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Tails' Story

One morning in the skylines of Station Square, hours removed from the attack from Chaos last night, Tails is testing out his new plane until it begins to malfunction and flies crazily over the city and then over the Station Square hotel.

Minutes later, Tails crashes in Emerald Coast. But to his fortune, Sonic arrives and extend his hand to his longtime friend. They return to the beach, and Tails reveals that the plane was powered by a Chaos Emerald and asks Sonic to meet him in his workshop in the Mystic Ruins to show him what he's been working on there.

Adventure Field: Station Square, Mystic Ruins

Sonic and Tails are confronted by Dr. Eggman, who is assisted by Orbot and Cubot. He demands Tails to give him the Chaos Emerald. Tails refuses, so Eggman sends his Egg Hornet.

Boss: Egg Hornet

After the Egg Hornet is destroyed, Tails notes how defeating it was easy. Suddenly, Eggman steals the Chaos Emerald and feeds it to Chaos, who just arrives. As Eggman and Chaos disappear, Sonic and Tails decide to find the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman does.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Stage 1: Windy Valley

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins, Station Square

Stage 2: Casinopolis

After clearing Casinopolis, Sonic and Tails exit the casino. However, one of them is taken by Eggman. They head to the Mystic Ruins to collect another Emerald.

Along the way, Sonic and Tails meet Cream and her pet Chao, Cheese. Cream greets the two and shows them an ice stone key she found at the Mystic Ruins the other day. Sonic and Tails figure that they can find a door to the key in the Mystic Ruins. They thank Cream and set off.

Adventure Field: Station Square, Mystic Ruins

Stage 3: Ice Cap

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Upon leaving Ice Cap, Sonic and Tails encounter Knuckles, who accuses the two of stealing the pieces of the Master Emerald. Tails and Knuckles fight.

Boss: Knuckles the Echidna

As Tails and Knuckles bump into each other, the former dropped the Emeralds. Eggman, taking advantage of the situation, snatches away the Emeralds. Knuckles realizes that he was tricked and Sonic calls him out on it. Eggman gives the Emeralds to Chaos who transforms into Chaos 4. 

Boss: Chaos 4

After a battle with Chaos 4, Eggman escapes in his Egg Carrier. As Knuckles returns to his unfinished business, Tails and Sonic give chase in the Tornado.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Sub-Game: Sky Chase I

During the sub-game, the Tornado gets shot down in the process by the Egg Carrier's laser beam. As a result, Sonic and Tails are separated from the fall.

Tails lands in Mystic Ruins and has a flashback about his first meeting with Sonic. He wakes up and finds out that Sonic is missing and the train workers are on strike, cutting off access to Station Square. Tails decides to do without Sonic and ventures into the jungle in search for a Chaos Emerald to rebuild the Tornado.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Tails finds a red emerald here, but runs into Big's pet, Froggy (with Chaos' tail), which swallows it.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Sub-Game: Sand Hill

After giving chase through the Sand Hill, Tails catches up with Froggy, but is taken back in time. He finds himself in the Mystic Ruins 4,000 years in the past.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins (The Past)

Later on, Tails meets Tikal who recites the prayer of the Chaos Emeralds. She introduces herself to Tails and before Tails could introduce himself, he returns to the present. Just then, Big accidentally gives Tails a shock, causing him to lose grip of Froggy as a result. Tails then focuses on the Emerald to power up his Tornado 2.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins

Next, Tails reveals the Tornado II and powers it up with the Chaos Emerald. He sets off to find Sonic. During the flight, Tails meets up with Sonic at the peak of Red Mountain and gives chase to the Egg Carrier.

Sub-Game: Sky Chase II

Despite stormy weather, Tails and Sonic managed to evade much of the Egg Carrier's attacks. They then land on the Egg Carrier, albeit without a landing gear due to the plane being on battle mode. Now all the two set off to rescue Amy.

Adventure Field: The Egg Carrier

Eggman notices that Tails and Sonic are on board the Egg Carrier and deems their efforts futile. He then orders Orbot to transform the Egg Carrier into a different shape, deactivating the monorails and changing the bridge. This prompts the heroes to go through the Sky Deck.

Adventure Field: The Egg Carrier

Stage 4: Sky Deck

The heroes head inside the interior of the Egg Carrier, and proceed to head outside to find the bridge.

Adventure Field: The Egg Carrier

Tails and Sonic find Eggman and Amy. Eggman steals a Chaos Emerald from Birdie and sends Gamma to destroy the two.

Boss: E-102 Gamma

After the battle, Tails was going to finish off Gamma, only for Amy to block his way, pleading him not to hurt Gamma because he helped her escaped. Tails then relents, knowing she has her reasons. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier is losing altitude. Sonic tells Tails to take Amy to safety while he goes after Eggman.

Next, the Egg Carrier collapses, and Tails and Amy make it safely to Station Square. As Tails and Amy bid goodbye to each other, Eggman in his Eggmobile crashes nearby the train station. Cubot asks his boss what's next now that Chaos defeated and his Egg Carrier destroyed. Eggman's response: he decides to launch a missile as a last ditch attempt to destroy Station Square. As it fire but it turns out to be a dud.

Angered, Eggman blasts the doors of a skyscraper and threatens to detonate the missile. Realizing that the fate of the city is in his hands, Tails plucks up courage and decides gives chase.

Stage 5: Speed Highway

Tails reaches the missile first and uses his tools to deactivate it. The citizens of Station Square cheers for Tails. Frustrated at his failure, Eggman transforms his Egg Mobile into the Egg Walker, and prepares to annihilate Station Square. All of the citizens run for shelter, leaving Tails - without Sonic's help, to fight with Eggman.

Boss: Egg Walker

In the end, Tails wins realizing that he did it all by himself. He is met with cheers from Station Square citizens. While heading back to the workshop in Mystic Ruins, Tails meets up with Sonic and tells him about his deed in Station Square and defeating Eggman. Sonic is impressed with his little brother, noting that he's becoming independent. The two give each other a fist bump and go on a rest.


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