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Sonic Adventure 3: GX (Generation NeXt) is an action, adventure, platformer fan game, developed by Sonic Team and published by SEGA. It is the sequel to Sonic Adventure 2 and the third installment of the Adventure series. Thus, the game shares many similar trades concerning gameplay mechanics with Sonic Adventure and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The games takes place shortly after the events of Sonic Heroes 2.
Sonic Adventure 3: GX
Sonic Team
Release date(s)
Jaguar European December 31, 2013

Jaguar american December 31, 2013
Jaguar flagen December 31, 2013

Jaguar Australian December 31, 2013
Sonic Adventure series
Action, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle, Shooter, Fishing, City-building
Single player, Multiplayer
Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U
Music by
Crush 40
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About 15,500 years ago an ancient civilization of Echidnas known as Albion emerged. As years passed, Albion proved to be the most highly technologically advanced race at its time boasting a great number of scientists and inventors who, through time, mastered a technology which would be known as the Albion technology. This technology would enable them to construct highly advanced inventions such as arms and weaponry. However, as time went by, the technology went out of hand and eventually the Albion society was seperated into two clans, each acussing the other of corruption. The first was led by Pachacamac and would later be known as the Knuckles tribe. The other was led by Imperator Ix and would be known as the Noctural clan. The two clans fought each other in a war known as the Forgotten War in which both sides used weaponry of immense power and destruction. In the end, the Knuckles clan prevailed, with the support of the Albion Knights of Aurora. But despite of their victory, the Albion technology they had harnessed had went out of control, causing mass destruction and had proven too dangerous. As a result, the use of such technology was forbidden by the high council and dismantled into 9 components that would be hidden in all parts of the world so that no one would ever find them and unleash their destructive potential again, along with the Albion Robotic Army and the Albion Titan, an all-powerful war machine.

In the present day, Dr. Eggman learns of the Albion Technology and its secrets and sets of to find the 9 hidden artifacts and harness their power to unlock the Albion arsenal and conquer the world. Meanwhile, strange assassinations, each connected with the other have been happening in Central City. Newly appointed G.U.N. Commander Hugo Brass wages war against the Eggman Empire while also hiring the Chaotix Detective Agency to investigate the mysterious murders. Moreover, a mysterious albino echidna and a floating head, Dr. Finitevus and Dimitri respectively, have appeared and are in search of a weapon known as the Enerjak suit which could grant them eternal power.

Sonic's Story

Main article: The Wind Whispers Sonic (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)  

After Dr. Eggman learns of an ancient technology known as the Albion Technology, he seeks of the 9 lost artifacts which once combined achieve their true potential of unlocking a massive, ancient war machine and a hidden army in order to conquer the world. Sonic and Tails, once they are informed of the doctor's devious plans, along with the help of Amy Rose, set out on a journey to find these ancient, lost artifacts before Eggman sets his hands on them and defeat the newly built Metal Sonic and his gang.

Knuckles' Story

Main article: The Snowy Kingdom and the Tiger (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)

Knuckles' story explores much of his past and introduces a new character to the series Julie-Su. After the mysterious rampage of his island, Knuckles must start a race against time to uncover the secrets of the Brotherhood of Guardians, with the aid of an old friend, and find their missing treasures to retreive an almighty weapon known as the Enerjak suit, which has been hidden from the Brotherhood of Guardians so that only the true Guardian will find it and defeat Dr. Finitevus and Dimitri, two mysterious echidnas who are working together to acquire the Enerjak suit and become immortal.

Shadow's Story

Main article: A Wolf in the Shadows (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)

Shadow's story begins when he is appointed by Commander Hugo Brass on a mission to find the G.U.N. Soldiers gone missing while battling against Eggman's forces in E.G.G. Metropolis along with his closest ally E-123 Omega. However, as he searches in depth for their mysterious disappearence and after battling the newly created Shadow Androids, Team Dark ends up confronting a devious mastermind who is closely connected with Shadow's past.

Silver's Story

Main article: Tales of the Time Traveler (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)

Silver's story tells the story of how Silver and Blaze met each other and their adventures in the distant past through Silver's narration in the present. In the present day, they travel from the future and team up with Cream in order to find the one responsible for traveling between dimensions and upseting time and space in attempt to acquire some mysterious books called the Golden Epics. 

Team Chaotix's Story

Main article: Chaotix Inquiries (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)

Team Chaotix is called up once again by the G.U.N. forces to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the G.U.N. soldiers and a series of interconnected murders happening throughout the city, in both of which a specific figure is involved who is searching for some mysterious books called the Golden Epics.

