This is the script for Big's story in Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed.

The Frog with the Tail

[The story begins with Angel Island from a very far distance falling down the skies. The ground shakes as the island falls, which wakes up Froggy. Froggy spots a puddle which happens to be Chaos. Froggy bites off Chaos' tail causing him to grow his own tail. Big wakes up and spots Froggy.]

Big: Huh... er... wha? Froggy, is that you? You're lookin' kinda weird, good buddy. [Looks at Froggy's tail.] What's up with the tail?

[Froggy goes to the hut and swallows the Chaos Emerald.]

Big: Hey, wait a minute! You swallowed my lucky charm.

[Froggy runs away.]

Big: Come back here... What's wrong with you? Something's not right. We've always been friends... for years. [goes after Froggy] Froggy! Wait up! Oh dear!

In Station Square

[Big is in Station Square]

Big: Yoohoo! Froggy! Come out, come out wherever you are! Oh man, where could my Pollywog Pal be, anyway?

Under the Car

[Big sees Froggy hopping on the sidewalk.]

Big: Froggy! There you are! [Sees Froggy who is going under the car] Wait, don't run away! What cha' doin' under that car? What's wrong? [Sees Froggy going down the sewer] He went down the sewer! I better go get him!

Froggy Escapes

[Big sees Froggy going to the train station.]

Big: Uh-oh! Froggy's getting away!

Tails and Froggy

[Big is at the Mystic Ruins and sees Tails holding Froggy.]

Big: Froggy has to be here somewhere.

[He sees Tails holding Froggy.]

Big: Oh no, he's got my little buddy!

[Tails sees Big running towards him and Froggy, trips over a branch in front of them.]

Big: Waaaaaaahhhhh! Ugh! Ugh!

Tails: Oops!

Big: Glad I found you!

[Froggy frees himself from Tails' grasp and leaves.]

Big: [Chases Froggy.] Awwwww, now what am I gonna do?

Leaping to the Hotel

[Big sees Froggy going to the hotel.]

Big: I won't give up on finding Froggy!

Gamma Appears

[After clearing Emerald Coast...]

Big: [Holding Froggy] I won't ever lose you again, little pal. Not this time.

[Gamma appears and takes Froggy.]

Big: Froggy? [notices that Froggy is being captured by Gamma] Uh oh! [Chases Gamma as he escapes] NO, hold on there! Come back, please! Give me my friend back! I'm beggin' ya, please!

Following Gamma

[Big finds Gamma entering Eggman's base.]

Big: This must be where the robot was at. Gotta go inside!

[We are taken to the launching site of the Egg Carrier where Big sees Gamma going inside the Egg Carrier.

Big: Gotta hurry! I'm coming, Froggy! [Rushes inside before it launches.]

Inside the Egg Carrier

[Big is inside the Egg Carrier.]

Big: Froggy? This place doesn't look familiar to me at all... [Sniffing] Hmm, smells like Froggy's around somewhere. Think I'll see what's behind this door!

In the Aquarium

[Big enters Hot Shelter and soon enters a central area surrounded by aquariums.]

Big: [spots Froggy in one of the aquariums] Aaaah! There's Froggy! Looks like he needs my help!

To the Past

[After clearing Hot Shelter...]

Big: [Holding Froggy] Yes! We're together again at last, heh?

[A light shows up and surrounds Big and Froggy.]

Big: Huh? That's strange!

[Big is transported to the Master Emerald shrine in the past.]

Big: Where am I? Froggy?

Tikal and the Altar

[Big sees Tikal gazing at the altar.]

Tikal: Wow! Is it alright for me to be here? So do you... Trust me? So these are the 7 Emeralds... [Walks up to the altar and discovers the Master Emerald; Big follows] [gasp] ! ? Could it be? The servers are... the 7 Chaos Emeralds... Unified by one that is the controller... The 7 Chaos... The controller itself... Could this be the Emerald that controls the 7 Chaos?

[The screen fades to white.]

Escaping the Egg Carrier

[Big returns to the Egg Carrier.]

Big: Froggy! I don't like the looks of this place!

[The Egg Carrier shakes.]

Big: If something happens now... There's no point to my rescuin' you. I don't know who would bother to save us both. We better get going, buddy!

Chaos 6

[Big sees Chaos 4.]

Big: A shark? It belongs to the water!

[Eggman with Orbot and Cubot appears in his Egg Mobile.]

Eggman: So! I see you're trying to escape! I'm right on time.

Big: I won't let you have Froggy, weird-looking mustache man!

Eggman: Chaos! Grab him. Get that frog! And don't forget the Chaos Emerald.

[Froggy begins to spit out the Chaos Emerald.]

Big: Froggy?

[Froggy spits out the Chaos Emerald and Chaos absorbs it; Eggman also throws the other Emerald to Chaos who also absorbs it; Chaos is now Chaos 6]

Orbot: What's this?

Big: My lucky charm!

Cubot: Chaos is the shape of a frog!

Eggman: All right! And now for the frog. The frog is possessed by your tail. Once you get your tail, you'll be complete and ultra strong.

[Chaos absorbs Froggy and Chaos gains his tail back.]

Big: So that must be why Froggy was acting so strange.

[Sonic arrives and sees Chaos 6.]

Sonic: Unbelievable! Look what happened! Chaos has transformed again.

Big: Huh?

Eggman: Hahahaha! This is music to my ears!

Big: Froggy! I'll save you... Don't worry pally.

Sonic: So he's your friend, eh? No sweat... I'll get him back! Watch me!

Big: Oh, thanks.

Eggman: Hahaha! Not only have I found 6 Chaos Emeralds, but I've also found Chaos' missing tail! And I'm just one more Emerald away for Chaos to tear apart Station Square in case you weren't aware!

Sonic: Well, I'll stop you before it even happens!

Eggman: Ha! You insolent fool! Even when he's close to perfection, you're still no match for Chaos! Now, Chaos, take out the blue pest and the fat cat!

Big: [Holding his lure] Careful Froggy! Don't worry. We'll get ya back!

Froggy Rescued

[After rescuing Froggy...]

Big: [Holding Froggy] Hoo-ray! Froggy, heh heh heh heh, I won't let them take you away again.

Sonic: Go! Go on and get outta here! I'll do the rest.

Big: Oh, okay... Thanks! Come, little buddy. Time to get a move on.

Escape with the Tornado 2

[Big finds the Tornado 2]

Big: Huh... er... what? Hey, maybe we could use this? But I don't know the first thing about it. Oh well, I'll give it a try anyway.

[Big gets on the Tornado 2; as he leaves, the Egg Carrier explodes.]


[Big and Froggy arrives to the Mystic Ruins jungle.]

Big: What a crazy adventure, Froggy! At first, I thought you were running away from me, but it was the water that was inside you. Then we fought that monster and I lured you back. Then we got out with the plane and that ship exploded. Glad we're back home! How about you, Froggy?

Froggy: [Ribbits happily]

Big: I knew you'd be happy. Come on. Let's find some fish!

[Big and Froggy celebrate; the scene turns to the Tornado 2 with the Chaos Emerald inside.]

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