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The game is divided into Adventure Fields and Action stages, similarly to the way done in Sonic Adveture. Action Stages are the basic playable stages for every character. Not every character has access to every level in Story Mode. Each Action Stage is differently structured for each character, in order to serve their gameplay mechanics. Action Stages usually take to 7:00 to 13:00 minutes each and can be accessed either from the Adventure Field itself, where it is located, or from the Menu. All Stages are listed here.

Adventure Fields

Adventure Fields work the same way as in the original. They are now vastly larger. They give the player the opportunity to explore and interact with various other characters. Aside from having the Action Stages, Adventure Fields contain various hidden prizes and items such as mission cards, Chao Garden items, Emblems, upgrades, easter eggs and bonus features. They are 4 in total. These are the following:

  • Central City, a busy, city-themed Adventure Field and the main Adventure Field of the game. Sonic's story begins in this Adventure Field. It features large skyscrapers, shops, the train station, the beach, a hotel, a casino, the G.U.N. headquarters, Tails' Workshop, Prof. Pickle's laboratory and lots of other

    Trailer Xenoblade Chronicles

    From Xenosaga, the game's Adventure Fields are similar to this game, especially Angel Island.

    areas of interest.
  • Angel Island is the largest of them all. It retains some of the sections from the original such as the train station, the jungle and the waterfalls. It features all of the Angel Island entirely, along with the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, the mountains and various other different locations such as caves, underground mines, Finitevus' headquarters, the Mysterious Cat Country's village and others.
  • E.G.G. Metropolis, an island where most of it is inhabited by Dr. Eggman's huge utopia. The other half of the island is covered with a dense jungle and a peripheral beach. Most of the stages are located in Eggman's base. Notable locations include the Main Tower, the beach, the airport and the bridge.
  • Blue Ridge Zone is actually a suburb of Central City and specifically that suburb that was devestated by Chaos back in Sonic Adventure. It features various significant locations such as the Dragon Kingdom, Espio's homeland, Albion and the Greyhorn Alliance's mountain.

Action Stages

There are 30 Action Stages in total.

City Siege

City Siege is a stage found in the Central City Adventure Field. It is the first playable level of

City Siege

Sonic and Team Chaotix and the 3rd level of Knuckles and Metal Sonic. Julie-Su is also playable with Knuckles. The stage takes place in the downtown centre of Central City during night time. The city bares many similarities to Westopolis from Shadow the Hedgehog, only much less damaged. It is dominated by various of Eggman's machines which continue to rampage the city. It features various skyscrapers, large highways and vehicles, as well as bearing some slight resemblance to New York City. The music playing in the stage is Westopolis.

Blue Bay

Blue Bay is also found in the Central City Adventure Field. It is the second stage of Sonic after City Siege, the 13th stage in Knuckles' story, 10th level of Silver and the 6th level of Shadow. This

Blue Bay

stage is basically very similar to Emerald Coast from the original, with a mix of elements from Seaside Hill, Ocean Palace and the beach part of Jungle Joyride. It features vast areas of sea, sandy beaches with resorts but also ancient ruins and light houses. Many past elements such as the sea turtles and the whale-shaped island from Sonic Heroes are also here. The music playing at this stage is Sea Gate.

Windy Village

A level very similar to Windy Valley from the original. It can be found in Angel Island and is the 3rd stage for Sonic, 21st level of Knuckles, 2nd level of Silver and 5th level of Metal Sonic. The stage takes place on a series of hilltops and mountain peaks in the sky. There are also some floating islands in this stage. At some point, the weather becomes brown and cloudy with strong winds and tornadoes. The stage mostly takes place in a wooden village built around the hilltop, at some point after the start. The stage's music is entitled Sky Deck.

Tropical Sanctuary

Tropical Sanctuary is found in the jungle of the Angel Island's Adventure Field and is th

Tropical Sanctuary

e 4th level of Sonic, first level of Knuckles as well as Silver's, 11 stage of Shadow, 10th of Team Chaotix and 6th level of Metal Sonic as well as 13th played exclusively by Gamma. The stage is actually pretty much the same as Jungle Joyride, being a staple jungle themed level. It features many tall trees, marshes, waterfalls and ancient ruins. Being Knuckles' first level, he heads there in order to go to the Oracle. It has a similar structure to Sonic's level. It is one of the very few levels in the game which is playable in all 6 storylines of the game. The music playing at the level is Jungle Joyride.

Great Guns

Great Guns is located at the E.G.G. Metropolis Adventure Field. It is the 16th level of Sonic, 21st of Knuckles, 1st of Shadow and 3rd of Team Chaotix. The stage takes place on board of the G.U.N.'s naval ships sailing in the sea. During the middle of the level, Eggman's ships will appear in the sea and there will be a war against the two sides. At that point, the player can travel from ship to ship. There are also other accessable areas in this level such as large rigs serving as battle facilities armed with cannons and firearms, situated in the middle of the sea, next to nearby isles. The stage is constantly during day. G.U.N. soldiers and Eggman's army appear as common enemies here. The stage's music is Cannon's Core.

