CHAPTER 1 - The Beginning

The story begins with Sonic dangling on a rooftop, battling a herd of Eggman's robots. With Sonic dangling, a familiar laugh can be heard in the background. Metal Sonic. With Sonic quickly leaping off the ledge and spindashing down the building and leaping back into the air, Tails flies towards an orange Egg Pawn and lands on it's head. The Egg Pawn runs around as Tails begins to tinker on the bot and shut it down. With The Egg Pawn


falling off the rooftop, Sonic quickly lands on a steel platform, looking around for a key item that can help him in the fight. With 6 Egg Pawns turning towards Sonic after one had knocked Tails to the streets, the blue blur quickly lept into the air and homing attacked a nearby pole. The pole had become covered in a mini-twister, sucking in 3 of the Egg Pawns and tossing 2 of them into the last bots. Sonic landed onto the ground as the Egg pawns layed destroyed in pieces. As the hedgehog made his way off the roof, Metal Sonic had been seen flying away at light speed, vanishing into the clouds of the night. Tails soon after had flown up to the rooftops and chased after Sonic as the speedhog had ran off, heading towards Central City to defeat some more Egg Pawns.



After Sonic had reached far enough towards Metal Sonic, he had not realized that Tails was blown away by a nearby rocket. Sonic had soon noticed after Tails vanished but had agreed to find the furry pal later. After reaching Station Square, Sonic had seen Metal Sonic vanish into the clouds once again. Due to not being able to follow this time, Sonic began to go and locate Tails. The chase to find Tails had begun and Sonic already had the head-start.

(STAGE: Lightspeed Avenue)


After reaching Tails and returning to Station Square, Sonic had began talking with his buddy only to realize civilians screaming as a strange ball shaped object came flying downwards towards the streets. it was none other than Dr. Eggman in his Egg Mobile. After Eggman had seen Sonic, he knew what had been destroying his robots and gave a small smirk. Sonic gave off another quick pun as Tails prepared for a battle. But Dr. Eggman had a different plan, twiddling his moustache as he fled the scene, deploying three Spinas to try and wreck the streets as a distraction while Dr. Eggman got away.

(MINI TASK - Destroy The Spinas)

After destroying the Spinas, Sonic had had a discussion with Tails as the two went their seperate ways. Tails had flown off towards the ocean as Sonic spindashed his way down the streets, racing after Dr. Eggman who was reported to still be in the city boundaries.

(MINI TASK - Locate Dr. Eggman)


Sonic had soon found Dr. Eggman, who was working on calling in his reconstructed fortress, the Egg Carrier II a.k.a the Egg Fortress. After Sonic homing attacked Eggman while he was off guard, he grew furious and quickly deployed a steel claw from the Egg Mobile. The claw had grabbed Sonic and tossd him out towards a nearby building as Dr. Eggman began to laugh. before Sonic could get up, a beam of green light ahd shined down, covering Dr. Eggman and forcing him to travel upwards into the beam. Sonic looked up with other afraid civilians as the Egg Fortress could be seen in the daylight sky. Eggman had vanished into the Egg Fortress as it flew off, leaving Station Square and heading out to th clouds. Sonic wondered if Metal Sonic was following and got his answer as he saw the mettalic copy give off sparks as it flew to the ship. Sonic wondered why it had sparks giving off but had ignored it and raced off, going after the train station. He was planning to head for the Mystic Ruins and get some answers as to why Dr. Eggman had returned but had Metal Sonic working for him once again.

(MINI TASK - Board The Train To The Mystic Ruins)


After reaching the Mystic Ruins, Sonic met up with Tails somewhere around his workshop. When they met up, Tails began to explain the current situation that the Tornado 2 neeeded repairs. The two set out into the Hidden Jungle to gather parts and fix the machine, but Dr. Eggman had different plans. After regathering parts, Dr. Eggman warned Sonic to turn himself in to the local Egg Drones that were crawling around the reaches of Dr. Eggman's hidden base. When Sonic refused, the Egg Drones had made their way onto Angel Island by flight and began attacking Knuckles the echidna and the Master Emerald. Sonic and Tails agreed that with the new parts they can reach Angel Island. Tails soon later had fixed the Tornado 2 and the two heroes set off to the skies and aid in the battle between Knuckles and Dr. Eggman.