Metal Sonic's Story

Main article: The Robot's Revolt (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)

It is Sonic's storyline from Dr. Eggman's point of view. He sends Metal Sonic and Gamma, while also hiring the notorious bounty hunter Fang the Sniper, to go find all of the 9 Albion artifacts before Sonic and his friends do in order to ressurect an all-powerful war machine hidden by the Echidnas themselves. Metal Sonic's story is unlocked after completing 50% of Sonic's story.

Final Story

Main article: The Battle of Angel Island (Sonic Adventure 3: GX)

The Final Story of the game is unlocked after completing all 6 character storylines 100% and after collecting all 7 Chaos Emeralds from the Mach Speed levels either with Sonic, Shadow or Metal Sonic.


Gameplay is devided into 6 different points of view of storyline, where the player has the option of advancing in either of these storylines at any time. "Sonic's Storyline" features Sonic, Tails, and Amy as playable characters. "Knuckles' Storyline" features Knuckles, Julie-Su and Big as playable characters. "Shadow's Storyline" features Shadow, Rouge, Omega and the G.U.N. Soldier as playable characters. "Silver's Storyline" features Silver, Blaze and Cream as playable characters. "Chaotix's Storyline" features Espio, Vector, Charmy and Mighty as playable characters and "Eggman's Storyline" features Metal Sonic, Fang and Gamma as playable characters, bringing the roster to 20 playable characters. Each character has his/her own style of gameplay, which is explained below on each character's notes, allowing them to get to different areas within the Action Stages. They contain many different pathways to take. There are also stages called the Mach Speed levels, where players, controling only Sonic, Shadow or Metal Sonic, can play levels with the same gameplay style as in Sonic Generations. By completing all 7 of them, the player is awarded with a Chaos Emerald which all 7 unlock the Final Story, after completing all 6 character storylines.

As in Sonic Adventure, gameplay is devided into two stages: Action Stages and Adventure Fields. Action Stages are the basic levels of the game and are different to most characters. They are located within Adventure Fields and have 1 or 2 Acts. During gameplay, at some points, the player may be interrupted and be forced to continue with another character for a short period of time, much like in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Adventure Fields, on the other hand, are vast, sandbox areas where the player may explore and solve puzzles. They contain various items such as emblems and power-ups, but also enemies, citizens and other items which advance the storyline of the game.

The game features various Modes and Missions, including the upgraded Chao World with various minigames. Missions are very similar to the ones in Sonic Adventure, while each stage also features 5 missions. Emblems are also present in the game. They can be acquired by completing missions, stages, achievements or by finding them in Adventure Fields. In additon, players can acquire hidden, collectible items throughout stages and Adventure Fields which unlock various bonus features and can be used in the Chao World.

Characters & Gameplay

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the protagonist of the game, along with Knuckles and Shadow. His gameplay remains largely unchanged from the classic Adventure style. The player's primary target is to reach the Goal Ring, located at the end of the stage. Therefore, Sonic's Action Stage structure is practically the same as in Sonic Adventure. Players can collect power-ups such as rings, speed-boots, destroy monitors and enemies etc. Usually, Sonic's level last between 7 to 10 minutes. If Tails or another character from his story is playable in that level, the player takes briefly control of that player until a certain point and then continues with Sonic. Sonic's moveset is the following:
Sonic's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Homing attack Ps2(in air)
Spin attack/Boost Squareq
Spin dash/Light dash Circleq
Light Speed Attack Truy
Somersault PS3 R1
Tornado Truy (in air)

The Boost attack is only available during the Mach Speed Levels, which allows Sonic to boost temporarily, same way as in Sonic Generations. It can be increased by collecting rings. The Light Speed Attack is a chargable move. Charging it fully will allow Sonic to unleash an attack of continuous homing attacks. The Tornado attack works the same way as in Sonic Heroes, where Sonic can disarm multiple enemies. Sonic's new move, the somersault enables him to make a leap in the air to avoid enemies. Pressing the attack button while in mid air will make Sonic perform a mid air kick attack. In general, Sonic is a very fast character, light and an ideal character for beginners. Sonic is voiced by Ryan Drummond.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails is mostly played during some points in Sonic's levels or although he has some of his own levels. Tails has the ability to fly for a long period of time and reach areas in the levels where others cannot. His gameplay is similar to Rodea the Sky Soldier and Sonic Adventure. Players controlling Tails will often have to find and activate switches, gates etc. Tails doesn't have many attacks, other that his Rhythm badge, a ring bomb, which can be used to shoot down enemies from afar and his main weapon, the Electron cannon. In some of his levels, there is a box which, if broken, it will release Tail's Cyclone and Tails can access it. Tails' moveset is the following:
Generations moderntails2
Tails' Moveset
Jump Ps2
Fly Ps2(hold)
Rhythm Badge Squareq
Electron Cannon Circleq
Ring bomb Truy

Tails is voiced by Kate Higgins.

