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Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World is a upcoming game created by Sonic Team. This is the main title 25th anniversary game. This marks the first Sonic game to be only on 8th generation consoles. Mephiles makes a return and Sonic makes a new transformation called Dark Super Sonic. There will be no more edit after December 31, 2017 unless it is the Reception and Trivia. 

  • Highly Unfinished
Publisher(s) SEGA
Developer(s) Sonic Team

Hiroshi Miyamoto

Yoshihisa Hashimoto


Takashi Iizuka

Yuji Naka

Release Date(s): 

November 22, 2016 (Xbox One & Playstation 4)

December 6, 2016 (PC)

June 23, 2017 (Premium Edition)

Platform(s) Xbox One, Playstation 4, & PC

Tomoya Ohtani

Fumie Kumatani

Kenichi Tokoi

Hideaki Kobayashi

Takahito Eguchi

Mariko Nanba

Masaru Setsumaru

Jun Senoue

Artist(s) Sachiko Kamamura

Kiyoko Yoshimura

Shiro Maekawa

Shun Nakamura

Warren Graff

Ken Pontac

Akinori Nishiyama


Hedgehog Engine (Graphics)

Havok (Physics)

Series Sonic the Hedgehog 
Genre(s) Platformer, Action, Adventure, Beat-Em-Up, Shooter, Fishing
Modes Single Player, Multiplayer

"Dark Days Are Coming..."

"The End of the World"


Story takes place after IOS and Android title Sonic Dimensions which was released November 25, 2014. Takes place before Sonic the Hedgehog: The Civil War which has a planned release date of November 20, 2018.

Main Stories

Sonic Story

  • Tails Story

Shadow Story

  • Rouge Story

Silver Story

  • Blaze Story

Last Story (Unlocked after you beat all Sub and Main Stories)

Sub Stories 

Knuckles Story

Amy Story

Team Chaotix Story

DLC Stories

Mephiles Story

The Babylon Rouges Story

Metal Sonic Story

Gold Story



  • All seen characters in the game. Playable, Non-playable, and DLC Characters are playable in the Chao Garden.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Normal, Super Sonic, Dark Super Sonic) (A Boss in Mephiles Story, One of the Three Main Protagonists, Playable in his Story and Last Story as Super Sonic and Dark Super Sonic)

Mephiles the Dark (DLC) (Normal, Super Mephiles, Super Mephiles Version 2) (One of the Main Antagonist, A boss in Sonic Story) (Fought by Super Sonic in second to last boss) (Fought by Dark Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Normal, Super Shadow) (A boss in Metal Sonic Story, One of the Main Three Protagonists, Playable in his Story and Last Story as Super Shadow)

Silver the Hedgehog (Normal, Super Silver) (A Boss in Gold Story, One of the Main Three Protagonists, Playable in his Story and Last Story as Super Silver)

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Rouge the Bat

Blaze the Cat

Amy Rose

Team Chaotix

Metal Sonic (One of the Main Antagonists) (DLC) (Fight in their Perspective) (Can Play Any Levels) (Normal, Metal Sonic 3.0) (Fought by Super Shadow in Second to Last Boss)

Gold the Hedgehog (One of the Main Antagonists) (DLC) (Fight in their perspective) (Can Play Any Levels) (Normal, Super Gold) (Fought By Super Silver in Second to Last Boss)

The Babylon Rouges (DLC) 

Fang the Sniper (DLC) (Only for Chaotix Missions)


Dr Eggman (One of the Main Antagonists)

E-123 Omega (Rescued in the end of Shadow's Story) 

Mighty the Armadillo (Appears in Team Chaotix Story and Last Story Cutscenes after being rescued from Fang)

Cream the Rabbit (Appears in Amy Story and Last Story Cutscenes)

Big the Cat (Appears in Amy Story and Last Story Cutscenes)

Marine the Raccoon (Appears in Silver Story as flashbacks)

Professor Gerald Robotnik (Appears in Shadow Story as flashbacks)

Maria Robotnik (Appears in Shadow Story as flashbacks)

Story Synopsis

Sonic Story

After Eggman's declaration of the end of days, Sonic begins to go on a journey to find out what exactly Eggman is up too but what he finds out is he must go head to head with maybe what might be his most formidable foe to date. 

Shadow Story

  • Story:

​After going on a mission to infiltrate Eggman's base, Omega is missing. Shadow is on a path to find his fallen friend. Shadow soon finds out that it's going to be much harder to get Omega back than he thought.