(STAGE: Hidden Jungle)

(STAGE: Sky Chase)


After reaching Angel Island, Tails had agreed to fly the TOrnado 2 aroundthe area and try to fight off the incoming flying bots that Eggman had sent in. Sonic however had jumped off the Tornado 2 and landed on Ange Island, heading for the very center where he aided Knuckles in fighting off all of Dr. Eggman's machines. After they were defeated, Sonic had had a breif conversation with Knuckles before the next wave came in. Before they were even alerted, the second wave of Dr. Eggman's machines had come in. After a couple of the bots were destroyed, the Tornado 2 had been hit by one of the Egg Mecha's. Tails soon after had went down with the Tornado 2, heading into the darkest reaches of the forest. Sonic and Knuckles fought off the final four waves of Dr. Eggman's machine before Knuckles agreed that he would stay and continue fighting. Sonic gave a thumbs up to the plan before racing to the edge, jumping off, and skydiving towards the forest of the Mystic Ruins, hoping that he could find Tails before Dr. Eggman and his Egg pawns do.

(MINI TASK: Fight off Dr. Eggman's machines)

(MINI TASK: Speak with Knuckles)

(MINI TASK: Survive the final wave of Eggman's machines)


--Under Construction--


The gameplay is quite action and adventure based. There are puzzles needing certain items to get through, level-ups needed to move on through stages, the cute chao Gardens, and much more packed into the game. The stages are pure action and sometimes very long. Each stage has it's own unique way of reaching the goal including certain new items and challenges to overcome. Some stages also have areas only certain level-ups can reach. When in any adventure field, there is a level up. The level ups are souly for one character only, only
Sonic Adventure 3 Sonic Model

Sonic's Model

appearing in the adventure field if played by certain characters. The Chao Garden returns and is just fine, nothing changed to the point of horrible. At the end of each level is a rank given by the ranking system. The ranking system goes by how the character beat a mission and how many points he/she has earned. The points earned are given by the total of the time needed to reach the goal, the rings earned, and the score earned originally before the total. The score goes by the following letters: A, B, C, D, and the lowest rank which is E. The music in the game is quite good fitting where it should be for each event. The game's graphics are also nicely touched, following a more better version of the graphics for everything in Sonic Adventure including each character. The game models are also quite polished. Each character and the entire game models off of the classic Sonic Adventure (DC) game concept. The only difference, these models are edited and turned perfectly HD, polished to the proper point, and put in the appropriate fit in the game.

"Dr. Robotnik finally has a normal moustache again!" ~VGBA Forums

Sonic's Gameplay

When playing as Sonic, players will get a chance to experience the speed of the blue blur, but of course being the fastest and the main character in the game, all the stages that Sonic goes through are the longest and bent to be souly on his speed. Sonic is also the only character who can run across water and avoid freezing in cold climates. Sonic also has three stages involving light-speed. Light speed stages are where Sonic must race to the goal in any way he can without the timer hitting zero. When he reaches the end of the sage, the amount of time left adds as a bonus to his total score.

Miles Gameplay

When playing as Miles "Tails" Prower, players will need to master his main signature ability a.k.a using his two tails to fly into the air and soar across the sky. Tails' gameplay relies mostly on flight and certain puzzles only intelligence can of course solve. Tails stages are based on two types: racing and flying. When in racing stages, Tails either caes his two best pals Sonic and/or Knuckles to the goal or he races the devious Dr. Eggman and his Egg Mobile to the chaos emerald. The racing stage is quite more formidable than it was in Sonic Adventure (DX) due to Dr. Eggman using flight as his main advantage of rivaling Tails' flight abilities, Knuckles using his abiltity to break through certain areas Tails alone cannot travel, and Sonic using his speed to dash across certain platforms Tails cannot reach (not including his flying skills). Each racing stage is simply a shortened version of Sonic's stage with a few extra gimmicks including traps and enemies in the stage. When in flight stages, Tails uses his biplane (the Tornado 2) to reach areas high up in the clouds including the Egg Fortress, a newly built Egg Carrier II created by the devious Dr. Robotnik.