00's Boulevard

00's Boulevard reffers to the bloulevard of the decade of 2000 (hence 00's). This stage is found in Central City and is the 5th level of Sonic, 3rd level of Knuckles, 1st level of Silver, 10th level of Metal Sonic and 8th level of Team Chaotix. This stage is also a staple one, being a basic, busy, city-themed stage in daylight, as opposed to City Siege, which is the same stage during night time under Eggman's robots, whereas this stage is full of citizens. It resembles New York city at some sections, having various skyscrapers and advertising billboards. One characteristic about this stage is that it has some sandbox sections, although the fast sections are also present. In Sonic's Story, Sonic is played for most of the time. Tails is playable at some minor points whereas Amy is playable at some other parts of the stage. The stage's music is Blast Town.

Old Megalopolis

Old Megalopolis is located in an island where Dr. Eggman's E.G.G. Metropolis is built on top of its ruins. Old Megaopolis is one of

Old Megalopolis at the front. E.G.G. Metropolis at the back. The place where the two cities meet.

the human civilization's oldest colonies. It appears to be an abandoned megalopolis, with tall broken skyscrapers and highways covered in grass due to being very old. Some of the stage's sections are wide whereas some other sections take place inside the city's structures. It is Sonic's 9th level, played with Tails and Amy. Tails' sections mostly take place on top of the skyscrapers whereas Amy's inside the buildings. For Shadow, it is the 7th level and the 8th for Metal Sonic. The stage's music is Keys the Ruin.

G.U.N. Stronghold

G.U.N. Stronghold is a G.U.N. base built on the other side of the island where Eggman's E.G.G. Metropolis is built, in a beach. It is found in the E.G.G. Metropolis Adventure Field. For Sonic, it is his 7th level, 2nd level for Shadow and 7th level for Metal Sonic as well, where only

Daxx from Ratchet & Clank was the inspiration of the G.U.N. Stronghold

Gamma is playable in Story Mode. G.U.N. Stronghold was constructed some time before the G.U.N. Commander resigned and is therefore under construction. It serves as a base of operation and for supplying the soldiers of the G.U.N. army. The stage features open areas with high tech security, barracks, depots, control towers and bridges. G.U.N. soldiers are the common enemies here although Eggman's robots might also be found. In the background, the battleships of the G.U.N. can be seen battling against Eggman's navy. It takes place during day time for all characters. The music of the stage is Lightning Storm .

Scrap Fortress

Scrap Fortress is basically Dr. Eggman's base called E.G.G. Metropolis, a stage very similar to the one in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. It is a huge, dark, factory-themed distopia, filled with tall megastructures, rivers of toxic waste and gases, consumed by factory smoke. It has many gimmicks and hazards namely botomless pits and lots of robot enemies. It is Sonic's 8th level, Silver's 13th, Knuckles' 9th level, Shadow's 14th level Metal Sonic's 2nd level and Team Chaotix's 6th level making this stage also one of the few playable ones in every storyline of the game. The music of the stage is Final Egg 2.

Memory Complex

A digital cyberspace, computer themed level. It is found in the E.G.G. Metropolis Adventure Field and is the 8th level of Silver, 8th level of Shadow, 17th level of Metal Sonic and 14th level of Team Chaotix. It takes place inside the computer of Dr. Eggman, which connects to the computer of the G.U.N. and of Dr. Magic. Therefore, the heroes enter it in order to acquire information about each one. It is similar to the Mad Matrix level from Shadow the Hedgehog. It features digital megastructures, floating platforms which travel rapidly and often disappear, electric tubes and towers. Hazards include endless pits, electric fibers and laser beams. The music of the stage is Electric Fountain.

Archaic Mosque

The Archaic Mosque is the 12th level in Sonic's storyline, 16th in Knuckles', and 12th of Metal Sonic's. It is located in the Angel Island's desert section. The

Archaic Mosque

stage features a large Arabian-themed city, built around a wall in the middle of a desert. In the centre of the city, there is a huge ancient mosque. The stage's structure is the following. At the first 3 minutes,the stage takes place the exterior part of the city, in a desert. Afterwards, the player enters the city and then the huge, ancient temple with a mosque. This section lasts about 7 minutes. Then, the player exits the mosque and finds himself in an oasis, with little vegetation and rivers. For Sonic's story, the level takes place in the middle of a sundown. Prayers from the mosque can be heard throughout the gameplay. The stage's music is Anger of the Earth.

