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Dark Story

The story begins with Dr. Eggman, who is inside his newly found pyramid base, searching through the files of the database of his grandfather, Prof. Gerald Robotnik. In the database, he discovers Gerald's diary, in which it reveals that he has created the Ultimate Life Form A.K.A. Project Shadow which is stored deep within GUN's main facility in Prison Island. Eggman concluded his search and tells his minions, Orbot and Cubot, to bring out his newly made Egg Walker and set off to Prison Island with hopes of using his grandfather's project to take over the world.

Later on, we are taken to a scene where Dr. Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot have found Prison Island. Eggman fires his gun from his Egg Walker to destroy the cannons from outside, resulting in the sirens blaring. He gets inside the interior of the facility and shoots all of the locked doors and GUN robots, and proceeds his mission in finding Project Shadow.

Stage 1: Iron Gate (Eggman)

After clearing the stage, Eggman finds the "weapon" inside a capsule and by using a Chaos Emerald and using the password M.A.R.I.A. The villainous trio soon discovers that the weapon is a black male hedgehog. The doctor initially mistakes Shadow the Hedgehog for Sonic, but Shadow introduces himself and thanks him for releasing him. Suddenly, a guard arrives, and Shadow begins to fight it.

Boss: Hot Shot (Shadow)

Eggman and his minions are amazed of Shadow destroying the guard robot. Shadow requests that Eggman to find more Chaos Emeralds and meet him at the central control room of the Space Colony ARK.

Meanwhile, Rouge the Bat is flying around the shrine on Angel Island where Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald. She comes to the altar and steals it. Knuckles goes after her. Later on, the two end up in a desert and Rouge and Knuckles over the Master Emerald. The two argue until Dr. Eggman arrives, and attempts to take the Master Emerald. Knuckles stops him by breaking the Master Emerald into pieces, much to Rouge's anger. Rouge and Knuckles have to hunt for the pieces of the Master Emerald before the other.

Adventure Field: Arid Desert (Rouge)

(Head to the tropical area of the desert to enter Dry Lagoon)

Stage 2: Dry Lagoon (Rouge)

The news broke out in Central City that Sonic the Hedgehog is arrested for destroying the GUN robots in Prison Island and leaves. Somewhere in the outskirts of Central City, Shadow is heading to find a Chaos Emerald at a bank, but knows that the military is after him.

Adventure Field: Central City (Shadow)

(Go to the Route 99 street to enter Avenue Raid)

Stage 3: Avenue Raid (Shadow)

After clearing the stage, Shadow breaks into the bank and takes the Chaos Emerald.

Later on, Eggman is being chased by GUN as well and must head back inside the base away from their search.

Adventure Field: Arid Desert (Eggman)

(Enter to the area leading to the pyramid base)

Stage 4: Sand Ocean (Eggman)

After arriving inside the pyramid base, Eggman is watching the replay of the news, he discovers that Shadow had stolen a Chaos Emerald from the Federal Reserve Bank yesterday with everyone mistaking him for Sonic.

The scene changes to where Shadow is on top of a bridge; he has a flashback of what happened on Space Colony ARK with him and his friend Maria Robotnik. They were being chased by G.U.N. soldiers. They reach to the capsule room where there was no escape. Then a soldier takes out his gun and shoots Maria, much to the shock of Shadow and the shooter himself. Before dying, Maria says something to Shadow about doing something for her. As the flashback ended, Shadow declares revenge on humanity.

Stage 5: Radical Highway (Shadow)

After clearing the stage, Shadow later sees Sonic, who realizes that he's the reason the military is after. Sonic goes for an attack, but Shadow uses Chaos Control to vanish, then reappears to another location. Shadow introduces himself to Sonic and leaves.

Meanwhile, Rouge is inside Eggman's base, but has to find three keys for the door.

Stage 6: Egg Quarters (Rouge)

After finding the keys, Rouge enters to Eggman's space transporter and discovers that it leads to the Space Colony ARK. She teleports herself to the ARK to see what Eggman is up to.

Inside the ARK, Eggman is looking for Shadow who is in the central control room.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Eggman)

(Head to the engine section of the ARK to enter Lost Colony. Note that the ARK is dim at the moment.)