Knuckles' Gameplay

When playing as Knuckles, the player must rely on treasure hunting skills to beat the stage. To beat the stage, Knuckles must find all three pieces of the Master Emerald. After finding all three pieces, Knuckles will either complete the stage or be faced with a challenging mini-boss which is either the prototype Mechapawn, Espio the chameleon, or the Egg Driller 2.0. Knuckles can also climb walls to reach higher up areas and with a level-up, he can dig into the ground and find buried Master Emerald pieces. Knuckles can also glide short distances to reach extra areas of each stage.

Amy's Gameplay

When playing as Amy, the players will get a chance to expirience the puzzle type of gameplay. Amy's stages are puzzle based, needing to solve certain tasks to reach the end of the stage. In only a few stages, Amy is chased by the devious Metal Sonic who is out to fullfill his first mission of capturing her and bringing her to Dr. Robotnik. The player will need to rely on Amy's way of solveing puzzles and stalling Metal Sonic in the process (basically multi-tasking). The stages Amy goes through are the same as all other stages only cut in half and each in certain areas only Amy may play the stage in.

Espio's Gameplay

When playing as Espio, the player must rely on pure skill to reach the goal. Espio's stages are ninja based meaning stealth, skill, and hand-to-hand combat are needed to pass the stage. Espio's stages are also only a bit shorter than Sonic's stages, making them the 2nd largest version of stages in the game. Espio's stealth abilities are needed to pass through certain doorways and security cameras. His skill is needed to climb up certain areas using his ability to pole swing. Espio can also perform a spin-twirl and blow his foes away from him as well as deflect projectiles. At the end of some stages, Espio must face a mini-boss like Knuckles's stages have.

Shadow's Gameplay

When playing as Shadow, the player gets a chance to expierience a most advanced type of gameplay. Shadow's stages are more for the challenging, using speed and skill to reach the goal. Shadow can do almost half of the same skills that Sonic can do only with his way of performing the skill. He can use his homing attack to climb up small walls and glide short distances to reach extra parts of the stage. Shadow's stages are only a tad bit longer than Sonic's stages and are also packed with more challenging enemies.



Sonic the hedgehog <<STARTER>> --------
Miles "Tails" Prower <<LOCKED>> Locate him in Lightspeed Avenue.
Knuckles the echidna <<LOCKED>> Locate him in Mystic Ruins.
Amy Rose <<LOCKED>> Locate her in Station Square.
Espio the chameleon <<LOCKED>> Locate him on the Egg Fortress.
Shadow the hedgehog <<LOCKED>> Locate him on the Egg Fortress.


Big the cat Can be seen fishing in Emerald Coast.
Cream the rabbit Can be seen flying around Station Square.
E-123 Omega Can be seen destroying an Egg Spinah in Emerald Coast.
E-101 Beta Can be seen being rebuilt in the E.G.G Base.


Dr. Robotnik Main antagonist!
Metal Sonic Secondary main antagonist!
Citizens --------
Eggbots --------
Animals --------
Chao --------


Station Square

Lightspeed Avenue

Iconic Speedway

Emerald Coast


Mystic Ruins

Grand Palace

Red Mountain

Windy Valley

Hidden Jungle

Forbidden Ruins

E.G.G Base

Secret Sanctuary

Egg Fortress

Sky Deck

Chaotic Raceway



Light Shoes

Electrical Ring

Wind Bracelet

Ancient Light


Jet Anklets


Magnet Anklets


Shovel Claws

Breath Necklace

Ancient Gloves


Red Feather

Light Hammer


Dark Hammer


Kunai Dagger

Gold Dagger

Stealth Enhancer

Swim Cloak


Light Shoes

Flame Ring

Nightmare Bracelet

Ancient Light




Spindash - Sonic can turn into a spinning ball and be launched at enemies. When performing the spindash, anything that Sonic touches will destroy itself (excluding bosses).

Homing Attack - When in the air, Sonic can dash foward in a spinning ball. When next to an enemy, SOnic will automatically lock-on to the enemy and smash right into them. Only certain enemies skills can break Sonic's homing attack.