Totem Tundra

Totem Tundra is located at the Blue Ridge Zone and is 11th level of Sonic and Metal Sonic, 18th level of Knuckles, 7th level of Silver. It is presumably a base built by Dr. Magic in a tundra. As its name suggests, the level takes

Kind of like the background

place in a tundra, during night time for some characters or sundown for others. It is surrounded by snowy mountains, the weather is cloudy and at some points of the level is it snowing a little. The tundra features many mechanical totem polls which serve as watch towers as well as some traditional ones, connected with each other with bridges. Large birds can be seen sitting on top of them or flying around the stage. Nearby is located Dr. Magic's base where the player's Goal Ring is located. The stage's music is Planet Veldin.

Alpine Peaks

The Alpine Peaks take place in the snowy mountain tops of Blue Ridge Zone. It is Sonic's 15th level, Knuckles' 20th, Silver's 21 and last level, Team Chaotix's 17th and Metal Sonic's 16th level. The stage is home to the Greyhorn Alliance, a group of elderly, anthropomorphic animal monks who appeared in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future. For Sonic, the stage takes place mostly in a location resembling a frozen monastery. For Silver and Team Chaotix, the level resembles more of a base built within the mountains as it serves as a base of operation for Dr. Magic. The stage's music is White Acropolis.

Olive Retreat

Olive Retreat is located at the Angel Island. It is the 12th and 15th level in Knuckles' story (played once by Big) and 9th level of Silver. It is not accessable by Sonic, Metal Sonic, Shadow or Team Chaotix in Story Mode. Olive Retreat is a valley with olive fields and medieval structures such as ruined, Byzantine themed castles. The sky is orange with clouds because of a sunset or sunrise (depending on which character you're playing as). Near the end of the stage, there is an enormous odd structure that resembles an ancient clock. The Goal Ring is located on top of that structure. In Knuckles' story, Knuckles is mostly playable in this level. Big, however, plays this level entirely on his own, where he must also use his fishing skills to open up gates. The stage's music is Great Megalith.

Chaotic Casino

Chaotic Casino is situated in Central City. It is the 3rd level of Silver and Metal Sonic, 4th level of Knuckles and 5th level of Shadow and Team Chaotix. Only Sonic cannot access the level in Story Mode. As its name states, it is a classic casino themed level with neon, coloured lights, large pinball tables, advertising billboards, bingos and other luxorious funfair parks. It takes place in the sky during night time, even though characters go there during day time in Story Mode. It is where Rouge works. The stage's music is Casinopolis: Pinball.

Plague Garden

Plague Garden is a level located in the Angel Island. It is Silver's 16th level, Shadow's 15th level and Team Chaotix's 4th level. The stage has previously appeared in Sonic Advance X as Plague Forest Zone. It is a rotten, tainted forest filled with enlarged trees and plants covered in yeast and mold. It also features many mushrooms. The entire level is coloured pink or purple in colour and even has a purple mist. Dark Legionaires are the common enemies here. Hazards include man eating insects and plants, infected lakes and collapsing trees and mushrooms. You can click on this link to get an idea of how the level would look like. The stage's music is Rusty Ruin.

Glyphic Babylon

Glyphic Babylon is a level of great significance in the game. It is the 6th stage of Sonic, 24th level of Knuckles, 5th level of Silver, 23th of Shadow, 1st of Metal Sonic, 19th of Team Chaotix and is located in the Angel Island. The stage takes place in the ruins of

Knuckles flying over Albion.

the ancient Echidna city; Albion, one of the largest Echidna cities in antiquity. It was there that the ancient Echidna warriors, the Albion Knight of Aurora first began the making of the Albion technology, as they were highly advanced. The stage is what remains of this great utopia, a deserted, ruined city. The stage features large ziggurat, monoliths and buildings. Rails play a key role in Sonic's version of the stage and mostly takes place on top of the buildings and the skyline, whereas Knuckles' takes place on the ground. Falling sections are common gimmicks here. It is revealed in Sonic's storyline that Albion was active until a few years before the events of the game took place when Eggman, under Dr. Finitevus' orders, bombarded the city, completely wiping out its population. At the time, Sonic and his friends were not aware of it. The stage's music is Sky Troops.

Dragon Dojo

This is the 20th stage of Sonic, 18th level of Shadow and 16th of Team Chaotix. It takes place on the Blue Ridge and specifically on the Dragon Kingdom, Espio's homeland. This stage is a chinese-themed level, much like Chun-nan from Sonic Unleashed. It features a chinese-themed village of temples between large mountains and a long river. Dragons can also be seen flying in the sky and can also serve as vehicles or hazards. Waterfalls and caves are also very common sections here. Sonic, along with Rouge and Espio head there is search of the Albion artifact that is possessed by the Dragon Kingdom's clan. Shadow is not playable in Story Mode here, but only Rouge. Espio is individually playable here. The stage's music is Dragon Dance.

