(The game begins with the camera zooming in on Sonic. He proceeds to strike his guitar.)

Tails: Maybe, you shouldn‘t have the amp be so loud.

Sonic: Tails! This is rock and roll! We’re supposed to be loud! (Looks over at Knuckles) Hit it, Knux!

Knuckles: A one! A two! A one, two, three!

(Knuckles lets out a drum drill, and Sonic and Tails play the melody to Sonic Heroes.)

Sonic: (Singing) What goes up must come down!

Tails: (Singing) Yet my feet don’t touch the ground! 

Knuckles: (Singing) See the world spinning upside down 


Sonic: See me jumping out a plane! 

Tails: I use electronics in the rain! 

Knuckles: What are you doing?! Do you wanna explain?! 

Sonic and Tails: No! Our bad influence goes around! 

Sonic: Watch the kid almost kill himself! 

Tails: Watch the girl shock herself! 

Knuckles: Immaturity is getting close! 


(Suddenly, Amy walks in on their little concert.)

Amy: What are you guys doing?

Sonic: (Speaking) Having a rock concert! Who said that we can’t rock and roll, too?

Amy: I never said that. It’s guys are being TOO LOUD! 

Knuckles: (Speaking) Shit, she lost her temper.

Shadow: Who cares?! That song was shit, anyway!

Silver: I liked it. So rock on, Sonic!

Amy: Why are you even having a concert anyway?!

Tails: (Speaking) Oh, maybe just to get a record deal. I mean, who doesn’t love rock and roll? (Puts his bass down on the top of the amp)

Cream: Um, rock and roll is a little too loud for me. The guitars hurt my ears...

Sonic: Then heavy metal must be a thousand times worse.

Shadow: Heavy metal is awesome! Besides, I have a better song. (He grabs Sonic’s guitar, and starts playing the instrumental to This Machine. He starts to sing.) A shadow of myself, just who am I? Scan horizons. A tragic mystery. You could’ve left me here, inside the pods. No one would ever know. The Chaos Control. My true identity. The power that is me!

Sonic and Shadow: (Singing) We all danced in fire, trapped in this machine! Don’t know how long we waited as the Eggman’s watching!

Knuckles: NOPE!

Shadow: (Speaking) Hmmph. At least it was better than your shitty song.

Eggman: Oh ho ho ho! Your music and fun will never stop me!

Sonic: (Grabs the guitar from Shadow) Eggman! What are you doing here?!

Eggman: I was listening to your music! I gotta admit, you really can’t sing.

Sonic: But my singing was good in Sonic Boom!

Eggman: SILENCE! Now, you and your friends will see a world of defeat! (Searches through a bag of cartoon guns. Sonic yawns. Eggman finally finds the gun he needs. He opens a portal.) STEP INSIDE! (Pushes Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles inside.)

Scene 2: Darkness Awaits

(The trio are seen traveling through the portal, which seems to be purple inside.)

Sonic: WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?! Oh why oh why?!

(The trio finally land on a brick ground. It appears to be nighttime.)

Tails: I can barely see anything!

Knuckles: I thought foxes had good vision!

(An acoustic guitar and some laughter can be heard in the background.)

Sonic: Hey! Can we try?

???: Sure! Go on! (Hands the acoustic guitar to Sonic.)

(Sonic plays Seven Rings in Hand on the guitar.)

Tails: (Singing) Make believes reborn! Myths in mind rethought!

Knuckles: Come on, Tails! It’s not the time or place for singing!

Tails: (Speaking) Of course!

(Sonic drops the guitar. All three of them wave goodbye as they run off.)

Sonic: If it was the time for singing, Tails would’ve never stopped.

(The three of them see a palace in front of them. Tails looks around.)

Tails: Should we go in?

(Sonic and Knuckles stop to think.)

Sonic: Why not?! Besides the destroyed cottages, this place seems cheerful and friendly! It can’t be too bad!

(All three of them head inside. They are greeted with a grand room, where everything seems to be golden.)

Knuckles: Shhh. Make sure no one catches us...

(The three sneak around, and say no words. Tails flys into what looks like a bedroom. He feels tired from flying, so he lands on the bed with a big THUMP! Unfortunately, he was loud enough to be heard.)

???: (Storms into room) GET OFF MY BED!!

Tails: I’m sorry...I’m tired.


Tails: Yes, yes. I’ll get off your bed.

(Tails gets off the bed)

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