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Amy's Story

During the sunset, Amy Rose is taking a stroll in Station Square, reminiscing about the time Sonic rescued her from Metal Sonic in Sonic CD. Just then, the city is shadowed by the Egg Carrier and a bird falls down from the sky. The bird was held captive, along with its family. Also, a robot named ZERO confronts Amy and the bird, chasing after them. They hid from ZERO inside a resturant, making the robot lose sight of them. Amy befriends the bird, who she nicknames "Birdie", and promises to help it get home with its family.

Adventure Field: Station Square

After a stroll through the town, she runs into Sonic and asks him to guard Birdie, though Sonic strongly declines and gets away. Amy chases on.

Adventure Field: Station Square

Amy follows Sonic to the entrance of Twinkle Park. Unfortunately, ZERO appears and before Sonic decides to fight it, Amy notices a sign that apparently says "Cute Couples get in free" and readily enters the park while Sonic follows in an annoyed manner.

Stage 1: Twinkle Park

After making her way through Twinkle Park while avoiding ZERO, Amy makes it back to Station Square and finds out that Sonic got lost. Before she can continue with her search, she is captured by ZERO.

Amy is taken to a cell aboard the Egg Carrier where she is guarded by E-102 Gamma. He demands Amy to hand over the bird, but she refuses. She then demands that he tell her why he wants the bird, but he himself does not know. She pleads with Gamma to help them, but he questions why she cares for something she knows nothing about. She says she pities him because love is not a part of his programming. The bird flies out of the jail cell and looks Gamma in the eyes. Gamma then tells them to escape and opens the cell. He tells them it is dangerous and that they'll be at the Mystic Ruins base soon. Amy makes friends with Gamma and she leaves out of the room.

Adventure Field: The Egg Carrier

She comes to a room and plays through a game where she gets the Warrior's Feather

Sub-Game: Hedgehog Hammer

Adventure Field: The Egg Carrier

Stage 2: Hot Shelter

As Amy hangs on the balloon, a light appears and shines at her. Amy finds herself in the Mystic Ruins 4,000 years in the past. 

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins (The Past)

Amy sees Tikal talking to the Chao in the Emerald Shrine. She then drifts back to the present into the Egg Carrier. 

Adventure Field: The Egg Carrier

She makes it to the deck and is cornered by Eggman, Orbot, and Cubot. Eggman demands her to give up Birdie. She strongly refuses. Before Eggman takes the initiative, Sonic and Tails arrive to the scene. Eggman tells the two that they're too late and grabs Birdie, much to Amy's shock. He take the Chaos Emerald from its locket, leaving Amy to realize why he needed the bird.

Eggman calls out Gamma and orders him to destroy them. After fighting Gamma, Sonic tries to deliver the final blow, but Amy defends the robot, telling Sonic he helped her. Sonic relents and respects her wishes. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier begins to lose altitude. Sonic orders Tails to take Amy to safety while he chases after Eggman. Amy tells Gamma to be free from Eggman. Gamma asks why she is helping him, to which she responds that she promised they'd be friends. She then leaves with Tails as the Egg Carrier crashes.

Amy and Tails make their return to Station Square and the two bid farewell each other. Amy decides to go to the Mystic Ruins to help Birdie find its family.

Adventure Field: Station Square, Mystic Ruins

After searching through the jungle she finds the bridge leading to Eggman's base.

Stage 3: Final Egg

After the stage, it turns out that there was no sign of the Birdie's family in the base, but after deducing that the bird escaped from the Egg Carrier, Amy decides to goes back to the now sunken Egg Carrier.

Adventure Field: Mystic Ruins, Egg Carrier

Amy and the bird arrive to the Egg Carrier and meets Gamma who stands on a defeated Beta. As Gamma goes to finish off Beta, Beta shoots with a laser while exploding. Amy goes to check on Gamma, who before his explosion tells Amy to remember him and considers her a great friend. Amy mourns Gamma, but to her surprise, coming out of the remains of the two E-series robots were Birdie parents. Amy thanks Gamma and says she will never forget him.

The family reunion of Birdie and his parents was rudely interrupted as ZERO knocks out the bird with its telescopic fist. After noticing the perpetrator of the attack, Amy becomes enraged and prepares to fight ZERO.

Boss: ZERO

After destroying the robotic pursuer, Amy goes to check if Birdie is okay. Eventually, to her relief, Birdie can still fly. The three birds are fly up together and they all waved goodbye to Amy who waves back goodbye to them. She then says her goodbye to the remains of Gamma and and vows to gain Sonic's respect.


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