Sonic Advance X
Winduct, Sonic Team
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European.png Febuary 3, 2011

Jaguar american.jpg Febuary 3, 2011
Jaguar flagen.jpg Febuary 13, 2011

Jaguar Australian.jpg Febuary 3, 2011
Single player, Multiplayer
PEGI: +7(Fear)

Sonic Advance X (ソニックアドバンス X) is a 2-D side-scrolling game of the Sonic the Hedgehog game series. It is the fourth and final installment of the Sonic Advance series (although not released in Nintendo Gameboy Advance). The game received generally positive reviews from both fans and critics. It was nominated for Best Handheld Game at the E3 2014 Gametrailer awards.


The story begins when Snively, the pesky nephew of Dr. Eggman comes for a visit. At the same time, Dr. Eggman is trying to come up with a new plan of powering up his badniks, having gone mad with Sonic destroying his creations all the time. Snively comes up with a new risky plan of using Chao as the organic battery inside the badniks instead of animals, making the robot army harder to eliminate. Dr. Eggman immediately agrees with his nephew's idea and sets off an army of badniks to capture Chao. Meanwhile, Cream the Rabbit is having tea in her room with all of her beloved Chao including Cheese. She leaves the room to get some more tea and as she returns, all the Chao from the room (except Cheese) are missing. Cream rushes over to Sonic's place to inform him of what's happend. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy agree to help Cream rescue the Chao. The team immediately suspects Eggman. At the same time, Omega informs Shadow the Dr. Eggman is working with Snively, implying that if they must stop them from releasing havoc to the world before its too late. The two of them set off to defeat the two villains.

The heroes meet in Twin Island where Snivelly has invaded to capture the Chao with his mech. The heroes (Sonic,Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, Omega) unite to defeat him.

Sinvely, defeated, returns to the base, where a furious Eggman decides to unleash one of his most frightening creations.

The heroes arrive at Eggman and Sinvely's base where the duo unleashes a giant robot to distract the heroes in order to flee to their space fleet to activate their new machine: A massive laiser powered from the energy of millions of Chao. After Sonic and the team defeats the robot they go after Eggman and Sinvely in their space fleet. The heroes finally defeat Eggman and Snively's army of mechs aboard the space fleet. The main ship starts to fall and the heroes flee in Tail's Tornado X. As the ship is destroyed, the Chao are saved. The heroes watch as the Chao are flying free in the sky.

Soon, the heroes realize that the Chao are not what they seem, they are digital holograms by Dr. Eggman and Snively created to distract the heroes. Suddently a massive robot emerges from the clouds and sky. The two of them, in their mech, set off to conquer the world using their new creation: a massive robot which uses thousands of Chao as its battery. Sonic and Shadow, turn into their Super forms and go after Dr. Eggman and Snively.

After defeating the Egg Daredevil, the true Chao are finally freed. Debris fall from the sky, revealing to be Egg Daredevil's destroyed parts. The heroes celebrate their victory over at Cream's house along with the Chao and Vanilla.

The End...


Gameplay for Sonic Advance X is similar to that of the Sonic Advance series. The game is in the classic 2D sidescroller view while the characters' sprites are similar to that of the Sonic Advance series and Sonic Battle. The game mixes elements of both Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure such as grinding rails. The goal of the game is simply to get from the beginning of the stage to the end while dodging Dr. Eggman and Snively's badniks, collecting rings and finding the portal for the Special Stage to collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Each character has an ability and a diffrent attack. Each stage has 2 acts just like in the previous Sonic Advance games and 1 boss fight in the end of the second act driven either by Dr. Eggman or Snively. The game features small lengthed 2D cutscenes similar to Sonic Advance's 1, 2 & 3 but a bit more like a comic book.




129px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Sonic The Hedgehog - 9.png
Sonic the Hedgehog: The main protagonist of the game. Sonic teams up with his friends to find the missing Chao stolen by the evil Dr. Eggman and his nephew Snively. Sonic can run very fast, faster than all the other characters (along with Shadow). Sonic's attack (pressing the o button) allows him to punch and then kick the opponent. Sonic can also Spin Dash and Spin Attack. When pressing the Δ button, Sonic will give an upercut to his enemies.

Miles "Tails" Prower: Sonic's best friend. Tails helps the heroes with

159px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Tails - 2.png
his knowledge of machinery and assists them with his "Blue Typhoon". Tails can fly pretty high for long distances like in previous Sonic titles. He can Spin Dash and when pressing the o button, Tails will chop his opponent with his two tails. When pressing the Δ button, Tails will shoot a lazer ball from his hand cannon from Sonic Battle.

