Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow is an action, adventure, and platformer fan game created by Sonic Team, and is the second installment of the Sonic Adventure Series. It is a re-imagined version of the original Sonic Adventure 2, which features enhanced graphics, revised story, added characters, new voice actors, and more unlockable content. It is set to be released in April 19, 2016.

Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow
Sonic Team
Release Date
April 19, 2016
Action, Adventure, Platforming
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U
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E10 for Everyone 10+


The plot remains the same, but the dialogue will be revised and there will be added cutscenes to the story.

Hero Story

Main article: Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow/Hero Story

Mistaken for a villainous hedgehog named Shadow, Sonic is on the run from a military organization named G.U.N. Also, Dr. Eggman declares world domination by the use of the Space Colony ARK. Aware of that Eggman and Shadow have aligned, Sonic begins his quest to stop their evil plan, but not without the help of two of his old pals Tails and Knuckles.

Dark Story

Main article: Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow/Dark Story

Dr. Eggman discovers the military's top secret weapon - Project Shadow. He finds out that the project was a hedgehog who is named Shadow, who invites him to Space Colony ARK and reveals the Eclipse Cannon - an enormous weapon capable of destroying an entire planet. With a menacing bat named Rouge joining along, Dr. Eggman begin his quest for world domination.

Last Story

Main article: Sonic Adventure 2: Project Shadow/Last Story

This story is unlocked after clearing both Hero and Dark stories.


Main Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Rouge the Bat

Unlockable Characters

These characters are unlockable in Stage Select and 2P mode after getting all "A" ranks in a character.

  • Amy Rose (can be unlocked after getting all "A" ranks in Sonic's levels.)
  • Chao Walker/Cream the Rabbit (can be unlocked after getting all "A" ranks in Tails' levels.)
  • Tikal the Echidna (can unlocked after getting all "A" ranks in Knuckles' levels.)
  • Metal Sonic (can be unlocked after getting all "A" ranks in Shadow's levels.)
  • Dark Chao Walker/E-102 Gamma (can be unlocked after getting all "A" ranks in Eggman's levels.)
  • Chaos 0 (can be unlocked after getting all "A" ranks in Rouge's levels.)

Non-Playable Characters

  • Prof. Gerald Robotnik
  • Maria Robotnik
  • Big the Cat (Cameo appearances in every stage and a few cutscenes of the Last Story)
  • Vanilla the Rabbit
  • Chao
  • Orbot
  • Cubot
  • Omochao
  • President
  • Secretary



This gameplay focuses on Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Metal Sonic

Action XBO PS4 Wii U
Homing Attack A + A X + X B + B
Somersault B Circle A
Spin Dash (exclusive to Sonic & Shadow) Hold B + Release Hold Circle + Release Hold A + Release
Black Shield (exclusive to Metal Sonic) Hold B Hold Circle Hold A
Light Dash Y when near a line of rings (Light Shoes/Air Shoes required) Triangle when near a line of rings (Light Shoes/Air Shoes required) X when near a line of rings (Light Shoes/Air Shoes required)
Light Attack (exclusive to Sonic & Shadow) Hold B + Release when near a enemy (Ancient Light required) Hold Circle + Release when near a enemy (Ancient Light required) Hold A + Release when near a enemy (Ancient Light required)
Bound Attack A + B (Bounce Bracelet required) X + Circle (Bounce Bracelet required) B + A (Bounce Bracelet required)
Magic Hand (exclusive to Sonic) X when near an enemy (Magic Hand required) Square when near an enemy (Magic Hand required) Y when near an enemy (Magic Hand required)
Chaos Spear (exclusive to Shadow) X (Chaos Drive required) Square (Chaos Drive required) Y (Chaos Drive required)


This gameplay focuses on Tails, Eggman, Chao Walker, and Dark Chao Walker. In this game, you will be given the option to play as Tails, Eggman (both without their mechs), Cream, and Gamma, which can be unlocked after clearing Prison Lane and Iron Gate.

