Cquote1 There will always be evil in this world... But whenever there is one... There will always be heroes to fight it... Heroes who fight for a better world... a better home... a better future. Cquote2
Silver the Hedgehog's closing narration

Ashes of the Future mainly focuses on Silver and Sol, as well as Amy for one-third of the story. While Mephiles plays a major role, Iblis is the main antagonist of this story.

Ashes of the Future

Silver the Hedgehog lives in a devastated world far into the future. This devastation was caused by the Flames of Disaster, otherwise known as Iblis. The people of the future live without hope. At this point, Iblis can never be truly defeated.

Suddenly, as Silver continues flying around, he is called by Sol the Lion, his closest ally, that Iblis has returned. Silver wastes no time and they quickly race off to find Iblis.

Stage Crisis City
Mission Find Iblis!
Characters Silver, Sol

After a while, the duo manage to find Iblis. Once again, Silver and Sol brace themselves for another fight against the Flames of Disaster, who roars at them in fury.

Boss Iblis Gigant
Mission Defeat Iblis!
Characters Silver, Sol

Iblis is destroyed for now, but Silver does not feel victorious anyway. Silver is angered by the fact that they cannot completely destroy Iblis. As he questions this, a black hedgehog with pale blue stripes and even paler skin appears and says he knows of Silver and his plight before explaining that to change their present, they must change the past.

As Silver questions how it can be done, the figure, introducing himself as Mephiles the Dark, explains the he must eliminate someone known as "the Iblis Trigger". Mephiles tells them to go to the archive room nearby.

As they leave, Mephiles looks back at the flames, and mutters, "I'm afraid now is not the time, my mindless half... I am still far too weak..."

Later, in the computer room, Silver is shown an image of the Iblis Trigger through a small time rift, revealing that the Iblis Trigger is... none other than Sonic the Hedgehog! Soon after, Mephiles transports themselves 200 years into the past by opening a bigger time rift.

After the trip through the rift, Silver and Sol seem to have arrive somewhere in the forest, but appear to have been separated from Mephiles. They then proceed to the city through Sunhigh Woods.

Stage Sunhigh Woods
Mission Head to the city!
Characters Silver

The two arrive in the city, and decide to split up in order to get used to their surroundings and, hopefully, gather more information. Later that night, Silver sees Sonic heading towards the coast, but is stopped by a familiar pink hedgehog, who seems to have mistaken Silver for the blue blur.

The pink hedgehog, who shortly introduces herself as Amy Rose, quickly apologizes, and notices that she had caused Silver to miss someone. Feeling guilty, Amy decides to help him find the person he was looking for, unaware that it's actually Sonic he's looking for.

Stage Wave Ocean
Mission Find Sonic!
Characters Silver, Amy

Silver and Amy, still unaware of the former's true intentions, are unable to find Sonic and head back into the city. When they arrive, Silver asks a nearby guard if he's seen a blue hedgehog. Fortunately for him, the guard says that he was last seen in the desert. Silver then runs off to the desert with Amy following close by.

Stage Forgotten Sands
Mission Find Sonic!
Characters Silver, Amy

After discovering that Sonic has already left, they head back into the city, and Silver finally sees Sonic and tells Amy to wait for a while, leaving Amy to wonder if he's finally found whoever he's looking for.

Meanwhile, Sonic, along with Miles "Tails" Prower, walk back to the castle, until Silver interrupts and attacks them. Sonic warns Tails to rush back to the castle while he deals with Silver himself.

Boss Sonic the Hedgehog
Mission Defeat Sonic!
Characters Silver

Silver manages to beat Sonic, who notices that the castle is being attacked and tries to run off, but is stopped by the psychokinetic. He then prepares to deal the final blow, but is intervened by Amy, who throws her hammer at him, interrupting his attack. Silver is shocked to see Amy and tells her to move. The pink hedgehog, clearly angry, refuses to do so, leaving Silver annoyed. Sonic thanks Amy for the save and, after asking if she'll be okay and hearing that he can leave Silver to her, runs off to the castle.