Amy Rose

Amy's gameplay is the same as it was in Sonic Adventure, only without Zero. She has few moves and specialties. She can jump twice, plant bombs and use her Piko Piko hammer for most attacks. Her levels are very few. Amy's moveset is the following:
Rare SEGA Amy Rose Lrg
Amy' Moveset
Jump Ps2
Spin attack Circleq
Hammer attack Squareq
Present bomb Truy

Amy is voiced by Lisa Ortiz.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles, along with Sonic, is the main character of the game, as much of the story is deeply connected with Knuckles' past. He is rather slow, but not necessarily heavy. His gameplay is very similar to the gameplay of Werehog Sonic in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Heroes. Knuckles' levels are platform-oriented where the player's main objective is to reach the goal of the level. His gameplay centers around using Knuckles' unique strength and destructive ability to execute various attacks and defeat as many enemies as possible with ample and fun ways. They must
512px-Knuckles 52
also collect rings to secure their health and power-ups within stages. It does, however, retain some of the treasure-hunting elements of the previous installments.

One unique feature about Knuckles' gameplay is the fact that he can acquire the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians that he has collected from Adventure Fields or from completing certain levels, and utilize them while playing in levels. Players can equip them to Knuckles while in the Adventure Fields or even while playing by pressing a single button. These treasures have various kinds of powers. Most of them act as weapons and power-ups for Knuckles, others as gadgets and others as upgrades. The Sacred Treaures of the Brotherhood of Guardians play a pivotal role in Knuckles' storyline as well in the Final Story. Knuckles' moveset is the follwing:

Knuckles' Moveset
Jump Ps2
Combo attack/Special attack 1# Squareq
Glide Ps2(hold)
Dig 2 random buttons
Special attack 2# Circleq
Screwdriver Truy
Switch equipment PS3 R2/PS3 L2
Super jump PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (while walking)
Massive dive Circleq /Squareq(while Super Jump)

Knuckles retains a basic combo attack by pressing the square button. If pressed repeatedly, it can deliver multiple punches. By pressing either the R2 or L2 button, players can change Knuckles' equipment. Knuckles may have up to 2 equiped items at a time, one being executed with the circle button and the other with the square button. Pressing two random buttons at the same time will make Knuckles dig. Knuckles can glide and climb using the same methods as in previous games and can perform the massive dive and super jump (see Egg Pawn's gameplay), just as every Power-type character in the game. Finally, the Screwdriver attack is a chargable attack that can penetrate through everything and deliver a massive punch with fire. It can be upgraded. Knuckles is voiced by Dan Green.

Julie-Su the Echidna

Julie-Su appears as a newcomer, playable in Knuckles' storyline. Julie-Su appears early within Knuckles' storyline and teams up with him in an attempt to retreive the Sacred Treasures and defeat the evil Dr. Finitevus. Julie-Su's gameplay is a mixture of third person shooter and the Ratchet & Clank series. She focuses mostly on her weapons, though she cannot acquire items like Knuckles. She also relies a lot on shooting and solving small puzzles within levels. She may also acquire power-ups within stages. Julie's moveset is the following:
Julie-Su's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Punch/Plasma Beam Squareq
Plasma Wave Truy
Plasma Wire Circleq
Plasma Coil PS3 R1 /PS3 L1
Slingshot PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (in air)

Julie-Su will have to collect ammoes found within stages to load her Plasma Beam weapon. If the ammoes reach 0, then she can only perform a punch combo. Her attacks and weapons can be upgraded to deliver more damage. Her Plasma Beam is her most useful move, often used to destroy targets in order to proceed. Julie-Su's weapons also come with a variety of abilities, such as the plasma wave, a projectile, the plasma wire, a sort of whip for close combat and the plasma coil, a powerful bomb. She may also use her slingshot while in mid-air. Julie-Su also wears short, brown trousers in the game (see her page). She is voiced by Kate Higgins.

Big the Cat

This time, Big isn't searching for Froggy, but instead, helps Knuckles and his allies on his adventure. Big's gameplay is a mixture between his previous, unchanged fishing gameplay from Sonic Adventure and that of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. He is slow and heavy, and mostly uses his fishing rod to attack. Big's levels are mostly constructed the same as Knuckles. However, in some sections of Big's levels, there are many watery areas where Big must use his fishing rod to fish for various items or activate switches to proceed. His moveset is the following:
Big's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Battering ram Squareq
Fishing Rod attack Circleq
Lure Whip Truy + left analog stick
Fish Truy
Super Jump PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (while walking)
Massive Dive Circleq /Squareq(while Super Jump)
Belly Flop Squareq (in air)

