This is the script for the Dark Story from Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow.

Project Shadow

[At the pyramid base, Eggman is searching the database files of Project Shadow]

Eggman: [On the computer] Here's Project Shadow... Hm... My grandfather appears to have created this project 50 years ago, but it was shutdown by the military because they feared it was dangerous and hid it under their top secret base..Prison Island. [Stands up from seat] Orbot, Cubot, get the new Egg Walker ready! It's time we make a visit to Prison Island and discover Project Shadow!

[Eggman gets on his Egg Walker with Orbot and Cubot sitting behind; later, they arrive to Prison Island]

Eggman: Here's Prison Island.

Cubot: Why do they call it that?

Eggman: It's a prison facility?

Cubot: So this means that this Project Shadow thing must be a prisoner?
Eggman: Just be quiet, you dolt!
[They found an entrance to the underground base. Eggman fires at the entrance door, breaking inside. He breaks into another door which causes sirens to blare]

Speakers: [As the doors close] Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Security breach at Gate 3! Intruder has been located in the north quadrant, and is moving in the direction of the underground base. All units prepare to engage: basic emergency battle formations. Standard battle formations initiated. Locate and stop intruder from reaching the security area. This is not a drill. Repeat; this is not a drill.

Eggman: [Firing at the doors] Hahahaha! That was all too easy! Now let's start searching for Project Shadow! [Jumps down]

Shadowy Awakening

[At the Level 7 security door, an access panel lights up and the door opens. Eggman steps through, then walks to a terminal with a small holograph of Shadow on it.]

Eggman: So this is Project Shadow?

Orbot: It's quite small for a military weapon.

Eggman: Now let's get down to business here. [Looks at screen] "Enter user data" [Typing password] The password is MA-RI-A. There we go! Cubot, give me the Chaos Emerald.

Cubot: [Hands over Chaos Emerald] Here you go, boss!
Eggman: [Takes Chaos Emerald] We place it into this console and now we should see Project Shadow! [Puts Emerald into console]
[He places the Emerald in it, and jumps past it, down to a lower level. A large mechanical pillar rises up. The villainous trio watch as the pod opens]

Cubot: It's opening!

[The smoke surrounds the pod as it opens and it turns out to be a hedgehog]

Orbot: Is that Sonic?

Cubot: He isn't called the fastest thing alive for nothing!

Eggman: How could that irritating pincushion get here?! [Looks as the smoke clears] Wait, it's not Sonic.

Shadow: My name is Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. As a token of my gratitude for you all releasing me, I will grant you all one wish.
Eggman: A wish?
Cubot: He's a genie?
Orbot: No, Cubot. Um... what would that wish be... um, Shadow?
[The siren blares; a guard robot appears from behind Eggman in a distance]

Shadow: [Levitating off of the pillar using his Hover Shoes] I will tell you all as soon as I destroy that guard robot. Behold the ultimate power that I possess! [Flies straight upward.]

Space Colony ARK

[After Shadow defeats Hot Shot...]

Orbot: He's fast like Sonic, but he has powers different from him.

Eggman: That was amazing, Shadow! I can see why you're the military's top secret weapon. But I want to know about this wish you said you were going to grant.

Shadow: Bring more Chaos Emeralds. And meet me at the central control room of the Space Colony ARK. [Walks away]

Eggman: Space Colony ARK?
Cubot: That was the wish?

Enter Rouge

[Rouge is flying around Angel Island and finds the shrine where the Master Emerald is at.]

Rouge: Oh my! This is one of the rarest jewels I've ever seen! Look at the size of it! [Looks at Knuckles] It looks like red echidna must be guarding it. I better keep quiet so he won't catch me. [Quietly lands on the altar] Come to mama! [Steals the Master Emerald]
Knuckles: [Turns around] Hey! Intruder!
Rouge: Later, sweetie! This Emerald will go great on my jewel collection! [Flies away with the Master Emerald]
Knuckles: [Chases Rouge] Get back here with the Master Emerald. you thief!

