This is the script for Knuckles' story in Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed.

Eggman's Plan

[It's a stormy night where the Egg Carrier can be seen approaching Angel Island. We are taken to the control room of the Egg Carrier where Eggman and his two robot assistants Orbot and Cubot are inside.]

Orbot: Angel Island is ahead, Dr. Eggman.

Eggman: Good. Now it's time to put this plan into action.

Cubot: Um... What exactly are we doing, boss?

Eggman: Were you paying attention to what exactly are we doing, Cubot?

Cubot: Uh... I think. We were going to steal the Master Emerald?

Eggman: You weren't listening then. We're not going to steal the Master Emerald, we're going to break it into pieces to unleash a powerful beast known as Chaos.

Orbot: Chaos?

Cubot: That's an strange name.

Eggman: The stone tablet says here that Chaos must be released by saying these words - "Master Emerald, bring forth the beast, shatter apart, for Chaos must be unleashed". We must be near to the Master Emerald to do it. We won't leave the Egg Carrier for this, however.

Cubot: That chant sounds like it should be a song.

Master Emerald Shattered

[Knuckles can be seen sitting at the Master Emerald shrine, deep in thought as his eyes are seen closed.]

Knuckles: As far back as I can remember, I've been living here, on this dark island... Always guarding the Master Emerald from anything that can harm it. I don't know why I was given this job... Why it was my fate... Destined to be here...forever! I wish that one day, I would leave this island and go and see the world, but I don't want to let my people down. It's my responsibility to protect the Master Emerald.

[Eggman holds the stone tablet and begins the chant.]

Eggman: "Master Emerald, bring forth the beast, shatter apart, for Chaos must be unleashed!"

[The Master Emerald shatters which alerts Knuckles.]

Knuckles: What the...?

[Knuckles turns around to find a mysterious being near the Master Emerald]

Knuckles: What's going on here? [Sees the Master Emerald shattered.] Oh no! Something has happened to the Master Emerald! [Turns his attention back to the creature] Huh? Who are you? Did you do this? Ohhh, I'll get you for this! [Attempts to punch Chaos, who dodges and attacks Knuckles.] Ooomph! [Falls off of the shrine] Ugh agh! Hey, no fair!

[Chaos disappears.]

Knuckles: Wait! What's happening to you? Come back here! Wow! That was incredible! I've never seen anything like it!

[Angel Island begins to shake.]

Knuckles: Oh no! It's starting to happen. Without the Master Emerald's power, this whole island will fall into the ocean!

[Angel Island falls into the ocean.]

Arriving to Station Square

[Knuckles is in Station Square.]

Knuckles: It's up to me to find the missing pieces of the Master Emerald. It won't be easy. Pieces flew off everywhere. Guess I'd better start looking anywhere I can.

To the Past

[After clearing Casinopolis, a light surrounds Knuckles.]

Knuckles: What's that light?

[The light shines and Knuckles finds himself in the Mystic Ruins of the past.]

Knuckles: Where in the world am I? [Looks around] I don't remember being here before. But something about it is familiar. Hmmmm... This is very strange.

Tikal and Pachacamac

[Knuckles watches Tikal and Pachacamac having a conversation.]

Tikal: Father! Please don't!

Pachacamac: Tikal, the 7 Emeralds are essential to our survival. It is for the good of all our people.

Tikal: How can I make you understand? Attacking other countries, stealing, and killing can't be the right path to peace. No one has the right to take their holy grounds. I beg you father!

[The screen turns white.]

Back to Station Square

[Knuckles is back in Station Square.]

Knuckles: Uhh! Now where am I? [Looks around] Back in Station Square, I see. What's going on around here anyway?

Spotting Eggman

[Knuckles spots Eggman at the hotel.]

Knuckles: Hey, it's Dr. Eggman! [Sees Eggman holding a shining object on his hand.] What's he got there? It's gotta be a part of the Master Emerald! Hold on! Come back here! [Chases Eggman.]

Chaos 2

[Eggman is inside a restaurant.]

Eggman: Now to get down to business.

Knuckles: [Confronts Eggman] Eggman!

Eggman: Knu... Knuckles! Fancy seeing you come here.

Knuckles: I'm not here for greetings. Give me back the Master Emerald!

Eggman: Uhh, this isn't what you're after! [Holds the Chaos Emerald.]

Knuckles: Huh, you're right!

Eggman: That's okay, though. I could use you as a guinea pig to test it.

Knuckles: Test what?

Eggman: Chaos! Chaos!

[Chaos appears as Chaos 1]

Knuckles: Chaos? It's that creature again! The same one I saw on my island. He was there when the Master Emerald was shattered, I'm sure of it. He saved me the trouble of looking for him. Now I'll get him good!

[Eggman gives Chaos the Emerald; Chaos is now Chaos 2.]

Eggman: Ha ha ha ha ha! Way to go, Chaos!