Mech Gameplay (Tails, Eggman, Chao Walker, Dark Chao Walker)
Action XBO PS4 Wii U
Hover A + A (Jet Engine required) X + X (Jet Engine required) B + B (Jet Engine required)
Cannon Shoot B Circle A
Laser Shoot Hold X + Release Hold Square + Release Hold Y + Release
Punch Y when close to an enemy Triangle when close to an enemy X when close to an enemy

Mechless Gameplay (Tails, Cream)
Action XBO PS4 Wii U
Fly A + A X + X B + B
Tail Swipe (Tails)/Chao Attack (Cream) B Circle A
Multiple Tail Swipe (exclusive to Tails) Hold B (Rhythm Badge required) Hold Circle (Rhythm Badge required) Hold A (Rhythm Badge required)

Mechless Gameplay (Eggman, Gamma)
Action XBO PS4 Wii U
Hover A + A (Egg Pack required) X + X (Egg Pack required) B + B (Egg Pack required)
Basic Shot B Circle A
Homing Shot Hold X + Release Hold Square + Release Hold Y + Release
Egg Grenade (exclusive to Eggman) Y (Egg Grenade required) Triangle (Egg Grenade required) X (Egg Grenade required)

Treasure Hunting

This gameplay focuses on Knuckles, Rouge, Tikal, and Chaos. The treasure hunting gameplay will be like Sonic Adventure in which all of the 3 Emerald signals appear simultaneously instead of one at a time like the original Sonic Adventure 2.

Action XBO PS4 Wii U
Glide A + A X + X B + B
Punch (Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos)/Kick (Rouge) B Circle A
Punch Combo (Knuckles, Tikal, Chaos)/Kick Combo (Rouge) B (3X) Circle (3X) A (3X)
Drill Claw (Knuckles, Tikal)/Drill Drive (Rouge, Chaos) A + B X + Circle B + A
Spiral Upper (Knuckles)/Screw Kick (Rouge)/Knuckle Spin (Tikal)/Chaos Screw (Chaos) X Square Y
Dig Use action window (LB/RB) + Y; Also when climbing and by using Drill Claw (Shovel Claw/Pick Nails required) Use action window (L1/R1) + Triangle; Also when climbing and by using Drill Claw (Shovel Claw/Pick Nails required) Use action window (L/R) + X; Also when climbing and by using Drill Claw (Shovel Claw/Pick Nails required)
Sunglasses (Knuckles)/Treasure Scope (Rouge) Use action window (LB/RB) + Y (Sunglasses/Treasure Scope required) Use action window (L1/R1) + Triangle (Sunglasses/Treasure Scope required) Use action window (L/R) + X (Sunglasses/Treasure Scope required)

Stages & Bosses

The order of stages and boss battles remain the same except that the stages are less linear and have more pathways open for exploration while boss battles are more exciting and challenging. There are two additional stages for Shadow, who only had a minimum of 4 stages in the original version. For Tails' stages (mech and without mech), the environment and elements of them can change, meaning that Tails' mech stages will remain the same while Tails w/o the mech will have stage elements and environments similar to Sonic and Shadow's stages. Also, you can be allowed to use any Hero and Dark characters (playable and unlockable) to enter any stage in Stage Select and battle any boss in Boss Mode (it should be noted that when choosing a speed or shooting character for the Treasure Hunting stages, the environments and the structure of them will be assorted differently.)


  • City Escape (Sonic)
  • Boss: Big Foot (Sonic)
  • Wild Canyon (Knuckles)
  • Boss: Eggman (Tails)
  • Prison Lane (Tails)
  • Metal Harbor (Sonic)
  • Boss: Shadow (Sonic)
  • Green Forest (Sonic)
  • Pumpkin Hill (Knuckles)
  • Mission Street (Tails)
  • Aquatic Mine (Knuckles)
  • Route 101 (Tails)
  • Hidden Base (Tails)
  • Pyramid Cave (Sonic)
  • Death Chamber (Knuckles)
  • Boss: King Boom Boo (Knuckles)
  • Boss: Egg Golem (Sonic)
  • Meteor Herd (Knuckles)
  • Boss: Rouge (Knuckles)
  • Eternal Engine (Tails)
  • Crazy Gadget (Sonic)
  • Boss: Eggman (Tails)
  • Final Rush (Sonic)
  • Boss: Shadow (Sonic)


Note: The blue links indicate two added stages for Shadow.

  • Iron Gate (Eggman)
  • Boss: Hot Shot (Shadow)
  • Dry Lagoon (Rouge)
  • Avenue Raid (Shadow)
  • Sand Ocean (Eggman)
  • Radical Highway (Shadow)
  • Egg Quarters (Rouge)
  • Lost Colony (Eggman)
  • Weapons Bed (Eggman)
  • Boss: Tails (Eggman)
  • Security Hall (Rouge)
  • Boss: Hot Shot (Rouge)
  • White Jungle (Shadow)
  • Boss: Sonic (Shadow)
  • Route 280 (Rouge)
  • Sky Rail (Shadow)
  • Cryptic Track (Shadow)
  • Boss: Egg Golem (Eggman)
  • Mad Space (Rouge)
  • Boss: Knuckles (Rouge)
  • Cosmic Wall (Eggman)
  • Boss: Tails (Eggman)
  • Final Chase (Shadow)
  • Boss: Sonic (Shadow)


  • Cannon's Core (Tails, Eggman, Rouge, Knuckles, Sonic)
  • Boss: Biolizard (Shadow)
  • Final Boss: Finalhazard (Super Sonic and Super Shadow)

Extra Stage

  • Green Hill Zone (Sonic): This stage is unlocked after achieving all emblems.

