This is the script for Gamma's story in Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed.

Creation of Gamma

[Gamma wakes up with the first thing he sees is Dr. Eggman.]

Eggman: Excellent! All systems-full power! [Gamma looks around and then back at Eggman] Look at me! I'm your brilliant creator, Dr. Eggman!

Orbot: And I'm Orbot.

Cubot: I'm Cubot!

[Gamma looks a Orbot and Cubot.]

Eggman: You're the second of my E-100 model machines. E-102! Code name: Gamma.

Gamma: Gamma.

Cubot: Nice to meet you, Gamma!

Eggman: That's right! You will now obey only me!


Eggman: The shooting range is through this door. Your big brother, E-101 Beta, is there practicing. Enter, Gamma! You're not as advanced as Beta is, but you'll do fine.

Battling Beta

[After clearing Final Egg.]

Eggman: Good job, Gamma! I didn't think you had what it takes!


Eggman: Okay then, Gamma... Here's your test. If you want to stay on board, you must be able to pass it! So pay attention to what I say. The almighty Egg Carrier is a flying fortress that needs a good crew! Come forth, Beta!

[Beta appears.]

Eggman: I'd like you to meet your older brother E-101. Just call him Beta. I am pitting the two of you against each other, and the winner serves on my ship.

Cubot: I'm voting for Gamma.

Orbot: Then Beta has my vote.

Eggman: I put my bets on Beta, but I owe you at least a fair chance.

[Gamma and Beta prepare for battle.]

Gamma Wins

[Following the one-on-one fight between Beta and Gamma, Beta walks over to stand with Eggman as he congratulates Gamma on winning the bout and earning a place on the Egg Carrier]

Eggman: Ho Ho ho! You surprised me, Gamma! I had a funny feeling there was more to you than meets the eye. I hereby grant Gamma permission to serve on board the Egg Carrier.

Cubot: In your face, Orbot!

[Beta stands beside Eggman.]

Beta: I want to join, too!

Eggman: What? So you want to come along with us, eh?

[Beta moves in front of Eggman]

Beta: Please, master!

Eggman: Okay, okay... We could use a spare set of parts, I guess. You have special permission.

Beta: Thank you, Master Eggman!

Eggman: Alright. Off to the Egg Carrier, my underlings!

Finding the Frog

[Back inside of the Egg Carrier, Eggman is prepared to make an announcement to Gamma and three other E-series robots: E-103 Delta, E-104 Epsilon, and E-105 Zeta]

Eggman: Ah, hah... Testing, 1, 2, 3... Ahem... You, the elite Egg Carrier crew, are here today... To hear a very special announcement. [An image of Froggy is show on the screen behind Eggman] Behold! It's a tailed frog! Very unique! This frog is absolutely vital to my plans! I command you to locate this frog immediately. You hear me? I don't care what it takes to get it. Just bring it to me!

E-series robots: Yes, Dr. Eggman!

Eggman: We haven't got time to waste. So come to attention!

[The E-series exit the Egg Carrier.]

To the Past

[After acquiring Froggy, Gamma spots a light surrounding him; he is taken to the Emerald Shrine in the past.]

Gamma: Must determine location. Accessing data. [Scans the area] No data found. Location unknown. This presents a problem.

Meeting Tikal and the Chao

[Gamma spots a group of Chao singing near the Emerald altar. Gamma goes in closer, but Tikal speaks.]

Tikal: No! Don't go any closer. [Looks at Gamma for a bit and doesn't see him as a threat] I'm sorry. I see you must not be one of them, huh? [Walks beside Gamma] Did you notice the presence guarding these children? He's a very loving and gentle creature. These little creatures are too vulnerable without it's protection. This protection allows them to continue singing in peace. Even I was surprised the first time I saw them. Now my father is trying to take their sacred home. It seems his heart is closed off to us all. My true hope is that one day, we'll understand each other.

[The screen fades to white.]

Angel Island

[Gamma appears at Angel Island.]

Gamma: ... Scanning area now. [Scans area] Location confirmed. Angel Island. Must locate the Mystic Ruins base with the Frog.

Encountering Knuckles

[Gamma is at the launching site of the Egg Carrier.]

