This is the script for the Last Story from Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow.

Professor Gerald

[The alarm is blaring loudly; Eggman still doesn't realize the warning screen, but Orbot and Cubot notices it]

Eggman: Hahaha! Any minute now and they will all surrender to my rule!
Orbot & Cubot: Dr. Eggman!
Eggman: Not now, you two! Let me continue celebrating my glorious victory!
Cubot: But doctor, look at the screen!
Orbot: It's very important!
Eggman: [Looks at warning screen] Warning?! So why isn't the cannon firing?!
Orbot: Perhaps it was jammed.
Eggman: How can you be so sure? Don't tell me that abhorrent blue scum survived that capsule explosion and caused this!

[The screen displays an image of Gerald Robotnik]

Eggman: Look, it's my grandfather. Professor Gerald Robotnik.

Doomsday Begins

[We are taken to a scene where Sonic and Shadow are inside an area near eclipse cannon; Sonic had already threw the fake Emerald into the cannon's systems and destroyed it; Sirens blare]

Sonic: That's should do it!</blockquote>

[The ARK begins to shake]

Sonic: Whoa! What's going on?!
Shadow: [Smirking while struggling to get up] The time has come. Guess you failed to save the world, Sonic! [Standing on his feet] You may have thrown in the fake Chaos Emerald to jam the Eclipse Cannon, but you didn't realize that with all 7 Chaos Emeralds gathered in the control room, the ARK will crash towards earth, destroying it in the process!
Sonic: What?!
Shadow: All going according to plan! Now the humans will truly pay for their sin! Later! And thanks for the great battle. [Runs off]
Sonic: I better go find the others! [Runs off]

[Meanwhile, Knuckles finds Tails and Amy in the research room]

Knuckles: Tails! Amy! I came in as fast as I could!
Tails: Knuckles, you came back!
Amy: What's going on here?
Tails: I hope Sonic destroyed the Eclipse Cannon with the fake Emerald.
Amy: I hear someone coming!

[Rouge enters inside]

Knuckles: It's you. You haven't given up, yet?
Rouge: It's all over for us.
Tails: What do you mean?
Rouge: I just received a message from my boss. The Space Colony ARK will approach earth at an incredible velocity. It will crash and earth will be destroyed.
Amy: This is horrible!
Knuckles: Angel Island will be gone.

[They all look at the screen of Prof. Gerald on the monitor]

Tails: Who's that on the screen?

Message to Earth

[Gerald's recording plays all throughout the Earth, on every single television. In it, Gerald is bound to a chair by metal chains.]

Professor Gerald: This is a death sentence to all of those down at earth. If my calculations are correct, the Space Colony ARK will collide on earth in 27 minutes and 53 seconds. All of you humans will perish as well as your beloved planet earth!

[The ARK hurtles towards the Earth, and from entering into the atmosphere of the planet, it is encased in a ball of fire.]

Putting Aside Differences

Professor Gerald: I plan to give you a taste of my revenge, once all the seven Chaos Emeralds are collected. Once I initiate this program, it cannot be disabled. All of you ungrateful humans, who took everything away from me... will feel my loss and despair!
GUN soldier: Is there anything else you want to say?
Professor Gerald: No.
GUN soldier: Ready!
Amy: What's going on. Who's this man?
Eggman: [Entering in the room] That, Amy, is Professor Gerald Robotnik, one of the world's greatest scientists of all time, and my grandfather.
Tails: Your grandfather?
Knuckles: I guess evil runs in the family! You better stop this now, or I'll knock you out!
Eggman: Save your breath, Knuckles! I wouldn't have done this a long time ago!
Sonic: What's that supposed to mean?</blockquote>

[Sonic comes in the room]

Amy: Sonic!

Eggman: Grr! You irritating hedgehog! I thought I ended you forever! Why are you still alive?!
Sonic: Chill out, Eggface. We've got a bigger problem to deal with now.
Eggman: [Hands Rouge a computer disk] Here. This is my grandfather's diary.
Rouge: [Puts it into the terminal by the wall, and text starts scrolling up on the monitor] "I don't quite know what happened, or what went wrong. Was it a mistake to create the Ultimate Life Form? I thought it would be something that would benefit mankind... But then the military guards landed on the Colony that day. They were sent to destroy the research project that I had been working on. My colleagues at the research facility, my granddaughter Maria, I hope you are all safe."

