This is the script for Amy's story in Sonic Adventure: Chaos Unleashed.

Enter Amy

[Amy is walking down a sidewalk in Station Square with a bag of groceries in her hands.]

Amy: [Stops up] Gee, I'm bored. Every day's the same old thing... Same place, different day... I miss the good old days. Hangin' out with my hero, Sonic...

[A flashback of the events of Sonic CD plays.]

Amy: Chasing bad guys... And blowing them away- ha hah!

[Back to reality]

Amy: But now he's gone. And there's nothing left to do, but shop 'til I drop. There was always something fun to do with Sonic around. I really miss him.

[A shadow casts over Amy]

Amy: Hey, what's going on here? Is there an eclipse today, or what? Nobody forecast a storm or anything. [Sees that it's the Egg Carrier.] What is that airship?

The Egg Carrier

[The Egg Carrier flies over Station Square.]

Amy: Eggman? Can it be? What's that?

[Something falls into Amy's face.]

Amy: Ahhh watch it, watch it. Ow! You should watch where you're going, buddy! [Realizes that it was a Flicky.] Hey. Are you alright? You look kinda hurt.

[A loud thud is heard, and Amy notices that ZERO has appeared and tries to attack Amy but misses.]

Amy: Huh... Uh oh.

[ZERO turns around ready to attack Amy again]

Amy: Yikes! You almost ran me over you creep! Oh no! Let's get out of here! [Then they hid in a shop while ZERO kept looking.] That was close call. That was one of Eggman's robots. Huh? He must've captured you, and somehow you got away, right? Don't worry. I'll protect you [They come out of the shop] I'll do my best to keep us both from harm, I'll stand by you all the way.

Finding Sonic

[Amy finds Sonic at the casino area.]

Amy: Oh Sonic! Huh... My hero! So-nic! [Sonic turns around] Long time no see...

Sonic: Uhh... Amy!

Amy: What's your problem?! [Holds the Flicky.] See, this little birdie's got in trouble. I think you should be his bodyguard a little while.

Sonic: What?!

Amy: Doesn't matter. We'll just tag along!

Sonic: No way! Uh-uh! [Runs away.]

Amy: Come on, don't run away. Ohhhhhhhh... [Chases Sonic.]

Twinkle Park

[Amy catches up with Sonic.]

Amy: Wait up, Sonic! Not fair! I can't run as fast as you!

Sonic: [Under breath] That girl just doesn't give up.

[ZERO approaches to the two.]

Amy: Hey! It's that robot that chased me and Birdie earlier!

Sonic: Don't panic! I'll handle that bag of bolts!

Amy: Ahhhhh!

Sonic: [He turns around to Amy] Now what's wrong?! [Amy is looking at the sign near the entrance] Huh?

Amy: [Looks at the computer screen next to the entrance of Twinkle Park.] Look! It says cute couples can get in free! What are we waiting for? [Enters Twinkle Park.]

Sonic: Amy! Wai-wai-wai-wait! I give up. She's so weird! [He follows Amy]


[Amy walks out of the entrance of Twinkle Park.]

Amy: Whew! I'm glad we finally lost that robot! Sonic must've gotten lost, too!

[A giant shadow covers Amy and she turns around to find out it is ZERO.]

Amy: [Running away holding the bird.] Ahhhhh!

[ZERO grabs Amy and the Flicky with his right hand and heads to the train station.]

Amy: Hey, watch it bolt brain, let us down! Let us go!

[Inside the station, ZERO goes above the rails.]

Amy: [Noticing Sonic at the casino area.] Help! So-nic!

Aboard the Egg Carrier

[Amy and the Flicky are inside a prison.]

Amy: [Comforting the Flicky] Now, now. Calm down. Everything is going to be okay. I hope. If Sonic finds a way here to save us.

[Gamma enters the prison and turns to Amy and the Flicky.]

Amy: What do you want?

Gamma: Hand me the bird.

Amy: [Turning the bird away from him] Nope!

Gamma: Quietly hand over the bird.

Amy: NO! Never!

Gamma: Why not?