[Later on; Knuckles and Rouge are at a desert; Rouge is holding the Master Emerald]

Rouge: Glad I lost him.
Knuckles: But I found you!
Rouge: You're quite an annoying echidna, are you? This is mine now, so you can go back into your little island!
Knuckles: It's not your Emerald, and that's that! You don't even know how powerful the Master Emerald is. It has the power to neutralize the energy of the Chaos Emeralds! [Looks up to see the Master Emerald taken by Eggman] What the...!
Rouge: Hey! Thief!
Knuckles: Says the thief herself!
Eggman: Orbot, you said the signal indicates a Chaos Emerald in this desert! This is the Master Emerald!
Orbot: Well, it is called an Emerald radar after all.
Knuckles: Eggman!
Rouge: So that's Dr. Eggman.
Eggman: Well, greetings my red gullible echidna. How's it been? A few months? Me and my dimbots were on a search for some Chaos Emeralds, and then we found the Master Emerald instead. I guess I can take it with me to use it for something! [Tries to get away] Farewell, knucklehead!
Knuckles: Oh no you don't!

[Knuckles shatters the Master Emerald into pieces]

Rouge: Ahhh!! My precious gem!
Cubot: He broke it!
Rouge: [Grabs Knuckles by the neck] You idiot! Just look what you've done to MY Emerald!
Knuckles: [Pushes Rouge away] Get a grip! I did this to prevent the Master Emerald from being stolen! I can restore its pieces back together. And like I said, it's not YOUR Emerald!
Eggman: Nevermind. I'll go to the base to check on something.
Rouge: [Watches Eggman leave] I despise anyone who take away my jewels! And seeing that I am a skilled treasure hunter, I'm going to find the Emerald pieces before you!
Knuckles: Really? Well I'm one, too, and you can bring it on, bat girl!

Sonic Framed

[The screen shows the news at every citizen's house.]

News reporter: We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news. Famous hero Sonic the Hedgehog has been arrested by GUN earlier after the hedgehog was seen attacking the guards and robots from Prison Island. Stay tuned for more details on this developing story.

[The scene switches to Shadow who is running from GUN and is going to Central City.]

Shadow: [Running down to the city] There is a Chaos Emerald located at a bank. I won't let those foolish humans stop me!

Emerald Robbery

[After clearing the stage, Shadow breaks into the bank and steals the Chaos Emerald; the sirens blare]

Shadow: [Smirks] That wasn't so hard. [Leaves bank]

Return to the Base

[Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot are at the desert far away from the pyramid base]

Eggman: The military geeks won't find me inside the base. I'll deal with them first, then get inside!

Wrong Hedgehog

[Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot enter into the computer room]

Eggman: So Shadow said he needs the Chaos Emeralds, and wants us to be at the Space Colony ARK. I got to find out just what's going on up there. [Pushes a few buttons on the terminal, starting up a live news report.]
News reporter: This just in in today's news that there was a break-in in Central City's federal reserve bank. The authorities say that it was world renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog who had broke in the bank and stole a Chaos Emerald. He is currently fleeing from the police and the robots and is nowhere to be seen. Stay tuned for more coverage.
Eggman: This the work of Shadow.
Cubot: But why did they say that it's Sonic?
Orbot: The media must be colorblind.
Eggman: It doesn't matter. With that blasted hedgehog on the run, I can feel free to conquer the world without his interference!

Shadow's Past

[Shadow stands on a high suspension bridge, overlooking the swarming police units below.]

GUN Soldier: You are completely surrounded! There is no escape!
Shadow: Just pathetic!

[Shadow begins to have a flashback of the ARK fifty years ago; he is escaping with Maria from a group of GUN soldiers]

GUN Soldier: Find them before they escape!
Shadow: This way!

[Shadow and Maria go to a hallway to hide from the soldiers and enter into the capsule room locking the door in the process; eventually, the soldiers break into the doors]

GUN Soldier: There they are!
Maria: Oh no!

[The GUN soldier takes out a gun and shoots Maria, much to Shadow's shock as well as himself]

Shadow: Maria!
GUN Soldier: What have I...
Maria: [Leaning onto a computer terminal for support in standing] Shadow... I beg of you... Please... do it...for me! For all of the people on that planet. Sayanara, Shadow the Hedgehog... [Presses button]
Shadow: Maria! [Gets ejected inside the capsule]

[Flashback ends]

Shadow: Maria. I remember what you said at that fateful day... I will keep my promise for you and that is revenge on all of humanity!

Encountering Sonic

Sonic: That'll do for tonight. [Looks up] What the...?!

[A black colored hedgehog is seen on top of the defeated Big Foot holding a Chaos Emerald.]

Shadow: It all starts with this...The jewel containing the ultimate power...
Sonic: That's a Chaos Emerald! Now I know what's going on. The military was after me because of you! So where do you think you're going with that Emerald? You better answer or I'll get one out of you, you fake hedgehog!
Shadow: Hmph! You think you can take me on? Don't waste my time, blue hedgehog.
Sonic: Well, waste this! [Runs towards Shadow for an attack]
Shadow: Chaos Control!

