This page features all of the characters' upgrades and power-ups in the game Sonic Adventure 3: GX. These upgrades can be either purchased from the Shop, which are located in every Adventure Field with Rings acquired by completing certain missions given by the townspeople or by finding some of them hidden within the Adventure Fields themsleves. They provide characters with more powerful attacks or even new ones. Some of them can be equiped and some of them are mandatory. Each character has his-her own upgrades for their attacks. They are listed below.

The List

Move Description Image
Light Speed Dash Same as in all previous games. Can be acquired from the shop for 100 rings. Light Speed Dash
Light Speed Attack Same from Sonic Adventure. Can be found hidden in an Adventure Field. Sonic overdrive
Blue Ring Makes Sonic perform the Somersault in the air while running (similarly ro Zero Suit Samus' down Special Move). Can also perform a mid-air kick, which is very useful for dodging and attacking enemies. Can be found as a ring hidden in the Adventure Fields. 1000px-Skidv2
Flame Ring Allows Sonic to use the Fire Somersault, which is an upgraded move of the Somersault attack. Can be obtained as a bonus after defeating 3 Bosses. 250px-Fireskid
Cyan Ring Makes Sonic perform a Dash attack in a similar way to Sonic Unleashed. Very useful for sliding. Can be bought for 1600 rings. N/A
Jet Anklet Makes Tails fly faster. Can be found in an Adventure Field. JetAnklet
Tornado Hammer Allows Amy to unleash a tornado with her hammer. Can be acquired by completing a townsperson's mission in an Adventure Field. 1205381315 f

Knuckles is a very special character in this game as he uses various weapon. As the game progresses, Knuckles will earn several weapons, each one with its own powers and abilities. These weapons are known as the "Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians". Each Guardian of the Master Emerald posessed one of these treasures. If gathered all together, they would unlock a mysterious, hidden force; the divine Enerjak suit, which Finitevus and Dimitri are in search of. In order to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, the Brotherhood of Guardians dismantled them and scattered them throughout various locations. These weapons play a pivotal role in the game's story. As such, they will be handed out to Knuckles during cutscenes most of the times by completing a certain level. Some of them, however, can be obtained in a different way. Players can equip them to Knuckles during exploration or even during combat. They are the following.

