"I don't get it! Don't you think maybe we could put it on credit?" - Knuckles just wants at least a small hiatus inbetween thefts.

"I get stupified!"- Knuckles is easily confused.

"All the people in the left wing, ROCK! All the people in the right wing, ROCK!" - Knuckles wants people to notice and acknowledge his role.

"And don't deny me!" - Knuckles won't be stopped.

"And darling don't be afraid!" - Knuckles wants to protect the people he loves as well as the Emerald.

"Look in my face, step in my soul, I begin to stupify!" - Knuckles usually turns the tables on clever adversaries.

Tails' Theme


Tails' Theme - Until the End

Tails' Theme-Until the End

"So clever, whatever, I'm done with these endeavors." - Tails' cleverness can only get him so far.

"Alone I walk the winding way." - Tails is trying to break off from being in Sonic's shadow.

"It's over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger!" - Tails resolve is slowly getting stronger.

"I'll live to die another day, Until I fade away." - Tails will not leave his friends to die without trying.

"Whygive up? Why give in?" - Tails doesn't see why others are discouraged so easily.

"It's not enough, it never is." - Tails is usually not strong enough to handle all situations.

"So I will go on until the end..." - Tails will not give up, just like Sonic.

"We've become desolate." - Tails knows the time will come when he and the others may not be needed anymore.

"Surround me, it's easy, to fall apart completely." - Tails realizes the stress people can go through in tough times.

"I feel you creeping up again." - No matter how hard Tails tries, he never seems to become seperate from Sonic.

"I knew this day would come to end, so let this life begin." - Tails looks forward to every new day.

"I've lost my way, " - Tails is still trying to find his own style.

"The final fight I'll win." - Tails will eventually find his own way, and not need Sonic.

Big's Theme

File:Sonic Adventure Music: Big the Cat (Lazy Days)

Big's Theme-Lazy Days

Big's lyrics are unchanged so they need no explaination.

Shadow's Theme


Elena Siegman - 115 Lyrics

Shadow's Theme-115

"No one can see me, and I've lost all feeling," - No one really acknowledges Shadow and he has become immune to their opinions.

"And I know I won't die alone!" - Shadow will die with his friends when the time comes.

"I'll stop you from breathing and all your decieving," - Shadow will defeat Eggman and spare the world a cruel fate.

"And this house is not my home!" - Shadow doesn't feel as if he belongs in this world.

"No more forgiveness!" - Shadow is done letting Eggman terrorize the world.

"I have returned!" - Shadow is always there when the world needs him most.

"And everyone dies, and everyone lies," - Shadow notices humanity's flaws but accepts the fact it is natural.

"They're waiting for the second coming again!" - Shadow realizes the world needs a savior.

"Everyone tries to hold on too their lives," - Shadow doesn't see the point of selfishness.

"When no one's alive, bring me 115!" - When the world is in jeopardy, Shadow will need the Chaos Emeralds to save it. (As 1+1+5=7 and there are seven Chaos Emeralds).

"You stand for nothing and overlooked something, I'll bring you down all on my own!" - Eggman stands for his own gain, and Shadow exploits his oversights to bring him down.

"I'm the end, I can taste it!" - Shadow sees himself as a life taker.

"I'll justify hatred." - Shadow always has a reason to do something.

"I am the chosen one, the left hand of all that's sacred!" - 'Shadow will do his best to save humanity.

"I'll bring you death and pestilence," - Shadow is ready to kill Eggman if he has to.

"Look to the skies, to see the end of all creation again!" - Eggman is moving to world destruction with his actions!

"See with your eyes, my army of flies," - Shadow only needs Team Dark to help him.

"I've lost all form and unity,where has my life gone?" - Shadow used to not know who he was.

"I'll bring you doom that you can see, and bring you down to see you bleed." - 'Shadow will personally see Eggman defeated.

"Nobody cries, when everyone dies," - Shadow will fight to the bitter end, but believes no one will miss him when he goes.

Omega's Theme


Five finger death punch bulletproof lyrics

Omega's Theme-Bulletproof


"You can take the money, you can take the ride, you can take it all but never get inside!" - Omega is uncorruptable.

"You can't take my honor, you can't take my soul, you can't take the fact you'll never have control!" - Omega will never leave his friends side for any reason.

"You won't break me! No matter how hard you try! You can't shake me down!" - Omega cannot be defeated by any other robots.

"I'm ******* Bulletproof!!" - Omega is made of metal, therefore he is bulletproof. (Also this could mean his will is as indestructible as his 'body).

"All I've learned, It's like poison." - All Omega knows was programmed into him by Eggman.

"All I've done, inside my veins!'" - Everything Omega does stays in his memory forever.

"All I've seen, it's like venom!" - All Omega has ever witnessed is violence.

"All I know, IT'S ALL THAT REMAINS!!" - All Omega cares about now is Shadow and Rouge.

Rouge's Theme


Feedback- Janet Jackson with lyrics

Rouge's Theme-Feedback

Really, all Rouge's theme says is that she is provocative and sexy. She is not shy to show it, either. Despite this, she is still a loyal friend to Shadow and Omega.

Dr. Eggman's Theme


♪~ "E.G.G.M.A.N." by Paul Shortino ~lyrics~

Eggman's Theme-E.G.G.M.A.N.

Eggman's lyrics are unchanged and do not need to be explained.

Chaos' Theme


Sonic Generations Music - VS Perfect Chaos (Phase 2) - Revival

Chaos' Theme-Revival Remix

Chaos' theme has no lyrics.

Last Boss Theme


Dragonforce-Through the fire and flames with lyrics

Last Boss Theme-Fire and the Flames

This song is meant to symbolize that Sonic, Shadow and Chaos are true heroes ready to lay their lives down for any cause they believe is right. This song loops during the fight, but not in Media Player.

End Credits Theme

File:Live Life by Crush 40 (The Best of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs)

End Theme-Live Life

Crush 40 returns again to redo Live Life for the end of yet another Sonic game. This song was reused as it seemed more appropriate for this game than the Black Knight. It symbolizes that you cannot waste your life doing meaningless things that others want you to do. Live life on your own terms!

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