[Shadow uses Chaos Control to warp past Sonic]

Sonic: Wow! He's fast! No wait. It's not his speed. He just used the Chaos Emerald to warp somewhere else.
Shadow: [On top of another building] I don't think we've been properly introduced. My name is Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. I am the ultimate life form. And soon, the world will get a taste of revenge!
Sonic: What are you talking about?
Shadow: There's no way I'd explain to the likes of you. [Hears sirens] Looks like these wretched humans are back again. Time for me to go! [Smirks] I suppose it was nice meeting you, blue hedgehog. Farewell. Chaos Control! [Disappears]
Sonic: Hey!

Find the Keys

[Rouge is at Eggman's base]

Rouge: This is Rouge reporting. I'm currently inside Dr. Eggman's base and seek to enter it right now. I just need to find some keys to open the door.

Space Transporter

[Rouge enters the room where the space transporter is at]

Rouge: It's a space transporter! The destination is set to...ARK. Wasn't that space station shut down for 50 years? What's that man doing there? Doesn't matter. I'll go and see what the doctor is up to. [Gets transported to the ARK]

Entering the ARK

[Eggman is entering the ARK]

Eggman: So this is the space colony that Shadow mentioned. Now to find the central control room to meet him.

Eclipse Cannon

[Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot find Shadow in the control room]

Shadow: You are just in time, doctor. Now I will show you the spectacular achievement as to what the greatest scientist of all time Professor Gerald Robotnik has created. [The device behind Shadow boots up.] The ARK was the first space colony created by mankind. Not many people know that the ARK contained a top-secret research facility, where weapons of mass destruction were being created. This is one of them; a weapon capable of destroying an entire planet. Codenamed: "The Eclipse Cannon".
Eggman: Destroying an entire planet? Is this the legacy that my grandfather left behind?
Shadow: It's been deactivated for some time now. Large amounts of energy are needed to reactivate it. Do you have that Chaos Emerald from that room you woke me up from?
Eggman: Yes. [Takes out Chaos Emerald and gives it to Shadow]
Shadow: Thank you. Here's how it works. [Tosses the two Chaos Emeralds to the panel behind him, and as it rests in its indent, its energy pulses through the mechanism.]
Eggman: So that's why we needed the Chaos Emeralds.
Shadow: Exactly. Now all we need are five more. With all 7 Emeralds gathered, you will have completely awaken the ultimate power of destruction to use as you please. Then, the world will be under your control!
Eggman: Hahahaha! Sounds like a master plan indeed! I like the way you think, Shadow! I will find all the Chaos Emeralds, use the eclipse cannon, and the Eggman Empire will finally come to be!
Rouge: [From nowhere] It isn't gonna be that easy.
Eggman: Who said that?
Rouge: Up here!

[Eggman, Shadow, Orbot, and Cubot look up and see Rouge hanging on the ceiling]

Rouge: I think I got a great idea. How about we make a deal?
Eggman: A deal, eh?
Rouge: When you grabbed that big Emerald, you said something about a reaction, which it may have with the other Emeralds. Now, if you could just let me borrow that radar, I may be able to help you in your little plan. What do you say?
Eggman: If I do, what's in it for me?
Rouge: I have an idea where the other Chaos Emeralds may be. I may not look like it, but know that I am a treasure hunter that specializes in all kinds of jewels like this blue angel right here. [Holds a Chaos Emerald]
Orbot: Another Emerald.
Cubot: We should trust her, boss!
Eggman: Hm... Very well then. Shadow, what do you say?
Shadow: [Nods head in agreement]
Rouge: Then it's settle. By the way, I'm Rouge the Bat, but can call me Rouge. And I know you're Dr. Eggman.
Eggman: Indeed. And these are my robots Orbot and Cubot.
Orbot: It is a pleasure to meet you, ma'am.
Cubot: It certainly is! And I must say, you are beautiful.
Rouge: Well, I'm flattered by you robots. [Looks at Shadow] I see you're the quiet type. What's your name?
Shadow: I'm Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog.
Rouge: Hm...
Eggman: Well, Rouge. Why not tell us where is the location of the Chaos Emeralds?
Rouge: [Smirks] You'll find out.