152px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Knuckles - 2.png
Knuckles the Echidna: Sonic's old rival and friend. He helps Sonic in his journey to find the missing Chao aswell. Knuckles can glide for long distances and can also Spin Dash. When pressing the o button, Knuckles will use his two knuckles to whipe his enemies out. Knuckles is pretty fast and strong and when pressing the Δ button, he will throw a massive bowlder.
Amy Rose: Amy also takes part in the epic adventure. All of Amy's
132px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Amy - 1.png
attacks are based on the Piko Piko Hammer. Amy can grind rails. She can also Spin Dash, like Sonic. When pressing the o button, she will slam the enemy with her hammer, and when pressing the Δ button, she will attack the enemy with her hammer from below.
Cream the Rabbit: Cream's Chao except Cheese were stolen by Dr.
132px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Cream - 2.png
Eggman and Snively. Cream asked for the help of Sonic and his friends and together they set off to save the Chao. Cream can fly with her giant ears just like in the previous games. All of her attacks are based on Cheese, when pressing the o button, Cheese attacks the enemy and when pressing the Δ button, Cheese peforms a small twister. Cream can also Spin Dash.
Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow first appereance in the Sonic
139px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Shadow The Hedgehog - 4.png
Advance series. Shadow learns from Omega that Eggman is planning along with Snively to unleash a new army of Badniks although he doesn't really know anything else. Shadow is, along with Sonic, the fastest character in the game, which they both have the same speed. He can Spin Dash and grind rails. When pressing the o button, he will perform a kick and when pressing the Δ button, he will cause a small energy explosion above his head.
E-123 Omega: Somehow, Omega manages to gather
185px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Omega.png
information about Eggman's and Snively's teamwork. Although he plans on stopping them, he mainly wants to get revenge on Dr. Eggman. Omega is the hardest to control since he doesnt perform Spin Dash, but he's the second fastest character, after Sonic and Shadow.  He can hover short distances and is very powerful. When pressing the o button, Omega will hit the enemy with his arm, and when pressing the Δ button, he will shoot a rocket from his hand.
Tikal: Tikal is unlocked by completing the story mode including the
104px-Sonic Art Assets DVD - Tikal.png
final story, after collecting the 7 Chaos Emeralds. When she is unlocked, a short cut-scene reveals that she awoke to save the captured Chao, although being not playable in the story mode. Tikal can grind rails like all the characters, glide and Spin Dash. When pressing the o button she will perform a kick and when pressing the Δ button, a big jewel will appear above her head which hits the enemy.

Tiny Chao Garden

The game features a Tiny Chao Garden, like previous Sonic Advance games. It is unlocked by completing the story mode. The garden can feature up to 5 gardens with up to 15 Chao in each. You can feed the Chao fruits which you can buy from the

Customize your Tiny Chao Garden!

Black Market, fruits such as apple, banana, passion fruit, grapes and a triangle fruit. The Chao are used in some minigames. You can also purchase small items such as a TV, a trumpet, a book and a ball. Items power up the Chao's stamina: Mood, Belly, Activity and Skill. Unlike the previous Chao Gardens, here, you can customize your Chao Garden and make it looks just like you want. You can add a lake, trees and fence wherever you want, making it an ideal place for your Chao to live.


There are total of 4 minigames in the game. In some minigames, you can use your Chao.

Balloon Minigame: The place is filled with balloons. In this mini-game, the player must jump on the balloons and pop them making the player go higher and earning a score. The goal of the game is to go as high as possible. There are diffrent balloons such as big balloons, small baloons, Egg balloons.

Starter Minigame

Chao not playable

Go-Far Minigame: In this minigame, you start by being shot off a canon. The goal of the game is to go as far as possible by obtaining items or hitting on objects.

Unlocked by finishing Story-Mode (not Final Story).

Chao are playable

Flag Capture Minigame: In this minigame the player slides down a snowy mountain with a snowboard. The goal is too collect as many flags as possible and performing tricks in order to gain score.

Unlocked by playing all characters in all stages (except Tikal)

Chao are playable

Battle Minigame: In this minigame you have to defeat as many robots as possible.

Unlocked by playing Tikal in all stages

Chao not playable


The game received generally positive reviews from both critics and fans. Metacritic gave a ranking of 70. Gamerankings gave a ranking of 67.09% while IGN gave the game 7.7 calling it "a good old-fashioned Sonic game with new-wave elements". IGN praised the game for its visuals and gameplay awarding it with a ranking of 7.8/10. Nintendo Power gave the game a 7/10 stating "An ideal game for the 2D Sonic Fans". It received a 6/10 from Gamespot who criticized the game's minigames. Eurogamer gave a ranking of 7/10 praising the level design, bosses and the return of Snively but criticizing the minigames. Gametrailers gave it a 7.5 primarily for its stunning visuals and gameplay.

Sonic Advance X received a nomination for Best Handheld Game at Gametrailers E3 2011 but did not win.

Sonic Advance X
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 70/100
Gamerankings 67.09%
Review Scores
Publication Score
Eurogamer 7/10
GamesRadar 7/10
Game Trailers 7.5/10
Gamespot 6/10
IGN 8.0/10
Nintendo Power 7.8/10


  • This marks the first 2D playable appereance of E-123 Omega and Tikal.
  • This marks Snively's first appereance in a video game.
  • Although it is called Sonic Advance X, the game is not released in the GameBoy Advance.
  • Plague Forest was originally planned to be a stage in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes but was instead added to Sonic Advance X.
  • Casino Paradise, Hot Crater, and Route 99 returns from the Previous Advance series.
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