How it all began...

Sonic 5, Goods and Evils, takes place two years after Sonic Generations. Sonic lives alone in a small house in Green Hill Zone- Eggman has been vanquished once and for all... Or so he thought.

On the news is an advertisement for team entries for the latest sports event, the Chaos Cup. Sonic joins almost immediately and goes away to gather his friends for the games.`

Team Hero

The first one to join is Sonic's best friend, Tails, who- to Sonic's bane- gets Amy to join the team. Amy suggests Knuckles, who also joins, and the rest of Team Rose (Cream and Big) join alongside Amy.

When Sonic tries to enter, Omochao refuses point-blank because thier team doesn't have a Chaos-Type member, so Sonic walks home gloomily. At that moment, Silver teleports into his house saying he had been watching Sonic, so Sonic gets Silver to join.

Team Dark

Meanwhile, Shadow had heard about the cup, too, so he gathers Rouge and Omega. He also tries to enter, but again Omochao objects, saying they are missing a Speed-Type, a Shifter-Type, a Battle-Type and a Power-Type, and that Shadow should just go away and start Sonic Heroes 2. Shadow meets Ioh, Venus and Mars on the way back home, who were also rejected, so they join teams and try to enter again, but Omochao just facepalms. 'You're still missing a Battle-Type' he says, and slams the arena door on their faces.

Eggman walks by, looking very annoyed, and shadow walks over to invite him. Eggman is delighted at the request and becomes Team Dark's Battle-Type.

Team Chaotix

Team Chaotix are on holiday and come to the arena to watch the Chaos Cup. Espio, with his super sensitive eyesight, spots a plot to assassinate Sonic, and so Charmy, Espio and Vector are pulled straight out of holiday and into adventure.

The Gameplay

The gameplay in Sonic 5 combines many elements from previous games, and is battled out between Team Hero and Team Dark through a series of seven main challenges- A Race, fought out between the two Speed-Types (Sonic and Ioh), a Robot Escape, fought out between the Shifters (Amy and Venus), a Smash-Up between Knuckles and Mars (The Power-Types), The Chaos Course, with the Chaos-Types (Shadow and Silver), the Emerald Race, with Tails and Rouge (The Fly-Types), the Destruction Arena, where Omega and Big (The Destruction-Types) would shoot as many objects as possible, and the Battle, fought out between Cream and Eggman. he game starts as Sonic, the Team Hero leader, playing a Race, then once that is finished you enter the adventure field. The game is played out with three teams, Chaotix, Dark and Hero. The first stage is always a game in the Chaos Cup, and then five action stages, then a boss, then the Chaos Cup. This repeats two times for each character.


The Race is a very simple round where the player must try to reach the goal before hi opponent, or in Time Attack, before the timer reaches 0.

Robot Escape

In robot escape, the player must escape a robot- just like in Amy's gameplay in Sonic Adventure- and either reach the balloon before their opponent or still have lives left when the opponent is caught by the robot. You can lose lives by hitting obstacles in the way, or Eggman's badniks that are trying to sabotage the game- except in the case of Venus' stage, where G.U.N. robots get in your way.


In a smash-up, the two Power-Types (Knuckles and Mars) try to smash as much as they can before either opponent reaches the goal, the timer runs out or when they are killed. The player can also smash the opponent for extra rings and to disable them. A player loses so many points in the final count-up every time they die. The controls are like the Werehog fighting stages in Sonic; Unleashed.

Chaos Course

In a Chaos Course, Shadow and Silver have a basic race to the finish except that they can lift objects. Certain objects have Pscyk Stones hidden beneath them, and a player gains points in the final count-up for finding all three of thier colour (Blue for Hero, red for Dark). These levels are based on Silver's stages in Sonic the hedgehog (2006).

Emerald Race

In an Emerald Race, the two players must beat thier team-mate to the goal. Tails' is Sonic, while instead of Rouge having Ioh, her team's speed-type, she has Shadow, the leader of Team Dark. It is similair, if not exactly the same, to Tails' action stages in Sonic Adventure.

Destruction Arena

Big and Omega must stand on a moving platform and shoot as many objects as possible before they are knocked off by the enemy or the timer runs out. Big uses a harpoon gun, which can be upgraded to the Rope Harpoon Gun for extra fast reloading, while Omega has only one level to his Hand-Guns with super-fast reload, but the damage is minimal.


In the Battle mode, Cream and Eggman, having barely any powers themselves to do battle with, must run around the arena collecting Missiles and Shields to shoot and protect with. The person with the most points at the end wins- points are deducted when all lives are lost. The controls are almost exactly the same as the Sonic; Riders battle stages.

Action Stage

Action stages are all different, depending on which team and character you play as. Read the character notes below (Sorry, coming soon) to find out what each character's gameplay is like.


Bosses are quite simple and each character just has to target the weak spot (Or in the Chaotix' case, anywhere) and bash it until the Boss' HP goes to 0.

Team Chaotix

Team Chaotix play their levels rather like Asterix and Obelix at the Olympic Games. One player plays as Charmy, a light, fast, easily maneuverable character, while the other plays as Vector, a big, slow, powerful character. Espio is always there, but is invisible and cannot be played as. He acts rather like Midna from legend of Zelda; Twilight Princess; giving you hints and helping you when you need it. The levels are similair to the Sonic; Heroes levels as the Chaotix- mission-based, with a single goal to complete.

Other games

There are seven other games that appear in Story Mode only once for each team, but use the same characters with different opponents. They are:

Grind Race

A race on rails between Sonic and Shadow.

Fishing Battle

Compete to catch the most fish between Big and Mars. Based on both Big's Sonic Adventure levels while the hook is cast and the Fishing Battle stages in Sonic and the Secret Rings while it is not.

Emerald Hunting

Who will gain all three emerald pieces of their colour first between Rouge and Knuckles? Based on Knuckles' and Rouge's stages in SA2.

Gunning Battle

Tails versus Eggman in their gun walkers. The controls are roughly based on Gamma's controls in SADX and Tails and Eggman's controls in SA2.

Shooting Battle

Shadow against Tails and a whole ton of guns to use. The controls are the same as the controls in Shadow the Hedgehog but with a couple of Ratchet and Clank-like adjustments.

Karate Battle

Who will reign supreme out of Knuckles and Ioh in a fight of ancient echidna martial arts? Remember those Chao Karate matches in SA2? Here they are all over again.

Board Race

Sonic reunites with his old gear while Omega begins his board racing career. This reunites the player with Sonic; Riders-based racing and also the snowboarding in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Adventure.

Wisp Ball

A fun game in which the aim is to get the ball into the goals. The player isn't allowed to touch the ball unless a Wisp power is in play, which can be found in capsules around the arena. The controls are the same as in Sonic; Colours.

Capture the Flicky

Reuniting the player with the controls of Sonic; 3D, Flickies Island. The aim is to grab the flickies from the badniks and take them to your home base.

Multiplayer Bonuses

Sonic 5 also features a multiplayer mode, which has several other features.

Bonus Characters

(Please feel free to add your own character here!)

Jupiter the Wolf

Jet the Hawk

Wave the Swallow

Storm the Albatross

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy the Bee

Vector the Crocodile

Burner the Wolf

Azure the Merhog

Bonus Game Modes

Kart Race

Pick a character and a car and race to the finish!

2D Race

Pick a level, your prefered character and race old-style to the goal.


Race while overcoming obstacles in your way.


Get your thumbs ready to press the right buttons and kick your opponent all the way to Earth!

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