Big's combo attack is named Battering ram, an attack that causes Big to literally fall on his opponent and punch them repeatedly. Using the O button, Big will perform a smooth combo with his fishing rod, which can very long range. It can also be performed while in mid-air. The Lure Whip will cause Big to swing his fishing rod while standing in one place; simply press the delta button and spin the left analog stick to do it. Big's ability to fish, just like in the original, can also be performed here by pressing the delta button. When released, Big will through his bait in the water and wait for a fish to catch or any other item. Super Jump and Massive Dive work the same way as Knuckles' while Belly Flop works the same way as in Sonic Heroes. Jon St. John provides the voice for Big.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is one of the three main characters of the game. His gameplay is pretty much the same as Sonic's, with some differences in his attacks. Shadow can also be played in the Mach Speed levels. He is light and fast and his levels are designed the same way as Sonic's, only more difficult, having more enemies.
His levels also feature a wide variety of vehicles just as in Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow's moveset's the following:
Shadow's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Homing attack Ps2(in air)
Combo attack/Boost Squareq
Spin dash/Light dash Circleq
Chaos Spear Truy
Tornado Truy (in air)

Shadow shares many trades with Sonic, although he has many of his own attacks. Shadow can perform the same punch & kick combo he had in Shadow the Hedgehog only more powerful and with longer range. His light dash can only be obtained as an upgrade by buying it from the shop. The Chaos Spear move is a strong and chargable attack. Charging it enough will allow Shadow do unleash a ray of electric bolts to his enemies. The longer its is charged, the faster and stronger they get. It can be upgraded to deliver more damage or gain different abilities. At start, it can shock the opponent. Shadow has many power-ups, which will be explained on a different section, such as the Chaos Lance, the Chaos Boost, the Chaos Blast and many others, which can be acquired under different circumstances. Shadow is voiced by Jason Adam Griffith.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge's treasure hunting gameplay is the same from Sonic Adventure 2 and incorporates some gameplay elements from Rodea the Sky Soldier, similarly to Tails'. Rouge can glide and climb, but also plant bombs, similar to Knuckles, having her gameplay mostly unchanged since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). Her levels are most of the times played within Shadow's. Rouge's moveset is the following:
Rare SEGA Rouge the Bat Lrg
Rouge's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Glide Ps2(hold)
Projectile Circleq
Kick Squareq
Bat bomb Truy

Rouge can perform a short kick combo as an attack. She may also throw Bat bombs. These Bat bombs can also be planted anywhere as landmines in certain parts of the level. Rouge is voiced by Karen Strassman.

E-123 Omega

Omega is played similarly to Sonic Heroes, with a few adjustments, such as some third-person shooter elements to it and a wider arsenal. His gameplay is, therefore, pretty much based on that of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. His levels are mostly part Shadow's. They are designed to have a plethora of enemies and various paths to take. Omega is very heavy and slow. However, he does have some pros. Omega's moveset is the following:
Omega 2006
Omega's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Combo attack Squareq
Hover Ps2(hold)
Omega Shot Circleq
Omega Launcher Truy
Adjust camera PS3 R2/PS3 L2
Super jump PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (while walking)
Massive dive Circleq /Squareq(while Super Jump)

Omega can hover with his boosters and perform a basic melee attack with his arms. His Omega Shot allows him to fire multiple shots of a gatling gun. His Omega Launcher fires missiles, which can be charged and aimed. Omega has various upgrades, allowing him to power-up his attacks and expand his moveset. Vic Mignogna, along with some special effects of a computer, voices Omega.

G.U.N. Soldier

His real name is John Washington. He is a young man who is forced by the goverment to become a soldier and take part in the battle against Eggman. Unlike the other G.U.N. Soldiers in the game, he doesn't want to take part in wars or to destroy things, similarly to Gamma. Hence, he shares many similarities with Gamma in terms of gameplay. It has some third-person shooter elements into it as well as some platformer. His levels are mostly in part of Shadow's, although he does have some levels of his own. They are very wide and full of enemies to defeat. In addition, players will have to shoot down targets and various items within the level to earn points, amoes and upgrades. All in all, his gameplay was influenced from The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future. His moveset is the following:
G.U.N. Soldier's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Gun shot Squareq
Rocket Truy
Lock-on Shot Circleq
Quickstep Right analog stick
Crouch PS3 R1 /PS3 L1