Twister - Sonic can turn into a spinning ball and dash around his enemy, causing his foe to either grow dizzy or fly away into the air (does not work on bosses).

Air-Spin - When leaping off the edge of anything in spindash form, Sonic can glide a small distance to the next platform using a trail of wind. NOTE: If Sonic's dash slows down, the wind trail will vanish and Sonic will either lose a life or fail to reach the platform that was originally lock-on to.


Light Speed Dash - When fully charged, Sonic can travel through a trail of rings whether in the air or on the ground. When the end of the ring trail is reached, Sonic will not be capable of continuing his dash so be careful using this technique. Sonic can now also travela trail of rings that go straight up but will be forced to reduce speed when performing this action.

Light Speed Attack - When fully charged, Sonic leaps into the air and defeats every foe on the screen. This technique can also be used to break through certain walls and floors and reach secret shortcuts through the stage.

Lightning Dash - When in spindash form, Sonic dashes foward, leaving behind a trail of electrified ghost images. If an enemy travel through these images, he/she will be destroyed on impact. This technique can also be used to travel up walls using Sonic's spindash.

Wind-Boost - Using the power of wind, Sonic can jump higher than he usually could. This technique is useful for finding hard to reach places and traveling across certain platforms that would originally be a trap.



Tail-Whip - Tails can spin in a full 360 and destroy any enemy that gets caught in his attack.

Flight - Tails can fly in the air with to reach higher and farther away places with ease.

Running Dash - When running, Tails can turn into a ball and spindash his way around the stage. While performing the spindash, anything that touches his Tails will destroy itself (excluding bosses).


Pole-Swing - Using the Acro-Pole, Tails can swing his way through secret areas where his flight is unavailable. This technique can also be used to travel small or long distances through the stage.

Magnetic Pull - Using the Magnet-Gloves, Tails can climb onto magnetic areas where his flight cannot be used. This can be helpful to climb ceilings and reach areas Tails cannot fly high enough to reach.

Quick Flight - With the Jet Anklets, Tails can fly 20% faster than his original flight speed when in the air. This can help Tails reach towards farther away areas without getting tired.



Punch - Knuckles main combat. After Knuckles punches an enemy, any enemy that gets caught in the attack will destroy itself (excluding bosses). Knuckles can punch up to 3 times along with his signature thrust foward on his third punch. This attack can also be used to break through certain walls and reach secret areas.

Glide - Knuckles can glide for a long periods of time to reach secret areas. When gliding, anything that runs into the front of Knuckles fists will destroy itself. NOTE: Certain enemies and bosses have ways of breaking Knuckles gliding ability and counter attacking the skill. Be careful when around these foes.

Climb - Knuckles can climb up walls with ease using his fists to jab into the wall itself. Knuckles cannot clib ceilings though and bosses have a way of counter attacking Knuckles' climbing skill so be careful when climbing around certain areas.

Drill-Claw - When gliding, Knuckles can dive straight down to the ground, destroying anything that touches him.


Dig - With the shovel claws, Knuckles can dig into the ground of certain platforms. NOTE: Knuckles cannot dig through anything made of metal or stronger.

Heatwave Attack - When fully charged, Knuckles can glide into and destroy all enemies on the screen (excluding bosses). After using this attack, it will take time to charge up again so be extra wise when using it.



Hammer Smash - Amy can smash her hammer downwards. Any enemy caught in Amy's hammer smash will destroy themselves.

Hammer Swing - When in mid-air, Amy can swing her hammer to destroy anything that comes in contact with her.


Hammer Twirl - Amy can twirl her hammer in a 360 for 40sec. When she stops, any enemy that  came into contact with her hammer will destroy themselves.

Bounce Boost - After Amy smashes her hammer on the ground for a second time, she will be boosted into the air. This technique can be used to reach areas Amy alone could not have reached without the light hammer.

Hammer Mega-Smash - After Amy smashes her hammer down a second time, not only is she lifted into the air but her hammer also generates an electrical shockwave, destroying any enemy in a 4ft radius around the force of impact.