[Rouge's voice starts blending in with Gerald's, as he shifts in as the main speaker.]

Rouge/Professor Gerald: "The colony was completely shut down, probably to prevent the prototype from falling into the wrong hands."
Professor Gerald: "The ARK was shut down under the premise that there had been an accident. I found Maria's name among those who died when the ARK was shut down. She meant everything to me! And I couldn't bear the thought that she died because of my research. I lost everything! I had nothing more to live for! I went insane!! All I could think about, was to avenge her! Somehow, someway, I got scared as I no longer was able to control my thoughts. All I could think about, was that I wanted it all to end. Based on my original projections, I was able to complete my project; Shadow. I designed its mind to be perfect, pure... I will leave everything, to him. If you wish, release and awaken it."
Rouge: "...if you wish to fill the world with destruction." I don't know what to say. Is that why you released Shadow from the base?
Eggman: This isn't what I was expecting! Right now, the core of the Eclipse Cannon is now highly reactive and explosive. This is because the energy of the Chaos Emeralds is overpowering it. If the colony collides with Earth, it will shatter into pieces like my grandfather predicted! I can't believe this! Why would he destroy everyone, even his own grandson?! That mad scientist!
Orbot: Irony.
Tails: We have to stop the Space Colony, now!
Eggman: The Space Colony ARK's position may have shifted due to the amount of energy given off by the Emeralds. We have to stop the energy!
Tails: But... how are we gonna do that?
Rouge: Hmm, that's it. There is a way to stop the energy! We have to use your Master Emerald! You said that the Master Emerald has the power to stop the Chaos Emeralds!
Knuckles: That's right. [pulls out the Master Emerald] If I use this, I just might be able to stop the Chaos Emeralds!
Tails: The reaction of the Chaos Emeralds is moving toward the Cannon's Core! It may be too late!
Eggman: There still may be time left. We must pull together.
Knuckles: Pull together?
Sonic: Why should we trust you?
Eggman: Listen, you little rats, I can't conquer the world if it's going to be destroyed. If I have to team up with my most hated enemies to save the world, then so be it! For now, we must put aside our differences to stop the ARK.
Sonic: ...Okay, then, Eggman.
Eggman: Looking at this map on the screen, we might be able to get to the shortcut that leads to the core.
Sonic: Well what are we waiting for? This world needs savin'!
Eggman: Let's get to work!
[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot leave the capsule room. Amy tries to catch up.]
Amy: Wait up!

[Amy spots Shadow from a distance; he is looking outside the window]

Amy: Shadow! I think I know what to do.

True Promise

[Shadow is looking outside as the ARK is continuing to fall]

Amy: Gotta pluck out some courage. Shadow, please, you must help Sonic and the others to stop the ARK.
Shadow: Heh. Do you really expect me to have a change of heart and save those wretched scum? The world will be nothing but human ashes which is fine by me.
Amy: How could you even say such a thing?!
Shadow: If you had someone you loved taken away from you by those humans, you would understand.
Amy: That doesn't mean you should take everyone else's life. You got to put away your hatred and go help the others to stop the ARK!
Shadow: You're so naive. Everything is going according to what the professor had planned 50 years ago. I'll watch as all those disgusting humans face their well-deserved deaths for what they did to Maria.
Amy: Shadow, this is not fair!
Shadow: Well it is. And I'm not going to change that for you or for your friends.
Amy: [Sighs]'s true there are bad people out there in the world just as the professor said, but there are some good people out there too. You shouldn't destroy the world because a group of people killed your friend. Please, Shadow. Help save them!

[Shadow has a flashback of Maria.]

Shadow: Maria!
Maria: Shadow... I beg of you... Please... do it...for me! For a better future for the world. Please do it for all of the people on that planet. Give them a chance to live out their dreams. Give them a chance to be happy. I know you can do it, Shadow. That is the reason you were created. Sayanara, Shadow the Hedgehog...
Shadow: Maria... You didn't want me to destroy the world after all. Now I understand the true promise. I promise you, Maria, to save the world. [A tear drips down his face.]
Amy: Huh?
Shadow: I have to go and fulfill my promise to Maria...and you. [Runs off]
Amy: Wow...That was...easy. But... good luck, Shadow.