Press the square button to fire a basic combo shot. The aim is automatic. Hold the circle button to aim at your opponents and release to fire. Pressing the triangle button will make the soldier fire a powerful rocket. It can be charged but it has to load in order to be used. Quickstep makes the soldier dash rapidly towards any direction to avoid incoming attacks and pressing either R1 or L1 makes the player hide under something to take shelter. Players can press the Select button to charge to game's perspective during gameplay. Jason Adam Griffith provides the voice for John Washington.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is one of the main characters and has his own storyline. He teams up with Blaze and Cream to stop a mysterious figure known as the Magic Man and acquire the 4 Golden Epics. Silver has a very unique type of gameplay, which is the same from Sonic 2006, with some adjustments. His gameplay requires strategy and his
hard to master. He uses his pshychic powers to manipulate physical objects, such as crates or enemiesl and posesses melee attacks and projectiles. His levels are quite large, filled with various items so that Silver can use them to attack enemies. Silver has any moves and these moves come with any upgrades. Silver's moveset is the following:
Silver' Moveset
Jump Ps2
Combo attack Squareq
Levitate Ps2(hold)
Psychic Wave/ Acquire weapon Circleq
Grab One PS3 R2(while Psychokinesis)
Grab All PS3 L2 (While Psychokinesis)
Psycho Shock Truy
Psychokinesis PS3 R1 /PS3 L1
Cancel PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (while Psychokinesis)
Shoot all objects Squareq(while Pyschokinesis)
Shoot 1 object Circleq(while Psychokinesis)
Psychic Burst Truy (while psychokinesis)
Psychic Tornado Spin Right Analog stick

Silver can now perform a simple, close ranged melee attack like Shadow, levitate for a short period of time and use a weak and slow projectile, the Psychic Wave. The Pyscho Shock enables Silver to temporarily shock and disable near-by enemies. The move can be upgraded to Psychic Eruption (explained in Upgrades section). This move makes it easier for Silver to pick up enemies using his Psychokinesis move, a mode that the player may access by pressing the R1/L1 button. In Psychokinesis mode, Silver starts floating and will lift up any nearby object within a specific radius. Press the R1/L1 button again to immediately deactivate the attack. Press the square button to throw all objects at once in the direction you're facing. Press the circle button to throw 1 object at a time. This is very useful for strategic methods such as aiming. Pressing the triangle button will allow Silver to throw all of the objects he has lifted either in one direction or like an explosion. All of these moves are activated while in Psychokinesis mode. By rotating the Right Analog Stick while using Psychokinesis, Silver will also rotate the lifted objects around him, creating some sort of orbital ring around him, like a shiled, which can also inflict damage. When Silver stands on a special marked ring found in a level, while in psychokinesis and pressing the O button, he will transform the lifted objects into a huge weapon, e.g. a wip or sword and deliver massive attacks. Moreover, Silver is much more faster than he was in Sonic 2006. Silver is the only one with this type of gameplay. Silver is voiced by Pete Capella.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze is fast and agile, like Sonic, and shares the same type of gameplay with him, just as in Sonic 2006. She has very similar stages with him. Her moves remain largely unchanged from Sonic 2006. Her moveset is the following:
Blaze the cat 3d by fentonxd-d4lwcze
Blaze's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Fire Claw Ps2(in air)
Combo attack Squareq
Spinning Claw/Light dash Circleq
Flame Tornado Truy

Blaze can perform a homing attack called the Fire Claw, a combo attack (double punch & kick), the Spinning Claw, an attack that makes Blaze spin along the ground in a ring of fire, damaging anything in her path and the Flame Tornado, which causes Blaze to perform a mid-air tornado of fire. Does decent damage. Blaze also comes with a plethora of techniques such as the Light dash, the triangle jump and the stomp move. Blaze is voiced by Bella Hudson.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream's gameplay is the same as Tails and Rouge's. Her levels are very few and part of Silver's and Blaze's levels. Cream's moveset is the following.
462px-CreamnCheese SH
Cream's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Fly Ps2(hold)
Cheese Squareq
Carrot bomb Truy

Cream can control Cheese to help her attack on enemies. She can also plant bombs in the shape of a carrot. Cream is voiced by Michelle Ruff.

Team Chaotix

Team Chaotix consists of 4 characters; Espio, Charmy Mighty and Vector. Their gameplay is divided into 3 parts. In the first, all 4 of them are playable simultaneously; the player controls 1 of them and the rest are controlled by the
computer but the player can switch between them at any time. Their gameplay is similar to the platformer Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One with some adjustments. They do not have weapons, some minor attacks and they must solve riddles, brain teasers, puzzles and mini-games in the level to progress. They can perform various attacks and moves together such as the Ring attack from Knuckles' Chaotix etc. Hence, their attacks always rely on co-operation and team work. The other part of their gameplay is very similar to that of Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. These take place in Adventure Fields. Team Chaotix must solve cases (4 in Story Mode) regarding assassination, theft, etc, inspect the murder scene, find clues and present evidence in order to progress. The story of the game guides the player by giving
him some instructions.