Amy: I don't need to tell you anything. [Standing up] You tell ME why you want it, now!

Gamma: Does not compute.

Amy: You don't even know? I know you might hurt both of us. Please, Mr. Robot... [She walks to him and he walks back] Won't you help us, please?

Gamma: Insuficiente data. You have feeling for some thing you know nothing about. Illogical. Enough! I must take that bird to Dr. Eggman now!

Amy: I pity you. Love is not part of your programming, you are missing something good.

[The Flicky escapes Amy's grasp and flies in front of Gamma]

Amy: Hey birdie! Come back here!

[Gamma makes noises as the Flicky looks at him, the noises suddenly stop and he walks to the cell's switch.]

Gamma: Go, escape!

Amy: Wh-what? [Gamma push the switch and Amy gets free] You sure? [Amy starts running away, but stops looking at Gamma]

Gamma: It's dangerous here. Hurry. We'll be at the Mystic Ruins base soon.

Amy: You're really nice. You're different from the other robots. You've got a soft spot inside your metal frame. If you want, we can be friends, okay? [She and the bird go away]

Hedgehog Hammer

[After Amy enters to the Hedgehog Hammer room.]

Eggman: [From the speakers.] Ha ha ha ha! You're not going to escape from here! Let's see if you can clear this awesome game!


Eggman: [From the speakers.] What? I can't believe this is happening!

To the Past

[Amy is holding the balloon to escape Hot Shelter, when Tikal's light orb appears in front of her and gasps as she is taken to the past.]

Amy: Huh? What's this place?

Tikal and the Chao

[In the altar, Amy sees Tikal and some Chao.]

Tikal: You're the... Chao. [The Chao flee as Tikal tries to get closer.] Don't be afraid. You're safe with me. [One of the Chao approaches Tikal and she holds it.]

[The water at the altar suddenly ripples and Tikal gasps. Chaos starts emerging from the water as the screen fades to white.]

Back to the Egg Carrier

[Amy returns to the present.]

Amy: Gee, what was that? I wonder if I'm dreaming? Oh my! I need to get outta this place!

Sonic to the Rescue

[Amy and the bird run away, but stop at hearing Eggman's voice.]

Eggman: Where do you think you're going, Amy?

[Eggman appears in front of Amy.]

Amy: Eggman... No!

Eggman: You can't get away this easily!

[Sonic and Tails arrive to the rescue.]

Sonic: Amy!

Amy: Sonic, help!

Eggman: Too late, buddy! [Grabs birdie.]

Amy: Birdie!

[Eggman takes a Chaos Emerald from the bird. He frees the bird from his grasp.]

Eggman: Thank you.

Tails: It's a Chaos Emerald!

Amy: So that's why you needed Birdie!

Eggman: Precisely! Now you can all get out of my sight! This is all that I need for Chaos! Gamma!

[Gamma appears.]

Gamma: At your service, sir!

Eggman: Dispose of these annoying pests! Give 'em all you got!

Gamma: Aye Aye, sir! Will comply.

Eggman: I've got better things to do! [Escapes.]

[Sonic engages battle against Gamma.]

Amy: Stop, Mr. Robot!

Losing Altitude

[Sonic stands in front of Gamma who is close to defeat.]

Sonic: Let's end this once and for all! [Runs to give Gamma the final blow.]

Amy: Please stop! [Gets into Sonic's way.]

Sonic: Amy! That's one of Eggman's clunkers. Outta my way!

Amy: No! He helped me before by letting me escape. This robot is different! You don't need to hurt him, okay?

Sonic: Amy... Okay, I guess I'll let him go, then.

[The Egg Carrier shakes.]

Tails: The Egg Carrier's losing altitude!

Sonic: We're fresh outta time! Take Amy and clear out, fast!

Amy: What about you?

Sonic: I'll nail that Eggman! Can't let him escape!

[Sonic goes to chase Eggman.]

Amy: I knew you would save me, Sonic. You're my hero! [To Gamma] Uhhh, you okay? It's dangerous here. Don't pay attention to Eggman anymore. Free yourself. Come on!