Double Jump - After obtaining the acro=spring and jumping into the air, Amy can double jump her way a bit higher to reach certain areas the light hammer or her normal jumping could not reach.



Spin-Twirl - Espio can twirl into a twister and charge towards his enemy at light speed. When in spin-twirl form, anything that touches Espio will destroy itself (excluding bosses).

Double Jump - After jumping, Espio can twirl his way upwards for an extra boost. This technique can be used to reach certain areas Espio alone could not reach.

Stealth - When invisible, Espio can walk past certain areas without being detected.


Kunai Toss - After fully charged, Espio can toss a wave of 3 kunai daggers towards his opponents. These daggers can instantly destroy anything they touch (excluding bosses).

Stealth Dash - When invisible, Espio can spin-twirl his way upwards to reach secret areas without being detected.

Dive-Cloak - Using his ability to turn invisible, Espio can use his stealth abilities underwater and reach secret areas in the ocean without being detected.



Spindash - Shadow can turn into a spinning ball and be launched at enemies. When performing the spindash, anything that Shadow touches will destroy itself (excluding bosses).

Advanced Homing Attack - When in the air, Shadow can dash foward in a spinning ball. When next to an enemy, Shadow will automatically lock-on to the enemy and smash right into them. After hitting an enemy, Shadow will boost 5ft foward and attack other enemies his homing attack originally could not reach.

Hover - Shadow can hover for a long period of time. While hovering, Shadow can glide his way towards secret areas that would originally be set up as a trap. NOTE: If Shadow hits anything while hovering, he will end up falling back to the ground. If there is no ground, he will lose a life. Be careful using this ability.

Air-Spin - When leaping off the edge of anything in spindash form, Shadow can glide a small distance to the next platform using a trail of wind. NOTE: If Shadow's dash slows down, the wind trail will vanish and Shadow will either lose a life or fail to reach the platform that was originally lock-on to.


Light Speed Dash - When fully charged, Shadow can travel through a trail of rings whether in the air or on the ground. When the end of the ring trail is reached, Shadow will not be capable of continuing his dash so be careful using this technique. Shadow can also travel a trail of rings that go straight up but will be forced to reduce speed when performing this action.

Light Speed Attack - When fully charged, Shadow leaps into the air and defeats every foe on the screen. This technique can also be used to break through certain walls and floors and reach secret shortcuts through the stage.

Fire Dash - When in spindash form, Shadow dashes foward, leaving behind a trail of flaming ghost images. If an enemy travel through these images, he/she will be destroyed on impact. This technique can also be used to travel up walls using Shadow's spindash.

Nightmare-Boost - Using the power of smoke, Shadow can turn into a ball of shadows. This technique is useful for finding hard to reach places and traveling across certain platforms that would originally be a trap.


ALL Stages
Sonic's Stages
Lightspeed Avenue
Hidden Jungle
Sky Chase
Sky Mountain
Lost World
E.G.G Base
Iconic Speedzone
Towering Heights
E.G.G Utopia

Tails Stages
Lightspeed Avenue
Hidden Jungle
Sky Chase
Scarface Forest
Towering Heights
Aquatic Base
Lost World
E.G.G Chamber
Ancient Temple
Station Mayhem


Ledges - Any character can climb a ledge to reach up and explore higher places in the stage. If a character is it on a ledge, they will fall off. Be careful while climbing and use the dodge ability wisely when on the ledge!

Rockets - Any character can grab hold of a rocket. Rockets help the character reach far away places. After getting on a rocket, the character can always detach from it at will or wait until they reach the farthest that rocket will take him/her.

Poles - Poles are are found in areas where umping or climbing the walls is unable to be done to reach the top. Only Sonic and Tails can travel across poles with ease using a certain level-up.

Capsules - Each capsule can reward the player with a certain item including 5, 10, 15, or 20 rings. Capsules cna also grant the ability to have super speed, an extra life, or a randomizer question mark which willl give one of the many objects just told.

Wooden Crates - Wooden Crates can be smashed by any character with ease. If playing as Espio, the player has the option of blowing the crate towards their foe with a dash of wind.

Steel Crates - Steel crates can only be destroyed by Shadow and Knuckles depending whether they have the needed level up or not.