The third type of gameplay is Espio himself being independantly playable in the same manner as Sonic, Shadow and Blaze. His levels are long and contain a platformer-elements into them. Espio cannot access the Mach Speed Levels. Espio's moveset is the following:

Espio's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Homing attack Ps2(in air)
Martial Arts/Boost Squareq
Shuriken/Light dash Circleq
Chroma Chamo Truy
Tornado Truy (in air)
Pressing the square button in Action Stages will make Espio perform various martial art moves, executing them
rapidly one after the other, performing chains. This move is very handy when invisible and can be upgraded. The circle button makes Espio throw a shuriken. The aiming here is fixed and will always head towards the nearest enemy. Pressing the triangle button will make Espio turn invisible until he is hit by an enemy. Pressing the triangle button in mid-air will make Espio execute the Leaf Tornado. Espio can also perform the triangle jump.

Moreover, Team Chaotix, whom the player controls all at once, has a larger role on investigating and exploring the Adventure Fields than other characters in order to help them in their cases. They also solve more puzzles and riddles that the rest characters. Espio is voiced by David Wills. Charmy is voiced by Colleen O' Saughnessey. Mighty is voiced by James Arnold Taylor. Vector is voiced by Keith Silverstein.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic has his own storyline in the game. His two team-mates, Fang and Gamma, are also playable. Metal Sonic's gameplay and levels are exactly the same as Sonic's, although his levels most of the times take different routes. Metal Sonic can also access the Mach Speed levels. His moveset is the following:
Metal Sonic's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Homing attack Ps2(in air)
Combo attack/ Boost Squareq
Rocket/ Light dash Circleq
Copycat Truy
Tornado Truy (in air)

Metal Sonic is as quick as Sonic, has a homing attack, a boost and a tornado. Metal Sonic also has the ability to fire a large rocket projectile from his chest, which does a lot of damage. For his combo attack, Metal Sonic shlashes multiple times his prey. Copycat allows Metal Sonic to project multiple copies of himself at the same timem in multiple directions around him, which instantly fade out. It can be held down. This technique can be used either as a shield, or as an attack. Metal Sonic is voiced by Ryan Drummond, along with special effects from a computer.

Fang the Sniper

Fang returns once again, this time working for Dr. Eggman. Fang's gameplay is a freelance third-person shooter, with various platformer elements into it, kind of like Julie-Su's and the G.U.N. Soldier's. He depends a lot on his weapons, which can be upgraded, purchased or powered-up. Among the other characters with the same gameplay as him, Fang is the only one where he can acquire the weapons of the enemies he defeats, in a similar manner to Shadow the Hedgehog. His levels feature many targets and breakable items. Fang's moveset is the following:
Nack Archie Profile
Fang's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Combo attack Squareq
Grenade Squareq(during R2)
Magnum-4 Circleq(during R2)
Missile Truy(during R2)
Adjust camera PS3 R2/PS3 L2
Aim PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (hold)

Pressing either the R1 or the L1 button will make a crosshair appear on screen. Pressing R2/L1 will turn the screen into a first-person shooter perspective and into a normal, platformer perspective respectively. While holding the R1/L1, button, pressing either the Square, the Circle or the Triangle button will fire a different projectile towards the opponent the crosshair is aiming at. At first, Fang comes in with 3 weapons: the Magnum 4, the missile launcher and the grenade, which can be fired with the circle, the triangle and the square button respectively. These are the level 1 weapons. Levels 2 and 3 can be purchased from the Shop as power-ups for Fang. Fang's voice is provided by Jeff Bergman.

E-102 Gamma

Gamma returns, for the last time, in the final Adventure saga. This time, he is working for the evil schemes of Dr. Eggman, teaming up with Metal Sonic and Fang to retreive the lost artifacts. Gamma shares many similarities with the G.U.N. Soldier. For one, he is forced to battle against the opposing forces without his will. Gamma's gameplay is the same as Fang's. His moveset is the following:
Gamma's Moveset
Jump Ps2
Hover Ps2(hold)
Combo attack Squareq
Grenade Squareq(during R2)
Homing missile Circleq
Electrostatic beam Truy
Adjust camera PS3 R2/PS3 L2
Aim PS3 R1 /PS3 L1 (hold)

Gamma can hover, just like in the first game. His homing missile is exactly the same from Sonic Adventure. It can be aimed by holding down the R1/L1 buttons. His combo attack is a simple sweap with his arms. Gamma also comes with two new weapons, a grenade and an electrostatic beam. This weapon can be charged and enables Gamma to shoot a large ray of electrictricity. It also does damage as a melee weapon. Gamma is voiced by Andrew Paull.


N.P.C.'s stand for Non Playable Characters. These characters are characters that play a special role in the story of the game. They are the following. It should be noted that the game takes into account the past storylines of Dr. Finitevus and Dimitri from the comics.