Gamma: I'm sensing the presence of an intruder. [Turns around and spots Knuckles who was following him the whole time] Intruder spotted!

Knuckles: What?!

Gamma: Preparing to destroy intruders of Eggman's base.

Knuckles: I see, you don't seem like the usual robots that Eggman produces. Okay then, let's see what you can do!

The Egg Carrier Launches

[Gamma and Knuckles continue their battle.]

Eggman: Gamma, you must hurry! The Egg Carrier will be launching in 30 seconds!

Gamma: Yes, master. Withdrawing battle with red echidna. [Goes to the Egg Carrier]

Rewarding Gamma

[The robots are in the Egg Carrier with Orbot, and Cubot with all frogs.]

Gamma: [Holding Froggy] I have found the frog, Dr. Eggman!

Delta: No! This frog's the only one!

Zeta: No here's the real one!

Epsilon: My frog is the right one!

Cubot: It's going out of control!

Orbot: E-series robots. Please! Control yourselves!

[The E-series robots continue to argue.]

Orbot: Oh, I'm terrible at being the mediator.

[Eggman arrives]

Eggman: Ahem! Which one of you have found the frog?

[All the robots show the frogs to Eggman.]

Eggman: [Inspects the frogs] Argggh! DUMMIES, DUMMIES, DUMMIES, DUMMIES! [Walking down the list of robots] None of you got the right one! We must find the one with Chaos' tail! That same frog has also swallowed a Chaos Emerald! Huh? [Turns to Gamma and notices he is holding the correct frog.] Ah, there it is! Right there! I'm proud of you, Gamma! I knew you'd be of use to me! [Turns to the other three] All you worthless hunks of junk, be gone! Orbot, Cubot, send these failbots out of the Egg Carrier!

Cubot: Do we have to? We were getting to know them.

Orbot: It doesn't seem fair, sir.

Eggman: Quit your boo-hooing and get rid of them!

Cubot: Well, there's an old saying - "If you love something, you have to let it go."

Orbot: Goodbye, robot friends. You will be missed.

[The other E-series robots are teleported out of the Egg Carrier.]

Eggman: They'll be lucky I haven't scrapped them. [Turns to Gamma] You will get a new assignment! This one's easy! Go to the room through that last door. [Gamma turns toward the direction of the door.] Once there, you'll find a girl and a bird. Just give me that bird. Now go!

Beta Repaired

[Gamma walks off but is still trying to decide which door is the correct one]

Gamma: Is this the one? [Gamma walks on the spinning floor that leads him into a different room. Gamma sees parts of Beta on the floor and notices that Beta is on a machine.] Beta? [Walks out of the room] ... This is the wrong room.

Meeting Amy

[Gamma heads through the correct room and finds the cell containing Amy and the bird.]

Amy: Go away!

Gamma: Hand over the bird.

Amy: No way!

Gamma: Resistance is futile. Hand over the bird!

Amy: I said no!

Gamma: Why not?

Amy: None of your business why not. I want to know why you want it.

Gamma: Data unavailable.

Amy: You don't even know? I'd bet you'll be mean to him, you bully! Why not help us out instead? Don't you know how bad I feel?

Gamma: Does not compute. Why try to save what is useless to you? Does not compute. Enough resisting! The bird must be taken to my master now!

Amy: I feel sorry for you! Eggman failed to give you feelings.

[The Flicky escapes Amy's grasp and flies in front of Gamma]

Amy: Wait a minute, birdie!

[Gamma makes noises as the Flicky looks at him, the noises suddenly stop and he walks to the cell's switch.]

Gamma: Get going!

Amy: Huh? [Gamma presses the trigger and unlocks Amy's cell] Why are you letting us go?

Gamma: It is dangerous here. Hurry. We'll be arriving at the Mystic Ruins base soon.

Amy: So... You're not like those other robots, huh? You truly are a good person inside, aren't you? I guess we can be friends then... Take care, ok? [Leaves the room.]

Get the Jet Booster

[Gamma is at the announcement room.]

Eggman: [Speakers] Uh, uh, testing 1, 2, 3... Gamma! Get ready for battle instructions! Get the Jet Booster from the ammunition room and get up to the deck. The ammunition room is unlocked.

