Sonic 1 Plus is an Sonic Game. It is 10.99 dollars.

Modes and what they do

  • Easier each - makes levels easier as it goes on.
  • Harder each - makes levels harder as it goes on.

New stuff

  • Sonic can fly over stuff for about 46 seconds or until you land - all you need to do is press a and up on your controller and he will fly.
  • Level creator (Option on menu) - It's like debug mode but you can stop and play it. there is a button (share) that will post your level to FanLevels.
  • FanLevels (Option on menu) - you can play or remix (remix means make it yours) on a level select-like menu. it uses cloud data.
  • Be anyone - In update 4.01 (May 6, 1995) they let you have a partner or be the partner (without sonic.) It is a option in the menu which lets you be knuckles or tails.
  • Data Select - You can load and save up to 15 files.
  • Make a hack - enters level creator but you can replace sonic to tails or knuckles or you can click on a sprite and replace it with whatever you draw.

The logo is the same as sonic mania plus, just no "mania" and has the 1991 sonic logo.


After the making of Sonic 2, Sonic 1 Plus was a success.

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