Game Modes

Episode Select (Story Mode)

Multiplayer (Local and Wi-Fi Global) (These are similar to Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Riders, Sonic Heroes, and Sonic Generations)

Game Room (Includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and a remake of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006))

Chaotix Missions (A variety of missions to gain rings) (Similar to missions in Sonic Generations but includes things such as shooting with Fang or Fishing with Big)

Practice Mode (Test out the games controls and gameplay)

Stage Select (Play levels you played in story mode and get S ranks for unlockable content)

Chao Garden (Can play as all Playable, Non-playable, and DLC characters in the story)

Attack Mode (Time Attack & Boss Attack Modes)

Extras (All cutscenes and music)

Unlockables (Character Information, Concept Art,and Character Replicas)


  • There are 5 different saving profiles


  • Upgrades are bought in the in game stores in the Adventure Field by using rings that are obtained in Stages, Chaotix Missions, Adventure Fields Missions, and Bosses
  • Depending on the attack some characters can only use a certain attack once in a level.
  • Rings are combined overall not just to a certain character, making it easier to buy upgrades.
  • Super Forms are available after you defeat the final boss.
  • Characters have Action Gauges (Meters that gauges how long a character can use a certain ability)
  • Team Chaotix due to playing like their Sonic Heroes team style they do not have upgrades.
  • All upgrades are usable in multiplayer

From the start, Sonic has:

  • Homing Attack
  • Quick Step
  • Spin Dash (Only has it until obtained Sonic Boost) (Similar to Spin Dash in Adventure 2)

Sonic Upgrades

  • Light Speed Dash (500 rings)
  • Sonic Wind (1,000 rings)
  • Sonic Boost (3,500 rings)
  • Double Jump (5,500 rings)
  • Homing Smash (100 rings)
  • Light Speed Attack (800 rings)
  • Thunder Shield (15,000 rings)
  • Fire Shield (15,000 rings)
  • Time Break (50,000 rings) (Stops time for 10 seconds)
  • Super Sonic (55,000 rings) (Like Sonic Generations Version but loses rings naturally) (After the 50 rings in levels)  (Same goes with all other super transformations)
  • Dark Super Sonic (80,000 rings) (Attracts all rings everywhere on the level, survives being crushed, can breath underwater, controllable flying) (After earning 100 rings in the level)

From the start, Shadow has:

  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Quick-Step
  • Chaos Spear (Changed once Shadow obtains Chaos Lance) (Paralysis Enemy) (About 10 Chaos Spears can kill an enemy)

Shadow Upgrades

  • Light Speed Dash (500 rings)
  • Chaos Control (60,000 rings) (Stops Time for 30 seconds while you boost you further in the stage)
  • Chaos Blast (28,000 rings) (Destroys all enemies in the area)
  • Chaos Lance (5,000 rings) (Fully kills the enemy)
  • Chaos Attack (100 rings)
  • Chaos Snap (8,000 rings)
  • Super Shadow (55,000 rings)

From the start, Silver has:

  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Telekinesis (But needs the other moves to attacks enemies, but can pick up small enemies)

Silver Upgrades

  • Hold Smash (500 rings) 
  • Meteor Smash (60,000 rings) (Automatically rolls on and kills all enemies in the level) (Drains Action Gauge for the next 2 minutes)
  • Levitate (5,000 rings) (Like Sonic 06
  • Psychic Knife (35,000 rings)
  • Psycho Smash (1,000 rings) (Throw all objects he's holding all at the same time)
  • Super Silver (55,000 rings)

From the start, Mephiles has:

  • Dark Boost
  • Dark Chaos Spear (Is gone once obtained Dark Chaos Lance)
  • Homing Attack
  • Quick Step

Mephiles Upgrades

  • Dark Chaos Lance (20,000 rings)
  • Chaos Control (60,000 rings)
  • Light Speed Dash (1,000 rings)
  • Energy Wave (40,000 rings)
  • Dark Wind (20,000 rings)
  • Super Mephiles (60,000 rings)

From the start, Tails has:

  • Flight
  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash

Tails Upgrades

  • Tails Swipe (15,000 Rings)
  • Rapid Tails Attack (40,000 Rings)
  • Dummy Ring Swipe (10,000 Rings)
  • Dummy Ring Bomb (1,500 Rings)
  • Dummy Ring Blitz (5,550 Rings)
  • Tails Copter (20,000 Rings) (Faster Flying)

