Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow/Hero Story

This story focuses on the characters, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles from Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow.

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Hero Story

We are taken to a scene where the news reporters are recapping the events of Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed which took place a few months ago. A video of Super Sonic defeating Perfect Chaos is displaying. The reporters are also informing that Station Square is still under repairs after Chaos' attack. The construction workers are repairing the roads, bridges, and buildings.

A few months have passed, and Sonic is resting at a beach far from a forest. Just then, helicopters, airships, tanks, robots, and soldiers surround him. They are known as the miltary organization of the United Nations named G.U.N. (Guardian Units of Nations). They accuse Sonic of attacking the guards and destroying their robots and seek to arrest him. Sonic escapes from them, but the guards block his way and put Sonic on the ground. They handcuff him and roughly put him inside of their helicopters.

Meanwhile, we are taken to the Emerald shrine at Angel Island where Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald. A mysterious bat named Rouge arrives and steals the Master Emerald. Knuckles sets off chase.

The news broke out around the world that Sonic is arrested for destroying the G.U.N. robots and attacking the military guards while leaving Prison Island. Tails over at his workshop in the Mystic Ruins and Amy, Cream, Vanilla, and Cheese over at Cream's house are respectively watching the news. They believe that the accusations are false since the screen shows a mysterious black hedgehog.

Later that day, the military helicopter is flying over the city with Sonic being captured aboard it. At that moment, Sonic takes out everyone on board and jumps out of the helicopter, ripping off a piece of the wing to use as a snowboard, and then jumps off.

Stage 1: City Escape (Sonic)

Later that night at the Mystic Ruins, Tails is watching the news on television again. This time, it states that Sonic has stolen a Chaos Emerald from a bank. With the accusations going out of control, Tails decides to do something to help his best friend. He uses his newly built tornado, the Tornado 3, to fly to Central City to find Sonic.

Night time came, and Sonic is hiding in a sewer. Thankfully, there were no G.U.N. robots present to spot him.

Adventure Field: Central City (Sonic)

(Find a ladder to exit the sewer)

As Sonic gets out of the sewer, he is confronted by a military mech Big Foot. Sonic decides to take it down.

Boss: Big Foot (Sonic)

After defeating the mech, Sonic then sees the same black hedgehog standing above the defeated mech, holding a green Chaos Emerald. Sonic then realizes that the black hedgehog was the reason the military was after him and decides to fight the mysterious hedgehog. The hedgehog uses Chaos Control to teleport to a different location, much to Sonic's amazement. The hedgehog introduces himself as Shadow and uses Chaos Control to disappear. Sonic is then surrounded by GUN and reluctantly turns himself in.

Before Sonic arrest a few hours earlier, we are taken to a scene where Knuckles finds Rouge in a desert with the Master Emerald in her hand. They begin are arguing over it until Dr. Eggman, accompanied by Orbot and Cubot, interrupts and tries to steal it. Knuckles stops him in his path by breaking the Master Emerald into pieces, much to Rouge's outrage. Knuckles explains to Rouge that he did it to prevent the Master Emerald from being stolen; if it's in pieces, he can restore it. As Eggman left, Knuckles and Rouge begin hunting for the pieces of the Master Emerald before the other do.

Adventure Field: Arid Desert (Knuckles)

(Enter Wild Canyon by heading to a rocky canyon path)

Stage 2: Wild Canyon (Knuckles)

Somewhere over the shoreline, Tails with his Tornado 3 is arriving to Prison Island to free Sonic. He then finds Amy being threatened by Eggman and goes to her rescue. He transforms his Tornado bioplane into a walking mech. He confronts Eggman, who mocks Tails for thinking he can take on his Egg Walker. Tails decides to prove him wrong.

Boss: Eggman (Tails)

After the battle, Eggman tells Tails that he won't be lucky the next time they encounter and leaves. Amy thanks Tails for saving her. Tails asks Amy why is she here in Prison Island. Amy explains that she heard that Sonic was arrested on the news and wanted to save him. Tails and Amy begin searching inside the base to find and rescue Sonic.