Knuckles: Hah! Changing shape won't scare me!

[Chaos 2 roars]

Knuckles: Fine! Give it your best shot!

Eggman's Deception

[After defeating Chaos 2...]

Knuckles: Well, Eggman, your testing of Chaos' abilities was a failure.

Eggman: Bah! So what if you won this time. You have yet to see the true powers of Chaos!

Knuckles: Yeah yeah, that still doesn't faze me, you hear?

Eggman: I know something that might. It's about Sonic.

Knuckles: What? What about Sonic?

Eggman: He's after the pieces of the Master Emerald, too!

Knuckles: What do you mean? If you think you're gonna trick me like you did years ago, you can forget it!

Eggman: You're not the only one on a wild goose chase, idiot! You'd more likely trick yourself if you don't believe what I just said. Sooner or later, you will realize that I'm telling you the truth this time around. Why should I ruin your surprise? Ha ha ha ha ha ha... [Leaves the restaurant]

Knuckles: I wonder what he meant by that? I'd better find Sonic.

Returning to the Mystic Ruins

[Knuckles returns to the Mystic Ruins.]

Knuckles: I wonder why Sonic is after the Master Emerald? I'd better work fast and get to the bottom of this.

Battle Against Sonic

[Knuckles spots Sonic and Tails holding a green Chaos Emerald.]

Knuckles: There's Sonic! And Tails, too. So they are here. [Stares at the Chaos Emerald] What's that in his hand? It looks like a piece of the Master Emerald! Eggman was right after all! Sonic was on the hunt for them too! He has no right to have that!

Tails: [Noticing Knuckles] Sonic, look who's here!

Sonic: Hey, Knuckles!

Knuckles: Take this! [Attempts to punch Sonic who dodges]

Sonic: Woah! What do you think you're doing?

Knuckles: All right! Put 'em up! Hand over the Emerald now!

Sonic: That's not gonna happen buddy!

Chaos 4

[Knuckles and Sonic continue their battle.]

Knuckles: Last chance to give up the Emerald!

Sonic: Just take your best shot!

[Both knock each other out; Sonic drops two of the Chaos Emeralds.]

Sonic: Shoot! The Chaos Emeralds!

[Eggman appears.]

Eggman: Hahaha!

Knuckles: Eggman! What's he doing here?

[Eggman takes the Chaos Emeralds.]

Eggman: Ha! That's all there is to it. You guys are too easy!

Knuckles: [Sees a green Chaos Emerald.] Wait, that's a Chaos Emerald!

Eggman: First come, first served, they say. And you served me too well for your own good! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sonic: You can't get away with this! [Turns to Knuckles] Knuckles, did you let him trick you again?

Knuckles: Like, you weren't?

Sonic: Smooth move, Knucklehead!

Eggman: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... I've got 4 Emeralds now. Here, Chaos!

[Chaos in his second form appears.]

Eggman: Come here, my hungry pet! [Throws the Emeralds to Chaos who now becomes Chaos 4.]

Tails: Now look what he is!

Sonic: Yep. Things are getting interesting here.

Knuckles: No problem. I'll make him eat dirt!

The Egg Carrier

[A large flying fortress appears in the sky above the Mystic Ruins.]

Eggman: Behold, my flying fortress! My creation, the Egg Carrier. Beware, Chaos' true power is yet to be unleashed. Ha ha ha ha ha... We shall meet again!

[Eggman enters inside the Egg Carrier; the Egg Carrier departs.]

Tails: Hurry, Sonic! What are we waiting for? My workshop's close, so let's go get the Tornado and go after him!

Sonic: Good idea!

Knuckles: Hey Sonic! You go on ahead without me. I've got some unfinished business to take care of.

Sonic: No problem, Knuckles! We'll take care of everything here.

[Knuckles leaves.]

Sonic: Let's move!

Ancient Ruins

[Knuckles arrives to the jungle area of the Mystic Ruins]

Knuckles: I can sense the Emerald shards somewhere around these ruins.

[The light shows up again.]

Knuckles: It's that light again.

Tikal's voice: Find two keys to unlock the door to the ancient temple.

Knuckles: Um...Okay. I'll get right to that.

To the Past Again

[After clearing Lost World, the light surrounds Knuckles, taking him to the Emerald Shrine in the past.]

Knuckles: Where am I? This is very strange.

Talking to the Shrine

[Knuckles sees Tikal in the shrine.]

Tikal: I beg of you. Hear me now. My father is coming here soon. And I fear what may happen. You must take everyone away from here! Oh please! [After a brief moment] So, are you saying you can't leave this place? I understand... Let me talk to my father again! There must be a better way to do this.

[Tikal turns around to find some Chao]

Tikal: Don't worry, my friends. I won't let you down. I must do something...quickly. [Runs off]

Back to the Shrine

[Knuckles is back to the shrine of the present]

Knuckles: What... I'm back in front of the altar! This is beginning to blow my mind! Wait a minute... I remember... The broken pieces of the Master Emerald... I have to restore them to where they belong.