Adventure Fields

The Adventure Fields are added features to the game and there are five of them. They function much like in Sonic Adventure. They are in Stage Select and you can feel free to explore areas, find Emblems, talk to people, or do whatever you please.

Central City

The city-themed adventure field very similar to Station Square. One section contains an area full of buildings and roadways; this section features entrances to City Escape, Avenue Raid, and Mission street. Another section is a highway which leads to stages such as Radical Highway, Route 101, and Route 280. It also contains other areas and places such as a city hall, a hotel, a movie theater, a sewer which takes a character to the mine areas of Ghost Mountain, and a rocket that takes a character to Chao World.

Arid Desert

This adventure field takes place in an Egyptian-like desert. It features a canyon which is the stage entrance to Wild Canyon, a jungle area which is the stage entrance to Dry Lagoon, and a pathway that leads to the entrance to Eggman's pyramid base, which serves as the stage entrances to Sand Ocean, Hidden Base, and Cryptic Track. It should be noted that after completing these stages in Adventure Mode, you are also able to go inside the pyramid without playing them by using a transporter (only in Stage Select). Inside the pyramid, it contains doorways that lead to the stage entrances of Egg Quarters, Pyramid Cave, and Death Chamber; it contains a small computer room that contains a space transporter that sends you to the Space Colony ARK. You will also find archaeologists wandering the desert searching for ancient discoveries.

Prison Island

This adventure field contains four sections. One is a forest area which are the entrances of Green Forest and White Jungle. Two is a building containing prison cells which serves as the entrance for Prison Lane and a factory where G.U.N. robots are being made. Third is the bay area which features countless harbors which are the entrances of Metal Harbor and Weapons Bed. The fourth and last one is a area located in the lower sections which are the stage entrances to Iron Gate and Security Hall. You can revisit the island in Stage Select after it's blown up, but the only difference is that the bases and harbors will be in debris.

Ghost Mountain

This adventure field takes place in a dense mountain area where most of it is Halloween themed. It contains areas surrounded in roads, a railroad yard which leads to Pumpkin Hill or Sky Rail, and pumpkin-headed mountaintops. It also contains an entrance to a mine which is where the Aquatic Mine stage takes place and a sewer hole which takes you directly to Central City. You will see a few people walking on the roads and climbing up the hills.

Space Colony ARK

This adventure field takes place in a space station that was shut downed 50 years ago. This contains areas such as the capsule room, the central control room, and a computer room (not referring to a certain meme), and a large room full of shutdown projects (and it contains the tube where Shadow was created). For the stage entrances, there is an engine room which leads to Eternal Engine, Crazy Gadget, and Lost Colony. In the western hallway, it leads to an area surrounded by meteorites, serving as the entrances for Meteor Herd, Mad Space, and Cosmic Wall. The eastern hallway leads to a long corridor which leads to Final Rush and Final Chase. Note that in the Last Story, going into the central control room will immediately lead to Cannon's Core, the final stage of the game.


Here are the upgrades that can be found in Stages. For both Tails and Eggman's Mystic Melodies, if it was obtained with them in their mech gameplay, it counts as them having obtained it with their mechless gameplay, and vise versa.


  • Magic Hand (City Escape)
  • Light Shoes (Metal Harbor)
  • Ancient Light (Green Forest)
  • Bounce Bracelet (Pyramid Cave)
  • Flame Ring (Crazy Gadget)
  • Mystic Melody (Final Rush)

Tails (with mech)

  • Laser Blaster (Prison Lane)
  • Jet Engine (Mission Street)
  • Mystic Melody (Hidden Base)
  • Bazooka (Eternal Engine)

Tails (without mech)

  • Jet Anklet (Prison Lane)
  • Rhythm Badge (Mission Street)
  • Mystic Melody (Hidden Base)
  • Power Tail Ring (Eternal Engine)