Adventure Field: Prison Island (Tails)

(Enter inside a prison cell room)

Stage 3: Prison Lane (Tails)

Inside one of the cells, Sonic is walking around, thinking about his encounter with Shadow as well as him performing Chaos Control. Just then, Tails and Amy arrive. He explains to them that Shadow is the main reason the military arrested him and put him here. Amy says that she saw him earlier with Eggman and Rouge. Sonic, knowing that Eggman is behind this, is released from the cell. Amy asks Sonic about the writing on the wall. Sonic explains that it was already there before he was sent here. Sonic heads out of cell to find Eggman and Shadow, while Tails and Amy follow him.

Adventure Field: Prison Island (Sonic)

(Leave the prison building to enter to Metal Harbor)

Stage 4: Metal Harbor (Sonic)

Sonic lands in a forest in where he encounters Shadow again. Sonic calls him a faker, with Shadow responding to him that he's no good to be his fake. The two begin to fight.

Boss: Shadow (Sonic)

The fight ends with a tie, and Shadow is informed by Eggman that Prison Island will explode. Shadow leaves while Sonic goes to find Tails and Amy.

Stage 5: Green Forest (Sonic)

Sonic finds Tails and Amy and the three friends escape on board the Tornado 3. They escape just in time as Prison Island explodes.

Later on that night, Knuckles is at a region full of pumpkin-headed mountains. Despite being creeped by the appearance, he remains determined to find the rest of the pieces of the Master Emerald.

Adventure Field: Ghost Mountain (Knuckles)

(Head to the entrance of Ghost Mountain where a few pumpkins are present)

Stage 6: Pumpkin Hill (Knuckles)

The cutscene shows Eggman being on televisions everywhere and it is revealed he is being taped from a space-station named "Space Colony, ARK". Suddenly half of ARK comes off, revealing a long pointer called the Eclipse Cannon which shoots out a powerful beam and destroys half of the moon. A timer on screen appears saying 24 hours until mass destruction.

Sonic, Tails, and Amy witnessed the destruction of half of the moon. Sonic comes to the conclusion that the energy of the cannon's beam is due to the Chaos Emeralds' power. Tails takes a yellow one out which he had found in the Mystic Ruins just a month ago and plans to use it as a magnet to detect the location of the remaining emeralds. Suddenly, the police arrive and accuses Tails of stealing a Chaos Emerald. Sonic tells Tails he will deal with the police while Tails finds a way to locate Eggman.

Adventure Field: Central City (Tails)

(Head to the freeways of Central City where you will enter Mission Street)

Stage 7: Mission Street (Tails)

Later on, Knuckles arrives in an abandoned mine around the mountains continuing his search for the rest of the pieces of the Master Emeralds.

Stage 8: Aquatic Mine (Knuckles)

After finding the pieces, Knuckles seeks to find an exit from the mine.

Adventure Field: Ghost Mountain (Knuckles)

(Look for a sewer that leads you to Central City)

Adventure Field: Central City (Sonic)

(Head to the eastern area of Central City)

Later, in the morning, the police is still searching for the heroes. Sonic, who is somewhere in the outskirts of Central City, asks Tails about Eggman's location. He replies that he's somewhere in outer space. Just then, Knuckles comes out of the sewer. He greets the two and tells them about his journey through the mines and finding the Master Emerald pieces. As Amy pulls Knuckles out of the sewer hole, Tails tells Sonic they must find the President's limo to trace the call to find the exact location of Eggman.

Stage 9: Route 101 (Tails)

The President is talking to Eggman on the screen. Eggman demands that he surrenders to the Eggman Empire or the country will cease to exist in the next 24 hours. Just then, Sonic arrives, much to Eggman's anger, and tells the President that everything's under control. Tails takes the disk out and informs Sonic that Eggman is transmitting from the Space Colony ARK. The two head out of the limosuine before the President could say anything. The secretary then informs the President that their secret agent is calling them.