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman is the main villain in Sonic's Storyline and one of the four main villains of the game. This time, the mischievous doctor has learnt about an ancient technology known as the Albion technology, which has been broken up into 9 pieces. His goal is to find these artifacts so he can unlock an ancient, hidden war-machine and conquer the world. His mechs can be found as common stage enemies in nearly every stage. In the game, he joins forces with Dr. Finitevus to achieve his plans. Dr. Eggman's design is the same one from Sonic 2006. This is done in order to look more realistic, serious and diabolical. Eggman is once again voiced by Mike Pollock.

Dr. Finitevus

Dr. Finitevus debuts in the game as one of the four main villains of the game, and the main antagonist in Knuckles' storyline. He is the last surviving citizen of Albion, an echidna city known for its advanced technology. In the game, he leads an army of hooded Echidnas called the Dark Legion and is in search of an ancient suit known as the Enerjak suit, which was hidden by the Brotherhood
of Guardians in order to never be found and used for evil purposes. This suit allows the user to gain immortality and unimaginable powers out of this world. Thus, Knuckles is the only one who knows where the suit is hidden. Finitevus also teams up with Dimitri, a mysterious floating head whose true intentions are unknown, in order to beat Knuckles in this treasure hunt. He joins forces with Dr. Eggman, whom he has previously worked with before as revealed in the game.

Finitevus' past and sudden appearance to the world is explained with detail in Knuckles' Storyline. What we do know is that Finitevus was once a scientist who, after absorbing excessive chaos radiation from his own creation, became a mad albino genius who turned against his own race and anihalated all of the Echidnas, with the help of Dr. Eggman. Dr. Finitevus takes pleasure in operating and examining the corpses of echidnas to see how their bloodline manipulates chaos energy. Finitevus's design features two adjustments. He wears a bandana on his forehead to cover his third-eye. He also wears black boots instead of bandages. Finitevus is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


Dimitri is one of the four main villains of the game, a recurring villain in Knuckles' storyline and the main antagonist in Shadow's storyline. He mainly appears on the side of Dr. Finitevus. Dimitri used to be an echidna scientist who became corrupted by the power of the Enerjak suit, long time ago. Eventually, Dimitri's health deteriorated and could no longer live. Dr. Finitev
us, then, offered to save his life at the cost of his entire body, whose head was placed inside a glass orb, where he could live for eternity. Dr. Finitevus' plan was to examine his body. Dimitri's true intentions are not revealed to us until in the final story. Dimitri's appearance remains the same from the comics. He is voiced by Ahmed Best.
281px-300px-Osness Yeti sketch

Dr. Lucious "Magic" Ford

Simply known as Dr. Magic, he is one of the four main villains if the game and the main villain in Silver's storyline, as well as in Team Chaotix's storyline. After surviving the crash from the newly rebuilt Death Egg in Sonic Heroes 2, he disguised himself and set off a search for the Golden Epics, a book consisting of 4 tomes whose powers remain a mystery. His intentions are unknown.

Dr. Magic's new design features a new black uniform instead of his white laboratory robe. Dr. Magic is voiced by Wally Kruth.

Commander Hugo Brass

Hugo Brass is appointed new G.U.N. Commander, after commander Abraham Tower is forced to resign due to failure of protecting Central City by the invasion of Dr. Eggman's fleet. Upon becoming commander, he wages war against the Eggman Empire. Hugo Brass is a stoic, strict and thick-skinned military commander. He appoints Team Dark to various
328px-Hugo Brass
missions, as well as Team Chaotix. Hugo Brass is a neutral aligned character and has a Scottish accent. He is voiced by John DiMaggio.

Abraham Tower

After being forced to resign, Abraham Tower becomes a lower rank officer. He can be found in the Adventure Fields where he will give players missions. In the storyline of Shadow, Abraham Tower still guides Shadow and gives him orders. He is voiced by Patrick Warburton.

Professor Pickle

Professor Pickle plays an important role in the game's storyline as he will give explanations to characters about the artifacts, the Sol Emeralds etc. His new laboratory is located in Central City, where players can access in the Adventure Fields. Professor Pickle's assistant also appears in the game He is voiced by Michael Gambon.


Locke is Knuckles' father who previously made an appearance in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes. He guides Knuckles throughout the game and plays a key role in Knuckles' Story and Final Story in unlocking the secrets of his son's past. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


An old friend of Locke and member of the Fire Ants; he accomplanies Knuckles on his journey to acquire the Sacred Treasures of the Brotherhood of Guardians under Locke's request. He is voiced by Charlie Adler.


A cybernetic Echidna, member of the Dark Legion and subordinate of Dr. Finitevus, he leads a group of Legionaires in search for his master's Enerjak suit. He is voiced by Liem O'Brien.


