This page contains the Extra Games in the video game Sonic Adventure 3: GX as well as all of the unlockable content within the game (for technical reasons). Extra Games are 3 games that are independent to the entire plot of the game. These games are the Chao World, Big's BIG Adventure and Sky Chase Minigame.

Extra Games

Chao World

Welcome to the Chao World! In this world, you can build your Chao city however you like and administrate it in a city-building manner, sort of like the games Sim city only more simple. You start off from the type of city you want to build. You can choose to build it in the countryside, near the sea, construct a village or build an entire metropolis. Its up to you to choose what theme your city will have. Afterwards, you start adding the buildings, the roads, the houses, the parks etc. You can select what type of parks, houses and roads you want to add but you have to consider that the more Emblems you collect in the game, the more diverse constructs you will unlock to add. You can add anything you like in your Chao city such as a gymnasium, a town hall, schools, rivers, hospitals, amusement parks, casinos, resorts, prisons etc. As soon as your city starts growing, more and more Chao will come to live in it. Nevertheless, the more Chao you have in your city, the more busy will everything get. For instance, your Chaos' demands will increase over time, you'll have to clean the city regularly, create jobs, provide electricity etc. You need Rings, however, to build your city and each infrastructure costs a certain amount of money. You can get rings by clearing stages in the main game. You can also change the weather. Simple stuff.

In addition, once your city starts to boom and you create some specific infrastructure, you will be able to play various minigames. For instance, if there is a restraurant in your city, you will unlock the Chef minigame, which will enable you to upgrade your Chao's abilities and unlock various prizes, including emblems. Some of these minigames are listed below.

  • Chef - Unlocked once you've placed a restaurant in your city. You are the cook of a restaurant. When hungry Chao arrive, they will order a specific meal from the menu. Your job is to prepare the meal as good as you can, under a time limit of course. There are various ingredients to select and make the ordered meal. Your Chao will help you though by giving you hints and tips. The better your food is, the more points you'll earn and then continue to the next level. There are 7 levels in total. You earn an emblem for completing each one. Remember that as you progress, the Chao will be more demanding! This minigame will increase your Chao's stamina.
  • Gymnasium - Unlocked once you've placed a gymnnasium in your city. This minigame is basically pretty much the same as the previous Sonic Adventure installment. There are many sports for you to choose from, namely the Stadium, which features the Chao races that are 7 in total, the Vault, which features the karate mingame from Sonic Adventure 2 and has 7 courses, the table tennis, again with 7 levels, the trampoline etc. This minigame will increase your Chaos' speed, power, flight and mostly abilities.
  • University - You must have a university to access this minigame. Here, your Chao will come to read books, listen to lectures and philosophize. After attending some lessons, you can then test your Chao in the form of puzzles or trivial questions. The trivial questions are all Sonic-related e.g. What was Sonic the Hedgehog's first game? etc. Depending on the amount of correct answers, you will move to the next level. There are 7 in total and you get an emblem for clearing each one. This minigame will increase your Chao's intelligence.
  • Delivery - You must have either a catering, a pizza shop, a post office or anything that requires you to deliver stuff to the Chaos' houses. You basically drive throughout your town to deliver your costumers' goods. You also have a time limit. There are 7 levels in total. This minigame will increase your Chao's goodness.
  • School of Music - Your Chao will come here to learn music. You must have a school of music placed somewhere in your city to play this minigame. After you have enough Chao to create a band, you will start composing music. Each of your band members will have a musical instrument with him. You can then select a sound or tune from each instrument and place it on the timeline below. After you have done this with every instrument, press the play button to listen to the sound of music your band plays. There are 3 emblems to get from here, for each difficulty. This minigame is ideal for your Chao's psychology.