The Biolizard

[Sonic and Knuckles make it to the Core, where they notice a raised area that resembles the Master Emerald's shrine atop Angel Island.]

Knuckles: What's that? It looks just like the shrine of the Master Emerald!
Sonic: They probably designed the core like the shrine to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

[They start running to the platform, but Gerald's message plays again.]

Professor Gerald: "All of you ungrateful humans, who took everything away from me, will feel my loss and despair!"
Sonic: Watch out, here it comes!

[Dozens of Gerald's images fly through the room.]

Gerald Robotnik: "All of you ungrateful humans, who took everything away from me, will feel my loss and despair!"

[A light flashes, and the Biolizard teleports into the center of the room; letting off a menacing screech.]

Knuckles: This monster...!

[Shadow walks out past Sonic and Knuckles.]

Shadow: This must be the Prototype of the Ultimate Life Form.

[Sonic and Knuckles turn to Shadow]

Sonic: Shadow? What are you doing here?

[Shadow walks up below the Biolizard, facing his prototype intently]

Shadow: Circumstances have changed. [Turns to Sonic] I'll take care of this, Sonic. You go and stop the Chaos Emeralds!
Sonic: [Nods] Alright, Shadow. Good luck.

[Sonic and Knuckles rush to the shrine while Shadow battles the Biolizard]

Remaining Hope

[Sonic and Knuckles reach the platform, and see a hole in the center for the Master Emerald to be inserted. Knuckles takes out the Master Emerald, and puts it in.]

Knuckles: Alright. Here we go. The servers are the 7 Chaos. Chaos is power, power enriched by the heart. The one is the controller that unifies the Chaos. Only you can do this. Stop the Chaos Emeralds' power!

[The Master Emerald emits a green aura. Several mixed energies dash around, and the Biolizard screeches. After shrieking again, it uses Chaos Control to warp away.]

Sonic: It's gone!
Shadow: [Jumping onto the shrine platform] Was that Chaos Control?

[The vibrations throughout the Colony intensify.]

Knuckles: Since we've stopped the Chaos Emeralds, why is the ARK still crashing down?
Eggman: [From speakers] The prototype of the Ultimate Life Form has become one with the Eclipse Cannon. The ARK is approaching to earth faster than before!
Knuckles: What will we do now?
Sonic: [Turns to Shadow] Shadow... we turn super.
Shadow: [Nods in agreement]

[Sonic and Shadow raises their hands in the air and the seven Chaos Emeralds encircle them. They close their eyes and focus, making the Emeralds spin rapidly around them. Opening their eyes, they absorb the powers of the Emeralds; transforming into their Super forms; Super Sonic, a gold color, and Super Shadow, a cream-white color.]

Two Lights

[Before the battle against the Finalhazard, the scene shows the news]

News reporter: This just in as the ARK is still crashing to earth, but there are two lights approaching from it. We have managed to get a close shot of the lights and it turns out that there two hedgehogs flying around to stop it!

[We get a close shot at Super Sonic and Super Shadow moving towards the ARK]

Stopping the ARK

[The ARK is plunging down to Earth, wrapped in fire. Sonic and Shadow speed to it, enveloped in a golden light.]

Sonic: No way that's getting through!
Tails: Guys, you can do this!
Rouge: Don't hold back!
Knuckles: Tough it out, you guys!
Orbot & Cubot: Don't give up!
Eggman: Hang in there!
Amy: I know you two can do it!
Maria: [Voiceover] Shadow... do it for me... Give them a chance to be happy.
Shadow: Maria!

[They both appose each other and fly faster to the ARK.]

Shadow: [Removing his inhibitor rings] You're ready?
Sonic: Yes!
Sonic & Shadow: Chaos Control!