Stage 7: Lost Colony (Eggman)

Shadow tells Eggman about Space Colony ARK and the power of the Eclipse Cannon. He then puts in the two Chaos Emeralds. He then tells Eggman that once all 7 Emeralds are collected, he will use the Eclipse Cannon any time he wants and then the world will be conquered. Rouge interrupts the conversation between the two, and offers her help to Eggman by giving him a Chaos Emerald in order to telling him where three other emeralds were. Eggman and Shadow were reluctant, but they nonetheless allowed Rouge to join along.

Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Rouge, Orbot, and Cubot arrive at Prison Island, although Eggman wasn't happy about returning. Eggman strategizes that he will break through the security system destroying the guard robots in their path. Shadow will enter the armory and set the dynamite packs which will blow up before the guards know it. Then Rouge will sneak in the cargo area to grab the Chaos Emeralds. The plan is set, and the three begin their mission.

Stage 8: Weapons Bed (Eggman)

Before the team can continue, Amy arrives and hugs Shadow whom she believes is Sonic. Eggman threatens Amy to leave until Tails makes the save. Thus beginning the mech battle.

Boss: Tails (Eggman)

Adventure Field: Prison Island (Shadow)

(Find the armory room to set up the timer)

Shadow is in the armory room and asks Eggman when to set the time. Eggman tells him 15 minutes. A confident Rouge sets off to steal the Chaos Emeralds.

Stage 9: Security Hall (Rouge)

After clearing the stage, Rouge arrives to a huge safe and encounters a guard robot. To make matters worse, she is locked.

Boss: Flying Dog (Rouge)

Shadow is wandering around a jungle when Rouge is informing her status of being locked in the safe along with the 3 Chaos Emeralds and no longer calls herself a treasure hunter. With 10 minutes remaining, a flashback of Maria appears, which prompts Shadow in rescuing her.

Adventure Field: Prison Island (Shadow)

(Head to the entrance of White Jungle by entering a tunnel)

Stage 10: White Jungle (Shadow)

After clearing White Jungle, Shadow encounters Sonic who wants some payback for letting the military arresting him. Shadow taunts him by saying he's not good enough to be his fake and the two hedgehogs begin to fight.

Boss: Sonic (Shadow)

The battle ends with a tie. Eggman tells Shadow that Prison Island will explode in 8 minutes. Sonic and Shadow leave, with the latter finding Rouge in the safe. Within 10 seconds, Shadow uses Chaos Control to send him, Rouge, and the Chaos Emeralds to the ARK. Then island explodes.

Shadow was having a flashback on his past with Maria until Rouge interrupts, mentioning how it was unlike of him to save her life. Shadow claims that he only came for the Chaos Emeralds. Eggman arrives and tells the two that the preparations on world domination is ready.

Later, Eggman is broadcasted on the televisions everywhere and it is revealed to all he is being taped from the ARK. Half of the station comes off, which reveals a long pointer called the Eclipse Cannon which shoots out a powerful beam, destroying half of the moon. Then, there is a timer on the screen saying 24 hours until mass destruction.

Later, Eggman is having a conversation with the President, demanding him to surrender to the Eggman Empire or that the city will no longer exist as the Eclipse Cannon will shoot earth in the next 24 hours. Eggman is rudely interrupted by Sonic and Tails who assure the President that they will save the planet from him.

Angered by Sonic's interruption, Eggman throws a tantrum much to Rouge's amusement. Eggman reminds her about her end of the deal and demands the location of the last Chaos Emerald. Rouge informs him the last Chaos Emerald is with Tails as she hears from the news. Eggman orders Shadow and Rouge to return to earth and find the last Emerald. With Shadow and Eggman leaving the room, Rouge talks with the government, stating that she will give a full report of Project Shadow.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK, Central City (Rouge)

(Exit the central control room and take the transporter to exit the ARK; hours pass and you will arrive to Central City; As you're there, talk to a citizen who will tell you that they saw Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy far ahead; Go and find them)

Rouge arrives to Central City and spots Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. He watches the four getting on the Tornado to set off to Eggman's base; she decides to chase them in her car.

Adventure Field: Central City (Rouge)

(Head to a parking lot of a casino where Rouge's car is at)

Stage 11: Route 280 (Rouge)

Rouge informs Shadow that the heroes are on board the Tornado 3. Shadow sets off to chase them.

Adventure Field: Ghost Mountain (Shadow)

(Take the rails to enter Sky Rail)

Stage 12: Sky Rail (Shadow)

Shadow tells Eggman that he's getting close to the Tornado. Eggman tells him to sit tight and let him deal with Sonic and the others, and plans to give them a warm welcome when they infiltrate the base.