From the start, Knuckles has:

  • Glide
  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Wall Climb

Knuckles Upgrades

  • Spiral Uppercut (5,000 Rings)
  • Punch Attack (500 Rings)
  • Drill Claw (30,000 Rings) (Dig for Prizes) 
  • Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack (25,000 Rings)

From the start, Rouge has:

  • Glide
  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Wall Climbing 

Rouge Upgrades

  • Bomb (5,000 Rings) 
  • Bomb Snipe (10,000 Rings)
  • Screw Kick (500 Rings)
  • Drill Claw (30,000 Rings)

From the start, Blaze has

  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash

Blaze Upgrades

  • Spin Claw (30,000 Rings)
  • Fire Claw (A Fire Homing Attack; Kill Up to 3 Enemies at Once) (48,000 Rings)
  • Double Jump (10,000 Rings)

From the start, Amy has:

  • Homing Attack
  • Hammer Attack 
  • Spin Dash

Amy Upgrades

  • Spin Hammer Attack (48,000 Rings)
  • Invisibility (30,000 Rings)
  • Hammer Jump (Double Jump) (10,000 Rings)

From the start, Metal Sonic has:

  • Homing Attack
  • Quick-Step

Metal Sonic Upgrades

  • Chaos Spear (30,000 Rings)
  • V.Maximum Overdrive Attack (65,000 Rings)
  • Light Speed Dash (500 Rings)
  • Sonic Boom (10,000) (Short Boost of Speed somewhat like Sonic's Sonic Boost)
  • Metal Sonic 3.0 (60,000 Rings)

From the start, Gold has:

  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Telekinesis

Gold Upgrades

  • Hold Smash (500 Rings)
  • Meteor Blast (60,000 Rings)
  • Levitate (5,000 Rings)
  • Evil Knife (30,000 Rings)
  • Gold Smash (1,000 Rings)
  • Super Gold (60,000 Rings)

From the start, The Babylon Rouges has:

  • Extreme Boost
  • Extreme Gear
  • Gravity Control
  • Gravity Dive

Jet Upgrades

  • Leaf Screw (20,000 Rings)
  • Razor Leaf (30,000 Rings)
  • Sneeze (10,000 Rings)

Wave Upgrades 

  • Angry Wave (30,000 Rings)
  • Dynamite (20,000 Rings)
  • Power Wrench (10,000 Rings)

Storm Upgrades

  • Hammer Punch (30,000 Rings)
  • Hammer Clap (10,000 Rings)
  • Hammer Slap (20,000 Rings)

From the start, Fang has:

  • Homing Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • 2 Rounds Pistol

Fang's Upgrades

  • 10 Rounds Shotgun (1,000 Rings)
  • Minigun (5,000 Rings)

Chaotix Missions

  • There are a total of 500 Chaotix Missions (including DLC)
  • The amount of rings you get per mission varies. Depending on the task of the mission & score.
  • 100 of the Chaotix Missions are found in the Adventure Fields. The rest of the missions will have to be found in the main menu "Chaotix Missions" mode.
  • All missions are replayable to earn more rings.
  • Some missions are specified only to one or two certain character. Sonic: 10, Shadow: 7, Silver: 4, Knuckles: 2, etc



His World (Zebrahead Remix) - Main Theme/Sonic Theme

All Hail Shadow (w/ Throw It All Away Mashup) - Shadow Theme

Dreams of an Absolution (Bently Jones and Jun Sunoue) - Silver Theme

For True Story (Original SA2) (w/ Mephiles Phase 1 from Sonic 06 Mashup) - Mephiles Theme

E.G.G.M.A.N. (w/ Eggman Theme from Sonic 06 Mashup) - Eggman Theme

Watch Me Fly - Tails Theme

Unknown from M.E. (SA1 vs SA2 Mashup) - Knuckles Theme

Fly in the Freedom (Remix) - Rouge Theme

Vela Nova - Blaze Theme

My Sweet Passion (Short Version) - Amy Theme

What I'm Made Of (w/ Versus Metal Sonic Mashup) - Metal Sonic Theme

Lost by Haji's Kitchen - Gold Theme

This Machine (w/ Supporting Me Mashup) - Omega Theme

TEAM CHAOTIX (Remix) - Team Chaotix Theme

Catch Me If You Can (SRZG Remix) - Babylon Rouges

Throw it All Away (Instrumental) - Professor Gerald and Maria Theme

Lazy Days (w/ Follow Me Mashup) - Big and Cream

Live and Learn (w/ Supporting Me Mashup) - Biolizard Theme 

Downloadable Content

Premium Edition includes all DLC packs from the start, the game is a steel case, a Sonic 25th Anniversary wallpaper, and a Dark Super Sonic statue.

