Cquote1 Your world ends here.... such an ironic thing, fate... it has led to this. Now watch - watch as I unleash the Flames of Disaster, and your world turns to ash as time itself is ripped apart! YOUR EXISTENCE IS NOW AT AN END!!! Cquote2
Mephiles the Dark
The Darkest Hour is the final story of Sonic Adventure 3: Evolution, and is unlocked when all three stories are completed. It focuses on all characters as they try to stop Solaris from oblitering time itself, in a frantic fight to the end!

The Darkest Hour

Somewhere in the Relic Woodlands, Mephiles, thought to have been destroyed by Shadow's Chaos Blast, re-appears with his last Chaos Emerald- the purple one, to be specific. Having run out of options, he has no choice but to break Iblis' seal directly...

Meanwhile, the Blue Blur and Elise are seen strolling through the same woodlands, talking about how Soleanna will be now that the threat of Eggman is over. Unknown to them, however, Mephiles appears straight ahead. Using the Emerald's power, Mephiles blinds the two and aims a Chaos Lance at Elise. However, Sonic turns to spot this, and, thinking fast, dives to take the blow.

Elise turns around and finds Sonic collapsing. She watches as the Blue Blur expires, dead at Mephiles' hand. As she begins to mourn him, Mephiles takes the Scepter of Flames and smashes it open, unleashing Iblis! His goal now fulfilled, the living shade proceeds to merge with the Flames of Disaster...

Around the world, reality itself becomes distorted and badly ripped apart. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Omega, Silver, and Shadow, as well as Eggman, Elise, and Sonic's lifeless body are transported to an empty void with pieces of Castle Town's structures floating around them. Elise is found still mourning over Sonic on the main platform. The others notice, and immediately feel sorrow for seeing the famous blue hedgehog dead before them. Eggman then uses his glasses to scan the void they're in, noting that Solaris' rebirth has badly distorted the time-space continuum, and will likely destroy it entirely if something isn't done. Sonic's death, however, has extinguished all hope of trying, and it seems that defeat really is staring them all in the face...

However, Eggman detects a strange reading, and finds that it's coming from... Sonic's body! He sees a tiny spark that's still there, but it's rapidly fading. He then concludes that since Sonic has a connection with the Chaos Emeralds, they'd be able to revive Sonic with them before it goes out and becomes killed off for real.

Emboldened and now encouraged, the seven heroes venture off to collect the Chaos Emeralds in time! However, some monsters appear, and realizing that they lack in defense, they're glimmer of hope starts to fade. However, the group sees a flash of light blaze through the monsters.

Once the light had shined down, it is revealed that Sol has returned. The group, particularly Silver, is relieved as the lion asks for an explanation. As Silver provides him with one, he then tells the others to go while he deals with them. Silver thanks Sol and the seven begin their frantic search!

Stage Steps to Oblivion
Mission Collect the Chaos Emeralds before Sonic's spark of life goes out!
Characters Tails, Omega, Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, Amy, Shadow

Eventually, the heroes return with all the emeralds. Immediately, the powerful gems begin to circle around Sonic's body and spin faster and faster until he's engulfed in blinding light!

When the light goes down, they find Super Sonic standing before them! Relieved, Elise nearly collapses, but Sonic stops her, telling her there's no need to be sad anymore. Now empowered, Sonic shares his new power with Silver and Shadow, unlocking their respective Super Forms.

Just then, Solaris, in its armored and monstrous form, appears before them. The three empowered hedgehogs then prepare for a spectacular battle for the sake of the time-space continuum itself!

Boss Solaris (Phase 1)
Mission Defeat Solaris!
Characters Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver

The three manage to defeat Solaris and falls down... but then it rises back up, its armor now falling away. Now literally falling apart, but determined to destroy reality, Solaris re-engages the hedgehogs in a last ditch battle!

Final Boss Solaris (Phase 2)
Mission Destroy Solaris for good!
Characters Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver

With Solaris defeated, the three hedgehogs fly back the the platform. However, the world implodes on itself, and Sonic and Elise travel to the point when Solaris, back then a simple bluish white flame, was first created, and was known as the Flame of Hope. After witnessing a flashback, Sonic and Elise walk towards Solaris. The princess takes the flame and explains that if it were blown out at this point, everything that happened would be erased forever, including the friendship they've built throughout this whole mess.

Immediately, Elise hesitates, stating that she's had so much fun with Sonic, and though it's her duty as ruler of Soleanna, she can't bring herself to do it. Sonic, however, replies that she just has to smile, and they may cross each other's path again one day. A smile appears on Elise's face at that phrase, and she nods, then proceeds to blow out Solaris. Immediately, everything fades to black...

The Festival of the Sun begins with Elise approaching the main platform. Now that Solaris is officially gone, Eggman is nowhere in sight, and Sonic is spotted on the rooftops as before. One of Elise's feathers flies away towards Sonic, who watches as Elise is crowned as their new ruler.

Elise feels an odd, familiar sensation after the crowning, and looks around. The Priest that crowned her asks what's wrong, and she replies that she feels somebody that she knows is here, and may be watching her at this very moment. She looks up and spots Sonic, remembering his words: "Just Smile."

Sonic smiles at her return and looks to the moonlit sky, cherishing every second of this peaceful present, which will - in turn - lead into a brighter tomorrow...

"The Darkest Hour" End.