  • Mystic Melody (Wild Canyon)
  • Shovel Claw (Pumpkin Hill)
  • Air Necklace (Aquatic Mine)
  • Hammer Gloves (Death Chamber)
  • Sunglasses (Meteor Herd)


  • Chaos Drive (Avenue Raid)
  • Flame Ring (Radical Highway)
  • Air Shoes (White Jungle)
  • Ancient Light (Sky Rail)
  • Bounce Bracelet (Cryptic Track)
  • Mystic Melody (Final Chase)

Eggman (with mech)

  • Laser Blaster (Iron Gate)
  • Mystic Melody (Sand Ocean)
  • Jet Engine (Lost Colony)
  • Large Cannon (Weapons Bed)
  • Protective Armor (Cosmic Wall)

Eggman (without mech)

  • Laser Blaster (Iron Gate)
  • Mystic Melody (Sand Ocean)
  • Egg Pack (Lost Colony)
  • Piercing Shot (Weapons Bed)
  • Egg Grenade (Cosmic Wall)


  • Mystic Melody (Dry Lagoon)
  • Pick Nails (Egg Quarters)
  • Treasure Scope (Security Hall)
  • Iron Boots (Mad Space)



This is where you play the 3 stories - Hero, Dark, and Last.

Stage Select

This is where you play any stage to clear missions. You can also choose to visit Adventure Fields in which you can explore various areas.

Kart Racing

Like the original, this can be unlocked after clearing Route 101 with Tails and Route 280 with Rouge.

Boss Mode

This is where you play boss battles in Hero, Dark, and Last stories.

Chao World

This is where you raise your Chao in Chao Gardens which are categorized into Hero, Neutral, and Dark. You can raise them with not only the main characters, but also the unlockable characters.


Same as the original, with the difference being that you can play every stage to play as. Not only there are Racing, Shooting, Treasure Hunting, and Kart Racing, but there's will also be a Co-op mode where players work together to advance to the goal ring.


Select this mode and you will see content such as Character Bios, Story Cutscenes (which are unlocked after completing a story), Emblem Results, and Sound Test. In addition, there is an extra cutscene displaying the aftermath of the Last Story after you complete it.


Selecting this will allow you to adjust features such as controller vibration, sounds, language voice-over, menu screen theme, clearing 2P battle record, and saving or loading data.

Voice Actors

Character Voice Actor (English) Voice Actor (Japanese) Voice Actor (French) Voice Actor (Italian) Voice Actor (German) Voice Actor (Spanish)
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith Junichi Kanemaru Alexandre Gillet Renato Novara Marc Stachel Angel De Gracia
Miles "Tails" Prower Colleen O'Shaungnessey Ryo Hirohashi Marie-Eugenie Marchal Benedetta Ponticelli Paulina Weiner Graciela Molina
Knuckles the Echidna Travis Willingham Nobutoshi Canna Sebastien Desjours Maurizio Merluzzo Claus Peter Damitz Sergio Mesa
Shadow the Hedgehog Kirk Thornton Koji Yusa Benoit DuPac Claudio Moneta Klaus Lochthove Manuel Gimeno
Orbot Mitsuo Iwata Tony Marot Massimo Di Benedetto Romanus Fuhrmann Albert Vilar
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock Kotaro Nakamura Marc Bretonniere Aldo Stella Johannes Oliver Hamm Francesc Belda
Gerald Robotnik
Rouge the Bat Karen Strassman Rumi Ochiai Marie Lenoir Jasmine Laurenti Marianne Graffam Dani Albiac
Amy Rose Cindy Robinson Taeko Kawata Naike Fauveau Serena Clerici Anna Gamburg Meritxell Ribera
Cubot Wally Wingert Wataru Takagi Benjamin Pascal Luca Sandri Matthias Horn Xadi Mouslemeni Mateu
Maria Robotnik Rebecca Honig Yuri Shiratori
President Doug Stone Yutaka Nakano
Tikal the Echidna Karen Neill Kaori Asoh
Big the Cat Kyle Hebert Takashi Nagasako
Secretary Laura Bailey Junko Kitanishi
Omochao Etsuko Kozakura Delphine Braillon Sabrina Bonfitto Tabea Borner Sofia Garcia
Cream the Rabbit Michelle Ruff Sayaka Aoki Marie Millet Nicole Hannak Geni Rey
Vanilla the Rabbit
E-102 Gamma Aaron LaPlante Taiten Kusunoki Thierry Buisson Marco Pagani Viktor Pavel


This is the list of scripts of the three stories.

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