[They ram into the ARK, engulfing it in the light of Chaos Control; it appears to another area now in orbit]


[From the Central City, the desert, and Ghost Mountain, everyone on Earth is celebrating and cheering; the others in the ARK celebrate as well]

Orbot: The ARK is not moving anymore!
Cubot: Hooray!
Tails: Yeah!
Rouge: Thank goodness.
Knuckles: Good job, you two!
Amy: They did it!
Eggman: [Doesn't celebrate, but is impressed]

[At Cream's house...]

Cream: Mother, Sonic stopped the ARK!
Cheese: [Happily] Chao, Chao, Chao, Chao!
Vanilla: How wonderful!

[At Big's hut at the Mystic Ruins...]

Big: Look, Froggy! That star stopped moving!

[Even the GUN soldiers cheer]

Farewell, Shadow

[Sonic sees the ARK back in normal state]

Sonic: That was awesome, Shadow. Shadow?

[Shadow has worn out his super form is going to fall]

Shadow: I've used all of my power...
Sonic: [Comes to see Shadow and extends his hand] Let me help you there.
Shadow: No thank you... I've accomplished my mission... I've fulfilled my promise for Maria...
Sonic: Shadow... you don't have to do this...
Shadow: I must go now... Goodbye, Sonic... [Smiles and falls to earth]
Sonic: [Holding two of Shadow's inhibitor rings] Shadow... if that's what you wanted... Farewell, friend...
Shadow: [Falling] Maria... This is what you wanted right? This is my promise I've made to you... [Disappears in a flash of light]


[Sonic returns to the research room]

Tails: Sonic, you're back!
Rouge: Where's Shadow?
Sonic: [Sonic looks down] ... This is what's left of him. [Hands Rouge Shadow's bracelets]
Amy: No...
Rouge: Do you really think... that the professor created Shadow to carry out the revenge on all those who live there, on Earth?
Sonic: He was what he was. A brave and heroic hedgehog, who sacrificed his life to save the planet.
Rouge: I guess you're right...
Eggman: As a child, I looked up to my grandfather because of all the great things he accomplished in his life. He was my hero, and I wanted to be a great scientist like him. But... did he really mean to destroy us?
Tails: I don't know. But what matters is that the world is saved.
Eggman: You're right... [Walking away from Tails] That's why as soon as I return to earth, I will start plotting my latest scheme in taking it over just as I said! [Goes to the exit] Hahahaha! So all of you prepare yourselves as I make my first attack when we meet again, especially you, Sonic!
Tails: Talk about ruining the mood!
Knuckles: So what's next for you, Rouge? Off again to find more of those jewels you love so much?
Rouge: Nah, I think I'm gonna give up this line of work. Too much work, for too little pay. Anyway... I've got something better than jewels that I'm thinking about right now... ...It'll all work out, you'll see.
Knuckles: If you say so.
Rouge: Oh, and... Thank you for saving my life.
Knuckles: Wow... I didn't think you had it in you to do that. ... You're welcome then.
Amy: [Comes to Sonic looking at the window] What's the matter, Sonic?
Sonic: Oh, it's nothing. Come on! Let's go home to the planet as cool and blue as me!

[Everyone leaves the room to return back to earth; Sonic looks back at the room one last time]

Sonic: Sayanara, Shadow the Hedgehog. [Walks out]


[Tails returns to his workshop]

Tails: I know it's been 3 days or so, but it's good to be back in my Workshop.

[Rouge is at Central City looking at a jewel inside a bank]

Rouge: Okay, I'll admit it. Maybe I haven't given up on looking for jewels.

[Knuckles returns at Angel Island, placing the Master Emerald in the middle of the altar where it belongs]

Knuckles: Welcome home, Master Emerald.

[Angel Island floats once again; meanwhile, Amy is resting at a beach in Central City]

Amy: What a journey in space. I'll never forget it. I wonder where's Sonic at? Never mind. I'm sure he's running to find some adventures. I know I'll run into him soon!

[At the Egg Carrier, Eggman is talking to an unseen individual]

???: It is such an honor to be allowed into your ship, Dr. Eggman, because I am here to acquire your assistance in seeking an ancient power.
Eggman: Ancient power you say? Tell me. What is this ancient power called?

[Sonic is resting and watches an image of Shadow in the sky and these words are displayed: "A new day brings a new adventure. But for now... rest easy heroes."]

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