Mad Terminal

Mad Terminal is located in Central City. It is the 14th level in Sonic's story, 5th in Knuckles' Story,

Mad Terminal

12th to Silver, 10th to Shadow and the 13th to Team Chaotix. It does not appear in Metal Sonic's storyline at all. Mad Terminal takes place at the city's train station. As stated by its name, it is a very busy terminal that features multiple complex routes, platforms and trains, going towards every direction. An absolutely chaotic level, notable sections of the stage include the subway, the train and the kart at the rails. The stage's music is Radical Train - The Abandoned Mine.

Rail Mountain

Rail Mountain is found at the Blue Ridge Adventure Field. It is the 17th

Rail Mountain would look like this

stage for Sonic, 8th to Knuckles, 9th to Shadow and Metal Sonic and 7th to Team Chaotix. It is characterized as a very action packed level. The stage is a base, located in a rocky mountain region, high above the ground's level, constructed with mechanical windmills, wires and elevators. For Sonic's version, one the stage's main features is its vast rails. It also features various poles and platforms as well as endless pits, since it takes place in the sky. In the background, Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet can be seen soaring through the blue sky. For Knuckles' version, the stage features less rails and more platforms and wider areas for combat. The stage's music is Boss Event.

Dumm Jummai

A very bizzare level, it is found in the Central City Adventure Fields and is based on the actual city of Dubai. It is the 13th level of Sonic and Shadow, 6th of Knuckles, 20th of Silver, 14th of Metal Sonic and 15th of Team Chaotix, making it one of the stages that appears in all 6 storylines. Dumm Jummai comprises of two main locations; a futuristic city with supertall megastructures built of steel and a city built on an artificial island with an enormous beach resorts, hotels and a market. The stage has an orient style into it resembling a futuristic city of Korea as well

Dumm Jummai, the resort section on the left and the megacity section on the right

as Dubai mentioned previously. For Sonic, Gamma, Fang and Shadow, the stage takes place during day time. It starts off from the futuristic city and progresses, until it reaches the beach resorts in the artificial island. For Knuckles, the stage takes place during night time and starts off from the same location but finishes at the market near the harbour, which is more poor and crowded, resembling a Chinese market. For Silver and Team Chaotix, the level changes drastically. As it takes place in the bad future, the stage is darker, the skyscrapers are even taller and are made of black mechanical components. It has a dystopian atmosphere. There are floating cars and the level mostly takes place in the sky. The artificial island with the beach resort is also changed. It takes place during sundown. For this reason, the music of the stage tends to differ. For Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Metal Sonic, the stage's music is Fallen Colony. For Silver and Team Chaotix the stage's music is Final Factory. However, in stage selection from the Menu, one can pick which version of the stage they want to play.

Sky Squadron

Sky Squadron can be found at the E.G.G. Metropolis Adventure Field. It is the 18th level o

Sky Squadron

f Sonic, Knuckles' 10th level, Silver's 14th, Shadow's 4th and Metal Sonic's 18th level. The stage takes place aboard Dr. Eggman's massive armada of battleships in the sky, high above the clouds. It is a staple stage, very similar to Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes. It is a very long level, as it takes place in various battleships. The stage features many Eggman robots, rails, cannons and hazards. Sky Squadron, like the previous stage, is a very action packed level. At some point during the level, the fleet will pass through a cumulonimbus and will be very dark with thunderstorms.The music of the stage is Asteroid Coaster.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is a stage very similar to Lost World from the original. It is Sonic's 10th level, Knuckles' 2nd level, Silver's 6th and Shadow's 19th level. Lost World is actually Teotihuacan from The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes, some time after the invasion of the Gravitus and the evacuation of the Echidna Tribe. It is an abandoned ruined city, submerged in a lake. The stage features destroyed golden mausoleums, ziggurats and buildings, as well as various Mayan and Inca themes in it. Knuckles heads there after being informed from the Orcacle that there is a hidden message for Knuckles there while Sonic heads there to acquire one of the Albion artifacts. The stage's music is Lost World.

Nocturnal Haunt

Nocturnal Haunt is located at the Angel Island Adventure Field. It is the 14th level in Knuckles' storyline, 12th of

Nocturnal Haunt's design is identical to that from Sonic Chronicles.

Shadow and Silver's 11th level. Nocturnal Haunt takes place inside Dr. Finitevus's headquarters. Its exterior structure looks very similar to the Nocturnal Clan's buildings in Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood, since Dr. Finitevus comes from the Nocturne himself. The stage is has a dark, gloomy appearance from outside, resembling a large castle. It also has a fall of lava. Inside, it has a gothic appearance. Some of the sections of the level feature dark pits, chambers filled with enslaved Echidnas, coridors and red carpets with lanterns. Nocturnal Haunt appears to also have a section as a research facility where Dr. Finitevus does experiments on Echidnas. However, in Silver's story, Nocturnal Haunt is much more different as it takes place many centuries before. It does not have that gloomy and dark atmosphere and does not resemble a techno fortress but instead is more like a fortress built inside of a mountain, made of stone. There are also waterfalls and vegetation instead of the lava river. There are no Dark Legionaires as enemies but King Ophis' stane minions.The stage's music is Black Comet .