Return to Prison Island

[The team are at a jungle]

Eggman: So you're telling me that the Chaos Emeralds are located at Prison Island, the same place I invaded to bring Shadow out a couple of days ago? How sure are you that the Chaos Emeralds are located there?
Rouge: Believe what you want to believe, doctor.
Eggman: Grr! Okay. We have got to discuss how are we going to do this. I will go in first and distract the military troops, allowing you to sneak in the base without being detected. Then, Shadow will enter the armory, where he will set the timer on these dynamite packs. Once that is in place, we will blow up the whole island before anyone has a chance to know what hit them! Meanwhile, you will sneak into the cargo area and grab the Chaos Emeralds. Does that sound like a challenge for a treasure hunter such as yourself, Rouge?
Rouge: I'm a glutton for challenges! You can count on me!
Eggman: Okay. We've got 30 minutes to pull this mission off. There are no second chances. Failure is not an option. Now let's move out!

Showdown with Tails

[The team arrive on a ship]

Eggman: Are you two ready?
Shadow: Yes, doctor.
Rouge: I've been ready!

[Amy appears and glomps Shadow]

Amy: Sonic! I found you! I thought you were going to get locked away forever! Now that you're hear, we can... [Realizes that it was Shadow] Hey, you're not Sonic! Who are you?!
Eggman: None of your business! Scram or else!
Amy: Eggman! Up to no good again?
Eggman: Shadow, Rouge, go on to your respective missions! I'll deal with this pink nuisance.

[Shadow and Rouge depart; Eggman turns his Egg Walker to Amy's direction]

Amy: [Takes out her hammer] Back off, Eggman! I got this hammer and I'm not afraid to use it!
Eggman: Hohohoho! I don't think your little hammer is going to help you in this predicament!
Tails: Leave Amy alone!
Amy: Tails?
Eggman: What a surprise.
Tails: Stand back, Amy. I'l deal with Eggman!
Eggman: So you transformed your plane into a robot walker to challenge my Egg Walker? You don't stand a change, fox boy!
Tails: I'll prove you wrong, Egghead!

Timer Set

[Shadow is at the armory room with the dynamite packs]

Shadow: Okay, doctor. I'm in the armory room. Tell me when.
Eggman: I had a bit of a delay on my end! We got to pick up the pace! Set the timer at 15 minutes. [The scene switches to Rouge] Rouge! Now's your chance!
Rouge: This is gonna be easy!

Locked In

[Rouge runs into a large safe where Flying Dog spots her; the door locks in the process]

Rouge: I can't believe I've gone this far just to fail!


[In White Jungle, Shadow is walking, holding his radio.]

Rouge: Shadow, this is Rouge. I have a big problem. I'm locked inside this huge safe with the 3 Chaos Emeralds. I no longer won't be able to call myself a treasure hunter.

[Shadow pauses, thinking of Rouge, and then he recalls how Maria was in the same situation; laying helpless against a wall, waiting for her own inevitable death to come.]

Shadow: Oh! Shoot! Troublemaker!

Clash of the Hedgehogs

Shadow: I must be getting closer.
Sonic: There you are!
Shadow: It's that blue hedgehog again of all places!
Sonic: Alright, let's cut to the chase! I know you're in league with Eggman. Tell me what the two of you are up to, faker!
Shadow: Faker? Me? I think you're the one who is the faker around here! You're trying to compare yourself to me? Ha! You're not good enough to be my fake!
Sonic: I'll make you eat those words! [Runs to Shadow]
Shadow: [Runs to Sonic] You will try, faker!

Prison Island Blowing Up

[Both Sonic and Shadow are panting]

Eggman: Shadow, what are you doing? Hurry and back here right now before the island blows up!
Sonic: Blows up?!

[Shadow runs to escape; as the timer reaches to 30 seconds, Shadow appears to the safe where Rouge is trapped]

Rouge: Shadow!
Shadow: Chaos Control!

[Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport her, Rouge, and the Emeralds out of Prison Island; the island soon explodes]

Memories in the ARK

[Shadow and Maria are standing in front of a window aboard the ARK.]

Maria: Shadow, what do you think it's like on Earth?
Shadow: The professor said his life's work was dedicated to all of those who live down there. He once told that the reason for his existence was to make people happy through the power of science. But... I just don't know anything anymore... I often wonder why I was created. What my purpose if for being here. Maybe if I go down there, I... I will find the answers... maybe.
Maria: I'd like to go there, too. Earth would be a wonderful place. The places to go, the sights to see, the people we meet. It would be amazing, Shadow.
Shadow: It sure will, Maria.

[Shadow awakens from the flashback with Rouge interrupting.]