[Knuckles heads up the shrine and places the pieces of the Master Emerald onto the spot almost completing it]

Knuckles: It's still incomplete! I need to find the remaining pieces. Wherever they are.

[The Master Emerald displays a hologram of the Egg Carrier.]

Knuckles: Hey look! It's Eggman's flying fortress. That's where the rest of the pieces must be. [Leaves the shrine] But I don't know where that ship is.

[Knuckles sees Gamma from a far.]

Knuckles: Hey! Isn't that one of Eggman's robots? I know... I'll follow it back to Eggman's base! Here I come, Eggman!

Fighting Gamma

[Knuckles spots Gamma entering Eggman's base.]

Knuckles: Hmmmm, just what I thought. Time to make a house call!

[Knuckles goes inside; later, he is at the launching site of the Egg Carrier where Gamma is there.]

Gamma: My sensors detect something behind me. [Turns around and spots Knuckles.] Intruder alert!

Knuckles: It caught me.

Gamma: All intruders must be dealt with immediately!

Knuckles: You seem to be more advanced than the other Eggman robots I've seen. This could be a challenge!

The Egg Carrier Launches

[After the battle with Gamma.]

Eggman: Gamma, what are you doing?! Come back to the Egg Carrier before it departs without you!

Gamma: Understood. Ceasing battle mode.

Knuckles: Gotta hang on!

Egg Carrier Arrival

[Knuckles is on board the Egg Carrier.]

Knuckles: Now we'll see who's so easily tricked! I can sense the Emeralds are here somewhere!

The Egg Carrier Transforms

[The Egg Carrier begins to shake.]

Knuckles: Uh! What's going on?

[The Egg Carrier transforms into another shape.]

Knuckles: Ugh! This thing's always changing. Forget about that. I got to focus on the Master Emerald pieces.

Inside the Egg Carrier

Knuckles: I sense the Master Emerald. It can't be far from here.

To the Past Yet Again

[After clearing Sky Deck...]

Knuckles: The last missing piece! Alright! Now to restore the Master Emerald! [Sees the light surrounding him.] Huh?

[Knuckles is transported to the Master Emerald shrine where it's surrounded in flames]

Knuckles: Oh no! Not again. What's the meaning of this?

Shrine in Flames

[Knuckles finds Tikal and some injured Chao on the ground]

Knuckles: Hey, what happened here?

Tikal: I couldn't...stop them. They came...and my father... I had no bad this would turn out! I'm shocked!

Knuckles: [Looks at the Master Emerald] Look, it's the Emerald!

Tikal: I must stop this now!

Knuckles: What do you mean? Hey, wait!

[The screen fades to white; Knuckles is back at the shrine]

Knuckles: Is this a dream? It's more like a nightmare! It felt like something I learned as a kid.

Spotting Sonic and Eggman

[Knuckles goes outside of the Egg Carrier]

Knuckles: I finally found all of the missing Emerald pieces, but... I still can't figure out that creepy monster. [Sees a light from a far distance.] Huh? What's that? [Suddenly is blinded by a bright light coming from the deck] Woah...

Battling Chaos 6

[Sonic just defeated Chaos 6.]

Sonic: Well, Eggman, got something to say?

Eggman: Aarghh! Not again... I hate you!

[Knuckles appears.]

Knuckles: Hey, Sonic! What's going on here?

Sonic: There you are, Knuckles. About time! You missed the big fight with Chaos.

Knuckles: He transformed again?

Sonic: Yeah. But he's not a problem anymore.

[Suddenly, Chaos 6 appears again.]

Sonic: No! It can't be!

Eggman: Hahaha! Looks like the battle is far from over! Uh oh! Gotta go! I will return! [Leaves.]

Sonic: Eggman! Come back!

Knuckles: I'll let you handle Eggman from here, Sonic. Leave Chaos to me.

Sonic: Alright, Knuckles. [Chases Eggman.]

Knuckles: [Looks at Chaos 6] I guess he didn't get enough the first time! You can't stop me from restoring the Master Emerald!

Chaos 6 Defeated

[After defeating Chaos 6.]]

Knuckles: Yeah! You're finished! What's left now is to return the Master Emerald safely to my island.

[Knuckles takes the 6 Chaos Emeralds and leaves the Egg Carrier.]

Master Emerald Restored

[Knuckles returns to the shrine of the Master Emerald and puts back the last pieces of the Emerald together, thus fully restoring the Emerald.]

Knuckles: This should do it! Perfect. All is well, now! The Master Emerald and the island have been restored.


[After Angel Island return to the skies again, Knuckles muses at the shrine.]

Knuckles: I'll probably be on this floating island forever. Guarding the Master Emerald, again. I may not know the whole story behind this. But perhaps it's better that way. I'm at peace once more.

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