Huge Inferno

Huge Inferno is Albion consumed by fire and destruction. It is situated in the Blue Ridge Zone. The level probably takes place inside the characters' minds as it is set in the past when Dr. Finitevus allied with Dr. Eggman and bombarded the entire city, wiped out completely the entire population of the city. The stage bares some similarities to Crisis City from Sonic 2006, except that it takes place on an ancient city. The most common hazard here is obviously fire. It features large, ancient structures falling apart, destroyed roads and bridges and has an apocalyptic atmosphere. Huge Inferno is the 19th level of Sonic, 23rd level of Knuckles, 20th level of Shadow and the 17th level of Silver. The stage's music is End of the World.

Chthonian Ruins

An underground serpent kingdom. It is located in the Angel Island Adventure Field. It is Silver's 19th level and Shadow's 16th level. In Story Mode, it takes place in the past where Silver, Blaze, Cream and Shadow travel to retreive the Golden Epic. Chthonian Ruins, from Greek χθόνιος meaning related to the underworld/ underground, is an ancient city made of rocks constructed inside the Earth through various tunels and caves. At the deepest level, there are large, gothic palaces and temples, rocks and marshes. There is a myriad of snakes in this level of various sizes, some being very large. The floor is covered with water and the whole environment is very moist. It is the lair of King Ophis of the Nagas, the king of a reptile race that plays an antagonistic role in Silver's Storyline. The stage's music is Skeleton Dome.


Echidnapolis used to be the second largest Echidna city in antiquity located in the Angel Island. It is the 25th and final level in Knuckles' story, 18th level in Silver's story, 21st level of Shadow and Team Chaotix. The time between the events in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes and this game, the Echidna Tribe from Teotihuacan managed to rebuild and recolonize the city, operating normally. However, in the game, Dr. Finitevus conquers the city and enslaves all of its population, forcing it to rebuild the city in his own desire. Hence, the level resembles more of a dark, dystopian city. Some of the parts of the level feature tall towers and structures, seemingly untouched by time. However, as the level progresses, the player ends up in the centre of the city, which has been altered and reconstructed with black, cybernetic components with powerful lights. The towers are also much taller and thicker. The level takes place during night time for some characters and even in the sky. It is filled with Dark Legionaires, heavy defense units, cannons and armament. Dr. Finitevus' headquarters is located in the heart of the city, where the Enerjak suit is hidden. You can click here to see how Echidnaopolis would look like. The stage's music is Aridia.

Genocide City

Genocide City is a stage located in the E.G.G. Metropolis Adventure Field. It is Shadow's 25th and final level and Knuckles' 19th level making it a relatively rare level in Story Mode. After Eggman's forces retreated in the ruins of Old Megalopolis, the G.U.N. forces, under Hugo Brass' command, launched a massive attack against Eggman to corner him and defeat him once and for all. The stage, therefore, takes place in a warzone in Old Megaopolis where the G.U.N. forces are fighting against Eggman's army with heavy infantry, tanks and airships. The navy can also be seen at some sections of the level. The ruins of Old Megaopolis are not covered in vegetation now but are ablaze. The stage is loaded with G.U.N. soldiers and Eggman's robots so the player can choose who to assist during battle. The stage's music is Crisis City.

Air Winds

Air Winds is a level that takes place in the sky, on board of an armada of huge flying creatures, similarly to Levitated Ruin from Sonic and the Secret Rings. Air Winds is the 21st level of Sonic, 22nd level of Shadow, where only Rouge is playable in Story Mode and the 18th level in Team Chaotix's storyline. The stage is situated in the Blue

The Air Winds resemble the Levitated Ruin.

Ridge Zone. The Air Winds is a race of enormous flying creatures, blue in colour and resemble whales with large fins. They travel the skies and pass through various locations such as from the Angel Island. The player starts off from one of the flying creatures and progresses through the level as he passed from one to another. Each one of these creatures has a megastructure on its back which commonly serves as a checkpoint site. The stage features hazards such turbulence, strong winds and Eggman's robots as common enemies. Sonic, Rouge and Espio use the Air Winds as a means of transportation to get to the Albion Thaumaturge. The music of the stage is Molten Mine.

