This page focuses on the list of enemies and bosses of the game.



Here are a list of enemies associated with Eggman's robots.

  • Motobug
  • Crabmeat
  • Kiki
  • Rhinotank
  • Unidus
  • Gola
  • Spinner
  • Electric Spinner
  • Buzz Bomber
  • Egg Pawn
  • Flapper
  • Klagen
  • Egg Hammer
  • E-2000

Dark Legion

Here are a list of enemies associated with the Dark Legion.

  • Dark Legion Troop - This enemy consists of a hooded figure whose main attack is shooting firearms.
  • Mechanaut - A silver robot which was built by the echidnas from Echidnaopolis to protect them from threats, but was reprogrammed by Dimitri as war machines for the the intent of forcing his will upon the citizens of Echidnaopolis. Their main attack is punching.
  • Echidna Cyborg - This enemy consist of an echidna implanted with cybernetics by Dimitri. It is funcitoned to shoot lasers.


  • Metal Sonic - This boss is fought by Sonic (after Suburban Sprint) and Knuckles (after Cargo Foundry).
  • Egg Driller - This boss is more of a modified version of the Egg Hornet from Sonic Adventure. It is a machine that contains a large driller in the center while containing 8 small drillers circling each side. The large driller is functioned to charge at your character from above or underground while the 8 drillers are used as projectiles.
  • Egg Gorilla - This boss is simply a robotic gorilla whose main attacks are causing shockwaves on the ground by banging it, jumping from the trees to jump on your character, and picking up big rocks and throw them at your character.
  • Egg Octo - This boss is a robotic octopus who is capable of shooting out rockets, lasers, and ink from the suction cups of their tentacles. The only way to defeat it is by attacking the head in the center of their 8 tentacles.
  • Egg Shocker - This boss is simply a machine with two arms that can electrocute a character.
  • Egg Spider - This boss consists of a large robotic spider who main attacks are shooting rockets, shooting spiderwebs to hold a character in place, and grab them with their legs.
  • Egg Vulture - A vulture-like robot who shoots out missiles from their wings and charges at your character.
  • Egg Warrior & Metal Sonic - This boss is a double boss where you battle an Eggman mech and Metal Sonic. The Egg Warrior carries a sword which he can use to attack the player and can shoot a line of missiles and lasers. Metal Sonic's attacks are the same as the previous except he is more aggressive in taking the player down. You not only have to defeat the Egg Warrior, but you also have to defeat Metal Sonic.
  • Dark Legion Squad - This boss fight involves characters fighting off a number of Dark Legion Troops, Merchants, and Echidna Cyborgs. The number of enemies can range from 50 to 70 troopers. It is similar to the Robot Carnival/Robot Storm fight from Sonic Heroes.
  • Team Hooligan - This boss fight is something similar to the team battles from Sonic Heroes except that the only way to defeat them isn't by knocking them off of the platform, but by decreasing each of the member's health meter.
  • Queen Walker 3000 - This boss fight consists of Fang's Marvelous Queen being transformed into a robot walker which was modified by Dr. Eggman. Fang sits at the middle of the pod while Bean and Bark are on each side of him. The Queen Walker's attacks are their gun fires, rockets, and it contains a huge laser blaster.
  • Xenin - A Dark Legion soldier serving as Dr. Finitevus' top enforcer. This boss simply uses his lasers and other firearms as their method of attack.
  • Dimitri - The former Dark Legion leader and 3rd Enerjak. He has attached his head into a robot that is the shape of a mantis. He can attack with razor claws and can shoot projectiles.
  • Dr. Finitevus - The leader of the Dark Legion. Knuckles fights him twice - one after Magma Mountain and the other after Echidnaopolis. His abilities are mostly magic attacks and can uses punches as a method of combat.

Last Story Bosses

  • Egg Titan - This boss fight is Eggman's massive titan robot that contains such abilities such as eye beams, rockets from the hands, shockwaves, and bombs that are a shape of a spike. You get to play as any of the characters such as Tails, Amy, Julie-Su, Rouge, Vector, Espio, and Charmy and use one of the cannons to shoot the Egg Titan.
  • Enerjak - This boss fight consists of the Chaos-powered demigod awakened with the 13 Albion Stones. Dr. Finitevus takes this form after using the stones. Super Sonic and Chaos Knuckles are the playable characters of this game. Enerjak has abilities such as combat, energy balls, and can perform Chaos Control. Similar to the Finalhazard boss fight, the player can switch between the two characters when they are low on rings.
  • Egg Titan & Enerjak - The final boss of the game. Like Egg Warrior and Metal Sonic, it is a dual boss, but unlike them, the two are fought by one character each, meaning that Super Sonic fights the Egg Titan while Chaos Knuckles fights Enerjak. The Egg Titan retains their abilities from the previous battle, but this time, it is more combat oriented since it is fighting against Super Sonic. Enerjak is much like last time, but they are more aggressive. Like the battle with Enerjak above, the player is allowed to switch characters whenever the character's ring count is low.
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