Rouge: Daydreaming much?
Shadow: [Turns away from Rouge] Hmph!
Rouge: You know, Shadow, that was just so unexpected. So unlike of you to save me. That Chaos Control you did was a godsend.
Shadow: Save your breath. I didn't come to save you. I came for the Chaos Emeralds.
Rouge: Always hiding our feelings, are we?

[Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot enters to the research room]

Eggman: Everything is ready to go, you two!
Rouge: What? We don't have all seven, you know. Just six.
Shadow: [Walking] This is only for a demonstration. Let's get this show on the road!

World Domination

[Eggman is broadcasting his message across Earth and the people are Earth turn to listen to him]

Eggman: Hahahaha! People from around the world. Lend me your ears carefully! I am Dr. Eggman. The world's greatest scientist and soon to be the world's greatest ruler! Now witness this ultimate power!

[Suddenly, the Eclipse Cannon is revealed from the Space Colony ARK and it fires a blast that destroys half of the moon. The people of Earth watch in horror at what just happened and Eggman laughs as the time shows a little less than a 24 hours until the Eclipse Cannon strikes Earth]

Eggman: Hahahaha!

Message to the President

[In the President's limo driving through the city]

Assistant: Mr. President, reports show that since the incident, three hours ago, the country is in turmoil. Our financial communities are impacted and our satellite communications are down. An emergency meeting has been called. Mr. President, this is a national crisis.
President: Spare me the details. Exactly what is it you want? Dr. Eggman?
Eggman: [Speaking from a video monitor] Hahahaha! Well, let's just get down to business then, shall we Mr. President? I won't bore you with all the details since I know you are a very busy man. Mr. President, my demands are quite simple. Surrender to the Eggman Empire and make no attempts to resist! Otherwise...
President: Otherwise?
Eggman: Otherwise your country will cease to exist! You have 24 hours to give me your answer!
Sonic: [From a distance] No way!
President: What the...?
Sonic: [Comes from above the limousine] There won't be an Eggman Empire to be built, Eggface!
Eggman: Grr!! Sonic! How rude of you to interrupt my conversation with the President!
President: What the heck is going on here?
Sonic: Don't worry, Mr. President, everything is under control. Just leave it to us!

[Tails is seen messing with the monitor]

President: What are you doing?
Sonic: You got it, Tails?
Tails: [Holding a disk] I got it, Sonic! He's transmitting from the space colony ARK!
Sonic: OK! Let's move it! [Exits the limousine as Tails follows him]
President: Wait, you two!

Returning to Earth

[At the control room]

Eggman: [Hitting the terminal in frustration] Curse that Sonic!
Rouge: Why are you upset? I mean, you destroyed half of the moon and terrorized everyone from around the world to the point of them thinking about the decision to bow down to the almighty scientist. Does this now mean that we can control the planet and can do as we choose?
Shadow: At this rate, the cannon will take too much time to charge up. You want to unleash its full potential, you need all 7 Chaos Emeralds.
Eggman: And where you been, Rouge?!
Rouge: Did I miss something?
Shadow: Our threats fell off on deaf ears.
Rouge: Wow. And the old doctor is throwing a tantrum like a little kid! Boo hoo!
Orbot: He always does that, to be fair.
Eggman: You think that's funny, bat girl?! You should be concerned about your end of the deal! Like finding the last Chaos Emerald! So where is it?
Rouge: Didn't you watch the news? They say that a fox kid is in possession of a Chaos Emerald and the police are after him as well as the blue hedgehog and that pink girl. They're currently at Central City from what I can guess.
Eggman: Well, that makes everything easier. Alright. It's time to go back to earth and find Sonic and his friends. That Chaos Emerald is mine, you hear me! [Exits the control room]
Rouge: [Turns to Shadow] Were you listening, Mr. Dark and Moody?
Shadow: Soon enough, Maria. [Leaves control room]
Rouge: Maria? You really have strange dreams.
Rouge: That guy needs to lighten up. [Leaves control room] This is Rouge! Currently, I have not yet confirmed on whether or not Shadow is the ultimate life form. But I will continue my research on Project Shadow and will tell you all the breaking news soon. Don't forget about my jewels, though. [Winks at the screen]

Finding the Heroes

[Rouge spots the heroes getting on the Tornado and set off with it]

Rouge: There's Sonic and his friends. I see that rotten echidna is with them too. I won't forget what he did to my precious gem!
Rouge: They're setting off on that plane. I better go and chase them down with my car.