Moreover, the player can construct his/her own unique Chao Garden in the same way they did in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. The player has the option of selection the format of their Chao Garden from 5 locations. As you progress into the main game, you will unlock more goodies to add to your Chao Garden. You can have up to 4 Chao Gardens at the same time. Each Chao Garden may have up to 8 Chao in 1 Chao Garden. As your progress into the game, your garden's vegetation will grow, trees and flowers will blossom etc. You can also choose your Chaos' attitude by making it good or evil. For example, you can harass one of your Chao to make it evil. Everything else regarding the Chao Gardens from the previous games Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 and The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes returns with some slight modifications. There are some different accessories for your Chao for instance, different foods and animals to increase your Chaos' abilities. You can find animals in Action stages and Adventure Fields by breaking special crates and boxes, since Dr. Eggman does not power his robots with them anymore.

Big's BIG Adventure

This is a fishing minigame. Here, you take control of Big the Cat and your mission it to catch as many fishes as you can. The controls are very simple and the gameplay is pretty much the same as every other fishing game there is. You can select a fishing rod and then a stage. There are
three stages. The first one is a jungle. It features a wide lake with ancient ruins, covered with vegetation, lots of tall trees that cover the sky, plants and sea turtles. The second one is a Chinese themed village with a very large, calm lake, fountains and statues. It also features some tiny islands with little houses built on them. The third stage is a night time stage. It is a beach with multiple islands, resorts, palm trees and crabs. Each stage contains different types of fishes and each fish is more difficult to catch. For each type of fish you get a different sum of points according to their size and rarity. In the stages, you can use objects such as a boat or acessories that will help you catch fishes such as mirrors that reflect light. You may also use a life vest or even swim.

The stages contain many details to make them look very realistic, mostly for the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Upon clearing every stage once, you get an emblem. A second player may also plug in his controler and play as Froggy to help the player raise his score. You may also connect worldwide and compare your scores with others' around the globe.

Sky Chase

You have already played this minigame twice in Adventure Mode so this minigame is basically the same. There are 7 levels in total, each awarding you with an emblem upon completing it. These are Alpine Peaks, Air Winds, Sky Squadron, Windy Village, Dumm Jummai, Chaotic Casino and Fallen Angel. You take control of the Tornado. The character piloting it is up to you. For each stage, your objective is different. For example, in Fallen Angel, you must shoot down Dr. Eggman's battleships. Your score will lower if you shoot down the Angel Island's spacecrafts so be careful. In Windy Village, you must shoot down the Dark Legionaires' air saucers and defeat as many enemies as you can. You must also collect rings to keep your health high.

Unlockable Content

  • Metal Sonic's Storyline - The Robot's Revolt is unlocked after completing 50% for Sonic's storyline The Wind Whispers Sonic.
  • Final Story - The Battle of Angel Island is unlocked after completing all 6 storylines and gathering all 7 Chaos Emeralds by completing all of the 7 Mach Speed levels either with Sonic, Shadow, Metal Sonic or Blaze.
  • Mission Mode - Unlocked after completing the Final Story.
  • Expert Mode - Unlocked after getting an S rank in all levels and Bosses in Story Mode. You can then play all levels with all characters under very hard difficulty.
  • In addition, by collecting Emblems, you can unlock various prizes in the Gallery, such as concept artwork, music, cutscenes, deleted scenes and content, dialogue and tips for gameplay. Emblems are obtained by completing certain objectives, usually in Adventure Mode after completing a stage or Boss battle. In addition, 5 of them can be found in each Adventure Field. Emblems can also be obtained from the Extra games and by completing missions in Mission Mode. There are about 250 emblems in the game. Once you have collected all 250 emblems, you will unlock a very special mode called the True Final Story, which can be accessed through the Adventure Mode. For more details, check the page The Battle of Angel Island (Sonic Adventure 3: GX).
  • Moreover, you unlock various goodies for your Chao World including new infrastracture to decorate your Chao City, accessories for your Chao, food, furniture and items for your Chao Garden. These are unlocked usually by collect emblems or simply by playing the game for enough hours.


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