Adventure Field: Central City (Sonic)

(Tails will tell you that Knuckles came from the sewers; Go and find Knuckles and Amy)

Sonic and Tails meet up with Knuckles and Amy, telling them that that Eggman is aboard the ARK, but they realize that they must find some sort of transportation to space. Remembering the location where Eggman was going earlier, Knuckles says that they can find Eggman's base in a desert where they can use some form of space transportation. Tails decides to take the Tornado to fly up to the desert. Sonic asks Knuckles if he could come with them. Knuckles replies that even though he has other things to do, he doesn't mind joining along. So the four hop on the plane and the Tornado takes off. Unknown to them, Rouge was watching from a distance.

Adventure Field: Arid Desert (Tails)

(Head to the area far ahead of the pyramid base)

As the heroes arrive to the desert, Knuckles tells the others that Eggman's base is inside the pyramid in which he saw Eggman go inside it along with Rouge the other day. Tails tells the others that he will find the entrance. 

Stage 10: Hidden Base (Tails)

The heroes enter inside the pyramid, but they didn't know that Shadow was watching them far behind them.

Stage 11: Pyramid Cave (Sonic)

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy arrive to the center of the base, but the door is locked and they needed three keys. Sonic suggests that Knuckles can find them. Reluctantly, Knuckles goes to find the keys.

Stage 12: Death Chamber (Knuckles)

After finding the three keys, Knuckles is encountered by a huge ghost named King Boom Boo.

Boss: King Boom Boo (Knuckles)

After defeating King Boom Boo, Knuckles returns to Sonic, Tails, and Amy with the three keys. They open the door and enter a large room. Just then, Eggman arrives and threatens to seize the Chaos Emerald; he calls forth the Egg Golem to attack them. Sonic tells the others to find an airship while he takes on the Egg Golem.

Boss: Egg Golem (Sonic)

After defeating the Egg Golem, Sonic rushes to find his friends and they found a space shuttle. They got inside and soon the shuttle lifts off. They soon find the Space Colony ARK during the long journey, but an asteroid hits the shuttle, which caused its hatch to release the pieces of the Master Emerald. Knuckles tries to control the shuttle to retrieve the Emeralds, despite Sonic's protests. Soon, Knuckles touches a lever and the shuttle spins towards the ARK.

They landed on the ARK unsafely, but no one was hurt. Sonic, Tails, and Amy found out that Knuckles had left to find the Master Emerald pieces that were lost during the asteroid crash. Tails then reveals the two of their plan to stop the Eclipse Cannon from firing. He brings out a Chaos Emerald, which happens to be a fake one he made during the long shuttle ride. He tells Sonic to take the Emerald to the control room while he destroys the generator. The two leave with Amy ranting about how the two left her behind.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Tails)

(Enter inside the engine section of the ARK)

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Knuckles)

(Head outside of the ARK where meteors are present)

Outside of the ARK, Knuckles is heading to a giant meteor area where the lost pieces of the Emeralds are located.

Stage 13: Meteor Herd (Knuckles)

Knuckles encounters Rouge, who had managed to find the rest of the Master Emerald shards. Rouge makes a snide comment about him finding the other emerald shards, which irates the red echidna. Thus, the two begin to fight with Rouge threatening to take "her" emeralds from him by force.

Boss: Rouge (Knuckles)

The battle ends with a tie, and Knuckles and Rouge demand each other to give back the emeralds. They continue to argue until Rouge falls off a platform. Knuckles saves her from falling down the lava. The two gaze at each other until Rouge angrily snatches her hand off of Knuckles, leading the two to argue again. Knuckles claims that he was saving the pieces of the Master Emerald, which prompts Rouge to give him the rest of the pieces, albeit reluctantly. Knuckles restores the pieces of the Master Emerald and apologizes to Rouge for hurting her, and leaves. Before Rouge could leave herself, she then looks back at Knuckles, who is walking away, and smiles warmly at him.