Gamma: Why are you helping me?

Amy:  I said we'd be friends and I'm returning your favor. Even this birdie wants you to be free. Eggman's not the kind of person you should work for.

Tails: Amy, come on! Let's get going!

Amy: Okay! Until we meet again, Mr. Robot! Take care of yourself!

[Tails takes Amy's hands and the two set off. Gamma also escapes. The Egg Carrier collapses and falls to the ocean.]

Missing Family

[Tails, Amy, and the Flicky arrive to Station Square.]

Tails: Well, we're back.

Amy: I need to go, Tails. I feel like I need to do something. [Enters the train station.]

Tails: Okay, Amy, see you later.

Amy: [Entering the train station] I wonder what Sonic is doing... He's always rescuing me, it seems. I should be more independent. [Looks at the Flicky] You know you sure surprised me... by having a Chaos Emerald with you. No wonder they were after you, my feathered friend. [The pendant opens revealing a picture] Oh, a pendant! So, I'll help you find your family. Does Eggman have them captive now?

[The Flicky chirps.]

Amy: I bet he does! So, I'll help you find your family. I've come this far. I may as well go all the way! That Robot said Dr. Eggman's base is in the Mystic Ruins. So, what d'ya say we check it out?

Finding the Base

[Amy and the Flicky find Eggman's base.]

Amy: Hmmmm... I don't remember this bridge... Looks dangerously suspicious! [Looks at the bird and back to the bridge.] Wanna go?

ZERO Returns

[Before the start of Final Egg, ZERO appears behind Amy, who turns around to find him.]

Amy: [Gasps.] Not you again!

No Sign of Family

Amy: Whew! That was a close one! I saw no sign of your relatives, birdie! [Looks at the Flicky.] Ohhhhh! You escaped from the Egg Carrier! So maybe your family's still in there. [Zoom-in.] Let's investigate.

Farewell, Gamma

[Amy comes to see Gamma, who stands over a defeated Beta.]

Amy: Mr. Robot!

Gamma: Amy?

Amy: Hi, Mr. Robot! Good to see you again! Were you fighting that robot?

Gamma: Yes. He must be neutralized.

[Amy looks at Beta.]

Amy: Ohh!!

Gamma: You must stand clear as I neutralize him.

[Gamma comes close to Beta, but Beta gets up and blasts Gamma.]

Amy: Mr. Robot!

[Beta explodes; Gamma is severely damaged.]

Amy: Oh no, you're really hurt!

Gamma: ... ... Mission accomplished...

[Gamma drops on the ground.]

Amy: Hang in there, Mr. Robot...

Gamma: A...Amy!

Amy: I... I will remember you...Gamma.

[Gamma explodes.]

Amy: [Saddened] Goodbye...

[Two flickies appear from each of the robots.]

Amy: Yeah, it's them! We did it. We found them! [Turns to the remains of Gamma.] So all this time, you had one of Birdie's siblings inside of you and the other robot. Thank you, Gamma. You won't be forgotten.

Showdown with ZERO

[Amy celebrates with the Flickies.]

Amy: I'm so happy for you, Birdie!

[Suddenly, ZERO appears and attacks the Flicky.]

Amy: What in the world! [Goes to check on Birdie] Oh no! Are you okay? [Angrily turns to ZERO] You idiot! How could you do this! Take this! [Attempts to attack ZERO with her hammer, but ZERO dodges] Now you're gonna get it!


[ZERO is defeated. Amy goes to check on the Flicky.]

Amy: Please, wake up, birdie. Are you okay? Can you fly?

[Birdie recovers and begins to fly again]

Amy: Whoa! You did it! Now you three can live in peace again!

[All of the flickies fly away. "Birdie" waves goodbye to Amy.]

Amy: Goodbye, Birdie! Goodbye! I will never forget you three flying friends! [Turns to Gamma's remains.] And goodbye to you, Gamma or should I say, Mr. Robot.

[Fade to black; Amy walks.]

Amy: I'm going to try my best, too! Just watch me. I'll make that Sonic respect me! And by that time it's gonna be too late.

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