Heading Outside

Eggman: I see you got the Jet Booster. Report to the rear of the ship. Hurry!

Facing Sonic

[Gamma appears and finds Eggman with Sonic, Tails, and Amy.]

Gamma: How can I serve you, Dr. Eggman?

Eggman: Eradicate all of those menaces! Give them all you got!

Gamma: Aye aye, sir. I will comply.

Eggman: I'm counting on you, Gamma! [Escapes.]

[Sonic engages battle against Gamma.]

Amy: No! Sonic! Mr. Robot! Don't!

Turn a New Leaf

[Gamma appears to have defeated Sonic.]

Sonic: This robot is tough!

Gamma: [Points gun at Sonic] Target locked! Ready to fire!

Amy: Stop, Mr. Robot! [Gets in front of Gamma]

Sonic: Amy...?

Amy: It's okay, Sonic. Don't worry. [Turns to Gamma] Hey, Mr. Robot. I know you're not an evil sort. Wait! Remember me?

Gamma: [Putting gun down] Restraining fire.

Sonic: Amy? Huh! I really don't get this.

[The Egg Carrier shakes.]

Tails: Sonic, look! The Egg Carrier's losing altitude!

Sonic: We've gotta split. Take Amy and go!

Amy: What will you do?

Sonic: I'll nail that Eggman! He must be stopped, at all costs!

Amy: Thanks again for saving me as usual, Sonic. And how are you, my metal friend? It's dangerous here. Why not leave Eggman and come with us?

Gamma: Why do you help me?

Amy: I told you we'd be friends the next time we met. Even birdie wants the best for you. You must ditch that awful Eggman!

Tails: Amy, come on!

Amy: Okay! We'll meet again, my robot friend!

[Tails takes Amy's hands and the two set off.]

Gamma: Leaving Egg Carrier now. [Flies away]

Free From Eggman

[Gamma is arriving to the Mystic Ruins. During this, a number of images display in his system - Eggman, Sonic and his friends, the E-series robots being sent away, and Beta being repaired. They begin to play until it stops at Eggman.]

Gamma: Dr. Eggman... Enemy... Master registration... Deleted. E-Series... Friends... Must save...

Return to the Egg Carrier

[After clearing Red Mountain...]

Gamma: E-103 Delta... E-104 Epsilon... Rescue mission accomplished. E-105 Zeta... E-101 Beta... Location unknown. Perhaps... aboard the Egg Carrier.

Searching for Zeta

[Gamma is at the Egg Carrier.]

Gamma: E-series data. Beginning search. ... Accessing data... Hot Shelter: location confirmed. Unlocking Hot Shelter, now.

Two Units Remaining

[Gamma returns outside of the Egg Carrier.]

Gamma: E-105 Zeta rescue complete. Units remaining... [Images flash on the screen, as Gamma looks towards his hand.] Gamma... [Spots Beta flying from a distance] Beta...


[Gamma defeats Beta. Just then, Amy comes to see Gamma.]

Amy: Mr. Robot!

Gamma: Amy?

Amy: I just knew we'd meet again Mr. Robot! What were you doing fighting that other robot?

Gamma: I had to fulfill my mission, and save him.

[Amy looks at Beta.]

Amy: Huh?

Gamma: Stay back, I must finish my mission.

[Gamma comes close to Beta, but Beta gets up and blasts Gamma.]

Amy: Mr. Robot!

[Beta explodes; Gamma is severely damaged.]

Amy: Mr. Robot, are you okay?

Gamma: ... ... Mission complete...

[Gamma drops on the ground.]

Amy: Mr. Robot...

Gamma: A...Amy! You...were...a...great...friend...

Amy: I... I won't forget you...Gamma.

[Gamma explodes.]

Amy: [Saddened] Goodbye...

[Two flickies appear from each of the robots.]

Amy: Oh!! Birdie, it's your family! They came from the robots. We did it! [Turns to the remains of Gamma.] This whole time, you... were one of Birdie's siblings. Thank you, Gamma. You will always be in my heart.

[Amy celebrates the reunion of the flickies]

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