  • DLC Pack 1 is the Babylon Rouges Pack containing: The Babylon Rouges Story, Additional Multiplayer Activities (The types in previous Sonic Riders games) and Chaotix Missions, Fang the Sniper as Playable Character, and More Chao Options. (Released in January 2017)
  • DLC Pack 2 is the Expert Pack containing: Expert Mode (giving the levels in the game an extreme difficulty boost), More Missions in Level Select, Background Wallpaper for Home Screen, and More Chao Activities. (Released in February 2017)
  • DLC Pack 3 is the Villains Pack containing: Gold the Hedgehog Story, Metal Sonic Story, and Mephiles the Dark Story (Released in March 2017)

Voice Actors

Characters Voice Actors
Sonic Roger Craig Smith
Mephiles Dan Green
Silver Quinton Flynn
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Tails Kate Higgins
Knuckles Travis Willingham
Rouge Karen Strassman
Blaze Laura Bailey
Amy Cindy Robinson
Metal Sonic Ryan Drummond
Gold Kirk Thornton
Omega Vic Mignogna
Vector Keith Silverstein
Espio Troy Baker
Charmy Colleen O' Shaughnessey
Fang Michael Yurchak
Big Kyle Hebert
Mighty Roger Craig Smith
Jet Michael Yurchak
Wave Kate Higgins
Storm Travis Willingham
Professor Gerald Mike Pollock
Maria Rebecca Honig
Shadow Kirk Thornton
Marine Cindy Robinson

Adventure Fields

  • There is a day/night mechanic in some of the the hub worlds.
  • Some stages may have multiple tracks.
  • Buy upgrades in the Adventure Fields.
  • Contain side missions characters can complete. (Included as a "Chaotix Mission").
  • Contain citizens 
  • Villain playable characters cannot go through hub worlds.
  • Size of Adventure Fields vary. Central City (being the largest, most populated, & the most stuff to do) has the size of two Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Adventure Fields, while Ruined Central City (being the smallest, no population, & no activities) is about the size of a Sonic Unleashed Adventure Field.
  • Any character can go through any Adventure Field.

Central City

  • Central City is where Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World take place. This is the main adventure field. There is a day & night setting in this adventure field. This is the capital of the United Federation. Levels that take place here are as follow City Escape, Radical Highway, Danger Palace, Sky District, Carnival Center, & Light Resort. 
  • Day Time Track: Empire City Hub Day, Spagonia Hub Day, Mazuri Hub Day
  • Night Time Track: Empire City Hub Night, Spagonia Hub Night, Mazuri Hub Night

G.U.N. Land Base

  • G.U.N.'s base of operations in Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World. Has no day/night cycle. Only few playable characters can enter this base and it consists of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and Rouge.
  • Track: 

Eggman's Base

  • Eggman's base of operations during the events in Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World. Eggman leaves this base post-game. During the course of the story Eggman's base isn't fully unlocked due to possible story conflicts. Has no day/night cycle due to being inside the base. Levels that take place here are: Underground Base & Future Green Hill. 
  • Track: Eggman's Instrumental Theme

Central City's Ocean Island

  • The ocean area in Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World. There is a day/night cycle in this adventure field. The levels that take place here are Ocean Hill.
  • Track:  

Green Forest

  • Named after the Sonic Adventure 2 level, Green Forest is the forest adventure field in Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World. Green Forest has a day/night cycle. Levels that take place here are Sunset Hill.
  • Track:

Angel Island

  • This is the home of the Echidnas. The Island is on the ground during the plot. After the events in the story, you cannot enter the Island because post-game Knuckles become much more protective to the Master Emerald and can't trust anyone (leads into The Civil War story). No day/light cycle. Levels that take place here are Echidna Land.
  • Track: 

Space Colony ARK

  • Returns as an adventure field in Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World. Introduced as an adventure field in the last story. You must be a character with a super form (Sonic, Shadow, Silver) to go to the ARK. No day/night cycle. Levels that take place here are Renewed ARK.
  • Track:

Ruined Central City

  • This is Central City in it's destroyed state. The Ruined Central City adventure field is only playable once during the story and post-story. There is not much in this adventure field, you play as only Sonic in this adventure field as you must find the last remaining emerald with the emerald detector in the city. It takes place in the West District of the Central City map only. The level that takes here is Earth Ruins.
  • Track: 


  • The ranking system goes from E to S.
  • Each main story level has 2 acts.
  • The second act usually involves the side character of the main story. (Ex: Act 1 of Sunset Hill is a Sonic stage and Act 2 is a Tails Stage).
  • The levels in Sonic Adventure 3: The End of the World can take about 3 to 10 minutes to complete.