Last Colony

This level takes place on a faraway, remote island, a once colony of the Echidna Tribe and the place where the Albion Thaumaturge is hidden. Eggman heads there in order to reactivate it after thousands of years and has constructed a base there with huge drills piercing the ground to uncover a hidden ancient city. Last Colony is found in the Blue Ridge Zone Adventure Field. It is Sonic's 22nd and last stage, Silver's 15th, Team Chaotix's 20th and Metal Sonic's 19th, 20th and 21st level, played by Gamma, Fang and Metal Sonic respectively. The stage is very long and is the only one in Sonic's storyline to have 2 Acts, although when selected from the Menu, both Acts are fused together. The player starts off from a forest, which then becomes a dense jungle and afterwards the player enters a valley with an ancient fortress, most of it ruins. As the player progresses, he ends up in Eggman's excavating site and then continues again to the ancient city until he reaches a road enclosed by two mountains where a fortress is built. Last Colony features the Egg Aura as a Boss for Sonic, Fang, Rouge and Espio. You can click here to see an image of how the final section of the level would look like. The stage's music is Kingdom Valley.

Security Gadget

The first level in the Final Story, it takes place in the ships of the navy of G.U.N.. It is a stage very similar to Great Guns mentioned above, since both are located in the same place. There are, however, some minor differences. The sky is dark red rather than blue. Most of the stage takes place on the interior part of the ships rather than the exterior, which is armed with many security cameras, laser turrets and G.U.N. drones. The main difficulty here is to get passed the laser shooting cameras. It also features various loops, sealed gateways and coridors. As Sonic and Shadow, their stage segments are very fast and have to get passed through multiple obstacles that will hinder your way to Dr. Magic's cell. As Silver, you will mostly have to battle G.U.N. drones to open up gates, activate switches and bridges. Tails' segment is quite short and easy. There is no Goal Rings for this stage, instead, you will have to reach the ceel where Dr. Magic is being held. The stage's music is Cannon's Core.

Fallen Angel

The Angel Island is under attack! Dr. Eggman and Dr. Finitevus have unleashed their armies to take over the island and exterminate all of the Echidnas. This is the final battle. Your mission is to head to every defense unit of the Angel Island and enforce them using Dr. Magic's special devices, basically to activate them by hitting them. There are 16 in total scattered across the Angel Island. You will take control of all the characters here, with the exception of Metal Sonic, in the following order. Gamma, Tails, Amy, Rouge, Team Chaotix, Silver, Big, Julie-Su, Shadow, Omega, Knuckles, Cream, G.U.N. Soldier, Blaze, Sonic and Fang. Each hero will head to one of the defense units and activate them. The defense units look like ancient, technological pillars. Once activated, they will shoot a beam upwards in the sky. This in turn will summon the ancient, mechanical soldiers, the guardians of the Angel Island the Echidnas had built, from the ground. Also, ancient turrets, cannons and even huge spaceships will rise from the ground and target the enemy.

As for the description of the stage. Fallen Angel, as stated above, takes place on the Angel Island. Recognizable segments from the Adventure Field are also present inside the level. Each character's version of the stage takes a different route, but is more or less the same. The entire Angel Island is falling apart. Large pieces of the island begin to disintegrate and fall into the ocean, so you have to watch your step. You will encounter many obstacles in this level such as Dark Legionaires and Dr. Eggman's robots. Nevertheless, the ancient soldiers of the Angel Island and G.U.N. will be on your side and will not damage you. There are huge, ancient spacecrafts floating in the sky where the player will occassionally pass from. Some segments also feature the inside of huge, collapsing temples, water segments, paths with lots of vegetation etc. It is an apocalyptic stage. The music of the level is Chaos Angel - Classic Remix.

Chaos Core

This level takes place inside the Angel Island. At the start of the level, you take control of Knuckles. You start off from Teotihuacan, where the entrance is located and continue up to a certain point. As you go deeper to the centre of the island, you will pass from many coridors with falling platforms and bridges. The floors and the walls of the entire level will eventually start moving and ancient spacecrafts will emerge and head to the exterior surface of the island. His segment of the level features multiple enemies such as Dark Legionaires and Eggman robots. After you pass a checkpoint, Big will continue. His segment features many small lakes and collapsing waterfalls where Big must use his fishing rod to open up switches and activate bridges. Finally, you proceed as Sonic in a very fast part of the level. It features multiple rails, falling platforms, floating ruins and speed relying sections. After a certain point, you will find yourself inside a huge, spherical chamber where the walls start collapsing and ancient spacecrafts detach from them. As Sonic, you will be able to get on board of some of these flying spacecrafts. There are also some bizzare, ancient switches that change gravity. And to make things worse, there is a time limit before the entire island collapses. The inside of the Angel Island seems to be built out of a very peculiar ancient technology making the level resemble a huge, ancient weapon hidden inside the island to make it impenetrable. Your goal is to follow Locke to the core of the Angel Island with the Master Emerald. The stage's music is Chaos Angel - Modern Remix.