Back with the two, after a brief fight between the two hedgehogs, Amy is shocked that he was looking for Sonic the whole time. Silver explains that he was the one who caused his horrible future. Amy, however, cuts Silver off and refuses to believe him. To add insult to injury, Amy asks Silver if it was all a trick... What if the one who told him all of it was lying for his personal gain? Silver is left speechless at this possibility, prompting Amy to tell to think about it and leave the psychokinetic alone.

Later, Silver, still thinking of Amy's last words to him, is seen sitting by the beach. Sol catches up with him and asks if he's caught any lead of the Iblis Trigger, prompting Silver to ask him if "this whole thing was a lie". Sol understands where Silver is going with this, stating that he admittedly felt something "strange, yet familiar" around Mephiles. The duo then resolve to find some clues in one of the bases belonging to Dr. Eggman, who Sol heard mention of a couple of times while exploring Soleanna.

Stage Frozen Citadel
Mission Find clues about Mephiles!
Characters Silver, Sol

The duo arrive within the base after evading security. However, Silver accidentally triggers an alarm, causing a gigantic, hovering mechanoid to appear. With no other choice but to fight, the two take the enormous machine on.

Boss Egg Genesis
Mission Defeat the Egg Genesis!
Characters Silver, Sol

After defeating the huge robot, a Chaos Emerald - specifically, a blue one - is found in the wreckage. Silver picks it up, while Sol notices it and remembers the properties of the Emeralds, noting that when all seven are acquired, wondrous feats can be achieved. Deciding to keep it, Silver puts it away before asking Sol what they should do now. Seeing as Mephiles hasn't been here, he concludes they should return to Soleanna.

Once there, they find Mephiles at last. Silver questions Mephiles about why he should go after Sonic, and asks if he was tricking them. Mephiles attempts to dodge the question by saying he should stop wasting time and go after the blue blur, but Silver presses the issue, suspicious of how Mephiles seems to be trying to blow him off.

At that moment, Mephiles suddenly attacks with a barrage of dark bolts, forcing the duo to evade. A cloud of black smoke then appears, causing the two to dodder around blindly. When it clears, Silver spots Mephiles escape towards the train station. Enraged, Silver tells Sol they're going after Mephiles, and the two head off towards the train station.

Stage Primal Convoy
Mission Confront Mephiles!
Characters Silver, Sol

The duo arrive to find Mephiles in the train station attempting to enter a time rift. Thinking fast, Sol fires a Comet Flare at Mephiles, burning him and catching his attention. Silver demands Mephiles to explain why he fled, and the living shade replies that Silver doesn't need to know. Opening with a barrage of dark bolts, he reappears on a currently locked train and shouts that he won't let Silver disrupt his plans. With that, the three begin to battle!

Boss Mephiles the Dark (Phase 1)
Mission Defeat Mephiles!
Characters Silver, Sol

Silver manages to gain the upper hand and stuns Mephiles by catching him in a Psychic hold move. Momentarily locked in place, Mephiles watches as the portal gets smaller and smaller. Silver demands Mephiles explain himself again, but he, thinking he should try again another time, breaks out of the Psychic Hold!

Silver and Sol are surprised long enough for Mephiles to summon shadowy hands to grab them and throw them into the portal, which closes as they pass through...

10 years into the past...

Silver and Sol arrive in some strange underwater complex, shocked that Mephiles would pull such a move. However, they don't have time to reflect on this, as they hear shouts coming from the corridor up ahead. Orange lights can be seen as well. With no other objective, the two decide to investigate.

The two then find scientists and the Duke of Soleanna trying to keep some sort of flashing orange ball from breaking its glass case. One scientist reports that it is going critical, and the Duke tells them to hold on a bit longer. Right as another scientist objects, the case explodes!

As the dust clears, the ball is nowhere to be seen, but there are two things taking its place: a floating fireball, and a puddle of amorphous purple goo. The fireball and slime head off in different directions via the air ducts.

