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Sonic is a 2019 3rd person 3d platformer that began Sonic the Hedgehog's story on the Cyclone Technologies series of consoles. This is treated as an alternate universe to the main Sonic canon that began in 1991, much like Sonic Boom.


Sonic the Hedgehog has lived a carefree life running around South Island. However, things are about the change when the evil Dr. Eggman started capturing the little woodland animals and started putting them into robots. Eggman really pushes the situation when he abducted an anthropomorphic 2 tailed fox. That's when our story begins...

Green Hill

Sonic runs through the lush, green checkerboard dirt land full of loops and rolling hills. He faces off against Eggman for the first time here.

Cherry Forest

This zone is filled with pink-leaved trees and Japanese-inspired architecture and decoration.

Amethyst Cave

A cave filled with purple rock and lava, not unlike Marble Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Underground Lake

A zone above a very large underground lake. Don't fall, because it's extremely hard to escape from the water.

Egg Network

Egg Network is a bunch of mechanical underground tunnels. Take the right path and gain access to the last 3 zones. Take the wrong paths and you'll go around in circles.

Egg Labyrinth

A mechanical cave filled with traps and deadly obstacles

Eggman's Base

Sonic sees Eggman with the abducted Miles Prower and chases after him through his base

Final Battle

Sonic encounters Eggman for the final time in this adventure, unless you collected all 7 emeralds, that is

Space Chase

As Super Sonic and Super Tails, the bffs in the making chase after Eggman one final time.


Game Informer

8/10 A fresh restart to the Sonic franchise. However, it misses the charm we originally wanted from a reboot. Graphics and gameplay are great and relatively glitch free.


7/10 Although we feel the reboot was not necessary, the game itself has a decent story with decent gameplay to match. A couple of glitches were discovered, but they were not gamebreaking


Critics have given the game an 89%. It is a fresh start for everyone's favorite blue hedgehog, although some find it odd that Miles Prower is introduced in the opening title. The gameplay is smooth and glitch free while the graphics are great for an upstart company.


10/10 Sonic needed a reboot to shine and be relevant once again. This proves that SEGA should give the franchise to a new company, as Cyclone delivered a wonderful new start to the franchise. However, the main games will continue on the other consoles and this reboot will stay exclusive to Cyclone consoles.

Overall Fan Review

A well needed reboot to a franchise that has had it's ups and downs over the years. The game has wonderful graphics and gameplay while being relatively bug free. Overall fan rating is 98%.