Stage 14: Eternal Engine (Tails)

As Tails destroyed the ARK's Generator, Sonic finds the control room where the rest of the Emeralds are placed. Before Tails could give Sonic instructions on where and how to place the fake Emerald, Eggman interrupts from Tails' communicator and tells Sonic that he has held Amy hostage and warns him to hurry to the research facility room to give him the Chaos Emerald or she will die. Forgetting about placing the fake Emerald, Sonic tells Tails that Amy's in trouble and they need to find her quickly. He rushes to the rescue.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Sonic)

(Exit the Central Control room)

Stage 15: Crazy Gadget (Sonic)

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Sonic)

(Find the capsule room and enter inside where Eggman, Tails, Amy, Orbot, and Cubot are there)

Sonic arrives to the research room where Eggman is pointing a gun at Amy as Orbot and Cubot watch, shocked of Eggman's ruthlessness. Tails was there too and is relieved that his best friend has arrived. Eggman orders Sonic to hand over the Chaos Emerald in exchange for Amy. Sonic, holding the fake Emerald, thinks about giving it to Eggman, hoping that the plan of destroying the Eclipse Cannon will succeed. Unfortunately, before Sonic could give it to him, Eggman traps him in a capsule. It's revealed that Eggman knew that they had a fake Emerald, making Sonic and Tails shocked. Eggman then informs Sonic that the capsule will explode in 60 seconds when released. Knowing that he will die, Sonic then tells Tails he's counting on him and tells Amy to take care of herself.

Eggman launches the capsule down towards earth. With 45 seconds remaining, Sonic then ponders over Tails' words about the fake Emerald containing the same wavelengths and properties of the real Emerald, and then thinks of Shadow using the Chaos Control days ago. With 10 seconds remaining, Sonic tries to perform Chaos Control. A flash of light appears just as the capsule explodes much to the horror of Tails, Amy, Orbot, and Cubot. Even Eggman solemly bids a farewell to Sonic. Somewhere at a hallway, Shadow was also the one to witness the explosion, remarking that Sonic wasn't a "fake" after all.

It's back to business, and Eggman tells Tails that he will release him and Amy if he gives him the real Chaos Emerald. Tails would have none of it and decides to fight Eggman one more time in honor of his best friend. Eggman laughs and declares that Tails will die, just like his friend.

Boss: Eggman (Tails)

Knuckles is finding his way around the ARK. Just then, a portal appears and coming from it was none other than Sonic. Sonic explains to Knuckles that he managed to use Chaos Control to save himself from the exploding capsule and asks him to help Tails and Amy. Because time is running out and the Eclipse Cannon will shoot soon, Sonic heads to outer area of the ARK to reach the Eclipse Cannon.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Sonic)

(Run to the corridor to enter Final Rush)

Stage 16: Final Rush (Sonic)

Back at the research facility room, Tails is standing over a defeated Eggman, who is struggling to grasp the real Emerald on the ground. Still grieving over Sonic's "death", he tells him that he's managed to defeat Eggman. To his and Amy's surprise, Sonic responds, congratulating Tails and tells him and Amy that Knuckles will look out for them. Tails discovers that Eggman has stolen the last Chaos Emerald, but Sonic tells him not to worry since he still plans to putting the fake Emerald in the cannon where it will explode before Eggman could get to it.

Outside, Sonic is staring down the long path to the cannon when Shadow arrives. He tells Sonic how surprised he was when he survived the explosion from the capsule. Sonic replies that he learned how to execute Chaos Control from him. Shadow then remarks that there is more to him than looking like him and asks him his name. Sonic introduces himself and mentions how he loves speed and adventure. Now the two battle for the last time with Shadow claiming that Sonic's adventuring days are coming to an end.

Boss: Shadow (Sonic)

The cannon is ready to shoot. Tails and Amy look outside where the cannon is prepared to shoot, but it is exploding rapidly and is unable to fire. The last scene cuts with Sonic standing on the pole giving a thumbs up as the world is safe... Or is it?


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