Sonic Adventure Remastered: Deluxe
Dr. Eggman rox 2
Release Date(s)
Part I: August, 10 2014

Part II: February, 14 2015

Part III: March, 1, 2015

Part IV: (Release Temporarily Postponed)
Platformer, Puzzle, Retro, Hard
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Sonic Adventure Remastered: Deluxe or Sonic Adventure 2DX for short is an episodic 2D fan-game remake of Sonic Adventure created by Dr. Eggman rox 2, using a fairly limited engine.

Part 0: Tutorial

Part I: Bad Vacation

Part II: The Egg Carrier

Part III: Full Cycle

Part IV: Pure Chaos

Part V: Ending


When Dr. Eggman rox 2 was much younger he experimented with a website by the name of Sploder where one could make video games free without any downloads. Of course the engine wasn't very advanced as a trade off. On the website he started creating A 2D remake of Sonic Adventure using the limited engine and it was the most popular game said user had. About a year ago after looking back onto the game and seeing that It wasn't very good it was decided that to finish the series he would start from scratch to remake the whole series using all the new technology the engine had in hopes it would be easier. As for the reason the game is appearing here "In retrospect it's much harder than I originally Intended. So I thought maybe some people on this wiki would appreciate the retro style and difficulty" also mentioning "Most fan-games on this site don't see the light of day so might as well post one that already has."


Due to the before mentioned engine's limitations every game created must have a maximum of 12 stages so it was thought that splitting them into episodes would be the best idea.

Sonic Adventure DX Part 0: Tutorial

For those not familiar with the engine and the various items and power-ups this is recommended.

Sonic Adventure DX Part I: Bad Vacation


Sonic and Tails go on vacation to a well known city with many tourist attraction known as Station Square. Everything seems great until Tails goes to test his new Chaos Emerald-powered airplane, only to crash on the beach of Emerald Coast. After Sonic rescues Tails, they are confronted by Eggman. However this time he is aided by a mysterious being known as Chaos, supposedly the god of destruction. After a brief fight the doctor reveals his ultimate plan; with the power harnessed from the Emeralds, Chaos will eventually become invincible and destroy Station Square and Eggman will build Robotnikland over the city's ruins. Now in order to save the city Sonic and Tails are pulled away from their vacation to stop Eggman!


  • Station Square
  • Emerald Coast
  • Chaos 0
  • Casinopolis
  • Sky Chase
  • Twinkle Park
  •  ???
  • Mystic Ruins
  • Red Mountain
  •  ???
  • Sky Chase II
  •  ???

Sonic Adventure DX Part II: The Egg Carrier


Things begin looking grim as Doctor Eggman launches the Egg Carrier to isolate the emeralds from Sonic and Tails while using a new brand of robots known as the E seiries go and begin retrieving the final 4 emeralds. Just in time Sonic and Tails reach the Egg Carrier but can they survive what comes next for them?


  • Follow the Robot
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Get to Station Square!
  •  ???
  • The Egg Carrier
  • Sky Deck
  •  ???
  • Hot Shelter
  •  ???
  • Final Boss
  • Ending(s)

Possible Endings

In Part II the game has two possible endings depending on your in game actions. Although I want to leave some challenge up to the players, I will give a few hints "To access the Good Ending jump onto the block above you right after you see Sonic the second time, you'll come to a door that you need the green key to access. To get the green key you'll need to "save the bird" and make sure he's not locked in the Prison Room. While that may seem random and trivial it makes complete sense after seeing the good ending why this has to be done.

Sonic Adventure DX Part III: Full Cycle


After the last game's events the Egg Carrier is severely damaged and begins to fall to the ground as Chaos absorbs all of the emeralds turning into Chaos 6! After fighting him off the Egg Carrier crashes into both Station Square and The Mystic Ruins scattering all the characters and emeralds collected across the game's various areas. However soon they begin to discover what's really going on with Chaos and the Egg Carrier. Is it too late!?


  • Get to Eggman!
  • Chaos 6
  •  ???
  • Lost World
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Ice Cap
  • Speed Highway
  • Final Boss
  • Bad Ending
  • Good Ending
  •  ???


Throughout the game are 4 switches (Blue, Green, Yellow & Purple) found in that order. The switches are hidden and give access to secrets and shortcuts. During the Bad Ending there is a visible tunnel that you need all 4 switches to open up. This skips the ending. During the good ending going right, straight away brings you to a tunnel that you need all 4 switches to access. Going up the tunnel brings you to the good ending. Remember, even if you're speed running through the game, getting the switches is important as it allows you to bypass both endings.

Sonic Adventure DX Part IV: Pure Chaos


Armed with nothing but the truth the 5 protagonists must find the emeralds and come together quickly in order to stop Chaos from completing it's true form and enacting out it's true plan.


  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  • Final Egg
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Sonic Adventure DX Ending

The game's formal ending.


While the Gameplay is mostly platforming based there are many differences to many other 2D Sonic games. For starters you have a weapon and power-up with you at all times. Alternate paths return, matter of fact there is an alternate path in every level (with the exception of two of them, found later in Part II).



0087 sonic and the black knight

Sonic's trusty sword he received as a gift after a strange adventure be experienced a few years back. Although Sonic has tried many times before, he has never been able to get rid of it, Sonic being linked to it. In the game it's used as your default weapon that deals a normal amount of damage and is very swift. The magical sword also allows one to climb walls by striking them while jumping.

Shield -

Much like Excalibur it's a weapon linked to Sonic that he can never lose. Used against most enemies it stops Sonic from taking damage. Very few enemies can get through it but a handful are so powerful that they make it useless.

Arm Canon -

E-102's signature gun it's used throughout the game is is controlled by the player's mouse. The weapon can travel far in any direction and does heavy damage.


Tails' Signature weapon, the bomb is great for sneaking up on huge enemies undetected and are extremely powerful taking out some of the largest enemies in one hit. The weapon does more damage if accurate.

Flame Thrower-

Knuckles' Signature weapon. It only fires middle range and isn't very good for combat. Thoughout the series it's only used once (In Part II) The weapon is found in Stage I.

Machine Gun -

A gun that fires in 3 directions at once. The gun is only encountered in Part II briefly and is found in the Hot Shelter for surviving a run in with a couple powerful flight enemies .


Neon Grapple-

The Neon Grapple or Ener-Beam as some refer to it, is a useful platforming tool allowing one to swing from a block above the player. This Powerup is a favorite of Sonic himself.

Jet Pack-

A signature of Tails, Knuckles and E-102 Gamma. Who doesn't love this thing! It gives characters the power of flight which can really help with some of this game's tricky platforming, you make sure you don't run out of fuel!

ESP Gluv-

A signature of Tails, in combo with the bombs this glove is extremely powerful, but requires intense focus to control.


Special Techniques

Alternate Paths -

In almost every single level of the games there is an alternate path with some sort of reward, using the map or "emerald vision" is a good way to find these although more often then not,exploring is the best option.

The Shrine of Nirvana -

Found in Stage 1 of Part III, the shrine of nirvana is a secret area which although hard to find, gives the player important clues and hints on how to beat all of the games, bypassing many of the harder puzzles.

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