Locke's Flute A magical flute that was found in Dr. Finitevus' documents, under his posession. What is its purpose? Article-new ehow images a06 a7 06 types-pan-flutes-1 1-800x800
Edmund's Shovel Claws Probably the most staple weapon in the arsenal, Edmund designed the Shovel Claws long time ago. In addition to their abilities in the previous games, they enable Knuckles to dig and upgrades massively his melee attacks. 076knuckles
Steppenwolf's Hammer Gloves Edmund's son invented the Hammer Gloves. They allow Knuckles to execute a vast number of attacks such as the Drill Claw and the Spiral Upper. They can also destroy some unbreakable objects. Hammergloves sa2
Hawking's Hat An accessory that doesn't do anything. Simply for fun. Knuckles OVA by cmt91
Moonwatcher's Visor Allows Knuckles to shoot laser beam projectiles in any direction. They can also reveal invisible items. Moonwatcher02
Rembrandt's Boots Grant Knuckles the ability to run faster, sometimes even on water and walls. 1bootsCLOSE
Aaron's Twin Shields Two long, wooden, heavy shields with a face on them. Not only can they withstand attacks, but they can also work as melee-attack, combat weapons. They have the ability to shoot bullet projectiles from the face's mouth as well. The picture on the right shows its shape only. UC1428
Spectre's Helm Allows Knuckles to teleport into short distances. Can also perform the dash attack. 332px-Spectre02
Jenelle-Li's Cloak Turns Knuckles invisible. Helps him pass through certain sections of a stage without being noticed. Janelle-Li
Harlan's Earth Gloves Allows Knuckles to grow plants and trees either to disable enemies or to create bridges and pathways. N/A
Jordan's Orbitars They float around Knuckles shooting at enemies. Their projectiles vary depending on their upgrade. Orbitars petit
Sojourner's Drill Cannon A huge drilling machine for close combat. When upgraded, they become two, one in each hand, enabling Knuckles to perform unique combos. Drill plain
Sabre's Hammer Gloves They allow Knuckles to perform more complex attacks and easier combos. Knuckles can now perform the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, pretty much the same from the original. SA1FightingGloves
Tobor's Big Arms Two large arm components. They can deliver maximum damage and allow Knukles to perform multiple melee attacks, including the Ground Shaker, which paralyzes enemies. Doom Cannon
Mathias' Staff Allows Knuckles to take control of an enemy and assist him in battle. In some sections, it becomes necessary in order e.g. to ride a flying enemy. When upgraded, it can control hoards of enemies. However, they must first be weakened. Mathias01
Thunderhawk's Compass Helps the player find various items during treasure hunting, similarly to Sonic Adventure. Golden-compass
Athair's Libra Description unavailable Scales-of-justice
Floren-Ca's Abacus After destroying enemies, the Abacus will absorb and encapture their souls. If Knuckles activates the Abacus, it will release the captured souls and will assist Knuckles during battle. Il 570xN 332528838
Boulder Gloves Allow Knuckles to execute more close attack combos. They are not part of the Sacred Treasures. N/A
Revealing Light Swords A pair of swords made of light. Apart from common swordplay, Knuckles can execute a very special attack where he can pierce an enemy with a light sword and remain there making him slower. By piercing many swords, the enemy eventually gets destroyed. This item is not part of the Sacred Treasures. N/A
Shade's Nocturnal Blades Two powerful blades equiped in each hand. They are Shade's basic combat weapon. This item can only be acquired when the Final Story is completed. Nocturne-equites-sonic-chronicles
5000 Volts A staple weapon that replaces Julie-Su's Plasma weapon. It deals more damage and can serve as a melee and a projectile weapon. It can be bought from the Shop for 5000 rings. Item05 02 on
Jet Anklet Allows Julie-Su to make a small leap into the air while running. Can become useful to reach higher areas, avoid incoming attacks etc. Can be found hidden in an Adventure Field. N/A
Cummunicator An accessorie that makes Omni-Viewer appear every once in a while on screen and talk to the player via a communicator. He will occassionally give information and hints. Can be found hidden in an Adventure Field. N/A
Plasma Eruptor Can be bought from the Shop for 800 Rings. N/A
Bow & Arrow Allow Julie-Su to shoot at enemies from a distant range. Can be bought from the Shop for 1100 Rings. Booboonas
Lure Allows Big to catch bigger fishes and move heavier objects. There are 4 lures in total found in Adventure Fields. SA1LurePowerup
Life Belt Makes Big float on the water. Can be bought from the Shop for 500 Rings. Lifrt
Fishing Rod The fishing rod enables Big to perform stronger attacks with wider range. There are 4 fishing rods, each being more expensive that its predecesor. The first features a big fish. The second a life belt. The third a spiked ball and the fourth a spiked ball with fire. They can be found in Adventure Fields. Dreamstime 15223957
Belly Flop The Belly Flop is a move by Big the Cat. While in mid-air, Big will fall vertically to the ground with this belly, smashing anything below him. This move costs 200 rings since it is mandatory at some stages. N/A
Light Dash Same as Sonic. Can be bought from the Shop for 100 rings. N/A
Chaos Boost

Chaos Boost pretty much does the same as in Sonic 2006. It is a mode which enhances most of Shadow's attacks. An action gauge is located on the bottom of the screen, which, when full, can activate the Chaos Boost. It can be increased by defeating enemies. Chaos Boost lasts about 20 seconds. Shadow can now perform attacks such as the Chaos Snap, Chaos Lance and the Chaos Blast.

  • Chaos Snap - Shadow instantly warps in front of the enemy, same way he does in the opening of Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Chaos Lance - An upgraded move of Chaos Spear, Shadow fires red Chaos Spears which deal more damage and have various effects.
  • Chaos Control - Freezes time for a few seconds or makes time flow very slowly.
  • Chaos Blast - Same as in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Chaos Boost Mode can be found hidden in an Adventure Field. It is hidden in a very secret location due to its huge advantages.