Sky Rail

[Shadow is at Ghost Mountain listening to Rouge on communicator]

Rouge: [From communicator] Come in, Shadow! The Chaos Emerald is located inside the plane where Sonic and the others are on board. They are arriving to the mountains!
Shadow: Copy that! I'll go and chase them.

Warm Welcome

[Shadow watches the plane on top of the mountains]

Shadow: Doctor, I've found the plane. Should I attack them?
Eggman: Just sit tight. I'll deal with them. They're probably heading to the desert where the base is at. When they arrive, I want to give those pests a warm welcome. You and Rouge should head to the base into the ARK.
Shadow: Copy that, doctor. [Heads to the desert]

Cryptic Track

[Shadow watches Sonic and the others in front of the entrance door to the pyramid; Rouge arrives]

Rouge: Miss me?
Shadow: You took longer than expected.
Rouge: I had to use my car to keep a close eye on what they were doing. What do you think I was doing?
Shadow: Hmph! [Watches the heroes go inside] The blue hedgehog and his friends would be foolish enough to stop the Eclipse Cannon from firing. They don't have a chance! [Runs forward]
Rouge: Wait up!

Egg Golem

[Knuckles meets with Sonic, Tails, and Amy with the three keys]

Knuckles: Found the keys, guys! But I'm not doing things like this ever again!
Sonic: Great! Now let's open this thing!

[Tails unlocks the door with the three keys; the four enter inside]

Tails: Now where can we find a space shuttle?
Eggman: [From behind] If it isn't the annoying pest ensemble!
Sonic: Eggman! Where's the other two of your partners in crime?
Eggman: That's none of your concern! But you should be concerned about your health as I destroy you and take the Chaos Emerald! Come forth, Egg Golem!

[The Egg Golem appears]

Sonic: I'll take care of this, guys! Just find some spaceship! I'll catch up!

[Sonic looks up to the Egg Golem]

Eggman: Egg Golem, squash the blue hedgehog like an ant!

[The Egg Golem goes for an attack, but Sonic jumps and destroys its control mechanism on top of its head, and backflips down to the platforms below. The machine explodes, and the Egg Golem swivels its head around several times.]

Sonic: Nice try, Eggman! Gotta go to take this trip to space!
Orbot: Dr. Eggman, Sonic destroyed the restraining mechanism on top of the Egg Golem!
Eggman: Agh! This thing is useless!

[The Egg Golem looks down at Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot and starts to reach for them.]

Cubot: It's not really happy!
Eggman, Orbot, & Cubot: Ahhhh!

Shuttle Lift Off

[The pyramid opens up revealing a large rocket]

Automatic Voice: Ready for launch! Primary engines on! Beginning lift-off countdown! [Sonic is seen running onto the rocket] 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Shuttle lift-off!

[The rocket blasts off into space heading for the ARK]

Researching Project Shadow

[Rouge is at the control room]

Rouge: [Talking on walkie talkie] Hello, doctor.
Eggman: Rouge, Sonic and his friends left the base and used the space shuttle to arrive to the ARK.
Rouge: What do you mean they escaped?
Eggman: It doesn't matter! Just go and find them!
Rouge: I'd love to do that, but I have a favor to ask you.
Eggman: What's that?
Rouge: Do you have the password for the space colony control?
Eggman: Maria. Why do you ask?
Rouge: No reason. [Turns off walkie talkie] Haha! Tricking that doctor was too easy. Now lets get to work. The password is MA-RI-A. It's that name Shadow has been calling me a lot. Let's see...This is it. The research project Shadow; the Ultimate Life Form! Let's see now... [Runs through large groupings of data on the monitor.]...What all this?! This can't be right. What is Shadow?

[A warning message comes on, showing Sonic, Tails, and Amy in a hallway in the ARK.]

Rouge: Well, I guess it's time I go and find the pieces of the Master Emerald! [Leaves control room]

Two Emeralds?

[At the pyramid base, Eggman, Shadow, Orbot, and Cubot are looking at the screen which shows Sonic, Tails, and Amy entering the ARK]

Eggman: Just what is that bat girl up to?
Orbot: Why did she asked you about the password?
Eggman: I've been wanting to know the same, Orbot. But I know Sonic has invaded the ARK.

[The map shows two Chaos Emeralds; the fake and the real ones.]