Flame Crates - Only Knuckles can destroy flame crates with the ddesired level up. Knuckles also has the option of tossing the crate at his enemies to either distract or destroy them.

Rings - Like in all Sonic the hedgehog games, rings are needed to keep your character alive. If the characteris hit with 0 rings, the character either loses a life or achieves game-over.

Blue Rings - Blue rings are new to the Sonic franchise. After collecting a blue ring, the player will be able to unlock an extra fun thing to use in the extras menu via the pause screen. Blue rings are only found in three stages. The rest are found in the Adventure Fields.

Level-ups - Level-ups are for every character. When a character earns a level up, he/she has the ability to cross through more challenging parts of stages that they could not originally reach without the added upgrades.

Omochao - When in any stage, Omochao can give tips to the character on how to beat the level. Omochao can also give tutorials in the options menu. These tutorials will help give advice on the game and all about the level-ups, bosses, and mulitplayer modes.

Mega-Fan - When above a mega-fan, the player will be thrown into the air and forced to hoevr uncontrollably. If playing as Knuckles or Shadow, the mega-fan can be used to glide upwards and reach secret areas. If playing as Tails, the mega-fan can give a boost upwards after Tails begins flying.

Red Springs - If a character steps on a spring, they are propelled into the air. Springs are nothing new to the Sonic franchise and are used to reach higher or farther away places.

Spikes - Spikes can cause harm to the character if stepped on or ran into. Be sure you have rings before being hit by these nasty hazards.

Fire - If a character steps into fire, they are damaged. Only Knuckles' heatwave attack, Espio's stealth ability, Tails' flight ability, and Sonic's twister attack are capable of finding ways around areas covered in fire.

Metal Sonic Holograms - Metal Sonic holograms can be found in certain areas in the game. If a Metal Sonic hologram is ran into, a certain amount of rings will be drained from the player. If the player has no rings, he/she will be attacked and either lose a life or get a game over.



Baby Kiki

Bladed Spina

Ice Ball




Thunder Spina



Pumpkin Ghost


Sky Hawk


Sonic the hedgehog Ryan Drummond Junichi Kanemaru
Miles "Tails" Prower Corey Bringas Kazuki Hayashi
Knuckles the echidna Michael Mcgaharn Nobutoshi Hayashi
Amy Rose Jennifer Douillard Taeko Kawata
Espio the chameleon Bill Corkery Yuuki Masuda
Shadow the hedgehog David Humphrey Kōji Yusa
Dr. Eggman Deem Bristow Chikao Otsuka
Announcer A Ryan Drummond Kaho Kouda
Announcer B Lani Minella Yuji Naka
Metal Sonic Ryan Drummond Junichi Kanemaru
Omochao ---- ----


Story Mode - Start and/or continue your story.

Mission Mode - Complete tasks for certain characters and unlock a very special reward at the end.

Challenge Mode - Rush through time-attack and beat the clock like there's no tomorrow.

Multiplayer Mode - Challenge your friends in 5 different kinds of multiplayer modes.

Options Mode - Change in-game options.


The player can either start a new game or continue any of the unlocked characters stories that he/she pleases in this mode. If a character is locked, a certain story must be played until the character makes an apperance. After a character makes an apperance, his/her story will be unlocked.


Sonic - <<STARTER>>

Tails - <<LOCKED>>

Knuckles - <<LOCKED>>

Amy - <<LOCKED>>

Espio - <<LOCKED>>

Shadow - <<LOCKED>>


In multiplayer mode, the player can challenge a friend in five different kinds of multiplayer modes. Each mode is based off the stages in the game and eight additional stages earned in the Mission Mode. One stage is also an add-on for pre-ordering the game at your local retail store.


Racing - Players can race eachother to the goal either before time runs out or just for the friendly competition.

Treasure Hunting - Players can challenge eachother to see who can find all three pieces of the Master Emerald in time before the clock hits zero.

Ring Attack - Players can compete against eachother and race to collect the most rings before time runs out!

Boss Attack - Players aid eachother in defeating a more powerful version of each boss in single player stages.

Tag-Team - Players aid eachother in reaching the goal before the countdown hits zero.


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