Adventure Field: Arid Desert (Shadow)

(Enter the area far ahead of the pyramid base)

Later, Shadow watches Sonic and the others entering the base from afar. He remarks that they would be foolish enough to think they can stop the Eclipse Cannon from firing. He and Rouge then set off to return to the base.

Stage 13: Cryptic Track (Shadow)

Sonic and the others arrive to the base, and are confronted by Eggman, who summons the Egg Golem to take down Sonic. Sonic dodges the Egg Golem's attack and destroys the restraining mechanism on top of its head, causing it to lose control. With the heroes heading to the shuttle, Eggman must destroy the Egg Golem.

Boss: Egg Golem (Eggman)

With the space shuttle lifting off, Rouge is inside the ARK's control room. She asks Eggman for a password. Eggman gives it to her and uses it to uncover files of Project Shadow. The information on the computer reveals that there is a creature called the Biolizard that was the prototype of the Ultimate Life Form. Already copying the information, Rouge decides to return to her search for the pieces of the Master Emerald.

Meanwhile, Eggman and Shadow are inside the base, and find out on a screen that Sonic and the others have entered the ARK. Eggman discovers the signal indicates that the heroes contain two separate Chaos Emeralds, meaning that the other one is a fake. Eggman tells Shadow that he will be the one to sabotage their plans. He gets on his mech and teleports to the ARK.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Rouge)

(Head outside to the meteor area of the ARK to enter Mad Space)

Stage 14: Mad Space (Rouge)

Rouge runs in with Knuckles, who is also acquired the other shards. The two begin to battle for them.

Boss: Knuckles (Rouge)

The battle ends with a tie. Rouge falls off of a bridge, only for Knuckles to save her. She doesn't take kindly of this, and the two argue again. Knuckles then claims that he was saving the Master Emerald pieces. Rouge sighs and reluctantly gives the remaining shards to him. Knuckles apologizes for hitting her and leaves, with Rouge secretly smiling warmly at him.

Stage 15: Cosmic Wall (Eggman)

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Eggman)

(Head inside the capsule room where Amy is standing there)

Alone in the research room is Amy. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot finds her. Eggman threatens Amy at gunpoint to tell him the whereabouts of Sonic and Tails. Orbot and Cubot are shocked that Eggman is pointing a gun at Amy, but they were too afraid to say something to their creator.

Later on, Sonic arrives to rescue her. Tails is also at the room. Eggman demands Sonic to give up the Chaos Emerald and Amy will be released from her clutches. Sonic stands in the middle of the tube. This was the cue for Eggman to trap him in a capsule. He reveals to the heroes that he knows there's a fake Emerald in possession, and sends Sonic down out of the ARK with the capsule exploding (and a flashing light). Tails and Amy are horrified as well as Orbot and Cubot. Eggman solemnly bids a farewell to his "admirable adversary". Shadow watches and remarks that Sonic was a regular hedgehog after all.

Eggman then offers to release Tails and Amy if they give him the real Emerald. Angered by this, Tails decides to fight Eggman in Sonic's honor.

Boss: Tails (Eggman)

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Shadow)

(Head inside the central control room)

Meanwhile, Rouge is inside the central control room with 6 Emeralds intact. Before she could have any opportunity to take them, Shadow arrives and tells her to stay away from them. Rouge admits that she was a government spy and says her research on Project Shadow is completed. She then questions that Shadow may not be the Ultimate Life Form. Just then, Eggman informs Shadow that he's got the last Chaos Emerald and that someone is invading the Eclipse Cannon and asks that he stop the intruder. Shadow warns Rouge to stay away from the Emeralds while leaving. Rouge then asks Shadow does he think he's the Ultimate Life Form despite his memories being fake. Shadow replies that he believes so and doesn't care if his memories isn't fake; what matters is that he must keep his promise to Maria. He walks off.

Adventure Field: Space Colony ARK (Shadow)

(Head to the area of the long corridor that leads to Final Chase)

Stage 16: Final Chase (Shadow)

Shadow finds the intruder and it is none other than Sonic, who had survived the capsule explosion via Chaos Control. Shadow is impressed that Sonic had learned Chaos Control from him. Sonic introduces himself and the two battle for one last time.

Boss: Sonic (Shadow)

With 40 seconds remaining, Eggman puts the Chaos Emerald inside the slot and and laughs as his goal to take over the world is complete. What he doesn't notice is a warning sign showing on a screen...


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