Eggman: What's this? I'm getting a reading that there are two separate Chaos Emeralds.
Cubot: Maybe one of them is a fake.
Eggman: That may be a possibility. Why do I feel weird in complimenting Cubot?
Shadow: I'll go and stop them.
Eggman: Wait, Shadow, let me be the one to tell them that the end is near. Now it's time to end this long drawn out battle and cement my legacy as the ultimate genius! Orbot, Cubot, hop on the Egg Walker! [Gets on the Egg Walker along with Orbot and Cubot] If something happens to me, I'm counting on you to finish the job. The moment for attack has come. It's now or never!

[Eggman gets on the space transporter and he, Orbot, and Cubot are transported to the ARK]

Face off Against Knuckles

[Knuckles encounters Rouge]

Knuckles: You again.
Rouge: Well, hello, "treasure hunter". I see you've already found most of my Emerald pieces.
Knuckles: Give it rest, bat girl! It's not your Emerald! And neither are the pieces you found!
Rouge: Then let's settle this then! I'm gonna get a kick out of embarrassing you.
Knuckles: You won't be laughing when I knock you out!

Master Emerald Restored

[Knuckles and Rouge are panting]

Knuckles & Rouge: Stop fooling around and give me back MY Emerald!
Rouge: Who do you think you are trying to hurt a lady like me?! You should be ashamed of yourself!
Knuckles: Well you're no lady, you're just a thief! And you can hold on your own will against me!
Rouge: Well, can you hold your own against-- [Trips and starts to fall off of the tower] Ahhh!!

[Rouge was falling closer toward the lava until Knuckles saves her]

Knuckles: Hold tight! I got you!

[Knuckles helps Rouge back up and they gaze at each other for a few seconds]

Rouge: [Snatches her hand off of Knuckles'] Keep your hands to yourself, you jerk!
Knuckles: Is that a way to thank someone for saving your life?
Rouge: Saving my life? I owe you nothing! And you just want to hold my hand! You're a creep!
Knuckles: Shut up! I did that to save the pieces of the Master Emerald!
Rouge: You know what? This is really ridiculous arguing with you! I can't take this anymore. Here! [Gives the Emerald shards to Knuckles]
Knuckles: Huh?
Rouge: Take them. I don't want them anymore. They all stink like echidnas do!
Knuckles: You should've done that a long time ago. Just saying.

[Knuckles restores the Master Emerald pieces back together]

Knuckles: Good as new again. [Looks at Rouge]
Rouge: [Angrily looks away] What?
Knuckles: Sorry...for hurting you. [Runs off]
Rouge: ... Well, I should get going. [Takes one last look back before running off herself]

End of Sonic?

[Amy is in the research room]

Amy: I hope Sonic and Tails are okay. I don't think I should be getting myself lost. But this place is so fascinating. I can see earth from here.
Eggman: [Entering the room] Lost your way, Amy?
Amy: Dr. Eggman!
Eggman: [Points a gun at her] Hush!
Orbot: Oh my!
Eggman: If you value your life, you better tell me where Sonic and Tails are!
Cubot: Um...
Orbot: Don't do it, Cubot. It's pointless.
Amy: Tails is at the engine finding the generator and Sonic is going to the control room. Now can you let me go?
Eggman: No. I have something in-stored for Sonic.


Orbot: Dr. Eggman, don't you think pointing a gun at Amy is going too far?
Eggman: Don't make blow you up, too!
Cubot: I think the boss means it, Orbot.

[Sonic arrives to the capsule room]

Tails: Sonic! Thank goodness you're here.
Eggman: Now let's get into some business here, Sonic. Hand over the Chaos Emerald and then I will release the love of your life. That is if you truly love her.
Sonic: [Holding the fake Emerald] Handing over the fake Emerald, I'll be killing two birds with one stone.

[Tails looks over at Sonic and gives him a nod]

Eggman: Put the Emerald down NOW! I'm not playing around!
Sonic: [Smirking at Eggman and walks forward] You've really outdone yourself in the evil genius department, doctor. [Shows fake Emerald to Eggman] Here's your trophy.
Eggman: [Points at the direction] Stand right here. [Sonic stands on a circular shaped floor; Eggman smirks] Perfect! [Eggman presses a button which traps Sonic inside a capsule]

Sonic: What's this?