Final Fleet

Takes place on board of Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet. The sky is dark red. The Angel Island can be seen in the far background and Argus' tentacles from above. They will occassionally grab some of the fleet's ships and toss them around. Here, you control all of the rest characters that were not playable in Chaos Core, with the exception of Metal Sonic, who is piloting the flagship. You will have to pass from battleship to battleship in order to finally reach Dr. Eggman's flagship, the Egg Carrier, where Metal Sonic is awaiting. The stage features Dark Legionaires and Eggman's robots as common enemies. It also heavily armed featuring cannons, laser beams, turrets etc. You will also encounter the ancient spacecrafts that rose from the Angel Island battling in the sky. The stage's music is Nega Wisp Armor - Phase 1.

The Pandemonium

This is the final stage of the game. Knuckles is the only playable character here. This stage takes place inside Dr. Finitevus' flying citadel. The level starts off from the exterior part, which is heavily armed with Dark Legion troopers, energy barriers and cannons. As you proceed to the inside, you will encounter loads of enemies to defeat. The inside of the stage is very similar to Nocturnal Haunt featuring large hallways, coridors, rails and bastions. The stage's music is The Last Way.

List of Bosses

  • Egg Viceroy - An ovoid shaped robot with 2 arms and a cockpit where Dr. Eggman sits in and pilots it. It does not have legs but floats just like Diablon from Shadow the Hedgehog. It is of orange colour. Its basic attacks are laser beams, bombs and other projectiles while it also uses its arms for close combat. It does not have any specific weak spot so hitting it anywhere on its torso will decrease its life gauge.
  • Egg Chamberlain - Very similar to the Egg Viceroy, almost the same mech with red colour and more upgraded. This means that it is more powerful and deals much more damage. Its attacks are pretty much the same as the Egg Viceroy's. It is fought in the Sly Squadron level for most characters in Story Mode.
  • Egg Aura - The Egg Aura is the same robot as the previous two, though highly upgraded. It is heavily armed and equiped with 8 Albion artifact. It resembles an ancient astronaut. It has a large torso with shining blue layers of energy on it and with the artifacts attached to its centre and various energy rings made of hieroglyphics obiting it; two large arms and a head, where the cockpit is. It doesn't have legs so it floats using a blue energy that surrounds it. It has some attacks from the Egg Viceroy and the Egg Chamberlain as well as the ability to fire laser beams and energy using a sceptor in one hand and another bizzare ancient instrument in another. It is fought on a spherical table with collapsed pillars around it, as well as platforms. Egg Gunners and Egg Pawns are around it, guarding it and will try to attack the player.

    Beast of Xenin, kind of like this Yu-Gi-Oh! monster

  • Egg Acari - As its name states, it is a large mech resembling an actual acari. It has long, slender legs covered with a spiral metal that charges electricity and allows it to jump very high and rapidly. Although its torso is bogus, its is very fast. It does not use any projectiles and its main way of attacking is by charging on the player. It may also walk on walls and on the ceiling. It also has the ability to lay mechanical eggs which release Egg Pawns and Egg Gunners.
  • Egg Shockmaster - A typical of Dr. Eggman's robots. Its key ways of attacking is by lightning attacks and electric shockwaves. Its weak spot is Dr. Eggman's cockpit.
  • Egg Statue - Dr. Eggman does not pilot thsi one. Instead, it functions as a guard for the Tropical Sanctuary stage. It is very slow but its attacks can become very difficult to dodge.
  • Magic Paladin - This one was constructed by Dimitri by using metal components from Dr. Eggman's robots. It was then used by Dr. Magic as
    a means of acquiring the Golden Epics. It resembles a paladin, as its name suggests. It wields a scepter with which it shoots projectiles. It is fought by most characters in story mode since Dr. Magic is one of the major villains in Silver's and Team Chaotix' storyline.
  • The Magician - An upgraded version of the previous; it is piloted by Dr. Magic and was created by Dimitri using metal components from Eggman's robots.
  • The Wizard - An even more powerful version of the previous two, the The Wizard is mostly fought in the final levels of the characters' storyline due to its high difficulty and needed strategy to defeat it.
  • Beast of Xenin - A large, vicious, dog-like creature controlled by Xenin. It has spikes, claws, horns, cybernetic implants and chains. Xenin stands nearby on top of a platform and cannot be damaged but will not attack the player.
  • Xenin - Xenin is a very simple Boss. He fights using mostly his blaster and other firearms although he does engage on close combat.