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Main article: Sonic Adventure 3: GX/ List of Stages

Action Stages

The game is divided into Adventure Fields and Action stages, similarly to the way done in Sonic Adveture. Action Stages are the basic playable stages for every character. Not every character has access to every level in Story Mode. Each Action Stage is differently structured for each character, in order to serve their gameplay mechanics. Action Stages usually take to 7:00 to 13:00 minutes each and can be accessed either from the Adventure Field itself, where it is located, or from the Menu.

Adventure Fields

Adventure Fields work the same way as in the original. They are now vastly larger. They give the player the opportunity to explore and interact with various other characters. Aside from having the Action Stages, Adventure Fields contain various hidden prizes and items such as mission cards, Chao Garden items, Emblems, upgrades, easter eggs and bonus features.

Mach Speed Levels

Mach Speed levels are levels designed only for specific speed type characters in the game, namely Sonic, Shadow and Metal Sonic. These levels are designed the same way as all levels in Sonic Generations and the day time levels in Sonic Unleashed. Hence, gameplay in these stages are the same as in the games mentioned above. Mach Speed levels serve for acquiring the Chaos Emeralds needed to access the Final Story of the game. There are 7 Mach Speed levels total, each one affiliated with one stage from the game's story. Mach Speed levels can be found hidden in the Adventure Fields, after the player has completed the actual level itself. For example, when the player completes the Action Stage Blue Bay, its Mach Speed counterpart will be unlocked. Only the following levels have a Mach Speed level: 00's Boulevard, Lost Paradise, Archaic Mosque, Dragon Dojo, Dumm Jummai, Sky Squadron and Air Winds.


Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the main mode of the game. Up to 2 players can play simultaneously. With this mode, the game's story progresses and therefore, the entire game. Here you can select up to 6 Storylines to play. They are Sonic's Story, Knuckles' Story, Shadow's Story, Silver's Story, Team Chaotix's Story and Metal Sonic's Story. Each Story is told from the perspective of the characters played. In Adventure Mode, players can unlock various prizes and hidden material such as levels, artwork, music, emblems etc. Once Adventure Mode is cleared 100%, Mission Mode is unlocked. It is in a simlar way to Sonic Adventure DX. When you complete all of the Missions of a character (each character has 6 missions so 96 missions overall), you receive an emblem.

Single game

You can select a playable character and a level or a Boss of your choice and play it right away instead of wandering in the Adventure Fields.


Head here to play various mini-games and challenges with up to 2 players. These include Race to the Finish, Battle Mode, Treasure Hunting, Target Test and Boss Battles.

Expert Mode

Expert Mode is unlocked once you have finished all 6 Storylines plus the Final Story 100% and having earned an S rank in all levels and Bosses in the Story mode. Upon satisfying the above conditions, you can play all levels with every character, but in a very high difficulty (since in Story Mode, not all levels are accessable to every character).


Head here to see all the bonus things you've unlocked so far including emblems, in-game artwork, cutscenes, character biographies, music plus all the items you've accumulated for the Chao World.

Extra Games

Main article: Sonic Adventure 3: GX/ Extra Games

This is a very special Mode where 3 additional mini-games are included. The first is the Chao World, a significant upgrade of the Chao Garden where the player instead of having a Chao garden can build his own, entire Chao City in a city-building simulation game, similar to Sim City. The player must administer the city correctly and satisfy the needs of his Chao citizens. By collecting Rings from the main game, they can construct buildings, parks, schools etc. Various in-game minigames are available to play such as Chef, Chao Stadium, University etc so that the player can earn points and gifts for the Chao Garden, which is also constructed by the player himself. The player can also select the type of city he wants e.g. village, industrial etc.The second game is called Big's BIG Adventure. The protagonist of the game is none other than Big the Cat. It is a fishing game where the player, controlling only Big, must fish for fishes to earn more points and gifts. The graphics are very detailed in this game and the areas are wide and realistic. The third mini-game is the remodeled Sky Chase minigame. It is also played partly in Sonic's storyline in Adventure Mode. You control the Tornado and must clear the stages by firing and dodging at obstacles. There are 8 zones in total.


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You can see various statistics such as play hours, ranks etc.

Wi-Fi Connection

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Unlockable Content

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  • In the Final Story, Dr. Finitevus says "The island has fallen!" to which Knuckles immediately replies "And I am still alive!". This is a reference to the last words of the last Byzantine Emperor Constantine Palaiologos before his death in 1453.
  • This is the game where Dr. Eggman appears to be more evil and sinister than ever before, as he instigates a genocide against the entire Echidna tribe. He is also one of the final bosses of the game.
  • Although Sonic is the protagonist of the game, Knuckles plays a pivotal role to the game's plot and is even the character that fight Argus, the final Boss, making him a secondary protagonist.
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