Silver and Sol are about to chase after the slime, believing it to be Mephiles, but are stopped when they hear hacking coughs. Turning, they find it would be the Duke buried under some rubble. As they go to help him up, he tells them to follow after the slime puddle and seal it in the Scepter of Darkness, which he gives to Silver. The photokinetic inquires on who will take the fireball (Iblis), and the Duke says his men will go after it. Under the assumption that they don't have much time, Silver and Sol race after Mephiles.

Stage Naval Stronghold
Mission Catch up to Mephiles and seal him in the Scepter!
Characters Silver, Sol
Music Organic Line

Silver and Sol finally manage to corner Mephiles in his primordial form. With nowhere to go, Sol stuns it with a Comet Flare, allowing Silver to open the scepter and begin sealing Mephiles away. As he does so, Mephiles' voice comes through and weakly threatens Silver, but the time traveler manages to seal the living shadow within the Scepter.

Their mission complete, the duo return to the Duke, who is being seen to by doctors. The Duke notices Silver with the now-filled Scepter of Darkness and smiles, congratulating him on sealing a great evil away. He then warns them of the other Scepter's prisoner - if Iblis and Mephiles are released and come together, they would be reborn as Solaris and tear apart the very fabric of reality. The Duke then slowly expires, while the duo look on in sadness.

The duo eventually make their way out of the lab and back onto the surface. Sol says that Mephiles has been subdued for now, but they still need to make things right with Sonic. Nodding, Silver uses Chaos Control, sending the two back to Soleanna in the present. As they do so, a little red-headed girl looks on from behind a tree...

As they return, they hear some kind of commotion nearby, and find out that Elise has gone to face Eggman herself, in response to his threat. Silver, finally realizing the truth, wonders if Dr. Eggman is the "true Iblis Trigger". Concerned, the duo race off to find Eggman. However, they are stopped by Shadow, who Silver briefly mistakes for Mephiles. Shadow requests Silver to give him the Scepter of Darkness. Silver, unsure of what to do, refuses and begin to fight.

Boss Shadow the Hedgehog
Mission Defeat Shadow!
Characters Silver, Sol

Silver seems to have won, but Shadow slows manages to slow down time, and steal the Scepter from him (complete with epic roundhouse kick), knocking Silver down. As time goes back to normal, Silver gets up and tries to chase after Shadow, but is stopped by Sol, who suggested that Shadow might be looking for Mephiles himself. Silver acknowledges this and they race off the the Egg Carrier's last known location: Kingdom Valley.

Shortly after, they see Sonic, blocked off by a bunch of Eggman's robots. The duo step in and subdue them easily. Sonic wonders what the two are up to, and Silver replies that "circumstances have changed." Sonic chuckles at this and they proceed to save Elise.

Stage Kingdom Valley
Mission Follow the Egg Carrier!
Characters Silver, Sol

The group reach the end of the valley, but fail to catch up with the Egg Carrier, destroying the Scepter of Flames and setting Iblis free. Silver and Sol decide to handle Iblis here while they let Sonic go back to the past. Sonic thanks the two and enters the portal.

Iblis begins his rampage and starts destroying Kingdom Valley. With no time to lose, the duo rush towards the monster to hold him off.

Boss Iblis Primus
Mission Hold Iblis off!
Characters Silver, Sol

Silver and Sol keep fighting Iblis. However, at this state, they can't destroy him. Silver, beginning to weaken, falls to the ground. However, before he lands, time freezes and the two are sent to another place...

Once Silver came to, the duo realized that this was their future... A future without Iblis. Realizing that Sonic had saved Elise, Silver jumps for joy. Sol, however, breaks a weak smile and starts to fade away. Silver notices this and asks him what's wrong. Running out of time, Sol wastes no time to utter his final words:

"Our world has changed, Silver. But this time, for the better. The only reason why I even exist is to serve as last resort against Iblis. With the timeline altered, my existence... is no more."

As he is told, Silver starts to break down in tears. Sol tells Silver not to fret, as it is for the best. As his best friend dissappears, Silver stands up, embracing his new world, his mission finally done...

"Ashes of the Future" End.