City Escape

  • Takes place in the heart of Central City. A revision of the SA2 original. 

Ocean Hill

Light Resort

Carnival Center

Renewed ARK

Sunset Hill

Underground Base

Radical Highway

Sky District

Future Green Hill

Radical Highway

Echidna Land

Danger Palace

Earth Ruins



  • It is hinted that Eggman shut off Orbot and Cubot explaining them not being in this game.
  • This game has one of the longest stories in the Sonic series and has possibly the most replayability.
  • This game is the first game since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) to receive an E 10+ rating by ERSB.
  • This game has been in development since 2012.
  • This game uses Writers from recent games to add some light-hearted moments but now past writers from Adventure Series, Sonic 06, and Unleashed are also added to make the perfect story for Sonic fans, having both serious and light-heartedness.
  • There are extreme dark tones added to the story similar to Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) brings the rating of E 10+ by ESRB.
  • The new transformation at first was the Super Sonic 3 transformation but the story was thought through and it would make more sense that if Super Sonic were to be extremely angry he would transform into his "Dark" form making him more powerful.
  • The Dark Super Sonic transformation appearance has his eyes turning gold, his aura turning thick gold.
  • It is stated by Shadow during the final boss that Dark Super Sonic is possibly stronger than their Normal Super forms combined.
  • Super Mephiles Version 2 is the strongest character/transformation in the Sonic franchise due to him being able to actually damage Dark Super Sonic and also being able to easily defeat Super Shadow and Super Silver.
  • It is stated that Knuckles forgot his transformation due to him not thinking he needed it due to Super Sonic or Super Shadow always getting the job done.
  • This is the first time in the Sonic series that the Earth has been fully destroyed. (Destroyed by Mephiles after losing to Super Sonic the first time)
  • This is the first time since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) that the Chaos Emeralds are used for wishes.
  • Since the Future Gold the Hedgehog came back in time it creates an alternate timeline. (One where Sonic & friends defeat all threats and Silver's timeline where the world is destroyed by Gold and Silver not being strong enough to defeat Gold)
  • Gold is created by Eggman in an effort to take over the world long after he dies. (Making this one of Eggman's only successful plans not foiled by any character).
  • Although Shadow is immortal it is noted that he was killed by Gold in Silver's timeline due to his power being more than Shadow could handle by himself. 
  • Future Gold is released during the time Silver and Blaze are in the present timeline during the events in Sonic Dimensions (meaning Shadow had to fight a full power Gold by himself leaving him no match).
  • It is hinted by Mephiles he used some of the power from the Time Eater to transform into Version 2 of his Super form by saying: "You all must realize my power is more than you all could ever reach but this power I recently gained though from something that knows how to control time". Or it could just be the Black Chaos Emeralds having an effect on him.
  • Mephiles is the only character to absorb the Master Emerald in the Sonic series. (Used to transform into Super Mephiles Version 2)
  • Mephiles is the first and only character in the Sonic series to use the mysterious Black Chaos Emeralds. (Uses them to transform into the First Version of his Super form) (Uses frequently through out story)
  • Almost all playable characters are playable in the Last Story.
  • Substories are stories that don't truly affect the main stories. Substories are also not as long as the main stories.
  • The Babylon Rouges DLC story takes place before the events in this story.
  • Red Rings return also for unlockables. They can be used in the in game stores similar to the regular rings only you can get some unlockable content and features.
  • Shadow realizes how important Omega and Rouge are to him when Metal Sonic kidnaps them.
  • Them being gone causes Shadow to hallucinate about Maria again.
  • For the first time in Sonic history at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will find a game completion bar that tells you how much you have completed of the story. (DLC counts with completion after purchase)
  • If you complete 100% of this game (DLC, Level Select, Episode Select, etc) you get a post game level of Sonic going through Green Hill Zone. At the end of the level he breaks fourth wall and speaks to the camera. What he says could be him just thanking his fans or his 25th anniversary may have been his last game.
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