1000px-Chaos Ability- shadow
Flame Ring Same as Sonic's Flame Ring. N/A
Treasure Scope Allows Rouge to detect invisible items. It is acquired during a cutscene in the game's story. 001rouge
Bat Swarm A projectile attack for Rouge, useful while flying. Can be found in the Adventure Field. N/A
Iron Boots Allow Rouge to perform a set of moves. These are Kick Attack, Screw Attack and Drill Dive, which are the same from Sonic Adventure 2. 250px-Ironboots sa2
E-123 Omega
Blunt Claws An upgrade for Omega's combo attack. Can be found in the Adventure Field. There are 3 in total. N/A
Master Hydraulics An upgrade of Omega Shot, enables Omega to fire with a gatling gun. Can be found in the Adventure Field. There are 3 in total. N/A
Titanium Launcher An upgrade of Omega Launcher. Has wider range and deals more damage. Can be found in the Adventure Field. There are 3 in total. N/A
G.U.N. Soldier
G.U.N. Launcher An upgrade for the G.U.N. Soldier's Lock on Shot. Can be found in the Adventure Field. There are 3 in total. N/A
Hot Shot An upgrade for the G.U.N. Soldier's Gun shot. Can be found in the Adventure Field. There are 3 in total. N/A
G.U.N. Missile An upgrade for the G.U.N. Soldier's Rocket. Can be found in the Adventure Field. There are 3 in total. N/A
Close ranged Attack Enables the G.U.N. Soldier to deliver a close ranged melee attack with his gun. Can be bought from the Shop for 300 Rings. N/A
Psychic Eruption A basic upgrade of Psycho Shock, paralyzes enemies and deactivates any metal and mechanical item. Can be found in the Adventure Field. Opopopo0
Psychic Wind An upgrade of Silver's Psychic Wave. It can be charged and delivers more damage. Can be acquired from the Adventure Field. 9090909
Psycho Smash Only during psychokinesis, pushes away nearby objects and enemies instead of picking them up. Hold down the R2 and L2 buttons to activate it. Can be bought from the Shop for 500 Rings. N/A
Psychic Conductor During psychokinesis, after grabing either 1 or more objects, Silver can aim with a small target appearing and the camera coming closer to Silver's range and then shoot them on that target. Can be found on the Adventure Field. N/A
Teleport Dash Same as in Sonic 2006. Enables Silver to teleport in a certain location but in a different manner than Shadow. Can be bought from the Shop for 100 Rings. Psyucbh
Psychic Weapon When Silver stands on a marked location in a level, while having lifted a number of objects, Silver will transform these objects into a weapon e.g. a sword, a whip or a giant hand and will use them for strong melee attacks. This upgrade is hidden in the Adventure Field. N/A
Telepathy Press the SELECT button and Silver will telepathically see the segments of the level that you are going go pass through. Useful for seeing where the enemies are located and for creating a strategy. Can be bought for 500 rings. N/A
Fire Stomp A fire stomp attack. Can be bought from the Shop for 250 rings. N/A
Red Ring Same as Sonic's Blue Ring. Automatically acquired after defeating the 2 first Bosses. N/A
Fire Sliding Makes Blaze thrust a Flame Kick while running. Can be found in an Adventure Field. N/A
Pyrokinesis A not much of a use attack that allows Blaze to burn nearby objects and enemies. This move can be bought from the Shop for 900 rings. N/A
Chao Swarm An upgrade to Cream's Cheese attack. Can be acquired after having at least 6 Chao in the Chao Garden. N/A
Carrot Bomb Cream may plant a Carrot Bomb just like Rouge. Can be purchased for 50 rings. N/A
Team Chaotix
Chaotix Wheel Espio, Charmy, Mighty and Vector will form a wheel when the action button is pressed. Although their move is sluggish, it is a great way to destroy anything in your path including crates and enemies. Can be bought from the Shop for 650 rings. N/A
Chaotix Band Sort of like their Team Blast from Sonic Heroes. Can be bought from the Shop for 1000 rings. N/A
Metal Sonic
Rocket Enables Metal Sonic to shoot an uncontrollable rocket from his body. It is a very powerful projectile, same from The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. Must be found in an Adventure Field. N/A
Light Speed Dash Same as Sonic's. Can be bought for 50 rings. N/A
Upgrade Pack 1# If you find three of these hidden somewhere in the Adventure Fields, your pistol, grenade and rocket will upgrade each. N/A
Upgrade Pack 2# If you find three of these hidden somewhere in the Adventure Fields, your pistol, grenade and rocket will upgrade even more, even though Fang can use weapons from his enemies like in Shadow the Hedgehog. N/A
 E-102 Gamma
Upgrade Pack 1# If you find three of these hidden somewhere in the Adventure Fields, Gamma's three weapons will each be upgraded N/A
Upgrade Pack 2# If you find three of these hidden somewhere in the Adventure Fields, each of your weapons will be upgraded even more. N/A
Jet Booster Gamma's trademark accessory from the very first Sonic Adventure. It is hidden somewhere in the Adventure Fields. Jetbooster
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