Eggman: You really should know better than to trick the world's greatest scientist with a fake Emerald.
Tails: Huh? How did you know it was fake?
Sonic: Tails!
Eggman: Because you told me, fox boy!
Tails: What?
Eggman: Now for a little space ride. Once the capsule drops down from this room, it will blow up into smithereens!
Orbot & Cubot: Oh my!
Orbot: He's really going over the edge!
Amy: You get Sonic out of that thing, you monster!
Eggman: I can... and I won't!
Sonic: [Looks at Tails] Tails, I'm counting on you. You've been a great friend, a little brother I always wanted. [Turns to Amy] Amy, you've been a great friend, too. Take care of yourself, okay?
Eggman: Sayanara, Sonic the Hedgehog! [Ejects Sonic out of the ARK]
Amy: [Looks outside where the capsule is falling] Sonic!

[While Sonic is inside the capsule, he remembers what Tails said about the fake Emerald]

Tails: [As an echoed voice from earlier] It has the same wavelength and properties, but is less powerful than the real one.
Sonic: Same wavelength and properties... [Remembers Shadow performing Chaos Control in a flashback scene; picks up fake Emerald] But can I do it with this? Chaos Control!

[Sonic uses Chaos Control before the capsule explodes; the others inside watch]

Eggman: Farewell, admirable adversary.
Shadow: [From the hallway looking on] I guess he was a regular hedgehog after all.
Amy: [Saddened] Sonic! No! [Sobbing]
Orbot: Dr. Eggman has killed Sonic.
Eggman: [Turns to Tails and Amy] Enough of the mourning! Give me the real Emerald, and I will let you two go. You have my word.
Tails: Sonic... [Angered] You madman! Sonic has once asked me to do something for him. I'll take you down Eggman for Sonic!
Eggman: So you're ready for round 2? Okay. Back at Prison Island, I said I wasn't going to go easy on you when we meet again, so I will stick to my words! I'll be making sure you join your best friend in the afterlife!

Fake Memories

[Rouge is at the control room]

Rouge: Legend has it that gathering all 7 Chaos Emeralds will create something miraculous. But I got 6 beautiful Emeralds here. I might as well take them. [Goes to steal them, but Shadow enters to the room]
Shadow: Stay away from the Emeralds!
Rouge: Shadow, what a surprise. And the big one here is that I'm working against both you and Eggman just to complete my mission and that was to research Project Shadow. In short, I'm a spy for the government.
Shadow: I knew there was something shady about you the first time I met you.
Rouge: Shady? That's kinda strange considering you actually look shady yourself. So, I'm a spy, and I've already completed my assignment, and now I'm getting out of here!
Shadow: You'll have to go through me, you pathetic creature!
Rouge: That's just very mean! [Jumps down, holding a paper] But speaking of creature, I thought you might be interested to hear the results of the research experiment of the Ultimate Life Form. [A picture of the Biolizard is on the paper] But if this picture is really the Ultimate Life Form named Shadow, then who is the one standing in front of me?
Eggman: [From communicator] Shadow, I've got the last Chaos Emerald! But someone is trying to get to the Eclipse Cannon. Can you hurry and get over there?
Shadow: I will, doctor. [Turns off communicator] As I said before, you stay away from the Chaos Emeralds if you want to live another day. [Turns away and goes to the exit]
Rouge: Wait! Do you really believe yourself to be Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form?
Shadow: Yes, without a doubt.
Rouge: But your memories are not real.
Shadow: Even so, I'm still Shadow. And I have to fulfill my promise to Maria. And that's the only thing that matters to me now, and nothing more! [Walks out]

Showdown with Sonic

[Sonic is seen standing near the way to the cannon]

Shadow: [Walking beside Sonic] You never cease to amaze me, blue hedgehog. I thought that exploding capsule was the end of you.
Sonic: What can I say? I die hard. [Takes out the fake Emerald] I have to thank you, though.
Shadow: You mean to tell me that you used a fake Emerald to perform Chaos Emerald? Hmph!

[The two begin to run]

Shadow: I can see now that there's more to you than just looking like me. Who are you?
Sonic: What you see is what you get. I'm just a guy who loves adventure. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!
Shadow: I see. But you know that I can't let you get to the Eclipse Cannon. Your adventure days are coming to an end!


[Eggman is at the control room holding the last Chaos Emerald is is ready to place it on the panel]

Eggman: Hahahaha! This completes my plan to conquer over the world and now begins the long-awaited era of the Eggman Empire! [Throws the Emerald into the machine; the energy from the Emerald pulses through the Cannon.]
Orbot: Well, Cubot, let's brace the world's destruction.
Cubot: And make it a new one.
Eggman: Hahaha! I might as well see people making their decision to join the Eggman Empire before the cannon fires!

[A warning message comes up on the computer screen, though Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot doesn't notice it.]

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