    Dark Legionaires

  • Dark Legion Squad - This Boss is very similar to Egg Carnival and Egg Storm from Sonic Heroes. You basically fight a herd of Dark Legionaires with all kinds of weapons. Although you can select your character here, power-type characters are preferable.
  • Dr. Finitevus - He uses his magic powers to attack. He may also teleport using his rings or teleport the player near him to attack him.
  • Dimitri - Dimitri is fought only in Glyphic Babylon. He has attached his head into an enormous robot that looks like a mantis. It attacks using its razor sharp claws. It does have some projectiles as well. The player can only damage him in his head, which is his weak spot. This design was first seen in the Archie comics.
  • Enerjak - Dr. Finitevus after having acquired the Enerjak suit. He is fought twice. Once in Knuckles' storyline as the last Boss in
    Echidnaopolis and in the Final Story again by Knuckles. In Knuckles' story he is fought inside an ancient chamber with large, blue pillars with hieroglyphics. He flies and uses his scepter to shoot projectiles. As Knuckles, the player can only injure him by harnessing the powers of the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians.
  • F-36 THUNDERBIRD - A G.U.N. battle drone. It resembles a bird with large wings. It is piloted by a G.U.N. Soldier and the cockpit is located in the forehead of the machine. It is very similar to the Blue Falcon and Heavy Dog from Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • G-76 BLACK SCORPION - Another of G.U.N.'s battle robots, it is much stronger than the previous version and is fought only by Shadow, Omega and the G.U.N. Soldier John Washington in Genocide City serving as their last Boss. It is piloted by Hugo Brass. It is fought in the rubbles of Genocide City. It uses many weapons to attack such as rockets, missiles, laser beams and the particle beam cannon. Its weak spot is its head.
  • King Ophis - An enormous, green snake with a crown on its head. It serves as one of the main antagonists in Silver's story and is fought only by Silver in his storyline. King Ophis is the serpent king of the underground, chthonic kingdom of the serpents and every 7 years, it feeds on royal blood according to a very ancient tradition. It is fought in its lair. Its main attacks involve close combat with its body. It also summons smaller snakes to help it repell Silver's attacks. Hitting it anywhere on its body will damage it.
  • Character battles - Character battles are the same from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2. They are very easy to defeat. These are Sonic vs Metal Sonic, Sonic vs Knuckles, Tails vs Fang, Julie-Su vs Fang, Omega vs Gamma, Espio vs Metal Sonic, Silver vs Metal Sonic and Silver vs Blaze.

Final Story Bosses

Egg Diviner

This Boss is fought in the stage Final Fleet. It is piloted by Metal Sonic. The Boss is battled with every character except Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic and Big. Its design is based off the previous Bosses Egg Chamberlain, Egg Viceroy and Egg Aura, almost being a reconstruction. Its attacks are way more powerful that the formers.


This Boss is basically the same as the one you fought previosuly in Knuckles' storyline, with some differences. He is fought on a porch outside the Nocturnal Citadel with the Angel Island in the background and Argus' tentacles from above. His attacks are stronger but can be countered by using the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians correctly. He does not have a weak spot, so damaging anywhere in his body will lower his Life Gague.

Nocturnal Citadel

You play as Super Shadow and Super Silver. Your task is to fly around the Nocturnal Citadel and destroy its cannons, shield barriers, troops and turrets. You can switch between Super Shadow and Super Silver. Shadow is faster and uses his Chaos Spear. Silver is more defensive and slower. He can use is psychokinesis to stop incoming projectiles and throw them back at the fortress. Remember to collect as many rings as you can. You do not lose rings when you're hit but you automaticaly lose 1 ring each second.

Albion Thaumaturge

The Albion Thaumaturge was the most powerful war machine created in antiquity using the Albion technology by the Echidnas for the Forgotten War against the Nocturnal tribe. Now, it has been reawakened by Dr. Eggman and has invaded the Angel Island, causing massive destruction and eliminating every Echidna on the island. The Albion Thaumaturge is an enormous, titanic robot nearly 500 meters tall. It has the 9 Albion artifacts attached to its chest from the inside. As Super Sonic, you control another titan, which was built by the Echidnas in attempt to counter their original creation when time was to come. Your titan is slightly smaller. Your attacks include punches and a laser beam, which needs to be charged. The entire battle takes place on the Angel Island, while the sky is dark red and covered by Argus' monstrous tentacles. You can also grab certain objects such as neabry spacecrafts, pillars and even mountains to throw at Eggman.


Argus is a legendary monster from the Twilight Cage, first mentioned in the 2008 game Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood. He was summoned by unknown means in 2500 BC, during the war between the Knuckles clan and the Nocturnal tribe, to the battlefield and consumed the

The end is inevitable...

entire Nocturnal kingdom. Now, he is summoned once again by Dimitri, using the power of the Golden Epics, fullfilling an ancient prophecy.

As the Final Boss of the game, you take control of Knuckles as Enerjak. The battle takes place in the dark skies above the Angel Island. You must use your Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians, which have been upgraded to attack Argus. Throughout the entire battle, only his huge tentacles can be seen protruding from a blue portal. You will have to attack them in order to lower his Life gauge. Argus will only use his tentacles for attacks. For instance, he wil grab floating remnants of the Angel Island and throw them at you, shoot laser beams, summon large boulders from the island below or just strike at you with them. Since the Enerjak is not a super form, you lose rings only when you take damage. The music for the Final Boss is 160 BPM.